foamingly clean gentle facial wash

foamingly clean facial wash

1-step gentle facial wash


Get fresh!

There's clean & there's really clean. This one-step facial wash effectively cleanses the skin with a soft lather.

  • Removes makeup & impurities
  • Formulated for all skin types
  • Gentle formula for daily use


127.5g Net wt. 4.5 oz.



Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.


Come clean!

Our skin hides all kinds of dirty secrets. Wash away the grime of the day by applying a small amount of cleanser to damp skin. Lather up, rinse and gently pat dry. Ahh, honest skincare feels so good.

how to apply foamingly clearn facial wash


Jul 21, 2017

Allergic reaction

Location: Sydney

The face wash smelt great but left my skin so dry, any amount of moisturiser did not help. Now I have dermatitis from using it and my face looks terrible. Definitely not recommended

May 12, 2017

Moonlit baby face

Location: Australia

Used it once and WOW! My skin is visibly brighter (yes I completely washed the product off), firmer and sooooooo soft. My skin feels so healthy and looks it too!

Apr 30, 2017


Location: NC

Ahhh I'm in love! This leaves my face feeling clean and fresh. It's super light and the scent is awesome!

Feb 25, 2017

Perfect Cleaner

Location: Australia

The best cleaner I have never used.

Feb 24, 2017

Life changing!!!

Location: New York

I never write reviews but this cleanser is holy grail status! After trying SO many med spa brands and other high end brands i never found a cleanser like this one! In the first use my skin was glowing and sooo healthy looking- pls benefit never discontinue! I have combo skin and this works amazing doesnt dry the skin and isnt overly heavy-first cleanser to actually make a difference in my skin!!

Nov 22, 2016

The Feel!

Location: Kitchener, On

I enjoyed The Foamingly Clean Facial Wash. The first thing I liked was its clean, fresh scent. After using, my face felt amazing – did not feel tight, but clean and soft.

Mar 2, 2016

The best facial wash I've had

Location: London
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “effective, gentle, light”

I have oily skin and find it hard to find face wash that is effective but gentle and doesn't dry skin out. This is as close as I can get to a perfect face wash, it's gentle, light, suitable for everyday use and has a slight pleasant smell. Skin feels refreshed. Quite expensive but lasts for a long time.

Feb 26, 2016


Location: Italy

I just moved to Italy, so my face was breaking out, between the change in air, water, and me stressing it was awful. I ended up buying the Floamingly clean face wash and it did wonders for my skin! I've been using it for three weeks and almost everything has cleared up, my face is soft and the face wash smells so good! I will be buying this again!

Feb 7, 2016

Just what I've been looking for

Location: Manchester
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “Fast acting and smells gorgeous too”

I'm 34 and have never had the best skin :-( not good when my teenage niece's and nephew's have better skin than me. This product is just amazing. My skin texture is soo soft and smooth and clean. It evened out my skin tone and has tackled some problem areas. Mainly the neck area recently. Would definitely recommend. It's a bit pricey buy a little goes a long way. Use a little, add a bit of water and it does what it says on the bottle 'foams up'. Also smells gorgeous and speedy delivery. Thanks Benefit x

Sep 10, 2015

Works wonders for skin!

Location: Dorset

I first tried this product in the deluxe mini-sized bottle and it left me running to my nearest Benefit counter to get some more! The product is extremely light and feels amazing once rinsed off, and you don't need to use much of it to get a good clean either - only about the size of a 10p coin will foam up nicely all over your face so it's guaranteed to last a long time and also has a lovely smell. Definitely an essential for skin routines when used with the scrub and moisturisers as they compliment each other nicely and make your skin feel super soft, and clears up any breakouts. Only downside is the price, but one bottle will definitely go a long way and is definitely worth the money. I'll never use any other skin product again!

Jun 19, 2015

Great face wash!

Location: Ontario, Canada

This is one of the very few face washes that I can depend on. I frequently get small breakouts and haven't had a single one since I have used this product (it has been a few months now). However, the package is absolutely awful! I travel a lot and I end up having to transfer it to a better container, which is ok. I have read other costumers complaints that it is hard to get the face wash out, it really is! I end up squeezing the tube in all kinds of directions and fighting with it to get the face wash out. Please change it to something more convenient for users. It will make your product even more amazing!

Jun 6, 2015

Lovely Scented Product

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

This product smells incredible, it's fresh and pretty. The cleanser itself doesn't foam as much as I thought it would but it takes off every inch of my makeup which is all I was concerned about. The packaging is very cute and I like how soft the outside is. When applied to your face the cleanser feels highly luxurious and makes my skin feel very soft. The only major down side is I find it's hard to get the last little bit of product out without having the cut it open to make the most of it. what I really do love about the Benefit range though is the super cute names and packaging, awesome marketing team.

