Feeling Lifted Brow Lamination

Leave feeling lifted
*Prices may vary depending on location

Straighten and set your brows into a full, feathered, and lifted shape.


Brows need a lift? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll start with Brow Mapping, brushing your brow hairs up to show you exactly how your lam will look. Then, we’ll relax and straighten each individual hair, repositioning them vertically and filling in any gaps as we go. (Pssttt – this is what gives brows the illusion of fullness!) All that’s left is setting that full, feathered shape into place. For post-lamination care, apply Whoa So Soft Brow Oil to nourish your newly lifted brows and enjoy your bold, beautiful look for up to 6 weeks.

24-HR Brow Setter

24-HR Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel



We use our 3-step Brow Mapping method; this shows us the right shape for your face.
Brow Lamination Model
We apply a straightening solution to your brows; this solution softens your hair follicles.
Brow Lamination Model
We lift and redirect the hairs into shape.
Brow Lamination Model
We apply a fixing solution to set brows.
Borw Lamination Model
Finally, we clean up any stray hairs.
Brow Lamination Model
GOT QUESTIONS? Brow Lamination FAQs

Please come in with clean, dry, makeup-free brows if possible! If you have allergies to hair dye or perming solutions, you must have a 24-hour patch test* before receiving a lamination service. You can get one at your local Benefit (no appointment required). Make sure you haven't had a brow lamination within the 6 weeks prior to your appointment. 

You should NOT be currently using:

  • Retin A, Retinol, vitamin A 
  • Roaccutane 
  • Antibiotics 
  • Benzoyl Peroxide (clinical grade)

You have NOT had one of these treatments in the last month:

  • Laser peel
  • Phenol peel
  • Microdermabrasion (professional grade)
  • Any other kind of peel

You have NOT done the following within the last 6 months

  • Used Accutane
  • Had eye surgery
  • Had a brow tattoo
  • Microbladed your brows

If you’ve used any of these products or had any of these services pre-Brow Lamination, risks could include sensitivity or reactions to skin, and they may affect the outcome of the service. We suggest scheduling your service after taking the above into consideration.

*48 hours in some countries

The appointment lasts up to 40 minutes depending on your hair texture, so we can get those beautiful brows just right!

For the first 24 hours:

DO NOT wet or rub your eyebrows.

Do NOT swim.

Do NOT visit the sauna or hammam.

Avoid excess sweating.


After 24 hours:

DO use a hydrating oil on your brows daily for optimal shine & hydration.

DO set your brows each day with a clear brow gel, like 24-HR Brow Setter.

DO continue using your favorite brow products.

DO embrace your new full & feathery brow shape!