play sticks in tea party (medium beige)

concealer, foundation and powder all-in-one!



A cream to powder foundation stick that helps promote a healthy complexion. Scribble in any fun shape and blend for a satin-matte finish! 

  • Concealer-foundation-powder in one
  • Perfect for fast, easy application
  • Provides natural-looking coverage


8.5 g Net wt. 0.30 oz



Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.



Play on, playette.

Primpin’ made easy so you can keep on keepin’ on. Apply this multitasking formula to your face and blend evenly with fingertips or a foundation brush. Dust hoola over play sticks for natural-looking coverage with a bronze glow or layer with high beam or girl meets pearl for an illuminated complexion.

Reviews & Questions

Dec 12, 2017

Please bring back our Playsticks!

Location: Scotland

Yet another plea to you in Benefit HQ - Please bring back Playsticks!! Since you've discontinued them, I've tried every other stick foundation and nothing matches! It's sooo flattering on my mature skin. It disguises those fine lines, hides those open pores and gives me a youthful glow. I love it but my supply is running out. Pleeease bring it back!

Dec 6, 2017

Bring it back!

Location: Ireland/ Norway

It´s so sad, I´ve been using Jump Rope for so many years and have spent the past 12 months searching and testing every stick foundation on the market and nothing comes close. I´m 40 now and nothing suits my skin the way the play stick did. I always received so many compliments when I wore this foundation. Please please bring it back!!

Nov 23, 2017


Location: London

Why, oh why would you discontinue this product?! First Rush Hour and now this.. These were the best thing I've ever found at giving flawless and natural coverage and now it's gone.. Been using these since I was a teenager! Will have to try other brands as there's literally nothing else in your range that even comes close to comparing! Absolutely gutted. Please bring this range back, I can't believe it's gone?!

Oct 5, 2017

Please Bring This Back

MV from MD
Location: Maryland

I've been using the Playstick Tea Party color for over 10 years. This is a great product, it's smooth, offers great coverage, easy to apply, and matches my skin tone perfectly. I'm at a loss on what to use now. Please remake this fabulous product and I'll order tons of it.

Sep 29, 2017

Please bring this back!

Location: Manchester

One of the best foundations I have used and cannot find a suitable replacement. Please consider bringing back jump rope.

Aug 30, 2017

Please bring it back!!!!!!!!

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne

I used Play Stick 'jump rope' for 16 years. Although I use many other Benefit products- current favourites are 'Boing' and 'rollerlash'- It is the BEST product I have ever used!!!! Since it was discontinued I've tried several 'replacements'.....nothing compares. PLEASE BRING THIS FABULOUS LITTLE STICK BACK!!!!

Jul 24, 2017


Location: california

BEST FOUNDATION HANDS DOWN! what's the Benefit replacement for this product?

Jun 29, 2017


Location: Brooklyn, NY

After suffering for years of hormonal acne, this has been my saving grace. Covers flawlessly and stays on all day. Doesn't dry out my face either. I heard through the grapevine there was a possibility of them discontinuing this product (after they pulled it from the stores) but i can't believe it actually happened. PLEASE bring this back!!

Jun 22, 2017


Location: MILL CREEK, WA

This is seriously devastating! I have used this product for over 10 years. There is nothing like it. Please bring it back!!!

Jun 4, 2017


Location: Ireland

I love my tea party playstick. Anyone interested in setting up a petition to bring them back??

May 22, 2017

Play Sticks -Discontinued

Location: Modesto

Now what do I do for foundation. Why would they discontinue a product that soo many people love an purchase??? Very sad!! Bring back my Tea Party PLEASE!

May 6, 2017

Discontinued-so sad!

Location: Wisconsin

Probably the only foundation that I have purchased more than once. This stuff is perfect-lasts all day, great coverage, doesn't settle into lines or cause breakouts. I could put it exactly where I needed it. Above it states "why we love it." If you loved it so much why discontinue it? I will never understand cosmetics companies. This is a good way to alienate loyal customers.

May 5, 2017

Why oh Why have you discontinued this?!?

Location: Bristol
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Olive
Love that it's: “A lovely dewy finish”

Awesome foundation, been wearing it for almost 10years and recently found out it has been discontinued! And you have not replaced it with a similar type product! I've tried the flawless foundation but it's not the same! Pleeeeeeease bring it back!

Apr 6, 2017

Are you discontinuing the playstick??

Location: North East England
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “Gives a very smooth finish”

The playstick is the best product I have come across in years, yet every time I try to order it, it's out of stock!! If it's discontinued, which is what every benefits stockist I go to tells me, why do you still have it on your website constantly out of stock. It made a brief appearance last month, at an increased price, but now it's out of stock again! I am sick of getting used to your products for them to be discontinued...... you're losing customers benefit!!!!

Apr 2, 2017

argh! benefit, whyyyyyyyyy?

Location: London

i love this product, have been using it for years and cannot find a replacement anywhere. anyone got any suggestions? and benefit, WHY do you do this? almost every product I've ever enjoyed from this company has been discontinued.

Mar 29, 2017

LOVE! Need replacement!

Kalla Jae
Location: Oregon

I used PlayStick in Tea Party. Since this item has been discontinued and I have never found another like it, could someone please tell me what you'd recommend for a replacement? I don't wear much makeup and I won't. This item was so perfect and I am extremely upset that it has been discontinued. I'm desperate!

Mar 26, 2017

Foundation crisis!

Location: Wiltshire
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

I have been using this foundation for about 6 years, it is the only foundation iv found that complimented my skin and can't believe it's being discontinued:( youv lost another loyal customer:(

Mar 21, 2017

Play Sticks Please

Location: London
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “light”

Literally one of my fav products ever. Why discontinue it? I have combination skin which is acne prone and this is so great for light coverage in the areas where I don't need much and heavier coverage for the areas that need it. I find liquid foundation is too heavy for everyday. The colour is fantastic, the texture is fantastic, the smell is great, the ingredients are great (no silicone). I could go on. Please re-consider discontinuation. x x

Mar 16, 2017

This product is overall great

Location: Wyoming, Michigan

YOU CAN'T DISCONTINUE THIS PRODUCT!! It's the only foundation that I'm not allergic to and I tried the liquid foundation that didn't work..... Please, Please bring it back I was about to buy 4 of the "Jump Rope"!!

