ring my Bella

eau de toilette




Call on me!

A sweetly seductive fruity floral! A poem to describe Bella ...she flutters & flounces lace, satin and more. Her spirit so sexy, Bella ’s shop you’ll adore. Slip sweetly into a lush, juicy fling for a frill-seeking time. “Go on and ring.”

  • Top notes: pink rose petals, soft lily, summer daisy
  • Middle notes: Egyptian jasmine, creamy peony
  • Bottom notes: white patchouli, vanilla tincture, white musk


30 mL / 1.0 US fl. oz. 



Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.


Anytime is a good time.

Bring all the boys to the yard. Spritz the fragrance on your pulse points for an irresistible aura. Spray your hair with ring my bella for fragrant locks all day long.

how to apply ring my bella

Reviews & Questions

Apr 14, 2016

Bring Back Ring My Bella Please!!

Location: Riverside

This is my all time favorite scent... this is the reason why I shop Benefit, please bring it back

Oct 24, 2015


Location: UK
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Olive
Love that it's: “amazing, but, out, of, stock”

This is my fave scent and it is still not back in stock! Keep checking but no more in stock! Please bring back..

Jul 22, 2014

Smell's amazing

Location: Australia
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

Got a sample kit of the perfumes for my birthday smelt them all and was instantly drawn to this one i have so many perfumes and this one is so different looked at the name and couldn't believe it as my dog who just passed aways name was Bella! it was meant to be

Oct 7, 2013

My favourite perfume ever!

Location: Gloucestershire, UK
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “flirty, floral”

This scent is light, flirty and floral. It's gorgeous, it lasts ages and it's got to be my favourite perfume! I would recommend this to all women and girls

May 17, 2012

Best Ever Sexy Scent : )

Location: London
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “sexy”

Ring My Bella is a beautiful perfume!!! So pleased I discovered it. This scent is really sexy & fun and not forgetting the little box it came in is amazing.I love the idea that Bella owns a Lingerie store which is shown on the box. I think Benefit are amazing at bringing their perfumes to life!!! I love all the cresent Row ladies but Bella & Sofia are my favourite scents out of all of them. I really don't agree with some reviews saying this scent does not last long!!! I spray this perfume in the morning & I can still smell it in the evening. Whenever I wear this scent people tell me that it smells amazing x

Mar 30, 2012

A little sweet and a little bit musky. Very subtle but...

Location: Texas
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light

A little sweet and a little bit musky. Very subtle but also very there. I don't normally like to wear fragrances but I was totally drawn in by this one. Now I'm hooked on the company.

Mar 25, 2012


Location: Undisclosed
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light

This was love at first sniff!! It takes ALOT for me to get excited about a new fragrance and this one had me hooked immediatly!! If you want to stand out and get compliments "Ring My Bella" is for you! I do have to say that I did read some of the other reviews and I do have to disagree with the ones that claim the fragrance doesn't last. I sprayed it on yesterday around noon and I can still smell it this morning. Now that's a lasting fragrance!!

Feb 2, 2012


Location: Medford, OR
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Light

I love this. It smells SO good and girly... Its amazingly sweet! The only reason I could not rate it 5 hearts was because it doesnt last all day... Not to mention, the bottle is tiny. But the packaging is cute :)

Jan 30, 2012

Nicest smell!

Location: Undisclosed

I love this perfume! From the first time I sampled it on my wrist and the smell lingered all day - I knew I had found my perfect fragrance! It really does last a very long time! Wonderful product Benefit!

Jan 28, 2012

I love it so much!

Location: Moscow, Russia
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “delicious”

This fragrance make me happy! Other *girls* from Crescent Row smell not so fairy! They are simple or very-very sweet for me. From they I have a headache. Bella is the best! She makes me happy :) When I apply this fragrance, I am smiling, cause my mood is so good :) And I love so much some notes of patchouli, jasmine and peony! They all are in this fragrance!

Jan 22, 2012

perfect fruity fun sexy fragrance!!

Location: UK
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “flirty, fun”

I Love Bella!! I got it as a gift for xmas and I have had lots of compliments, everytime I wear it my boyfriend tells me how amazing i smell. A little goes a long was as it is strong so one spray is all you need, even better it will last longer.. fun flirty fragrance just perfect!!

Dec 9, 2011


Location: California
Eyes: Amber
Skin tone: Medium

Let me clarify the Title of the review: you may like this. I have no issue with the packaging or anything that would make it a deal breaker for anyone else. However, if you like what I like: sweet and subtle fragrances with citrussy and light top notes and sandalwood and musk bottom notes (think Purr by a certain pop star), you won't like this. It's too strong at first, a too sweet fruity smell that almost smells like some cleaning product in my opinion. It decays into a barely noticeable sweet little aura. All in all, I'll stick with my love, Lee Lee. I'm sure Bella would work for someone, but I'm not included in that group.

Dec 4, 2011

not too heavy

Location: Tampa Bay, FL
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Light

First I would like to mention that I am still upset that the lotion Bathina: "Touch me then try to leave" is no longer available. That was the best body lotion ever. Anyway, "ring my Bella" is a lovely fragrance, which isn't too heavy, and has gotten me a lot of compliments.

Sep 27, 2011

Unique and inspiring

Location: Port Hope, ON, Canada
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light

I love the smell of this perfume. It's unique floral smell is hard to describe. It unlike anything else out there. I don't usually like perfumes but, I couldn't help myself with this one. It has earned a place in makeup tote bag. It seems to smell great on everyone and I've had a few compliments the few times I've worn it out. Wow finally a perfume out there for me. Thanks

Aug 28, 2011

Oh my bella...

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “light, sexy, sultry, smells so good”

I love Philosphy's Amazing Grace BUT when I received a sample in my shipment .... and wore this.. my husband fell in love all over again. . I love this scent.. Can't wait to purchase, nice light and floral.. Great for this Texas gal. It is not too overly sweet but a nice light scent .. very sultry and sexy. Love, love this scent.

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