They're Real Collection

They're Real Collection

Lengthen,  curl,  volumize eyelashes for drama beyond belief
Award Winner

they're real! lengthening mascara


beyond mascara

This lip liner & lipstick in one features a Custom Teardrop Tip that fills in lips for the appearance of volume and dimension

they're real! double the lip

$20.00 $10.00

BEYOND SEXY lipstick & liner in one

For easy eyeshadow application swipe on they're real duo eyeshadow blenders.

they're real! duo eyeshadow blender

$24.00 $12.00

BEYOND EASY 1-step eyeshadow duo

The best gel eyeliner that's easy to put on
Award Winner

they're real! gel eyeliner pen


lash-hugging gel liner pen

Prime & perfect your lashes for a natural look.

they're real! tinted primer

Out of stock

mink-brown tinted eyelash primer

they're real! push up gel eyeliner pen makes applying eyeliner super simple!

they're real! gel eyeliner pen mini


lash-hugging gel liner pen

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