Wow Your Brows


Brows bring balance & symmetry to your eyes and face. It’s the easiest, most important thing you can do to look put-together and polish your overall look.


Benefit’s signature brow mapping

We’ve been brow-mapping since the beginning of time (in our case 1976). In all these years, we’ve never seen two brows that are just alike so we like to think of them as sisters, not twins. Our 3-step custom brow-mapping technique gives you the ideal brow shape for your face. We take each of your key features into account—eye by eye—so you get the right brow for your bone structure.


  • Determine the brows 3 key spots.
  • Align the start, the arch and the end.
  • Outline the ideal brow shape.

Shapeless Brows

Bring out-of-shape brows back to full-figured beauties with a brow tint, wax & tweeze. This triple glammy will get your brows ready for the runway. We’ll tint to add depth, wax to create dimension and tweeze for an overall polished look.

Shapeless eyebrows before and after

Sparse Brows

Skimpy and scanty is fine for your negligeenot your eyebrows. Go from sparse to spectacular with a Benefit brow tint & wax combo. You’ll achieve beautiful, more effortless looking eyebrows in the wink of an eye.

Sparse eyebrows before and after

Thick & Bushy Brows

Are your brows more a distraction than a draw, more paleo than pretty? Tame those wild brows with our custom brow service that includes mapping, waxing & tweezing. We’ll turn thick, surly brows into well-groomed arches that flatter your eyes and fit your face.

Thick and bushy eyebrows before and after

Thin & Fair Brows

Are your brows doing a disappearing act? Benefit’s brow tinting service transforms thinning brows into winning brows—and fair brows into full-blown beauties. Our specialty, custom-blended tints take to even the finest hair creating deeper, fuller brows to accentuate your arches and extend them.

Thin and fair eyebrows before and after

Uneven Brows

Did the search for symmetry lead you astray? When it comes to brows, you need to do the right thing for each eye. Try a custom brow service that includes mapping, waxing & tweezing. We’ll turn your uneven brows into well-balanced arches of eye-popping gorgeousness.

Uneven eyebrows before and after

Try these brow-enhancing beauties