Mar 16, 2017

Don't discontinue - Play Sticks the BEST

Location: Virginia

I don't wear much makeup. I've never felt the need to get all gussied up with lots of eye makeup, bold lipstick, etc. All I have ever wanted is an easy foundation to smooth out my skin and camouflage any zits. After years of searching I finally found THE best and easiest foundation stick on the market. I bought 2 additional play sticks - one for my purse and one for my desk at work. Now I'm on my last play stick and I am SO disappointed that it is discontinued!! :-( Please, please bring it back!!

Mar 14, 2017

Please bring back the play stick!

Location: washington

Playstick is my favorite foundation product. I don't want to switch. If not the playstick, can you make a comparable 3 in one foundation?

Mar 8, 2017


Location: south wales
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “easy to use and transportable”

If this is out of stock for good I am going to be soooo annoyed. I've spent ages looking for a foundation this good and this easy to use. It has the best coverage, is easy to keep in a purse for touch ups and you can spend time with the other products making the your face flawless for an evening out, or just paste it on quick when you're late for work. I have some of one left and only saving it for special occasions now, I'm back to square one. Please, please don't get rid benefit!

Mar 4, 2017

Whyyyyyy?!?!? Please don't discontinue!!

Location: San Francisco

This is my beauty secret. I have been using this product for years and have NEVER found a better foundation. many people love this. Whyyyyyy would you discontinue. I would have purchased 100 to stash for the next 20 years had I known this was going to be discontinued.

Mar 3, 2017

Please don't discontinue!

Location: Ireland

I've been using playstick (tea party) as my foundation for nearly 20 years. It's a fantastic product, despite trying many other foundations I've never found one that compares. I'm gutted that you are discontinuing this product and I just can't understand the rationale. None of the other foundations you offer compare to the playstick. This is the product that brought me to benefit and the reason all of my makeup bag is now benefit products. If I'm heading to another makeup counter for my foundation I might as well check out their other products too. I think you may have just lost a very loyal customer.

Mar 3, 2017


Location: Boulder

NOOOOO! I have been using this foundation for YEARS and have not found another that even comes close to being as effective. I have been so loyal to this foundation- PLEASE bring it back!

Feb 27, 2017


Location: NYC


Feb 25, 2017

Best product, no other like it!

Location: Rochester

I've been using this as my concealer and foundation for over 10 years. I tried to find a comparable product within the last two years to no avail. I use it daily as a concealer under my eyes, finished with a coat of mascara. On the occasions when I do my full face it provides a wonderful light all-over coverage with a smooth powdery finish. Had I known it was going to be discontinued I would have bought a case to squirrel it away! I've been a Benefit user since 1996 and this lone product has kept me coming back.

Feb 25, 2017

Hands Down Best Foundation Ever

Location: Winchester

I have been using this product since it came out. It is my go to and I can use different shades to contour! Please please please don't discontinue this product. The tea tree oil helps my 35-year old acne prone skin. I am so heart broken that I can no longer use this!

Feb 24, 2017

Need a Replacement for an Irreplaceable

Location: Los Angeles, CA

This product is extremely easy to apply, compact, and perfect in many ways, particularly for a busy, traveling professional like me. Jump Rope matched my skin tone beautiful like no other foundations can do. It's a shame Benefit decided to discontinue this product. What other Benefit foundation may you recommend that can at least get close to the quality of Play Sticks? It would greatly help if you can at least help guide your lost consumers to remain loyal to Benefit instead of moving to a different brand because of frustration.

Feb 17, 2017


Location: Atlanta, GA

I have been using this product for over 10 years, when I have tried others I have break outs and they never measure up! PLEASE, keep selling this product.

Feb 12, 2017

Best Foundation Ever!!!

Location: Temecula

Benefit did everything right when they made the Playstick. It works amazing on all skin types. It's great when you want minimal coverage and it's great when you need a bit extra coverage with a breakout. I've been using the Playstick for 12 years!!! They've teased about taking it away a few times over the last few years which breaks my heart, especially now that it seems to be a reality. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE DO CONTINUE MAKING IT!!! There is no reason to discontinue a very loved, bestselling product. You are doing something perfectly right with it when it's already a bestseller.

Feb 8, 2017


Location: Wales
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Olive

I suffer with problem skin ..left scarred from my teen years ..I spent years trying to find the perfect foundation that provides good coverage and makes my skin flawless.. im devastated that I can no longer buy it!! Ive used this for years and have never found anything as good as this.. please bring back ..your loyal customers neeed it!!!

Feb 5, 2017


Location: Texas

Major mistake discontinuing this product!! This has been my ride or die for awhile now, and I am devastated that it is no more. Please reconsider bringing this back. It gives a girl confidence by being such full coverage, yet, light on your skin. Truly one of the best Benefit products. I'm a loyal Benefit's customer, so this is devastating!

Feb 1, 2017


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Please, please keep this product! This has been a staple of my makeup bag for years and it is my favorite cover up/foundation I have ever found. So creamy, full coverage, and so convenient. So sad to not be able to find my shade anymore.

Jan 22, 2017

Please Bring Them Back

Location: California

I love this product! This was my all time fav of foundation! I've tried several brands since and this is still my favorite. It gave me the perfect coverage. This is the third time you've discontinued something I love and it's starting to get depressing. If I can't continue to count on my favs to be here then eventually I'm not gonna bother looking at the brand.

Jan 11, 2017

I Love this product - don't discontinue!

Playstick lover
Location: North Yorkshire
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “A great product - easy to use”

I have used this product for years and no other product has even been able to compare!! Every now and again I struggle to get it and retailers keep telling me it is going to be discontinued, why would you do that!! Every time I look on the benefit website it's out of stock. If you are considering discontinuing this product, please don't.... there is no other product on the market like it.

Dec 31, 2016


Location: New York City

I am saying this as a loyal play-stick foundation user, do not discontinue this product!!! This is the best foundation/concealer I have ever used on my combination skin so I hope that you do realize a play-stick 2.0 but don't get rid of it all together!! It is fabulous but spin the bottle is my perfect shade and it breaks my heart that I wasn't able to buy it in bulk before it got discontinued.

Dec 17, 2016


Location: Los Angelas, CA

I have been using this for years. It makes my skin look smooth and is never cake and offers the right amount of shine without having to layer on highlighters and powders! AND at the same time is super lightweight! PLEASE do NOT discontinue, and bring it back!

