A pink lip balm for a kiss of sheer color


hydrating tinted lip balm


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A perfect pucker!

posiebalm conditions & hydrates with mango butter and sodium hyaluronate. This kiss of sheer color gives you the prettiest lips.

  • Poppy-pink tint
  • Buildable color
  • Softens lips


3.0 g Net wt. 0.10 oz.



Delight with a petal-soft pout.

Blow a kiss with posiebalm & watch the love bloom. This sweet hydrating balm keeps spring in the air all year long. Got a date? Take this pop of pink along and ooh la la...you’ll be locking lips before dessert. Glide on bare lips or over your favorite tint. Muah!

Reviews & Questions

Dec 18, 2017


Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Olive
Love that it's: “Beautiful, Silky, Smells amazing, Smooth”

I bought this about a year ago and it's lasted forever! Love everything about it! About to go and buy some more

May 9, 2017


Location: Shoeburyness
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “Man, buildable, hydrating, smells amazing”

Love this lip balm tint, smells amazing, so hydrating, gives a lovely Suttle pinky tint, buildable I adore it, need to get some more, always in my bag, day to day product, PosieBalm You Got It Spot On!!

Apr 12, 2017

so perfect

Location: florida
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “moisturizing”

I love that this product is moisturizing. its perfect for taking breaks in between using lipsticks and matte liquid lips which can be drying. My lips get dry often and the posie balm comes to the rescue adding color and hydration to my lips. The pink tint looks gorgeous on my skin tone. i just bought the cha cha balm since i loved this one so much. The only time i wont wear this product is when im going to sleep. Dont want to waste the pretty color :)

Mar 28, 2017

Love it

Location: Texas
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “Texture”

I love texture, and how it look on lips.

Mar 25, 2017

Great product

Location: London
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “Moisturising, soft”

Really great product that moisturises my lips and is easy to apply!

Feb 25, 2017

Very good product

Benefit Employee
Location: UK
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light

My wife loves of this product

Feb 8, 2017

Omg this is such a nice lip balm

Location: U.K.
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

Very pretty pink colour would defo recommend ???

Oct 28, 2016

Moisturises lips

Location: United Kingdom
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “Got a really nice tint”

It moisturises your lips v/ well and has a lovely tint to it. I'm excited to try the poise tint and the other lip balms xxx

Apr 19, 2015


Location: Petersfield, Hampshire, UK
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “Moisturizing, Smooth, a pretty colour”

This product is very moisturizing, so it feels lovely and smooth on my lips. I teamed this with posietint, which worked very well. I do find the colour quite strong though, so I found that I didn't use much at a time. Also, it is quite pricey. Overall, great product :)

Jan 21, 2015

A new fav for me!

Location: Canada
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “pink!, pucker up!”

I spent half my points from IPSY to purchase this product. Love, Love it! I like how it has a subtle sheer pink tint that makes my lips look kissable, love the smell, love the texture and it lasts! Really wish my sample was bigger....sample size was small and for someone loving this of course I want more! Would definitely purchase!

Jan 10, 2015

Love This!!!

Location: Miami, FL, USA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “perfect, nice colour, hydrating, easy and simple”

PosieBalm is perfect! Its a really nice natural-ish pink and goes well with every skin tone. It has a faint smell of roses, which is nice also. Its a perfect pop of colour for an everyday look! ;)

Nov 16, 2014

Love everything about this balm.

Location: Australia
Love that it's: “pretty, rose-scented, moisturising, pink”

I can't get enough of posiebalm. It is moisturising, a gorgeous light colour that is buildable and I love the rosie smell. I wish there was a benefit perfume that smelled the same. I don't find it too strong like other users.

Oct 29, 2014

I love this product

Location: Surrey, UK
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

Before purchasing I looked at the reviews and everyone was complaining about the rose scent, I purshased it anyway and when I recieved it the smell was a little strong but when you start to use it the smell wears down a lot. The colour is perfect it's so natural and it doesn't have that annoying glossy-ness to it. I love how it is presented as well and feels very sturdy and good quality. It's feels so must moisturising and soft, I think this should be an essential for everyone. I LOVE POSIEBALM!

Oct 13, 2014

Love it

Location: CA
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Fair

It is very sheer to start with, but can be built up. It is kinda more like how Benetint is in that way than Posietint. Posietint has an opaque nature to it (same with ChaCha), but the balms of these versions are much more sheer. Makes it easy to combine them and switch it up for even more options. This one for me just gives me a bit of colour with one coat. Great for fresher looks. With Posietint it would be more of a pop of colour. I saw some people really complained about the scent - it does smell like roses, but personally I didn't have a problem with it at all. I smelled it in the tube, and once on the scent didn't really linger/I didn't notice at all. If it is a concern of yours, I'd try and get to a counter before buying it so you can test it and whatnot.

Aug 24, 2014

take it everywhere with me!

Location: Kuwait
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “perfect, Moisturizing, kissable”

I Love this, worth every cent. moisturizing with a hint of color. Perfection.

Aug 19, 2014

Way too strongly scented of roses! Can't wear it!

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Fair

I was looking forward to this product's release and wanted so badly to like it. I was thrilled to receive it in a popular subscription box. Unfortunately, Posie Balm is so strongly scented of roses, I can't wear it. Usually I can at least wear something as a blush, but the fragrance of Posie Balm is so strong, there's just no way I can get it anywhere near my face--let alone wear it as a lip balm, where it would be under my nose. It's too bad, because the color looked lovely and I love the packaging.

May 27, 2014


Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light

This product is very moisturizing and has a slight tint to it. I LOVE the packaging but am really off put by the smell.

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