Mar 31, 2015

This product is AMAZING for break outs

Location: Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK

I have tried every single skin care product under the sun since suffering with acne. Luckily my acne cleared up due to hormones but my skin was still spot prone.. I had been having awful break outs and have really oily skin and open pores. This cleanser has made my skin completely clear up in a matter of days! My pores are visibly reduced and less raised as well. Not another single skin care product has done anything to help my skin like this product. Cannot recommend this cleanser enough and I will be recommending it to everyone. Fantastic product does what is says and more.

Mar 24, 2015


Location: Undisclosed

I was honestly not expecting this product to work on my skin. I have cystic acne and oily skin and every cleanser I used with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide would just seem to make it worse or not do anything at all. I saw this at Ulta and looked at the reviews and decided to give it a go. I. love. it! I have been using this for a few weeks now and I haven't broken out at all and my oil is completely under control. It mattefies my skin but doesn't over dry it. This is awesome. I love it. The end!

Mar 18, 2015

perfection in a bottle!

Location: London, UK

I bought this cleanser hoping to find a new way of washing my face instead of face wipes as they were always so greasy and my skin was getting so unpredictable. After using this a few times in the morning and still feeling like the face wipes were not helping, I stopped using them and purchased the Remove It makeup remover which I now use to remove eye makeup and use this cleanser to take off all my skin makeup; now in the mornings I use toner and the Total Moisture moisturiser - have I seen a difference?! MOST DEFINITELY! It's incredible and smells amazing, seriously don't hesitate to buy all of these Benefit products because you won't be disappointed! They just make the most perfect skin routine!!!

Mar 12, 2015

Perfect for those that prefer regular soap

Location: Southaven, MS, USA

I bought a sample pack of Benefit's skin care products and this was my favorite product out of the 7 included. I typically use regular bar soap and a vibrating cleanser to wash my face and this gave me the same results+MORE. Most cleansers have too many chemicals for me, especially since I have never had issues with acne. THIS product was so fresh and made my skin feel SO clean. I love this cleanser. I wish that it wasn't $22, but I would be willing to use this strictly on the days I wear makeup to save the product. But I highly recommend this for someone who either has sensitive skin or prefers less chemicals and fancy stuff on their face :)

Feb 27, 2015


Location: England

I have been looking for something that is kind to my skin, and this is just amazing. It foams up and it's so soft on my skin, after my skin feels amazingly clean. Didn't know this brand done skincare products until I went into debenhams looking for moisturisers. I would definitely recommend this product it's amazing.

Dec 24, 2014

After several uses, I LOVE IT!!!

Location: Killeen, TX

I m a dark skin African American woman and let me say At first, I was NOT crazy about this product in the miniset and assume it was useless product until i realized when using the other BENEFIT skincare products without it......THIS was the product truly making my face sooooo SOFT & SMOOTH!!!...It does not dry skin out and it actually keeps my face smooth & soft for a good couple of days too!!... Another thing I love about this product is that is TRULY DOES remove makeup from your face that your makeup remover did not pick up and it only takes LITERALLY a dime size for your face which means this product , despite its price, can last you a VERY LONG TIME! I will be buying a bigger bottle of this

Nov 14, 2014

Perfect Perfect PERFECT!!

Location: North Carolina

This Cleanser is AMAZING!! I needed a new routine, and just came to benefit because it looked hip and young, and Im turning 29 next wed, so of course Im trying to be as young as I can!! I am super super oily!!! This cleanser i thought was going to leave me oily, but oh how suprised I was! I used the cleanser and a little bitty sample of the toner becuase the store was out and then the dream screen, and porefessional. The results are astonishing!!! MATTE Question to benefit, I have been searching high and low for a deluxe sample of the bounce back serum and can not find such. Can you perhapes work on that?

Nov 4, 2014

A great foaming cleaner. Leaves my skin feeling...

Location: Brisbane QLD, Australia

A great foaming cleaner. Leaves my skin feeling fantastically clean. I use it after Refined Finish and follow with the toner and moisturizer. I'm so happy to finally find a full skincare line that works together. And has amazing packaging.

Oct 19, 2014

great cleanser

Location: winston-salem, nc,usa

This product is mild enough for my sensitive skin and cleanses well! Also, smells good. Can you please package the cleanser differently??? It is very hard to get out of the container even when it is still half full!

Sep 15, 2014


Location: Darlington, Darlington, Darlington, UK

From the first use, this product leaves you with baby soft, squeaky clean skin. It's mild and gentle yet cleanses the skin perfectly and is great for removing make up. Highly recommended.

Sep 5, 2014

Lovely to use

Location: Kent, UK

This cleanser smells and feels lovely on the skin, and the pretty bottle meant that I did not have to drag myself to wash my makeup off before bed. The only downside is the price, so I switched back to a cheaper one when I ran out.

Sep 3, 2014

Nice facial cleanser!

Location: Portugal

Love this product. Love the smell of it. My skin gets realy soft. This is a very nice product and I give it 5*. The price is fair to what this facial cleanser can do to my face :) Although, this package is not very good. It's hard to get all the product. Not a pratical vessel, unfortunatly. Please make a new package like the package of your "hello flawless oxygen wow!" fundation.