Dec 12, 2016

Brilliant Product

Location: Ireland

I've used this for two years and it is amazing.the only foundation that gives me the coverage I need and even though I have dry skin it is quite moisturising for a stick foundation.Please please do not discontinue!!

Dec 9, 2016


Location: Huntsville, AL

I have rosacea. It is VERY difficult to find a foundation that not only covers the rosacea, but also doesn't irritate it! This was my go-to for that very thing! I adore the stuff -- and now the Ulta where I shop no longer carries it, and the lady at the Benefit counter says you're discontinuing! WHY?!? This foundation is da bomb! It's smooth, coverage is great, doesn't look heavy, doesn't irritate my skin...why discontinue a perfect thing? PLEASE don't discontinue, and please don't "improve" it -- "improved" products rarely are! Just leave it as it is, and keep carrying it!

Dec 8, 2016

Love this product!

Location: Oklahoma

This is my favorite everyday make up and is my go to! Please do not stop selling it!!!

Nov 21, 2016

Easy to use and gives FABULOUS coverage!

Location: Berkshire
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “Easy to use & gives FABULOUS cover”

Used this for years. Tracked it down in airport counters when I couldn't get it locally. Whenever I find my shade, I buy 5! Used to have a much wider colour range but luckily I still find one of these three close enough. It's such great coverage and easy to use for a mum on the run. Good overall cover with sponge or brush (I literally draw it on my face and then swoop it around with a sponge), and then dot apply on areas needing more cover. So it's a perfect match foundation and concealer. Plus, nothing shifts it! I've been swimming and confident that my face stays on. But it comes off very easily with plain soap and water at the end of the day. Please please please make this easier to get hold of!

Nov 17, 2016

Amazing Product !!!!!!!!

Location: Rosharon Texas

This is the ONLY foundation that I go back to. I went to ULTA to go buy myself another one but the lady said that they will no longer have the Play stick foundation. That it is discontinued. Please let me know what store will have it available. PLEASE don't get rid of this product.

Nov 7, 2016


Location: Campbell, ca

I've been a huge fan of the playsticks for 10 years! This is honestly the best foundation I have ever used! I always get compliments on how amazing my skin looks when I wear it, even my boyfriend notices the difference. It's never cakey has such awesome coverage. I heard they were discontinuing it but redoing them... please don't reformulated!

Nov 6, 2016

Amazing formula, flawless look

Location: New York

I praying to the powers that be that benefit finds a way to continue this amazing product. I just ordered some to have as back up. There is no product like it that's so easy with such a flawless finish.

Oct 19, 2016

No longer sold at ULTA

Location: Las Vegas

Sad to find out this product is no longer sold at Ulta Stores. Been using this makeup item for many years and I don't understand why makeup brands Do Not LISTEN to loyal customers like myself. This makeup product works and matches my skin perfectly nothing else compares to this play stick. I have dry skin and this makes my skin flawless coverage. I hate using any sort of powder foundations and your other face liquid foundation does not match me at all. PLEASE reconsider bringing this product back to Ulta stores and DO NOT Discontinue it.

Oct 18, 2016

Devastated this product is discontinued

Location: Phoenix, AZ

I've used this foundation for three years, and the finish is flawless. I remember when I first started using it, people thought I looked like a supermodel with the way it smoothed out my complexion. I've been trying desperately to find something comparable before I'm left without this product, and NOTHING compares. I would need to use four separate products to do what this product does. Huge disappoint that Benefit is removing this item from its line.

Oct 3, 2016

Best foundation

Location: Washington

I love this product. I break out easily and since I've started using this product my outbreaks have minimized. I don't think I'll ever switch. Please keep this product.

Oct 2, 2016


Location: Australia

Devastated that this is no longer available in Australia and is apparently being discontinued! Spin the Bottle is the perfect colour, the coverage is flawless, and the consistency is so velvety and soft. Can't believe that you could discontinue this amazing product!!!!

Oct 1, 2016

Flawless skin

Location: Hazard

I have dark circles and age spots from tanning when I was younger when I first started using playsticks tea party my boyfriend complimented my skin well I couldn't find it anymore at sephora so I bought Laura mercier which is a lot higher 54$ or around that which I like but I still like the playsticks better and was happy I could get it online i just ordered and plan on switching back to playsticks so I hope they don't discontinue with all the reviews I've read if they are real they would lose a lot of money and would be a poor business decision

Sep 30, 2016

Please dont EVER discontinue

Location: London

Your play sticks are absolutely amazing, I suffer from melasma and this gives me the coverage I want along with simplicity of applying it. I use the jump rope everyday and wish you'd bring back the hopscotch too as I used both mixed to get my perfect complexion! Amazing product right here Thank you benefit for helping a melasma sufferer!! Please bring back hopscotch too xxx

Sep 22, 2016

Please, please, please-KEEP this product

Desperate For Playsticks
Location: Yuba City, CA

I have been using the Playsticks foundation for sooooo long. I have tried so many products over the years, but this is the only one that gives me the coverage I need without feeling cakey, flaky or heavy. I went to my department store and was informed that the product would be discontinued. I was referred to another product from another company and in desperation, I purchased it. It does not even come remotely close to the Playstick.

Aug 24, 2016


Location: Los Angeles

I have been using Playstick for so long. I panic whenI can't find it in my make up drawer. I'm down to my last one, and have been checking the site to buy more. Still out of stock of my color. I tried finding something that works as well and there is nothing on the market. Please listen to your customers and continue to make this product.

Aug 17, 2016

Absolutely LOVE play sticks...

Location: miami

oh, the natural glow these leave is amazing, no fake cakey look or feeling... spent lots of time & even more money looking for alternatives within the benefit line this summer- nothing else seems to work for my skin & time schedule. PLEASE KEEP PLAY STICKS!! It is the absolute best product in your line & in my makeup drawer/bag. Cannot say enough good about them. Please don't discontinue!!!

Aug 17, 2016

Please please please keep this product..

Location: miami

I am obsessed with play sticks, the ONLY product that has worked on my skin (& all I wear it daily, all day, long hours) the alternative is a bare face. :( anyways this product leaves my skin looking so smooth and velvety, I've had multiple people compliment my skin. (Woohoo, bc I do not have good skin). Please do not discontinue the play sticks! We all love them and swear by them. I've been stocking up & hoping they don't go bad over time & also hoping they'll last me long enough that hopefully you guys listen to us and keep the product around forever! Love benefit & especially love play sticks!

