so hooked on carmella perfume

so hooked on Carmella

eau de toilette




Charmed, I’m sure!

An exquisitely feminine floral vanilla. A poem to describe Carmella...when it comes to Carmella, don't ask & don't tell. A light touch has admirers under her spell. Her sweet sensuality no one would guess. So exquisite, enticing..."an intimate caress."

  • Top notes: lemon, grapefruit, rhubarb
  • Middle notes: cyclamen, peony, tiare flower
  • Bottom notes: vanilla, sandalwood, amber


    1.0 US fl oz 30 ml



    Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.


    A sensual sweetness.

    Give in & get wrapped up in the comfort of soft florals and warm vanilla. Spritz the fragrance on your pulse points to be the most deliciously perfumed gal about town! To grab some extra attention, spray the fragrance in your hair…it leaves an allure in the air as you walk by.

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    Customers love that it's

    Jul 9, 2016

    LOVED THIS PRODUCT! Bring it back please

    Location: canada
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Light
    Love that it's: “the perfect blend of my fav scents”

    I absolutely loved this fragrance. Ive been looking for this fragrance or something similar to this one for years and ive had no luck! Please bring it back! This scent is great for any occasion and is the perfect blend of everything nice!

    Apr 15, 2016

    Hooked on Carmella

    Location: Everett WA
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Light
    Love that it's: “Warm softy”

    Please bring it back!!! I'm total addicted to this product and couldn't find anywhere to buy more!!!

    Feb 29, 2016


    Location: Germany
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Light

    Please bring back this awesome perfume ..... It was the best !!!!

    Feb 24, 2016

    Heart Broken

    Location: Ontario, Canada
    Love that it's: “such a memorable fragrance”

    Please bring this amazing scent back! I miss it terribly.

    Jan 17, 2016

    I love it!

    Goldy me
    Location: Moscow

    The magic warm and comfy fragrance))))

    Oct 21, 2015


    Location: Undisclosed
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Deep

    I loved, loved, loved Carmella. When I noticed it was about to be discontinued, I stocked up so I'm good for now. Hopefully once I run out you would have came to your senses and put Carmella back on the shelves. Why do companies always disconinue their best product??? Uggggh.

    Oct 17, 2015

    Bring it back..........please!!!

    Location: London England
    Eyes: Green
    Skin tone: Medium

    I loved this perfume, the smell is divine. Endless compliments, everyone knew I was in the room by this wonderful smelling perfume ....can honestly say it's my favourite perfume ever...and I'm 53!!!

    Oct 2, 2015

    I miss Carmella

    Location: Wales, UK
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “favoruite, best, fragrance, amazing, sweet”

    My absolute FAVOURITE. Whenever I wore this, absolutely everyone would comment on how nice I smelled and ask me what scent I was wearing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK! xx

    Sep 27, 2015


    Location: UK
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “sweet”

    This is one of my fave scents - it was very sweet smelling - like vanilla and caramel. The bottle was a very handy shape and size for my handbag. Several friends bought it after they asked me what I was wearing. I am so upset that this has been discontinued, I don't understand why. PLEASE bring it back!!

    Sep 8, 2015

    Genuinely Upset!!!

    Location: UK
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “sweet, flowery, cute”

    This was by far one of the best perfumes I have ever smelled and easily the best Benefit fragrance, I've been buying it for years and was absolutely gutted when I found out today that it was discontinued! PLEASE bring this fragrance back - there's nothing like it! It's a beautiful, sweet smell similar to cake and vanilla, and on several occasions I've been told I smell really nice by complete strangers while wearing Carmella. If you bring any fragrance back, PLEASE BRING CARMELLA BACK!!

    Sep 2, 2015

    Oh how I miss thee!

    Location: Aurora, CO, USA
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Medium
    Love that it's: “yummy”

    Please bring Carmela back. I miss her so!