Aug 5, 2014

The perfect face wash.

Location: Johnson City, TN, USA

This is my favorite face wash. It cleanses, softens, and smells wonderful. I LOVE all the b.Right facial products!!

Aug 5, 2014


Location: London UK

Cannot really say anything more other than amazing.. I love all the skincare range from Benefit.

Jul 8, 2014




Jul 8, 2014


Location: Swindon

On first using, my skin felt squeaky clean and like new. Now 3 weeks into using and my skin looks smoother and brighter especially used in conjunction with the total moisture facial cream. Would recommend to alll

Jun 29, 2014

Addicted to this!

Location: Undisclosed

This is my second purchase of the face wash and I absolutely love the smell and how long this lasts.

Jun 25, 2014

The Best!

Location: england

This Product is faultless, I have combination skin and on my oily parts it keeps it controlled and then moistures my dry parts. Absolutely amazing. I'd recommend it to anybody.

Jun 17, 2014

Loved it <3

Location: Ireland

This product is so good it makes your face fell so clean and refreshed and also smells great!!!

Apr 30, 2014

Perfect even for sensitive skin

Location: UK

I initially bought this cleanser as part of the set, then decided to buy the full sized one. It lasts for ages, I've been using the same one every day for two and a half months and there is still quite a bit left. It leaves your skin feeling clean, but not tight or dry. I have quite sensitive skin, including excema on my eyelid but I have had no problems with this, after trying several other cleansers this is definitely the best!

Apr 30, 2014

My favourite cleanser!!

Location: England, UK

There isn't much I can fault this cleanser for. It is a lovely consistency that gently foams when applied. It doesn't run down your face and is easy to wash off. Given that it's so important to take your makeup off at night I use this every day without fail and it is gentle enough to not dry my skin out. The packaging is very cute and it smells amazing. It's more expensive than most cleansers but you get what you pay for with Benefit!

Mar 26, 2014

not so great:(

Location: Undisclosed

If you have oily skin with little acne it will not work. It did take away little bumps under my eyes from the foundation I wear. I used it on my forehead and it gave me more little pimples than I already had.

Feb 24, 2014

First time User

Location: Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA

This was my first time purchasing this product and I absolutely love it. Your face feels clean and refreshed after you use it and it lasts a long time. Worth the price.

Jan 28, 2014

Heaven For Your Face

Location: Springdale, AR, USA

This is my HG face wash. It lasts forever, smells great, and works so well. My skin has way less redness, it feels more smooth, and it doesn't get too dry or too oily anymore. I do use it with their face and eye products as well and I never break out. I actually have strangers stop and tell me I have beautiful skin. It feels amazing. I have really sensitive skin so I have tried a lot of different products, including ones suggested by my dermatologist, that have caused my skin to get angry and red and tight and dry. I used to get breakouts. But now, using Benefit products, my skin is gorgeous. I recommend it to everyone.

Jan 11, 2014

A great make-up remover, but may dry skin

Location: Undisclosed

I have quite oily skin, discoloration, acne etc so I use a BB cream, a compact powder(Hello Flawless) and a concealer. So I use this wash to remove all the cake I wear and it works very well - not only the cosmetics are washed away, but the sebum too. BUT it can cause driness, so I won't advise it for sensitive\dry skin, it might be punishing. Recently I started to use it as a wash for chest and shoulder acne, we'll see.

Dec 28, 2013

Love it

Location: West Sussex, UK

Really gentle and soft on the skin, leaves skin hydrated without leaving any residue behind, a tiny amount foams up really well so lasts for ages. I received it as a gift and couldn't bring myself to pay this much for any face wash, but if you can afford it then go for it. Smells clean and fresh.

Nov 28, 2013


Location: Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK

absolutely love this!! I never normally use face wash as I used to think a wipe would be enough, boy was I wrong as soon as I started to use this my spots reduced in size and my face felt so clean, you only need a very small amount of this so I think it will last ages, I use it every morning and night as im trying to look after my skin a bit more, I love all benefit's skincare range :-D

Nov 2, 2013

Just. Wow.

Location: Jonesboro, AR

I've always suffered from breakouts and combination of dry and flaky skin with a few oily patches. I know, it sounds disgusting- and it is. BUT, with Foamingly Clean just after the first wash, my skin became more radiant. Most importantly, it cleaned my face without stripping it. It removed by makeup without any problems and got rid of other dirt and oils and, the best part- it did not dry out my skin at all. I did not feel the normal tightness after washing my face. My skin looked dewy and fresh, not gross, red and shiny. The next morning, however, my skin looked even better. It reduced the redness and swelling my breakouts almost immediately. A week later- they were GONE.

Oct 6, 2013

Great for acne-prone sensitive skin!

Location: California, USA

I've used every type of acne wash possible for my face but they didn't help and they just dried out my skin. Since I love all the benefit makeup products I have I thought it was worth giving this a try. I'm so glad I did! It's gotten rid of almost all my acne, hasn't dried out my skin, smells amazing, and makes my complexion brighter! I will never use anything else again!