Aug 10, 2016

I need these for the rest of my life!

Location: Beaufort, SC

I'm so obsessed with these playsticks! These were recommended to me by the benefit artist in Ulta. I was looking for a foundation that had great matte coverage that didn't crease under my eyes or sit in my special "laugh line" on my forehead. I don't even have to put setting powder on and I have "normal" skin. These are so perfect!!! I am currently using the color Jump Rope because I'm tan for the summer, but am about to go get a lighter color to mix with it to transition me into fall and winter! They stay on all day and I can't say enough good things about these! I apply with the real techniques perfect face brush. I love to spray face primer on my brush and then blend in my playstick. It works like magic!

Aug 5, 2016


Location: SoCal

I never write reviews - this is a first. But I'm writing because I have used this product every day for the last 10 years. It's a staple in my makeup drawer because it is the only thing I have ever found that covers absolutely everything. Dark circles, blemishes, sunspots, broken capillaries. You name it, it hides it. And not only that, but it does so with a beautiful velvety finish. The cherry on top? I actually think the ingredients improve the quality of my skin. So BAM! It is a must-have and you cannot discontinue it, please, please, please! Pretty please?!!! Apparently, I am not the only person who loves this product, just read all the other reviews. So please, Benefit people, do not do away with one of your best products.....

May 15, 2016

Absolutely Amazing

Location: Beverly Hills,CA

Omg I have spent hundreds of dollars on high end expensive foundations and didn't like any of them this play stick is amazing for me it's coverage is flawless and dewy ! My color is tea party and couldn't be more perfect. I hope they never discontinue this product . I purchase 3 at a time. Gorgeous!

May 4, 2016


Location: California

This is the best foundation I have found, I have tryed almost every foundation, from drug store to high end and nothing compares to this, I have frekles and I haven't found any make up product that I can use that cover them up completely with out minimal product expect the play stick. I am veary pale it sucks that they one have 3 Colors. You do pay a lot for this product considering the size but trust me it's worth it.

Apr 28, 2016

Best ever

Location: Blackburn
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Olive
Love that it's: “Perfect for my skin”

I cannot do without this at all .. Best ever that's for sure .. I hav tried many foundations but nothing matches this one ... Keeps my skin healthy and glowing with a natural look .. Please do not discontinue EVER !

Apr 15, 2016

Very surprised

Location: Kent
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Olive
Love that it's: “I love the coverage and ingredients”

I'm a sucker for foundations that are good for your skin as well as having great performance. Feeling defeated when searching for a new foundation this product caught my eye. After reading the ingredients and seeing the tea extracts etc I was sold. Feeling nervous as I've never tried a stick foundation and lately my skin has every problem imaginable, I was very pleasantly surprised at the performance and coverage of the cheapest foundation from this brand (that I've seen). I didn't think it looked that great at first, but when i was at the shopping centre with my boyfriend I caught my face in the mirror and saw that my complexion was even and looked great!! The colour range didn't even bother me and I'm usually fussy about it!!!

Mar 31, 2016

Best Foundation Ever!

Location: Chicago, IL

I recently fell in love with this foundation when I went in to a Brow Bar to get a wax. Much to my dismay, the salesperson warned me that it was being discontinued! I guess I'll just enjoy it while it lasts and then go back to a competitors product.

Mar 30, 2016

Best foundation/ concealer I've tried!

Location: UK
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “great coverage, Easy to apply”

This is honestly the best foundation/ concealer I have ever tried and I have tried far too many than i'd like to admit. It's very easy to apply, it's light but still gives great coverage, and it's long lasting; I've only ever needed to apply it once in a day. The only comment I'd like to make is that there used to be more of a variety of colours, as there was a lighter shade which suited my skin colour better because I'm fair skinned and I would LOVE if it was brought back! In conclusion, great product, definitely would recommend to a friend, my always go to foundation!

Mar 20, 2016

Please don't discontinue- my holy grail!

Location: England
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “flawless, seamless, creamy”

This foundation is STUNNING! It looks amazing no matter how grumpy my skin is... Please listen to your customers darling benefit and keep this dream stick around forever! Xxx

Feb 4, 2016

By far the best foundation

Location: Melbourne

This is my favorite foundation I've been using it since 2006, on my 16th birthday was the first time. And it's the only foundation I've used since. The coverage is amazing without looking cakey, you only have to use the smallest amount. It matches the best with my skin as well, and doesn't make my face too oily or dry. I hope benefit sells this forever as I refuse to use or try anything else.

Jan 30, 2016

True Love

Location: MD

I have been using this for years and was so sad when I couldn't find it for awhile. Tried all of the others and this is still my favorite. Excited to stumble upon it again... please don't discontinue!

Oct 7, 2015

Favorite Product. Please don't discontinue.

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

This is by far my favorite makeup product. I have been using it consistently for over 4 years and could not live without it. I have vitiligo which is loss of pigmentation that leaves white spots on my face and this is one of the only products that I found that helps hid the spots and gives me an even skin tone. I usually pick it up at the benefit boutique near my house but the sales lady told me they will no longer be selling them because they are being discontinued.

Aug 31, 2015

just WOW!

Location: Manchester, UK

I use this as a foundation and it is so flawless it makes your skin look natural. i have really lumpy bumpy skin so its hard trying to make my skin look silky smooth and this helps a lot! i love it and wouldn't go back to anything else after this little beauty!

Aug 28, 2015


Location: LA, CA

I've tried all of the alternatives, even Hello Flawless and Fakeup, Boi-ing, Erase Paste... NONE of them compare to Playstick, in consistency, shade or coverage. And NO other product last as long and is as easy to control! Please don't discontinue this!!! I have wasted so much time and money trying inferior alternative products - even within the Benefit line!

Aug 11, 2015

Favorite Concealer!

Location: Denver, CO

I've been using this product for years mom used to buy it for me when I was in high school, and I've been buying it ever since. I was pretty bummed when it stopped being sold at Sephora, hopefully it will come back soon! But so happy I can keep buying it through the website :) Please continue to sell this product, it's great!

