Beauty Banter

Beauty Banter

Model image with bright punch pop lip gloss

Get this juicy look


Pretty in a Pop

Punch pop step 1

Step 1:

Get long, bold lashes with They’re Real Mascara!

punch pop step 2

Step 2:

Glide and glow with Watt’s up! Highlighter.

punch pop step 3

Step 3:

Get juicy, bright lips with NEW Punch Pop! Liquid Lip Colour in watermelon.

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Step 4:

Fake natural-looking fullnesswith Gimme Brow!

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cover photo of one of the brow winners
Expert Beauty

From Beijing to Copenhagen, our top Beauty Artists share tips for trendy brows.


It’s a brow world!

From east to west, there’s no shortage of gorgeous Benefit brows in every corner of the world. We asked our top Beauty Artists from Benefit counters far and wide to share their favorite brow tips & tricks.


Before and after Aoibhin


Store: Dublin Tip: Get creative

"To add something a little different to my look I dotted some high beam highlighter in a line above both brows to create the illusion of glamourous little jewels."”

Before and after Beibei


Store: Beijing Joy City Sephora Tip: Add some flair

“Use posietint to create cute dots above arches and at the end of your brows.”

Before and after Hjordis


Store: Magasin Du Nord at Kgs. Nytorv, Copenhagen Tip: Take brows to the next dimension

“After filling and shaping, I love to set my brows using 3D BROWtones in shade 4 for a bit more of a natural finish.”

Before and after Quiong



Store: Ha’erbin Grand Shopping Center Tip: Easy on the tweezers!

“Dot and blend high brow pencil above and below arches to highlight, then use it to cover up any stray hairs…high brow pencil also can work as a concealer!”

Before and after Aoibhin


Store: Redditch, UK Tip: Define with concealer

"“Apply boi-ing concealer with an angled brush to outline the brow and make it pop!”

Before and after Boxue



Store: Beijing Sanlitun Benefit Boutique Tip: Start strong

The first step to any inspirational brow look is a coat of BROWVO! conditioning primer.

Our Global Brow Expert, Jared Bailey, talks arches, getting serviced and glowing skincare!

Our Global Brow Expert, Jared Bailey, talks arches, getting serviced and glowing skincare!

Beauty Banter: Ask Jared

Help! How can I look younger?

Lisa G - San Diego, CA

Full eyebrows are the telltale sign of youth. With that advice in mind, there are two ways to look younger: One, fill in your eyebrows. Two, make older friends. I recommend both.

Long days and late nights! Any tips on how to make myself appear less tired?

Kristina V. - Tampa, FL

For sleep! Truth is, even the most clever concealer tricks can’t cover some dark circles. Get a full night’s sleep then try lightening the appearance of the undereye versus covering the dark circles. Start with a daily dose of it's potent! eye cream. It hydrates & helps boost microcirculation to alleviate darkness over time.

I want a spray tan for my vacation. How do I avoid looking like an Oompa Loompa?

Jacqueline S. - Chicago, IL

Getting a spray tan is like getting should have at least one practice date first! A couple weeks before your trip, go somewhere that offers customization & service done by hand. Just to be safe, avoid any occasion where white overalls & green hair are deemed appropriate.

I’ve never paid much attention to my brows. Why should I shape ‘em?

Amanda T. - San Francisco, CA

Eyebrows bring balance to your face & frame the eyes.  Having them shaped by a professional at a Brow Bar will keep you looking pretty, polished and fabulously put together. Pretty is as pretty does, my friend!

Are there any side effects of waxing my brows?

Mysti Z. - Oakland, CA

Yes. Perfectly shaped eyebrows can be met with a number of side effects: lingering glances from complete strangers, complements from dear friends and the uncontrollable urge to snap multiple selfies. 

I’m new to bikini waxing...what are my options?

Amber S. - Minneapolis, MN

When it comes to the land down under, leave it to the pros. Hairs the deal: A standard bikini wax removes any hair that falls just outside the most modest bikini lines and an extended bikini wax takes that hairline & moves it in a bit further. A Brazilian wax can remove any hair, from the front, the back and even in between!

So who is this Jared Guy?