    Apr 1, 2015

    So sad

    Location: London, UK
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Deep

    I am so sad to hear you have discontinued my favourite benefit perfume. WHY?? This was by far the best smelling perfume in your range. Once again you've discontinued something I LOVED, first the lipsticks now this wonderful, gorgeous scent. If we all beg hard enough will you please release this perfume?

    Mar 27, 2015

    Love it ❤️

    Location: West Sussex
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair

    I love this perfume, it has the best, long lasting vanilla fragrance. The fragrance lasts all day and I always receive compliments of how nice it is. So why has Benefit stopped selling it? They are selling on ebay for at least 3 times the price as there's obviously a demand for it!!! I want it back again . . . . . . . . . . Please xx

    Mar 12, 2015

    Best perfume ever.

    Location: Ohio
    Eyes: Green
    Skin tone: Light
    Love that it's: “amazing”

    The first time I smeeled this product I new it had to be mine. I ran out of it and have been looking every where to find it.. I found it on the website it seems like you can buy it but everyone says you can't.. I am going to try!!! You have to get this perfume if you can!

    Mar 3, 2015

    This perfume MUST be brought out of retirement

    Location: UK
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair

    This beautiful elixir is mourned for by so many women. The perfume is so unique, warm and comforting with echoes of childhood cherished memories triggered by nostalgic magical aromas. We need to start a campaign to bring it back now!

    Mar 1, 2015

    I Miss Carmella

    Location: Scotland, UK
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Medium
    Love that it's: “perfect, lasting, admired by admirers”

    I am so disappointed & saddened that this product has been discontinued. I loved this fragrance & it lasted the whole day I had it on. Please please PRETTY please bring it back. It's obvious Carmella has a huge fanbase. I'd even promise to buy it forever! At the very least you could bring it back as a Limited Edition.... In which case, we'd all make multiple purchases ;)

    Feb 10, 2015

    missing carmella from spain

    Location: Spain
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Light

    This my favourite perfum....why is out of stock?:( where can i find it??? xoxo

    Jan 7, 2015

    Needs to make a comeback

    Location: Ontario, Canada
    Love that it's: “the only perfume that doesn't smell like chemicals”

    This is my favourite perfume of all time, no contest. I'm heartbroken that I can never get it again, I searched all of my province and several states before giving up and resigning to the fact that it was gone. Please bring it back, it's clearly got the fan base for it. Please, please, please bring it back! (Bonus points if it comes back to Canada)

    Jan 5, 2015

    Gorgeous Scent - Benefit, Bring it Back!

    Location: Undisclosed
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin tone: Light

    This perfume is perfect for winter. It's warm, sweet, and cozy. I cannot believe it has been discontinued. Benefit, please bring it back!

    Dec 18, 2014

    Bring back the perfumes to Canada !! I miss you

    Location: Canada
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Medium

    My very favorite perfume ever! I also adore the packaging. I miss you

    Oct 28, 2014

    I miss Carmella soooo much!

    Location: Prague, Czech Republic
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Medium

    My very favorite fragrance that I miss very deeply..

    Sep 2, 2014

    great name !

    Location: Undisclosed
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Olive

    Love this scent ! Was first given this perfume as a gift, because the name sounds so familiar, but after smelling it & loving it, I bought it for myself & also for others as gifts. I love the vanilla tones, rich & sweet, but not overpowering. Great perfume, glad it is still available.

    Sep 2, 2014

    you guys are INSANE to discontinue carmella!

    Location: New York
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Light

    so, of course, i had to hoard 4 bottles! this perfume has such a specific, delicious smell unlike anything else i've ever purchased. i hope you reconsider!!

