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Prime & perfect your lashes for a natural look.

they're real! tinted primer

mink-brown tinted eyelash primer

Lengthen,  curl,  volumize eyelashes for drama beyond belief
Award Winner

they're real! lengthening mascara

beyond mascara


the POREfessional face primer

PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores

An eyebrow filler gel for natural full eyebrows
Award Winner

gimme brow eyebrow gel

brow volumizing fiber gel


Oh my gorgeous!

Customize your Nice Package!
the porefessional matte rescue component

the POREfessional: matte rescue

invisible-finish mattifying gel

the porefessional instant wipeout mask component

the POREfessional: instant wipeout masks

8 super-cleaning pore face masks

The best gel eyeliner that's easy to put on
Award Winner

they're real! gel eyeliner pen

lash-hugging gel liner pen


maybe baby

eau de toilette


brow zings eyebrow shaping kit

brow shaping kit

A BB cream for eyes to protect your peepers from environmental stress
Award Winner

air patrol

BB cream eyelid primer

A curling mascara that will make you say 'buh-bye' to your eyelash curler
Award Winner

roller lash curling mascara

super-curling & lifting mascara