Sep 7, 2013

I LUV this product !

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ladies and discerning gents...this product is wonderful! I'm a 50 year old woman who stopped using soap on her face 20 years ago , maybe that is why most people think I look 43 years old! As long as they make this product, I will continue to buy it! And it smells - oh - so - good !!

Aug 8, 2013

Great cleanser, bad packaging

Location: Oakland, CA, USA

I really like the cleanser, gentle but still effective. I have sensitive skin and it balances my skin well. However, I agree with Kris89 that the packaging is really annoying as the bottle simply won't empty. I'm in the market for something else to try because I am tired of mutilating the bottle to get the full value out of this product.

Aug 7, 2013

Cleans gentle and thoroughly, with no residue. Has a...

Location: Undisclosed

Cleans gentle and thoroughly, with no residue. Has a fresh, clean scent. The one thing I don't like is the container keeps alot of excess when it won't squeeze out anymore; you can't shake it to get it to come out. I cut the container in half and still get about 2 more weeks out of it.

May 30, 2013

A must

Location: Madrid, Spain

I can't feel my skin really clean until it hasn't been in contact with water. Besides, it is very sensitive. This product is quite effective with whatever may make it dirty, removes all remains of makeup in my skin respecting it and making it feel fresh and comfortable. I can't give it a miss in my daily beauty routine.

May 3, 2013

What i've been looking for!

Location: Rosyth, Fife, UK

I swear my life long mission (aside from being rich) is to find a good facial wash, i've tried a lot of them and just never seem to work. Until i got a sample kit of benefit skincare, now i LOVE the make up but never thought of trying the skincare. I tried the face wash and it was gentle on my skin, left it feeling oil free, smooth and refreshed. It's definitely something i'm investing in. It just works so well with my skin and i love it!.

May 2, 2013

i love this face wash so much i have oily skin that...

Location: Dublin

i love this face wash so much i have oily skin that brakes out i didnt like it at frist coz it did brake me out but the more i used it the more my skin got used to it and i use 2 times a day and with moisture prep toning lotion and the triple perfrming moisturize my skin is better then before i still do brake out but not like before. so anyone who is has got it keep useing it does work

Apr 24, 2013

Nice To Use But Caused Breakouts

Location: Chelmsford, Essex, UK

I've used a couple of other products in this range (the refined finish facial polish is amazing and I love the its potent! eye cream) so I decided to give the foaming cleanser a try. I have very sensitive and oily skin and so the benefit rep at my local Boots recommended this to me. Although the cleanser itself is really lovely to use (foams nicely, lovely smell, makes the skin feel clean) it sadly caused my skin to break out in a very big way. Although my skin is very oily I don't break out all that much, but using this product has caused my to break out in a way that I haven't experienced since my teens. I thought it might simply be due to switching to a new product and wondered if it was perhaps just purging the buildup in my skin, but four weeks of persevering later, the almost blister-like breakouts continue all over my face (even in places I don't normally break out :( ). I'm not quite sure why I'm having such a severe reaction to it, especially since others with sensitive skin have had such positive experiences. Sadly I've had to pass my tube of foaming cleanser along to someone who will hopefully get better use out of it. If you don't have a reaction like mine, this is probably a nice facial cleanser to use. It did help somewhat with my oiliness, it left me with a lovely clean feeling, and it has that great fresh smell that many of the products in this range have. Its just a shame that it's caused my skin to react in such a bad way.

Apr 9, 2013

Gentle but effective cleanser :)

Location: Isle of Man

I brought this product as I had heard great things about benefit products and I was looking for an effective cleanser. It was a little bit pricey but it really works! My skin is quite sensitive and breaks out if I use harsh products. However, with this product my face isn't red after using it and my skin is left feeling soooooo clean and fresh! The smell is also really nice, it smells like cucumbers! I will definitely be repurchasing and also buying the rest of the b.right products! :)

Mar 31, 2013


Location: Wales, UK

Having sensitive skin and regular outbreaks of dermatitis, I have tried numerous cleansers and face washes since my early teens, finally I have found this! Beautifully creamy and leaves my skin clean and soft. No tightness or dryness and most certainly no redness :) perfect!

Mar 25, 2013

Clean, clean, clean!

Location: England, UK

This product was recommended to me by a benefit employee as I suffer from sensitive skin and acne. My skin feels really clean and fresh after using this product and it removes make-up and cleans pores really well, plus my skin isn't red raw afterwards! However I don't find that it helps my acne much as I still have break outs, so an improvement would be to somehow add something that could prevent this! Overall, good product!

Feb 14, 2013

I have very sensetive skin that almost no product would...