Born with the gift of gab, Jared Bailey comes fully loaded with quip, candor and bedazzling advice on Brow & Beauty Services. As a licensed aesthetician & our Global Brow Expert he’s made it his mission to achieve “arch” excellence for every gal around the globe. After a near decade in the beauty biz, it’s safe to say he’s certainly well emBROWED.

Maggie and Annie in a very pink Benefit office

Our Global Beauty Authorities Annie & Maggie Ford Danielson, tell us what it's like to grow up flush with benetint, lots of laughter & perfect eyebrows.

Beauty Banter Annie and Maggie Intro Image
It's a sister act...take two!

At Benefit, we believe laughter is the best cosmetic...and who better to spread the giggles than the daughters and nieces of co-founders Jean & Jane Ford. With benetint in their veins and “backstage beauty” banter in their ears, Maggie & Annie Ford Danielson are natural pros at spreading the feel-good vibes while talking makeup tips. The new generation of sisters officially joined Benefit in 2008 and have since become our Global Beauty Authorities...a vibrant duo that travels the world to share fast & fab beauty fixes with goodtime gals everywhere.

Full of glitter & beautiful are a few of the sister’s favourite “growing up Benefit” memories!


One of my favourite memories is when my mum woke me up at 5am for a secret mission.  She said all we needed was a staple gun & a lot of pink tulle...then asked me to be her “official helper” to remake the holiday windows. I was so excited!
When I was growing up, all I wanted was to be like the women I saw in the stores getting their brows waxed, but mum always said I was too young. When I was about to go to high school my mum finally said yes, under one condition: “...just don’t tell your father!” 
Much to my mum’s dismay, I found her Benefit blue eyeliner when I was a teenager. It became my staple look for an entire year: blue eyeliner & pink lip gloss…oh, so cool!


When I was little my mum used to bring me into the boutique when she couldn’t find a babysitter. I’d sit in the corner and watch her put makeup on women for hours!
Around Christmas our entire house was covered in spray glue & glitter because Mum made the window decorations for the boutiques herself.  Our dining room table was festive mayhem.
Every time I smell Boo Boo Zap I’m immediately taken back to school. I used to pour it all over my face when I was 13!

Roller Lash to the rescue! Charis Ow learns how to avoid future eyelash mishaps!


Top 5 Eyelash Mishaps


Be charmed by MannyMua & learn to perfect your everyday glow!

One Brand Tutorial: Benefit Cosmetics! | MannyMua

What a Manny! 

After 25 years at Benefit, Athina spills the beauty secrets she’s gathered from working alongside founders Jean & Jane Ford.

After 25 years at Benefit, Athina spills the beauty secrets she’s gathered from working alongside founders Jean & Jane Ford.

Beauty Banter Beauty Expert Athina applying lipstick
Confessions of a Beauty Expert

Aesthetician: Athina, Fillmore Boutique, San Francisco

Top tip:

Right now I’m obsessed with hydrated, sun-thirsty skin! Dry is not a good look for summer! To avoid it, exfoliate with refined finish facial polish, follow with ultra radiance facial re-hydrating mist, then finish with total moisture facial cream. Don’t forget your dream screen! A silky matte broad-spectrum SPF 45 sunscreen. Oh, and drink lots of water, not soft drinks. Your body (& skin) will thank you later.

Best trick:

To get the perfect wing reach for your they’re real! push-up liner, start by aligning the pen to the outer corner of your nose. With a light hand, dab a small line, then take your pen and fill in your wing. Repeat on the other side. The best part about this trick is that you get an even wing on both sides!

Fave advice:

I was lucky enough to work with our founders, Jean & Jane Ford, and they taught me two things: First, the customer always comes first. Second, to look amazing all you need is some concealer & foundation mixed together with a little self-confidence!


Learn to contour & highlight like a big screen beauty. 

Tips & Tricks: Contouring

Tips & Tricks: Contouring

Our UK offices boast all kinds of surprising bits & bobs, from pink foosball to a friendly hound!

Our UK offices boast all kinds of surprising bits & bobs, from pink foosball to a friendly hound!

Benefit Cosmetics UK office

Makeup first: What are the Brit's five fave beauty products?

