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demi lashes for a glamorous doe-eyed look


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Play the starring role!

Benefit has more lash looks than days of the week. The new Lash Lovelies collection lets you be whoever, whenever! Custom-designed to fit precisely, it’s easy to apply them like a pro.

  • Custom design
  • Precise fit
  • Easy to apply


The look of a leading lady

Look bright eyed with big-screen beauty. Apply a thin line of lash glue along the base of false eyelashes. Let set for 30 seconds or until tacky. Position the lash close to the base of your natural lashes & gently press down from outer corner inwards. To remove, gently peel off from outer to inner corner of eyelid.

Reviews & Questions

Aug 25, 2015

Easy to apply half lashes

Location: Oakland, CA, USA

Great lashes that are easy to wear and even easier to apply. If you have trouble applying a full strip lash, I definitely recommend these. They also add a subtle amount of drama that (I think) works day or night. These add such a cute little flare and really elongate your eyes. Benefit lashes are AWESOME because they're really durable and you can re-use them a few times before throwing them away.

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Thanks gorgeous!