Location: PA

I have very sensetive skin that almost no product would help, until i found this. It was just a gamble when i bought it, but it has proved very satisfactory! I love it! it keeps my skin very clean and flawless. I had d only bought the trael size to try and has to buy the full product! It is worth every penny and def will purchase again! Because my skin is so sensitive i only use a couple times a week and still get wonderful results

Feb 14, 2013

Great for even the most sensitive skin

Location: London, UK

I suffer for the worlds most sensitive skin and have found so many products just bring my face out into a dry mess or just a very angry looking red colour. Having used products from a well know 'natural' shop, I have found recently they are doing more harm than good to decided to give Benefit a try as their make-up is the only one not to irritate my skin and I'm so glad I did because it has not only cleared up my dry skin almost overnight it hasn't made my skin tight or sore. It smells great and makes your face feel really clean.

Jan 10, 2013

Cleansing and refreshing

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

My skin feels really clean and soft after I use this. It has a nice, gentle scent (like the rest of this wonderful skincare line) and you need very little product for a good result. Use with the wonderful Refined finish facial polish for best result. The only problem I've found is that it doesn't really remove shimmer from makeup like highlighters or eyeshadow, but you can take care of that with a second wash. Overall, an excellent facial wash.

Dec 31, 2012


Location: Kent, UK

the benefit skin care range is definately one of the best around. i think this is a great product. it doesnt have much of a fragrance which is great as that can sometimes be off-putting and it also lasts for a very long time. you only need a tiny bit (about pea sized) and it is enough to cover the whole face. well worth the money...keeps my spots away and makes me skin feel super silky

Dec 21, 2012


Location: Undisclosed

So i purchased this and i love it! i use it every morning. It makes your face feel great and the packaging itself fits with all my make up! I recomend using the facial cream from benefit too if you want soft and shiny skin! :)

Nov 23, 2012

For flawless skin!

Location: Cleveland, OH, USA

After trying expensive beauty products, I was skeptical and afraid to try Benefit facial wash. The results exceeded my expectations! After the first wash, my usually sensitive and dry skin was flawless, smooth and glowing. The facial wash has a pleasant scent and creamy texture. I was so impressed that I bought the entire skincare line. I highly recommend this product. You are absolutely guaranteed to LOVE it!

Nov 17, 2012

Gentle and effective

Location: Colorado, USA

I got this product in a sample size and loved it! My skin was super-smooth, my pores shrank, and it did not aggravate my acne. My one and only gripe is how heavily scented it is. I'm not a huge fan of overly perfumed skincare. But that's just a personal preference.

Sep 20, 2012


Location: Portland, OR, USA

I use this in conjunction with the scrub. I got my makeup done for a wedding at a Macy's benefit booth, and the ladies were incredible. The one I worked with suggested this product, and though the price is higher than I am used to, I decided to give it a go. I have mild acne, so I was willing to try. The first time I used it, I actually didn't like it, because it wasn't stripping my skin like past stuff I've used. So I felt like I had a residue left over, while in reality, it was just cleaning without stripping. I kept at it, and my pores are smaller, and while I still do get occasional breakouts, it's nothing like before. Plus, you hardly need any at all to cover your whole face. Mine are the trial size, and I am still using them almost two months later. It's about time to go back and buy the bigger versions! :)

Sep 12, 2012

buy this! don't think twice!

Location: Greenville, SC, USA

I bought this and the b.right radiant skincare set (one to keep at home and one to take with me on overnight trips). Though i've only had it for a little over a week i am in love with it! I actually look forward to washing my face every day and I love that it even totally removes my makeup. I was hesitant with the pricing but went for it and I am so happy that I did. It's a great size and the packaging it great as well. It smells great and you only need a little dime sized portion to cleanse your entire face! which means that this can and will last a while.

Sep 4, 2012

KILLED my skin.

Location: Toronto, ON

This product was so cute in the packaging, I couldn't help but get it, but the product itself. Oh lordy, I broke out ALLL OVER my face the next day. I mean tonnes of little red painful cyst acne and whiteheads all over. Thought it was an allergy, but no. It's simply the product. My skin does not accept it.

Aug 14, 2012

i have just started using benifets and im hooked its fab

Location: halifaax

i have just started using benifets and im hooked its fab

Aug 2, 2012

Kind to my skin and great cleanser - outstanding!!

Location: Kent, UK

I have really sensitive skin, I've had reactions to so many skincare ranges that I'm quite hesitant of trying anything new! Tried this and almost expected to have a reaction and I didn't! In fact, my skin hasn't felt this fantastic in years! Stubborn make up was practically falling off my face, and I was left with such amazingly soft skin. I only need a tiny amount as well, so it will last forever! Definitely keeping this.

Jul 9, 2012

Happiness in a bottle.

Location: Chicago, IL

I love this stuff. I have tried so, so many face cleansers. Not only does it leave my face squeaky clean, but it smells great and a little goes a long way. My favorite part is the texture...smooth, creamy, lovely! Washing my face is my favorite part of my shower now :)

Jul 6, 2012

The best cleanser I have ever used

Location: Dundee

I have been suffered from problem skin, particularly on my chin and forehead, for nearly a year and nothing was fixing it. Just a couple of weeks using this cleanser 2 times a day and my skin has completely cleared up! I am so happy with the results! You only have to use a tiny amount so I know it will ast a long time and it makes my skin feel soft and fresh. Love Love Love it!