    Jun 13, 2014

    So Hooked On Carmella

    Location: Sydney NSW, Australia
    Eyes: Gray
    Skin tone: Light

    There is a new gal in town - she is fun, fruity and a little bit alluring. So Hooked on Carmella is the perfect fragrance to wear by day. I wear Carmella to work, on weekends, and as a pick-me-up because it is a really uplifting, feel-good fragrance. I seem to receive compliments regularly when wearing Carmella because the scent is so unusual - rhubarb is rarely used for fragrances and its infusion makes So Hooked on Carmella smell sweet yet fruity with a hint of caramel. And how cute is the packaging - a rainbow of colours strewn across this pretty bottle with a fancy gold lid encased in a cardboard box with some of Carmella's favourite things. I think the whole concept of Crescent Row's fragrance collection is so cute - check them out in store because Benefit boutiques and counters have special dollhouse-type displays where each fragrance has their own room...I love it.

    May 6, 2014

    Soo sweet

    Location: UK
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “soo sweet”

    I loooovee ths :) it smells like sweet caramels/chocolates, was wearing this whilst out with friends and was complimented on smelling like "candy floss and sweets" I love it so much, is such a shame this has been discontinued it was my favourite. The packaging is gorgeous too, lasting power is ok too xx

    Jan 30, 2014

    My favorite

    Location: Austin, TX, USA
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “best parfume ever”

    This is such a sophisticated scent. I wear this to work because it's a pleasant scent that is not overwhelming. It has a slight sweetness which is good for date night as well. The sweetness is very mild. Its not musky, overly citrus, overly floral or overly sweet. I'm not sure whats in this perfume but you did great on the formula. I wear it all the time and hope to for years to come!

    Jan 19, 2014

    Amazing! Please don't discontinue!!!!

    Location: CT
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Light
    Love that it's: “delicious, Long Lasting”

    This stuff smells DELICIOUS. Like a dessert almost. It's one of my favorites from Benefit's fragrance line and of all time. It is one of the only fragrances on me that I can still smell all day and I never get sick of it. I really hope Benefit doesn't get rid of this scent because it is the best one and I can't seem to find it in stores anymore.

    Jan 11, 2014

    Beautiful Scent - My favorite

    Location: Austin, TX, USA
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Deep

    So Hooked on Carmela is my favorite scent. I have purchased over 10 bottles since I first tried this scent. I usually buy two at a time from my local Ulta store, but this scent is difficult to locate so I started ordering online. I don't want to ever run out as the scent doesn't aggravate me, is long wearing, and I always get compliments. I have even mixed this with other scents and this is so sexy, reserved, so mine. Thanks Benefit!

    Jan 4, 2014

    A Perfectly Rich Vanilla Scent

    Location: Seattle, WA, USA
    Eyes: Green
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “rich, vanilla, yummy, not too sweet, cute packaging”

    This was the scent I was looking for. It is such a beautifully rich vanilla, I couldn't get over it when I found it! Every time I try out a product that advertises as "vanilla", it's either too sickeningly sweet or it's just not there. I agree with another reviewer that it does smell like it has a bit of coconut in there too, which really brings out the vanilla without becoming too sweet. I have gotten so many compliments, I can't tell you how many times I've been tapped on the shoulder and told "I just have to know what perfume you're wearing". If this is ever discontinued, I don't look forward to hunting for this scent again. I'll buy this for the rest of my life, so don't get rid of it!

    Dec 28, 2013

    Most delicious perfume I have EVER smelled. EVER.

    Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Medium
    Love that it's: “delicious, vanilla, Long Lasting, adored by everyone”

    So hooked on Carmella is very rightfully named. I am hooked on it! It is the best smelling perfume I have ever smelled in my life. Everyone who smells me goes crazy over it and asks about it. I have never met anyone who didn't just adore the smell. It is such a warm and romantic scent, men love it too! If they ever discontinue this scent, I will write Benefit every month begging to bring it back. this is definitely their best selling scent. it is inexpensive and last a long time. The smell stays on all day! Worth every penny.

    Dec 26, 2013


    Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Medium
    Love that it's: “Long Lasting, vanilla, Feminine, amazing”

    Probably the best smelling perfume I own! Vanilla without it being too sweet or too much like cake. Have gotten compliments from teens, elderly people and everything in between. Lasts all day too! 2 sprays and you're set!