Jul 20, 2015

Quick and Easy

Location: Moorpark, CA, USA

I'm not a makeup gal. So I don't have any of those fancy makeup brushes. The play stick allows me the luxury of saving time by having a simple application process of using my fingers. In addition, it doesn't make my skin oily,dehydrated, or smell of any toxic chemicals. It feels light on my skin and I can always add sunscreen which blends well together. It conceals my bags better then the erase paste. Also, I have an olive skin complexion and the play stick does not make my face yellow(unlike other face brands). It's a really nifty! I've been through a lot of makeup to just want to quit all together but this made me a believer.

Jul 12, 2015

it's back....maybe it never left

Location: Los Angeles, CA

This morning I was so sad when I used the last of my Play Stick. Bought 3 last time as I was told they were being discontinued a few years back. Imagine my surprise when I went online to find something else that would work. It's back!! maybe it was never discontinued. This product is the only product out there that covers blemishes, dark circles, broken veins! It stays on ALL day, looks smooth and flawless. I have to stop my self from putting it all over my face. When I can't find it in my makeup drawer or make up bag I panic!

Jun 25, 2015

This product is flawless

Location: New York, NY, USA

I love this product, buy three at a time, helps keep my complexion evenly toned. Absolutely the best skin care product you can have.

Jun 22, 2015

Fabulous product -- please do not discontinue!

Location: San Francisco, CA

This is a fabulous foundation that is convenient, pretty, and extraordinary. Please continue to make this product for your many fans! I have had the pleasure of using if for years and have never found anything that compares with its easy application and gorgeous finished look!

Jun 20, 2015


Location: New York, NY

I found Benefits play stick concealer at least 5 years ago and have loved it ever since. It goes on so smoothly, so quickly, and gives me just enough coverage. I feel like I'm not even wearing makeup and most of the time I get complements for my 'flawless' complexion ;)

May 24, 2015

best product in the world ! shame iits dissapearin

Location: england

oH BENEFIT im so so upset that paper doll playsticks are disappearing !! this is the best product in the world its magic in a stick . my skin is flawless all day its 100% coverage which no other foundation does ( trust me ive tried them all) I dont think its a smart business choice to stop this wonder product l product thats clearly from these reviews loved by so maybe you guys should re think, i dont want to have to wear a primer a foundation then a powder not only is it going to work out far more expensive to purchase all these products seperatly , i know from experience more products applied worse the result. Please take our views in to consideration it really is a wonder product il be heart sorry to lose , and its pushing us playstick lovers towards another brand of cosmetic for foundation, to get a all in one product similar to a play stick.

Mar 5, 2015

Best Makeup Product, EVER

Location: San Diego, CA, USA

I have been using this product since 2000. It gives an all natural cover that is suitable for concealing and foundation. It's lightweight and not oily. Smoothes on your face easily and with a matte finish. I'm not sure what is inside this product that causes my skin to clear up, but it's in there! I CONSTANTLY have people stop me on the street to tell me I have an awesome complexion and want to know what I use. To give you curious people out there an example of how natural this product looks and how great of a complexion it gives, check out my photo. I just finished hiking to the top of Cowell's Mountain in San Diego and my skin looks great (I swear I am wearing makeup! And it's Playsticks Jumprope). I'm not sure why Benefit has ever stopped manufacturing this product, but it looks like maybe they've changed their mind on the x3 shades that are still available? The only "comparable" item they sell is "Big Easy", but it still has nothing on Playsticks. The only "issue" with this product is that it's difficult to get the remaining .25 inches out of the stick. I used a small concealing brush to get this out.

Mar 4, 2015


Location: Colorado

This product is amazing. First of all, the smell is great. It also gives you even, all day coverage while being extremely easy to apply! I can wake up ten minutes before I have to be somewhere, run this stick across my face, add some mascara and I'm good to go for the entire day.

Jan 28, 2015

Please don't discontinued it is the best product

Location: Anaheim CA, USA

I really love the way it last. its amazing is the best so far. I would be very disappointed if you take it off. This has given me. the best coverage ever I love the smell. I have gotten to many compliments. from friends and co-workers. I recommended to everyone . I know

Jan 16, 2015

Really love this product! It makes my skin so flawless...

Location: San Diego, CA, USA

Really love this product! It makes my skin so flawless and super hypoallergenic. I also recommended this to all of my friends because they can see the difference in my skin every time I use it.

Jan 6, 2015

Easiest and quickest product available

Location: Adelaide SA, Australia

I thought Play Sticks had already disappeared once so I have been rationing my current stick, only to find they are back online, but might be going away again! Noooo!!! This is how amazing Play Sticks are - this morning I got into work late with no makeup on and its a hot 40 degree day in Australia so my skin is sweaty and red. A quick towel off, I just pulled out my Play Stick and swiped it randomly all over my face. Blend for about 20 seconds with fingers, apply a Benefit lippy and run out of the bathroom. The first person I see says "Wow, your makeup looks great today, what foundation are you wearing?!" Play Sticks are light as air, excellent coverage, easily blendable, perfect for on-the-go and always give a flawless, lasting look.

Dec 24, 2014

Waiting my whole life

Location: Monterey, CA, USA

I thought this was going to be another foundation, but it's more then that. I put it on and it blends so well. I love how it's sets like I have nothing on.

Oct 30, 2014

But I've only just found you again!

Location: Houston, TX

I used to use Play Sticks a number of years ago, and then I switched to another brand, and have now returned to Play Sticks, only to find that you plan to discontinue it. Oh my, I had forgotten how wonderful Play Sticks is: easy to use, quick, perfectly matching my skin tone (I'm a yellowy pale) and improving it drastically. Plus, unlike liquid foundations, it can go on a flight without having to place it in the 311 bag. It's convenient, quick, and flawless, and can fly in a makeup bag. I'm sure The Big Easy is lovely and all, but it's a liquid, which means a little bit of mess and fuss with application and trying to cram it into a zippy bag with everything else when we travel. Please, pretty, pretty please, Benefit, don't discontinue!

Oct 27, 2014

Best All in One stick!

Location: Boston, MA

This is truly the BEST foundation & concealer stick I've ever used! It blends perfectly and the only make-up that covers my current acne breakouts and post breakouts marks. And it does not irritate said trouble skin. Rumors swirl around of this product being discontinued....never, never, never, never do that! I've noticed no longer available to purchase at some Sephora stores, only online through Benefit website. I can live with that, but do not get rid of altogether!!! This is the only high-end foundation I will ever buy or use and I've tried and used a lot of them and nothing comes even remotely close to this product.

Oct 24, 2014

I keep coming back...