Jul 3, 2012

Never felt cleaner!

Location: Nottingham, UK

I love this product! It washes away everything (including stubborn mascara) really easily and it smells amazing. Looks cute in the bathroom too - great packaging as ever. Smells good, leaves my skin soft, glowing and truly clean. The only downside - and something I find with lots of Benefit products - is that is doesn't seem to last very long. For the price, I am sure they could up it by 25 or 30mls.

Jun 21, 2012

Great product but there is a hidden surprise.

Location: New Zealand

This is by far a fantastic product. We don't get Benefit in New Zealand (??!!)so I bought this on a trip to San Fran and now I have to get my sister to buy and send it too me. However, with the packaging (fab quality that it is)it is quite a thick plastic and when you get to a certain point you think you have run out. Well, I cut my one open (desparate for my new one ot arrive)and to my surprise I had a HEAP of product left in there. Alot of it hadn't run down to the opening. So, I scooped it out into another jar. So,don't always assume you've reached the end. You may be as surprised as I was!

May 26, 2012


Location: Bromborough, Birkenhead, Merseyside...

This cleanser is amazing! It cleared my spots within 3 days. I LOVE it..Xx

May 15, 2012

Best facial wash EVER!

Location: seacoast NH

This product is by far the best I have ever used! I have always struggled with blemishes and blotchy skin. After using this product , my face is flawless! It always leaves my face smooth and clean! It works great a few times a week with the facial scrub mixed in. I will NEVER switch to a different product after having such GREAT results! Thank you benefit!

Apr 20, 2012


Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

I started using this stuff like 5 days ago and my face is completely clear of blemishes! I just had a mild case of acne but still it was acne and ive tried everything to get rid of it but the products always dried out my face really bad but foamingly clean leaves your face feeling clean, soft, and moisturized. A++

Apr 18, 2012

Wow for the face!

Location: Clayton, CA, USA

You only need to use a little and it works great!

Apr 10, 2012

Great cleanse

Location: Undisclosed

Leaves skin feeling really clean, soft and refreshed. Very good cleanser and does not dry out my skin. Works very well with the triple performing facial emulsion moisturizer.

Apr 4, 2012

Oh wow!! That's my face?

Location: Asheville, NC

After just one use, my skin was smoother! After a week, I noticed reduction in pore size. After 10 days, I noticed less pores. After two weeks, My skin was drop-dead PERFECT!! My face hasn't seen a breakout since I bought this a few months ago. I like that it removes makeup too, that's a timesaver (but to everyone saying its hard to use on your eyes, read the instructions. It says in a few different places on the packaging, bottle, and intructions to avoid eye area. you need to use remover for that). It also smells really fresh and clean. And theres been a few times I accidentally got it on my lips and it tastes like candy! haha. Now excuse my, while I go rub my face because it's so smooth.

Jan 31, 2012

Cleans without drying - skin feels really soft.

Location: Victoria, Australia

I'm usually not fussy about cleansers, preffering to concentrate on toners and moisturisers, but boy have I been wrong. This cleanser leaves skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed, with no tightness or stripped sensation.

Jan 26, 2012

awesome...bright and clean!

Location: Cape Cod, MA, USA

This product is wonderful!, i saw results right away after using it, after washing my faces and patting it dry my face was instantly brighter and smoother ive been using it every day for the past 2 weeks and i have mild acne and its cleared up most of it! this product is a must have... the whole b.right line is a must have!!

Jan 17, 2012

Super Clean Feel

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

I received this product in the mail from Benefit for free and didn't want to write a review until I knew for sure that this was a good product. Usually my skin gets used to a product and then stops reacting to it. That's not the case with the Foamingly Clean Facial Wash. My skin is extremely dry and after I wash my face with this product and apply their moisturizer, I find my face feeling clean and refreshed. This is by far my favorite facial cleanser so far.

Jan 15, 2012


Location: Belfast, UK

This is a lovely product and leaves my face feeling amazingly clean. It removes makeup effectively, but it is hard to do it without getting it in to your eyes, which left them burning for a while.

Dec 28, 2011

simply awesome

Location: Torrance,CA

I absolutely love love love, a thousand times love this face wash! I really like foamy face washes, and this face wash is the perfect amount of foam! not too little or not to much. It is also creamy at the same time, amazing is all i can say! If you love that squeaky clean feeling after you wash your face, this is perfect then ! One thing about this face wash is that, it will leave your face feeling tight and for people with dry skin make it seem a little drier, but just follow up with the rest of benefits skincare system and everything will be fine. The rest of the skincare line is absolutely amazing also!

Dec 26, 2011

Horrible facewash!!