    Nov 13, 2013

    I'm in LOVE! I will wear this scent forever!!!

    Location: New Orleans, LA, USA
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “delicious, yummy”

    Please don't ever discontinue this scent. It is AMAZING!!!! My local ulta Benefit rep found some minis tucked in the grab and go stands. She saw me and told me she had been saving something for me. Needless to say, it was a super happy day. Love our local rep!!!

    Jan 18, 2013

    This is my favorite perfume, ever.

    Location: San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
    Eyes: Brown

    I absolutely adore this bottle. It is well worth every cent. I love the soft floral vanilla and the fact that it stays with me until the end of the night. It's perfect :)

    Nov 15, 2012

    perfectly sweet.

    Location: Brighton, The City of Brighton and...
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “vanilla, chocolate, caramel, sweet”

    My boyfriend got me this the Christmas before last and since then has gotten me a new bottle whenever I run out. He said it smells a lot like milky bar and I've heard that from a few people. It is strong but not over powering; just Chocolate, coconut and vanilla. Love, love, love this.

    Sep 1, 2012

    Loved by me and everyone i know!

    Location: Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland
    Eyes: Green
    Skin tone: Olive
    Love that it's: “vanilla, scent, sweet, cute, lovable”

    Everyone found it fun guessing the scent of this perfume some said chocolate and some said vanilla cake. I love this so much i wear all the time!

    Aug 14, 2012


    Location: Undisclosed

    I originally got this perfume in a sampler set of four Benefit scents, but this was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I've gone through four of five bottles of it since then. It's an awesome signature fragrance because not many people realize Benefit makes perfume! It's so sweet and vanilla and wears for a long time

    Aug 2, 2012


    Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Light
    Love that it's: “sweet, cute bottle, warm, subtle”

    I love this perfume so much- it's very sweet and not overpowering at all. I'm very particular about scents but I love this one and have a feeling that I will end up replacing this one when it runs out. The packaging is also adorable and so cheerful.

    Jul 11, 2012

    Perfect scent

    Location: Undisclosed
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Medium
    Love that it's: “perfect, sweet, unique, has a cute bottle”

    I love this fragrance. I honestly love it. I'm like obsessed with it. When i have it on, everybody is just like: You smell so good. Many of my friends want to buy it too, because they love the scent. For me, it somehow smells ike coconut too (not only vanilla), which i adore. I think I'm never going to change my fragrance:D The only bad thing about this fragrance is that the bottle is very small and the price very high, but it just smells to good:P

    Jul 1, 2012

    I really do love this perfume, and I managed to get it...

    Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Light
    Love that it's: “yummy”

    I really do love this perfume, and I managed to get it with the matching moisturiser. It's definitely more of a winter scent, perfect for chilly days when you want to feel warm and smelling like caramel and vanilla. Lovely :)

    Jun 23, 2012

    A M A Z I N G

    Location: Undisclosed
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Light
    Love that it's: “simply amazing!”

    This is simply an amazing smell! My friend first told me about benefit products and I was hooked! It is lovely to wear everyday but also out to social events in the evening! I get lots of compliments and even another friend of mine has bought the same one as she loved it so much! A must have!

    May 22, 2012


    Location: Ohio, USA
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin tone: Light

    I wanted more than anything to love this stuff. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and test it out. I was looking forward to the caramel smell and yumminess I had read about but I wasn't impressed. To me it smells much more like pinepple and I'm not a huge fan. I wish now that I hadn't purchased it as returning it online is just as much as the item itself. I don't notice it lasting long either which is probably a good thing... Bummed - I love Benefit products but not a fan of this! Going to try to resell it.

    May 15, 2012

    I can't get enough of Carmella.

    Location: Portland, OR, USA
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin tone: Fair

    I just purchased this product the other day and I am in love. I was impressed with the quality and price of Carmella. I am not usually a fan of vanilla scents but this one is not overly sweet. The scent lasted all day. I am disappointed that this product is out of stock online. I hope they bring it back soon so I can stock up.