Location: Lexington, KY, USA

I started using this foundation as a teenager when I needed a quick and easy foundation that didn't look so much like makeup. As I've gotten older, I've tried every kind of foundation out there, because I'm not one to be too loyal to one product and I love playing with the stuff. Well, this is one item I keep boomeranging back to. I love this makeup! Funny, my favorite thing about this is the smell. I don't know what it is but it's really, really nice! It's also super quick to apply and gives a lovely dewy finish. It's buildable and doesn't dry your skin out. I have so many of these tubes with scant amounts remaining in them that I keep as concealers. I truly hope Benefit doesn't discontinue Play Sticks, because they are amazing!!

Oct 24, 2014

Why does Benefit not do my shade anymore?

Location: Maidstone, Kent, UK

I have loved this product for years now but am gutted that Benefit has stopped doing some of the shades. I am very fair so even the lightest colour now would make me look a bit like a tangerine! I am now squeezing the last bit out of my old stick which I bought with a few others when I heard they were getting rid of some shades. Benefit, bring back all the shades!!

Oct 21, 2014

Brilliant as a foundation or concealer

Location: Scotland

I've just recently purchased this product and have to say I was really pleasantly surprised by how good it is as both a foundation and concealer. It's very long lasting and although it does require a quick touch up with powder now & again it's great. After reading some reviews I didn't think it would quite live up to the hype as I have combination skin which can be both shiny and dry but this does a great job for both.

Oct 15, 2014


Location: Dallas, TX, USA

OMG! i am so happy i decided to look this up! I was so sad when my local beauty dept said they no longer carried this item! please dont discontinue! this item is awesome!!!!!

Oct 7, 2014

Perfect in Every Way

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

I have been using this product for around 10 years. I have tried every brand of makeup out there. This is the best foundation I have ever used!!! I have dark spots and acne scars on my face from the past and nothing has been able to fully cover those areas. The playstick is thick and spreads evenly giving me the appearance of a perfect complexion. It usually lasts throughout the day but is easy to carry with me if I need a touch up. I can't say enough about the coverage and the way it makes me feel. I will be devastated if you discontinue this product. The search for something that works for me will be a daunting one. It took me so long to find your product and now it will be gone. That upsets me, makes me sad, makes me mad and very disappointed.

Oct 5, 2014

This product is the Best I have ever used!

Location: Dallas

Please don't discontinue PlaySticks. I love SpinThe Bottle. It is so simple to use, looks so natural and I don't want you to discontinue this product. Please! Please! Please!

Sep 28, 2014

Please do not discontinue!

Location: New South Wales, Australia

I have recently swapped all my makeup over from Mac to Benefit and LOVE the entire range, especially the play stick foundation (Tea Party). I'm 42 and have never found a foundation so perfect for my skin, and trust me I have tried every brand. I look dewy and fresh, but also my skin appears flawless. I'm obsessed! Please don't discontinue this foundation or I will be devastated and cry an ocean of tears.

Sep 28, 2014

BEST FOUNDATION EVER do NOT discontinue!!!!

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Love this foundation, i have really dry skin and its really hard to find a foundation that works with it, but this is honestly so perfect. I use the shade tea party and honestly i cant live without it i will be so angry and so upset if this product is ever discontinued or changes. I have used DOZENS of foundtions from mac to UD to Bare Essentials to Mary Kay to the designer brand cosmetics and this is honestly the best one I have ever tried. The shade tea party is so lovely and makes my skin look flawless. I also love the packaging because its really portable and easy to use- really mess free. Long story short- Never get rid of this. Never change it. I love it too much!!!!

Aug 22, 2014

Really great for just concealer or all over

Location: USA

I really like this foundation. A worker in a Benefit store put it on me and I just had to buy it! I usually use it as just a concealer because it can be a bit heavy if applied all over the face (so use sparingly). My only complaint is that the lightest shade is a bit too dark on me, since I am extremely pale, but it's not too noticeable unless I wear it all over my face.

Aug 8, 2014

Best product ever!

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Please keep Play sticks in your store! I have used this product for years and it is the best, most natural looking foundation out there. I use it not only as a concealer, but all over my face and people think I am not even wearing makeup! Please! Please! Don't discontinue it. I am having a very hard time finding it in stores.

Jul 24, 2014

Please don't discontinue!

Location: San Francisco, CA

I don't think I've ever written a review about makeup - but I've had so much trouble buying playsticks that I am compelled to do so. I have been using this product for over 15 years...It is the best concealer in the market and I think you'd be doing your loyal customers a disservice by discontinuing this line. There are no others out there that works as well as the playsticks!

Jul 13, 2014

Super fab product

Location: Undisclosed

Easily applicable, smooth, great colour, can be applied at any time of day and does not dry out skin. No need for powder on top. Loving this product. :)

Jul 7, 2014

Don't Discontinue!!!

Location: Lubbock, Texas

I LOVE the Play Sticks!!!! This product is so multi-functional....concealer, foundation, bronzer, highlighter!!! It is the perfect answer to a no-makeup day for a natural glow. The smoothness is unmatched. Benefit is one of the only lines with a stick foundation. Don't be like all the others!!! Please keep the Play Sticks in your product line!!!

Jun 30, 2014

Bad business move by discontinuing these!

Location: Undisclosed

Benefit! What are you doing by discontinuing these? So many people I know love and use these daily and have done so for many years. Particularly the Spin the Bottle colour. Is this product and/or shade not a classic? I know that you might suggest your other foundation/bb products as a replacement, but truth be told, they do not have to the same coverage and formulation, thus they are different from Playsticks! Shame that such a great product is being discontinued as I have lost a little faith in your ability to understand the consumers and what they are buying. Guess another non-LMVH company will have to get my money now for foundation :( ps. to all those who love playsticks - let Benefit know how much you love this product and how much it means to you and perhaps the Benefit team will bring it back with our demand!

Jun 26, 2014

Please don't discontinue this product!!

Location: Parkville, MD, USA

I don't usually review products but am moved to do so after reading that Playsticks are being discontinued. I've been using Tea Party for many years, since visiting a store in San Francisco and getting a makeover. It is the best product for my oily, sensitive, less than perfect skin. Please don't discontinue!!

Jun 19, 2014

Love This Product

Location: Undisclosed

I have been using this product for so many years. It's sad I can't buy this product anymore. I don't know which product can replace play sticks.