Location: ireland

I used this cleanser for a week, on my normal, clear skin and it seriously damaged my face. The squeaky clean feeling actually sensitizes your skin. Have had to spend so much now on dermatologist recommended products because of the damage this has done to my face. Would recommend you avoid this product. Will NEVER purchase from benefit in the future after this awful experience!

Dec 21, 2011

Best facial wash I have ever used.

Location: Carpentersville, IL

I love this product, it smells great and removes all of my makeup with ease. I honestly swear that it helps with my acne, with is awesome. I also use the facial polish, moisture prep and facial emulsion. I only wish that it came in a different container because I am trying really hard to get every last drop, but because of the way the container is used a lot of the product collects and the top and I cannot get it out.

Dec 13, 2011

Sqeuaky Clean, and a Little Glow

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Previous reviewers have posted about the squeakiness of this product ... they're not kidding. After one use, with a minimal (REALLY minimal) amount of product, my skin was squeaky-clean. I was slightly worried about this, as I've always been told "squeaky clean is NOT a good thing for the skin"...but being a true-blue-BeneBabe, I gave it a chance. I'm glad I did, because what followed was just soft, smooth skin. I have very oily skin, but foamingly clean does an awesome job of ridding the oiliness without leaving any residue, and it prevents the further build-up of oil. I love the smell ... it's not floral or fruity, just slightly soapy-smelling. I use a tiny bit in the shower in the morning, and as part of my evening skin-care routine. Watch the eyes, though, I accidentally got this in my eye one night, and it burned like heck! Heed the warning, for sure!

Nov 18, 2011

Love the smell and the feel but it hasnt been to long...

Location: Kentucky

Love the smell and the feel but it hasnt been to long since Ive been using it so I dont know how it does with acne.

Nov 17, 2011


Location: Penang, Malaysia

Imma beneholic and anything about benefit crazes me , i was more into their cosmetics , but lately i fell in love with b.right skincare. I bought teaser pack a month ago , which contains it's potent eye cream , a small refined finish and a small triple performing emulsion , i was very pleased with the products,so i decided to get the foamingly clean facial wash without reading reviews and trying it out. i was so excited when i used it , the feeling was squeaky clean and it does not strip off my skin , i'm a teenager and it controls my oil without letting me skin crack.normally i'll start with refined finish as a scrub , then i'll clean my face with foamily clean facial wash , apply triple performing emulsion and it's potent eye cream. The reason why i gave it a 4 star instead of a 5 is , i don't have enough money to get the Remove it make up remover and i find it hard to clean of posietint with this product, it also says avoid eyes area which sometimes i apply light make up on top and i can't use it to remove my make up on my eye area. If price wasn't a problem , yes!i'll buy and recommend all b.right skincare products to all my friends,they're awesome!

Oct 13, 2011

Deep Clean

Location: Brooklyn, NY

This cleanser works great with the other b.right products for a deep down clean. My oily skin feels so clean and refreshed after using this product. Smells amazing.

Sep 22, 2011

I have been using this cleanser for about a month and I...

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have been using this cleanser for about a month and I love how gentle it is. I have combination skin that is also very sensitive and this product does a great job. It doesn't dry out my skin but also leaves it feeling very fresh and clean.

Jul 16, 2011

Leaves My Skin Feeling Deeply Clean

Location: Lincoln, NE

I have combination/normal skin that can be dry in some spots, so I thought these Benefit Skincare products would work well for me. I've been using this face wash with my Clarisonic for about a month now, and the results have been fantastic. A little of this cleanser goes a long way, and since it lathers so well, just a dab on my Clarisonic brush is enough to cleanse my entire face. My face feels so deeply clean and completely pure after using this product--I really love that! This face wash is lightly scented: it just has a plain sort of soapy smell that I'm not particularly crazy about, but since it's not strong and it doesn't last, I don't mind it too much. What I like most about this cleanser is that it's versatile enough to be effective on every area of my combination skin. More intense cleansers for oily skin help prevent breakouts on my oily areas, but make my dry areas red, irritated and peeling. Similarly, cleansers made for dry skin make me break out on my oily spots. However, this Benefit facial wash is the best of both worlds: it doesn't make me break out hardly at all AND it's gentle enough to smooth over dry spots without ever irritating them. Since I started using this face wash, my skin tone looks more even than it has in a long time and my whole face looks positively radiant! A few caveats, though: the cleanser by itself doesn't really exfoliate at all. To get the natural glow I love that can only be achieved by exfoliating, I have to use this cleanser with my Clarisonic. And since facial washes like this one clean much deeper down into pores when applied with a Clarisonic, I can't be sure this face wash would be as effective without using a Clarisonic along with it.

Jul 7, 2011

i really like this product

Location: Undisclosed

I really like this product because it works for so many things, such as makeup remover, cleanses, and makes it feel good! x

Jun 17, 2011

I like it because it's gentle enough to use every day...

Location: Undisclosed

I like it because it's gentle enough to use every day without stripping my skin of moisture, but strong enough to remove all my makeup.

Jun 3, 2011

Luxurious foam. I love it. Cleanses the skin well and...