    Jan 27, 2012


    Location: Undisclosed
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair

    i looove it, it smells really good, but sometimes i was like "huh who is drunk here?" cause it reminds me of some sweet liqueur

    Jan 13, 2012

    You'll smell so stinkin' good ;)

    Location: VA
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Olive

    The first fragrance I've tried by benefit, and it's wonderful. My husband can't get enough of it as its quickly become his favorite scent that I wear!

    Jan 4, 2012

    I am very fussy when it comes to scents, but from the...

    Location: Undisclosed
    Eyes: Green
    Skin tone: Medium

    I am very fussy when it comes to scents, but from the first time a sprayed this one " Carmella " and left the store I knew that I had to have it....I smelled my wrist all day, couldn't get enough of later I purchased and am now running out and checked this sight to make sure it was still available.....please notify us the fans if you ever decide to discontinue this we can stock up...IT IS AWESOME!!!!!

    Sep 12, 2011


    Location: Sweden
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Light
    Love that it's: “sweet”

    I do like this fragrance so much. It´s wonderful Caramella!

    Sep 11, 2011

    Perfect scent for every ocassion, all year round.

    Location: Seattle
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Medium
    Love that it's: “simple, sensual”

    What can I say? I am a tough fragrance critic. I love fragrances, from the chemistry of them to the physical and visible attributes of. Most fragrances in the market are difficult to tolerate or they don't last too long on one's skin before fading away. However, Carmella here is both a simple, sensual fragrance without the strong alcohol side scent and with long lasting effects. I would recommend this chic eau de toilette to any gal for any occasion all year long.

    Aug 25, 2011


    Location: lebanon, IN
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “caramel-y”

    i actually came upon the sample by accident. apparently, i had received a sample of this scent because i noticed my dog chewing on it, so i took it away from him and i sprayed some on my wrists and i fell in love with the scent! it lasted all day and my husband loved it, too! i can't believe i didn't even realize i had it. this scent will become a definite fave!

    Aug 18, 2011

    The perfect year-round secnt:)

    Location: Seattle, Wa
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Light
    Love that it's: “yummy, sweet, flirty”

    When i first smelled this purfume at sephora. I. FELL. IN. LOVE. its the perfect secent. its warm, comferting, and sweet! i like spraying it just to smell it! LOL! i would DEFENTALY re-purchece this product!

    Aug 12, 2011

    I'm not a big fan of the initial scent when it is first...

    Location: Germany
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin tone: Fair

    I'm not a big fan of the initial scent when it is first applied, but wears well after the top notes fade away. I only have this as a tester, so the actual product may differ.

    Jul 17, 2011

    Very Sweet and Rich

    Location: Lincoln, NE
    Eyes: Green
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “a unique blend, citrus/fruity, sweet/sugary, rich, fun, flirty, sensual, youthful, playful”

    I try a lot of fragrances, and normally I'm very decisive about whether or not I like them, but this one I had mixed feelings about. If I could have given it 3.5 stars, I would have. Some things about it are certainly better than average. The sweetness of the vanilla is so intense it gives it a very rich scent--it almost smells like caramel or chocolate. The citrus notes are less obvious when you first spray it on but they are noticeable later. I love the creamy sandalwood base--it's the perfect feminine finish to a fun and flirty scent. I think this is a fragrance that is definitely worth sampling. As for the not-so-good parts, I think the vanilla is a little bit too prominent (and keep in mind this is coming from someone who likes vanilla flavored things.) The sweetness of it overpowers all the floral notes which I think makes it slightly less sophisticated. Though this fragrance lasts a little bit longer than the other Benefit Crescent Row ones do, it still won't last more than an hour or two.

    Jul 2, 2011

    Sooo hooked on Carmella. If they discontinue this product...