May 17, 2014

amazing, the only foundation that works, flawless

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I have really bad skin and it's a huge insecurity of mine. Playsticks is the only foundation I've found that really works. It covers up, evens out, and and goes on so easily. I don't know what I would do without it. Please please PLEASE don't discontinue it.

May 6, 2014


Location: Phoenix, AZ

I know you have already taken spin the bottle off the shelves and it makes me annoyed- this foundation is the best out of all of them on the counter! Bring back all the colors. Customers and clients love this and I don't want to have to tell them it has been discontinued! I LOVE IT!

May 5, 2014

Playsticks Rock!

Location: Novato, CA

Playsticks texture is smooth, soft with a powdery feel, but doesn't look powdery and blends great. I have very sensitive skin, so I'm particular about the concealers I use. It has a very light scent (I hate perfume) and it lasts all day. I've tried to find a similar product, because I heard Benefit may stop making Playsticks, but haven't had any luck. Please keep making Playsticks!

May 2, 2014

I love these!

Location: Encino, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Playsticks are my favorite makeup - EVER! The coverage is wonderful, especially for an "older" person like me. I buy all my all my make-up, concealers and eye makeup from Benefit. They provide me with all the things I need for the most natural look.

Apr 22, 2014


Location: San Francisco, CA

I started using playstick almost 6 years ago and it has been my godsend since day one. I tan very easily and have used every color from spin the bottle to tea party to honey. I have struggled with acne for my entire life and it has left some very embarrassing scars. Playstick is the ONLY foundation that covers but is still lightweight and doesn't cause more breakouts on top of the ones I already have. I currently buy ALL of my make-up from Benefit and I think that in honor of my loyalty to Playstick, if it is discontinued, I will stop buying Benefit products all together. It seems drastic, but that's how in LOBE I am with Playstick and how devastated I will be if it ends up getting axed. Please Benefit, do what's right for your customers.

Apr 3, 2014

Best foundation by far

Location: UK

I have combination skin and find that throughout the day, my foundation comes off on my forehead and above my lips and around my chin. I've tried so many different foundations and only discovered this in my 30's. It's amazing. The coverage is perfect, and it doesn't go patchy at all. I use hello flawless powder too which might be too much of a heavy combination for some, but I have freckles and dark patches so I like a full coverage. But it doesn't look heavy and it smells really fresh too. Play sticks are the perfect foundation in my opinion.

Mar 24, 2014

Holy Grail Foundation

Location: Rocklin, CA

This is my holy grail foundation. It covers like a dream, is easy to use, and makes my skin look flawless. I've been using it for years and have always been happy with it. I do wish you made more shades as the lightest shade is teeny tiny bit too dark, but I'm willing to overlook that since it makes my skin look SO good. Please do not discontinue this product.

Mar 21, 2014

Please bring back Paper Dolls!

Location: Washington, DC

WhATT?? Playsticks are being discontinued? And my favorite color - paper dolls, is no longer for sale?? This is a very sad day for me! Please Benefit reconsider your business decision! You have a large customer base willing to pay for this product. Don't fix what's not broken. From a loyal Benefit Customer for many years!

Mar 9, 2014

So disappointed that Benefit has discontinued play sticks...

Location: Undisclosed

So disappointed that Benefit has discontinued play sticks. I stocked up on the petal color when I found out the news. I have tried the other foundation products and none compare to the play sticks. I feel so sorry for the employees at the benefit counter and brow bars as every time I am there I hear someone ranting about the play sticks being discontinued. Seems like a poor business decision by Benefit. Please take your customers' input and bring back the play sticks! Once my play sticks are gone I will be looking at competitors for something similar:-(

Mar 7, 2014

Amazing play sticks!!

Location: Oregon

I've been buying these play sticks for a long time! I was a little worried that they would discontinue all of them because it seems to be one of the only concealers that works for me. I have sensitive skin and I didn't have any breakouts or signs of an allergic reaction after using this which is a HUGE relief. A little goes a long way with these and they also smell amazing, very mild. I don't need to reapply throughout the day either.

Feb 26, 2014

The best foundation ever!

Location: Ukraine

It is the best foundation I've ever used. My face looks perfect with it. Very smooth and very chic! Thanks Benefit!

Feb 2, 2014

I just found out this is being discontinued!!!!! Paper...

Location: Boston, MA, USA

I just found out this is being discontinued!!!!! Paper dolls was my favorite, I just went to buy one and found out the horrible news. Very sad.

Jan 24, 2014


Location: new, NY

i am a concealer junkie. this is a must have!

Jan 14, 2014


Location: Miami, FL, USA

This product is amazing! The best thing I've ever used for my face. It covers perfectly. I have dry skin and this helps tremendously to keep me hydrated and looking flawless. Please do not discontinue this!!!!!

Jan 9, 2014

I absolutely LOVE this foundation and CANNOT believe they...

Location: Undisclosed

I absolutely LOVE this foundation and CANNOT believe they are discontinuing it!!! I'm so upset, I have tried to find other foundations but nothing else works! Please DO NOT discontinue this product. There are going to be a lot of upset customers.

Jan 6, 2014

Awesome product

Location: SC

I have been using this for years and every time I switch foundations, I immediately switch back to this. It is very creamy and blends beautifully! Foundations break me out very easily but this one never does! Please don't get rid of this!!! I also hope paper dolls shade would return :)

Jan 3, 2014

Great lasting, smooth coverage

Location: MN

LOVE this producut,...ONLY WITH you would bring back PAPER DOLLS ?!?!?!?!? THAT was a PERFECT color,,,Tea party is a little too light and next one is a bit dark :(

Dec 23, 2013

Great coverage

Location: Undisclosed

I love this foundation and have used it for many years! Please do not discontinue it!

Dec 8, 2013


Location: Visalia, CA

I love this product!! It really is perfect. It is so easy to apply... just dab/smear on your face and spread with your fingers or a makeup sponge. It spreads like a dream and offers great, natural looking satin coverage... I don't even need to apply concealer. It really is concealer, foundation, and powder in one! I am Chinese-Filipina and I have this in the shade Tea Party. The tone matches my skin great (no weird pink or otherwise weird cast to it, unlike other foundations I've tried). It also feels great on my skin, lightweight and no breakouts! It really is the perfect product! I noticed it is no longer available on Sephora... I really really hope this is not being discontinued!! Please don't discontinue!!!