Location: Undisclosed

Luxurious foam. I love it. Cleanses the skin well and leaves the skin soft.

May 9, 2011

Lovely product.

Location: Ireland

I got this in the trial pack while i wait for my on line purchases to arrive,firstly the trial set is an amazing idea,for 12 EUR its a steal! other high end cosmetic company's should follow in Benefits footsteps.The facial wash is brilliant,left my skin SO clean,and alittle goes along way so i really liked this... but a warning,if this gets in your eyes it stings like no facial wash I've every used,it stung like nothing i have every felt before! its the only reason i didn't give it top marks. but over all i love it.

May 7, 2011

Love this skin care line!!! The foamingly clean facial...

Location: Frankfort, KY

Love this skin care line!!! The foamingly clean facial wash takes off all your makeup and instantly brightens your face! It's great for all skin types and we sell it at ULTA!!! love love love!

May 6, 2011

Never felt so clean before!

Location: Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

I love this product! When I first used it I was shocked. I could not believe how clean my skin was! Someone else described their face as being squeaky clean, well, that's exactly what it is. Also, you need very little to wash your whole face so it will last a long time. Best I ever tried!

May 5, 2011

it's wonderful!

Location: Fullerton, CA

I have relatively sensitive skin and I tend to be allergic to a lot of different cleansers. I also have to switch up my routine when the seasons change. I first ordered the $12 teaser package which included this cleanser, the emulsifying lotion, and eye cream (the eye cream fantastic as well). By the way, if you're really curious about this product line- I would suggest buying the 3-piece mini "teaser" package. I'm buying the full-size product today! This cleanser foams up and feels silky smooth when you're lathering up your face- a little goes a long way, by the way. I used it over this last week and my skin is much more even toned. I usually break out along my jawline (by the way- that's hormone related, ladies) and that acne has nearly cleared up over this whole week since I started using the product. Image included! I'm wearing minimal makeup. It will dry up your skin a bit, but as long as you follow up with a good toner and moisturizer, you'll notice your skin feeling fabulous for sure!

May 4, 2011

This product doesn't work

Location: Undisclosed

I am sick and saddend by this product. This is suppose to be a new and improved version of a former product that frankly they crashed and burned with. It Dries my skin out before I even leave the Shower! I don't feel clean in the least and my skin is tight on face. I would Never recommend this product to my worst enemy. I'm sorry, but you did Not accomplish your goal on making your products better and you certainly have lost my business.

Apr 12, 2011

I recieved this product as a freebie (2 mini ones) after...

Location: London

I recieved this product as a freebie (2 mini ones) after buying a perfume and have just tryed it out... was not disappointed! you only need a very small amount of product and it lathered up in my hands. Felt very soft on skin but as i was washing it off with water i felt that (not sticky) but quite cleansingly fresh residue remain on my skin... after using this product, my skin does feel very soft and smooth! It has a really nice clean, fresh smell too! I think the price is quite high but worth it! Overall a very nice product!

Apr 4, 2011

Gotta Love it!

Location: Chicago,Il

This is great! The lather is creamy and makes skin fab! A staple of mine!

Apr 2, 2011

Clean.. like REALLY clean!

Location: Kuala Lumpur, MAL

I think every Dollar, Ringgit, Yen, etc that you spend on this cleanser is going to be worth it. I could feel that this will at least stay with me up to four months, the bottle is huge and handful. Just like what it says on the note in the box, it really cleanse out the impurities and makeup, effectively cleanses the skin, and oh well basically talk the talk! It says on the note as well don't use it near the eyes, but I did it anyway and wow, no more mascara on my lashes. When I use toner after the wash, I can hardly see any excess makeup left on the cotton pad. At first i gave it 3/5 stars because right after the wash my skin feel like squeaky clean – not literally but you know what I mean, and few areas of my skin feels a bit tight, dry. But after a week, I think I really like how it does that it leaves my skin so clean without oil extended for few more hours. 4/5 stars now!

Mar 29, 2011

Really Nice Gentle Face Wash

Location: Uniontown, PA

I really like this wash. It's nice and gentle and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I love how clean my face gets with this, especially around my nose where I usually still have residue from most face washes. This one gets everything really clean. The container is really cute too. It's a nice basic face wash. I love how gentle it is. I gave it 4/5 stars because of the price. It's a bit pricey for me. I usually only spend about $5 or less on Clean & Clear face wash at the drugstore. I did receive this for free from Benefit, and I will definitely be using it up.

Mar 26, 2011

Left my skin feeling soft. And it didn't bother my eyes...

Location: Undisclosed

Left my skin feeling soft. And it didn't bother my eyes or leave a nasty residue.

Mar 24, 2011

Partial to this product

Location: Undisclosed

I would only recommend this to a friend if t hey were middle class because i think it is a bit expensive the rest of this skin line is worth it but i'm not sure about the face wash i really like it and it really helped with my acne but i think i could live with using my neutrogena acne wash and the rest of the skincare line with it! Good product though!

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