Zoom Backgrounds


Messy room or bad lighting cramping your video call style? We created these exclusive Zoom backgrounds to help you glam up your virtual space…just in time for Happy Hour or that meeting that most definitely could’ve been an email. Download and save as a JPG to make it your virtual background on Zoom.

Benebabes Forever

Show off your Benefit spirit with this background that was made to bring out the Benebabe in all of us!

Have a Heart

You can wear your heart on your screen with this sweet pattern that’s sure to generate some virtual smiles.

Words of Affirmation

Fill your background with feelgood vibes and positive affirmations to get you through the work week!

Everyone’s Thinking It…

Lighten the mood with this perfect background for curing the Monday blues.

Dreaming of Happy Hour

What’s in your mug—is it coffee or…something else? That’s between you and your bar cart *wink wink*

I’m with Gorgeous

Hop on a Happy Hour call with your pals rocking this complementary piece of Zoom art!

I’m with Stupid

Give your Zoom buddies some major sass with our take on a classic comedic slogan!

Brows PlayBrows Reco
Thanks gorgeous!