  1. hoola bronzer for the ultimate matte & natural sun kissed look
  2. the POREfessional primer for smoother than smooth skin
  3. they're real! mascara for lashes that are beyond belief
  4. brow zings for the perfect Benebrow
  5. benetint, the English rose-tinted lip & cheek stain

Swoon! Tell us four reasons why your Benefit office is the bee's knees.

  1. It’s pink!
  2. We’re drenched in the brand DNA. We even have a break room with a pink foosball table.
  3. Culture Club, which brings us lots of surprises, treats and fun evenings…anything from yoga to a granny bingo night!
  4. It’s home to Harvey-dog (our office hound)!

Cheers, mate! Name three things that make your office uniquely British.

  1. We have two kitchens to make lots of tea & eat lots of cake!
  2. We’re very proud of our home.
  3. We’re all really good at poking fun at each other.

Surprise! Tell us two delightful guests who have popped into the office.

  1. Rylan Clark...he’s always a pleasure.
  2. Shh! Rumour has it Leann Rimes is popping in next month!

And most important: What’s the number one office treat that always makes people giddy?

  1. Benefit makeup, of course! Oh ok...and chocolate ;)
Meet Kiran, a Benebabe with a sense of humor who starts a party in the powder room.

Meet Kiran, a Benebabe with a sense of humor who starts a party in the powder room.

Beauty Banter Benebabe Kiran in a photo frame

What makes you LOL?

It has to be funny videos/vines...I love them! At one point I did become slightly addicted to watching them. Crazy dancing ones are definitely the best. Also, ACCENTS. I love when someone impersonates one and if it's genuinely good it has me giggling for a while. The phrase ‘easily amused' is springing to mind...

Spill your best beauty secret!

Definitely wiggle the mascara brush instead of using stroke-like motions when applying. I only started doing this myself last year and couldn't believe the difference in my lash length. It intensifies the eyelash length and makes them look a lot fuller & thicker. Also, putting sellotape on the side of your eyelids to get that really dramatic & clean effect...especially when you're doing a smoky eye. That's my favourite.

What are your fave sounds to blast while getting dolled up?

I have to say that when I'm getting dolled up, a lot of old school songs are blasted from my iPod. My favourite would be something sassy & flash, so basically...Destiny's Child, “Say My Name.” That always gets me in the mood for a night out...except when I get too into it and poke myself in the eye with the mascara brush, resulting in an uncontrollable watery eye and ruined makeup. Yay.

Sweet or savoury?

Savoury everyday of the week. Olives, nachos, hummus, tapas...basically anything. You name it & I'm there. I have an especially huge love for sushi.

What beauty product is always by your side?

I have a few essential beauty products that I always have on me. The first is concealer. I am a bit of a concealer queen so I tend to have my favourite in my bag just in case my dark circles decide to make an appearance. No honey, not today!

Second, lipstick. Love a good nude lippy and it's obviously super important to top off throughout the day. Thirdly, mascara...and in particular, Roller Lash. After a long day at work, lashes can look a bit dry & thin. A couple wiggles of Roller Lash and my lashes look fuller & thicker again.

Meet Kaitlin, a Benefit fan-atic who’s always up for beauty truth & a double-wing dare.

Meet Kaitlin, a Benefit fan-atic who’s always up for beauty truth & a double-wing dare.  

Meet Kaitlin, a Benefit fan-atic who’s always up for beauty truth & a double-wing dare.

What makes you LOL?

What makes me LOL the most is hearing other people genuinely laugh at's my absolute favourite thing.

Spill your best beauty secret!

Hmm...secrets are meant to be kept, but who doesn't love to hear them? When I wear a nude or pink lip I almost always wear a shade lighter in the center of my upper & lower lips to make them appear larger! Shh!.

What are your fave sounds to blast while getting dolled up?

My favourite music to jam out to is the Calvin Harris Pandora station. The music is so upbeat and never fails to get my day/night going while I’m putting my look together.

Sweet or savoury?

SWEET! Always. I have the world’s worst sweet denying that!

What beauty product is always by your side?

I can't leave the house without my Benefit Hoola Bronzer & Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara! You never know when you might need a quick touch-up and they always come in handy.

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