    Location: Kenosha, WI
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair

    Sooo hooked on Carmella. If they discontinue this product after I run out, I might have to picket. I don't enjoy standing around with a sign, so I hope they keep Carmella around for a very long time. Definitely my new favorite perfume, and one of my favorite Benefit products overall.

    Jun 22, 2011

    sweet and flirty

    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Eyes: Green
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “cookies”

    Carmella is very sweet, and well, smells like carmel (and i swear it smells like cookies!). So if you are a girl that likes sweet scents, this is for you!

    Apr 29, 2011

    it just sums me up, every time my friends say "who smells...

    Location: Staffordshire UK
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair

    it just sums me up, every time my friends say "who smells of vannilla?" or "who smells of chocolate?" its perfect if you want that sweet light fragrance just amazing, i just have to wear it!!

    Mar 29, 2011


    Location: Bordeaux, FRANCE
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Light

    Delicate, delightful, a little spicy and romantic. I just love it !

    Mar 26, 2011

    A nice sweet smell. I am very picky about perfumes. Some...

    Location: Undisclosed
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Medium

    A nice sweet smell. I am very picky about perfumes. Some can be too strong and give me a head ache, but Carmella is great. It's my go to perfume when I am in need for a change.

    Mar 20, 2011

    Really Sweet

    Location: Chicago,Il
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “sweet as possible”

    This is for the ladies that can take a really sweet, candy like perfume. I think it smells like carmel. If you like sweet perfume, buy it , you'll love it.

    Dec 29, 2010


    Location: San Diego
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Medium
    Love that it's: “not your typical vanilla, addictive, boyfriend approved”

    I ordered this online after trying the tester at Ulta and unfortunately they didn't have any in stock. When the UPS guy showed up I was elated, couldn't get the box open fast enough! I am so addicted to Carmella. It's very warm and vanilla-ish but it's the subtle floral notes that make it so different from other vanilla fragrances. The packaging is cute too, but the main thing is the scent itself, just can't get enough of smelling myself, my boyfriend looks at me like I'm crazy. He loves it too, he said it's very feminine without being overpowering, which is one of the things that turns him off about perfumes. He said it was just right, subtle and different (in a good way he said). Very happy with this and will continue to buy this again and again!

    Dec 24, 2010

    Warm and inviting

    Location: San Francisco
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Light
    Love that it's: “warm, comfortable”

    i received this as a sample through Sephora and was instantly in love. I wear a lighter, fruitier scent in the summer and had been looking for a good winter scent. I was pregnant at the time and the scent just resonated so completely with me. It is warm and inviting and really exactly how I want my son to remember me smelling 20 years from now. It's not sexy or exotic, just irresistibly sweet.

    Dec 3, 2010

    This perfume is very, very sweet and vanilla-ish. It is...

    Location: Undisclosed

    This perfume is very, very sweet and vanilla-ish. It is very strong and over-powering when you first apply it, but after about ten minutes it smells wonderful. People I have met have described as being like 'cake', 'sweets' and just simply 'nice'. This work for everyday or a special occasion. It is perhaps more for a younger woman or teenager. Either way, it's great!

    Nov 26, 2010

    Sensational Sultry Sweet :-)

    Location: Busan, Korea
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Medium

    Last week I went to Benefit store in korea to wax my brows. and The lady who was giving the service, she was absoulutely scented RIGHT! so I immediately asked her to tell me her secret! She explained to me what she was wearing and then later I was caught buying the product! I've craved to right secnt of fragrance almost for a year! Dior, Chanel, Lacoste, Lanvin, CK... No Not for me -_- but This! This is excatly I wanted for!

    Nov 20, 2010

    smells sickly sweet

    Location: nyc
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Olive
    Love that it's: “sickly”

    I usually love benefit scents but the new line of crescent row scents all smell bad in their own cleaner or really cheap perfume that gives you a headache. the first line was better, but they definitely need to keep working on this line. Looove the concept and packaging, but not a fan of the scents

    Nov 20, 2010

    LOVE IT!!!

