going solo individual lashes

going solo lash

individual lashes for custom fullness & length


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All the single lashes!

Benefit has more lash looks than days of the week. The new Lash Lovelies collection lets you be whoever, whenever! Custom-designed to fit precisely, it’s easy to apply them like a pro.

  • Custom design
  • Precise fit
  • Easy to apply


‘Cuz it’s lash night.

Oh, what a night! Apply a dot of lash glue along the base of individual eyelashes. Let set for 30 seconds or until tacky. Position the lash close to the base of your natural lashes & gently press down from the outer corner inwards. To remove: gently peel off from outer to inner corner of eyelid.

Reviews & Questions

Aug 25, 2015

Super easy to apply, great for every day

Location: Oakland, CA, USA
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “easy to apply, comfortable”

These individual lash clusters are great if you just like to add a little bit of drama to the outer corners of your eye. They look beautiful with winged liner, and are very easy to apply if you're a beginner. They are also incredibly lightweight, so check these out if you feel like other lashes are heavy and uncomfortable. You also get a LOT more in this set than other individual lash sets (from Ardell, KISS, etc.) and the case is durable so you won't damage the lashes if you don't use them all right away. Highly recommended!

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