Dilemma Solver - Routine Rut

new makeup routine before and after
Liven up your makeup routine before and after - small

Dilemma steps


Add spark to your same-old-same-old beauty routine.

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Grab these goodies

Use High Beam satiny pink liquid face highlighter for a dewy glow! Available in full size and mini.

Stuck in a beauty rut? Here’s a bottle for a supermodel. A satiny pink highlighter that casts a dewy, radiant glow. (Yes a beam with an unexpected gleam.)


Our tinting services give you that hint of tint to transform your brows and lashes from fair and sparse to full and fabulous.

A brilliant way to revamp your look! Tinting helps frame the eyes for extra drama. Fair-and-sparse brows and lases go to full-and-fabulous thanks to our fab aestheticians.


A cream peach blush to ampify your natural flush

Add a little pep to your step with this pink-peach blush that boosts your natural flush. A few twirls and you’re on your way to feeling (and looking) chock full o’ cheer.


They're Real! mascara lengthens, curls, and volumizes eyelashes for drama beyond belief. Available in full size and mini.

Are your lashes for real? Yes! The length is beyond belief. Doe-eyed and daring, you’ll see the lashes you never knew you had.



Get extra perks

Mannequin in mirror

Mirror, mirror

Soak in the self-love. Beauty starts on the inside. Trust us, gorgeous…you’re a masterpiece.

Mannequin doing handstand

Do a handstand

If you can! Give boredom the boot with a fresh perspective (and spring in your step).

Mannequin in new lingerie

Don new dainties

Shhh…it’s your little secret. Even if no one else sees. The right bra perks up spirits too.

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