    Location: Henderson, NV
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “awesome”

    I absolutely love this product. I also bought one for each of my sisters and my mother for christmas. Not only does it smell great it also comes in a great package.

    Nov 18, 2010

    Homemade Cookies!

    Location: Tulsa, OK
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Medium
    Love that it's: “yummy, winter”

    I got a sample of this from Sephora a while ago. My first impression was bad. I found it really indescribable and I quickly put it aside. After a couple days I kept thinking about the smell, like lusting for a man, haha, and so I decided to smell it again and realized I'd fallen in love with it! The first day I wore it, I was described as "delicious homemade cookies". It's a great, warm scent for fall or winter but I would not choose Carmella for spring or summer. Overall I think it's pretty amazing.

    Nov 18, 2010

    fresh smell

    Location: Syracuse NY
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “uplifting”

    This fragrance is light and fresh. One spritz and I feel rejuvenated and like I can take on the world. Just the right amount of scent not overpowering.. I am hooked on Carmella!

    Nov 18, 2010

    SOOO Hooked on Carmella!

    Location: Denver, CO
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “sexy, rich”

    I adore this perfume! It smells so lovely and truly lasts all day without being overpowering.

    Nov 17, 2010

    Like a sophisticated version of pink sugar

    Location: Emeryville, CA
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Light

    I've always avoided the overly sweet fragrances - they have always been too cloying for me. But, this one is just the right amount of sweet with something extra that makes it mysterious and interesting. It's more of a sweet musk if you can imagine that. In addition - it has excellent staying power (more like a parfum than a toilette), doesn't irritate my allergies, and smells delicious. Perfect warm sweet scent!

    Nov 16, 2010


    Location: New Jersey
    Eyes: Green
    Skin tone: Fair
    Love that it's: “vanilla, yummy”

    I first tried this as a sample and I immediately fell in love with the scent! It's pure vanilla deliciousness and the bottle is really pretty too! Definitely my new signature scent!

    Aug 26, 2010

    my go to scent and the most popular at the benefit...

    Location: adelaide, australia
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Medium

    my go to scent and the most popular at the benefit counter! absolutely love it, especially how foody it smells... i get a lot of vanilla and sandalwood on my skin. the only thing that could make it better is if it lasted for twice as long, but the 4 or 5 hours she stays with me isn't shabby at all!

    Aug 13, 2010

    This one is divine! I love the way it's been made...

    Location: NC
    Eyes: Green
    Skin tone: Light

    This one is divine! I love the way it's been made delicious and softly floral, but not harsh or too strong. It doesn't give me a headache and is a perfume I look forward to wearing every day. Everywhere I've gone it's sold out, so please keep it stocked! lol It's a great gourmand perfume.

    Jul 24, 2010

    This is one of my favorite perfumes, it reminds me a...

    Location: Hillsboro, OR
    Eyes: Green
    Skin tone: Light

    This is one of my favorite perfumes, it reminds me a little of vanilla fields, which I like when I was young.

    Jul 16, 2010

    I absolutely love Carmella, just tried her a week ago....

    Location: Lexington, North Carolina
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin tone: Fair

    I absolutely love Carmella, just tried her a week ago. She is unlike any fragrance I've ever worn, she smells so sweet, but still fresh and not at all cheap or heavy. Before Carmella, I wore Gina. I love Gina too, but there's nothing better than smelling like a vanilla cupcake all day.

    Jul 15, 2010

    I love this scent. It is very subtle and romantic. The...

    Location: New York
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin tone: Fair

    I love this scent. It is very subtle and romantic. The vanilla scent is lasting, yet not overpowering. With many other scents, I have to reapply during the day. This one did not fade throughout my 8 hour work day. I received many compliments on this perfume. It is a unique scent that is very memorable.

    Jul 14, 2010

    Carmela smells amazing, love the vanilla and sandlwood...

    Location: Undisclosed

    Carmela smells amazing, love the vanilla and sandlwood notes. This is def a yummy scent!!

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