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We're shut down to STAND UP

It’s International Women’s Day and time for women everywhere to gang up against injustice in the workplace—specifically, the gender pay gap. That’s why we’ve decided to take a beauty break and shut down our site for the day…replacing makeup with resources you can use to empower yourself and others. 
As a brand founded by women, for women, we’re putting up our fiery fists in solidarity—glittery nails, hairy knuckles, rings, tattoos, scars and all—to support this year’s International Women’s Day theme #BalanceforBetter. Please join us. We’re stronger together! 
Illustrations by @AilieBanks 
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Pay gap? Pay it forward. From the women at Benefit to the women of the world…here’s a list of things you can do right now to smash the patriarchy.

number 1

Do more than double-tap

Show some IWD love on social, then back it up with action IRL. Volunteer or donate to charities that support women and girls in your community. You’ll empower others…and yourself! When you do good, you feel good.


number two

Raise your voice

Advocate for yourself and others. If you’re in a position of power or privilege, you can do the most for the under-represented in your office. A good rule of thumb: ask, listen, show up and speak up.

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number three

Pretty up that resume

Whether you’re employed or on the job hunt, take a minute to freshen things up! You want to be resume-ready when the recruiter rings with your dream gig. Encourage a bestie to do the same and swap feedback.

number four

Network like you mean it

Join or build a network full of inspiring, badass women. Set up coffee (or cocktail) dates with colleagues, as well as #bossbabes in other industries, too. Hold each other accountable for makin’ the good stuff happen.


number five

Take a power stance

Superheroes don’t mess around and their bold posture says it all. Practice confident body language to nix the jitters before you walk into a job interview, big presentation, or negotiations with HR. When your body radiates confidence, your mind will follow suit. Sidenote: a pink power suit is also never a bad idea.


number six

Get what’s yours

OMG they offered you the job (of course they did!). Time to negotiate! Advocate for your needs and brush up on your get-what-you-deserve skills so you can sign on the dotted line with confidence.


number seven

Beat imposter syndrome

You have it, she has it, we have it…and it’s bogus. You slay! You’ve made it this far for a reason, so take ownership.


starsnumber eight

Build your case for that raise

Getting a raise/promotion often requires asking for one…gulp! You deserve it, so walk into your boss’ office ready to get it.


number nine

Put it in the bank

School yourself in finance or meet with an advisor. Also, talk to your crew. The topic of money doesn’t have be taboo.


number yrn

Don’t take a step…take a leap

Have a degree in business but now you’d rather be peering through a microscope…or fixing up motorcycles or producing podcasts? Do it! Like, right now. Tune in to your intuition and quit draggin’ those sweet feet. Listen to this podcast to hear how women came into their “second life.”


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