Dec 3, 2013

I love this play stick

Location: Denver Colorado

I've used this product for several years now and I love the coverage it provides me. The description of a concealer foundation and powder all-in-one and is honestly extremely accurate. I would say it provides the best coverage when solely used as a concealer that frequently doesn't need foundation and if you do I would not use this as a foundation because it just doesn't provide the finish I desire--extremely matte. I was frustrated when I looked on Sephoras website to review this product and was unable to find it anymore. This is a staple in my makeup routine and I hope you don't completely cut out the product because I will be heartbroken. That is the reason it didn't receive 5 stars.

Dec 1, 2013


Location: Michigan

I've only been using my Play Stick (Spin the Bottle) for a month, but I am in love. I have very fair skin and have always struggled with redness and also minor blemishes. This is the first concealer that has not only covered everything, but looks light and natural! I carry it around in my purse but throughout the day, I only need minor touch-ups. It lasts! And I only just heard about discontinuing them? PLEASE, for the love of fair skin and redness everywhere, DO NOT discontinue this amazing product!!

Nov 24, 2013

Works awesome on blemished face

Location: Undisclosed

Play sticks works amazing on my face. I am still in high school, so that means acne everywhere on my face, and it works wonders! My acne isn't horrible but just a little bit of spin-the-bottle covers it up. I have been looking for a perfect foundation/concealer and finally found it!!!!! :)

Nov 23, 2013

Why is this discontinued?????

Location: San Francisco, CA

Why on earth would you discontinue this? My Paper Dolls foundation stick is the ONLY foundation that works on my skin. I have tried other Benefit products as well as other company products and NONE of them work!! Boing doesn't work. Erase-paste doesn't work. Bobbie Brown's sticks don't work. NOTHING WORKS. PLEASE DON'T DISCONTINUE THESE!!!

Nov 22, 2013

User for Life!

Location: Berkeley, CA, USA

This is the only foundation I've found that blends perfectly into my weird-colored Asian brown yellow skin. The color matches perfectly. It's light, but covers great! I use it under my eyes for a concealer and alittle extra over the brown spots. Can't rave about this product enough!

Nov 19, 2013

Excellent Quality, Coverage, Application, Colors

Location: New York, NY, USA

I have been using the Playstick since 2002 or 2003...whichever year it first appeared. I am sincerely upset that this product is not available at Macys, or Sephora and told it is discontinued. I am dumbfounded why this product would be discontinued???? I have worked professionally as a model/actress for 20 years....and have developed a skillful hand, and appreciation for good quality makeup, that is practical, and gives a beautiful finish, with versatility. Recently looking for a replacement has been alarming. I have yet to find anything that is close. Nothing so far has delivered,. The coverage that Playsticks give is Beautiful SKIN, After long hours, manages to deliver Benefits. It doesn't look greasy, or blotchy, or dry, or hours later so faded that there is no benefit. The Playsticks hold coverage well, beautiful texture, colors, and the skin looks healthy, and pleasing to both Men and women. Men hate the masked look, and so do I. But I need full coverage..Playsticks do that but let my skin still breathe and look pretty. I am so upset, disappointed that Benefit has dropped a truly stellar product. Market it better, but dont discontinue this gem. Please nobody offers what you have in this product. It is really is a beautiful formula.

Nov 16, 2013

It's the ONLY foundation I use!

Location: California, USA

I have been using this foundation since 2008. It's truly amazing. It covers all of my imperfections. Yes, Sephora has discontinued it and Macys stores have done so too. You can still get it here and on Since I use my play stick every day, I usually run out in a month. That's why I always have to keep buying them. I use SPIN THE BOTTLE. If Benefit discontinues this product, I hope they bring it back because a lot of us will be disappointed.

Nov 2, 2013

A Must For All Skin Types

Location: England, UK

I have combination skin which means I have both dry and oily patches on my face. Therefore finding the perfect foundation is difficult for me, but this product is AMAZING !!Mattifies greasy areas and leaves dry areas silky soft with no flakes. After moisturizing I dab the stick lightly around my face and then blend in with my fingers or stippling brush. This creates a perfect first layer which covers 90% of my acne and scaring . To cover the rest I flick a small amount of the product on to a concealer brush. Fabulous. For long wear I brush over a translucent powder. I am in between a light and medium skin tone and the shade 'spin the bottle' fits me perfectly. As you barely need any product this lasts forever. I am still on my first stick after months and months of use. So.. Although it does seem pricey on the long run it evens to be the same cost as drugstore foundations and the fact that it is 3-in-1 makes it even more of a great deal. Plus it smells great with sensible packaging. Overall this is a must buy for everyone and I pray this does not get discontinued as it is amazing. I feel not enough people are trying this out and it should be advertised more. The product is perfection.

Oct 21, 2013

I will DIE if this ever gets discontinued!

Location: Canada

I have been using the Playstick for a full year now and it is the best foundation I have ever used. (Also I almost had a heart attack today at Sephora when I was told they are no longer carrying it!!! But thats ok because it is NOT discontinued clearly, seeing it here :D) I am very critical and picky when it comes to make-up, as I know exactly what suites my face, skin tone, features, and what works with my complexion. Lucky for me "Jump Rope" is the perfect color for my skin. I have a yellow undertone, unlike many foundations that have a red undertone. I love absolutely everything about it. Its clean and easy to use. The stick/"cream" texture of it is phenomenal for coverage, allowing you to use more in some areas as a perfect matching 'concealer' to your 'foundation'. Not only that, the stick lasts from 4-6 months! I have gone through two and a half and its been just over a full year (and I am a religious user of this product- so yes, its a daily thing). Also, what I think is the most amazing this about this product, is its finish. It has such a clean finish!!! You cannot tell at all that there is even anything on - just looks like flawless skin :). 5 flippin stars Benefit, dont ever get rid of this thing please. #jumprope

Oct 16, 2013

So disapointed it isnt easily available.

Location: California, USA

Please BRING BACK PAPER DOLL!!!! I love this foundation. It's been the best I've ever used. I never break out from it. It provides such awesome beautiful coverage. But.......... now I cant find it in the correct color and its very hard to find it in general. Please keep this product around!!!

Sep 20, 2013

only foundation i wil ever use

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

I have used this foundation since i was 16. I remember getting it for my 16th birthday. I am now 22 and It is still the only foundation I will ever use. I love the consistency, goes on like a liquid, when its blended it sets like a powder. However it doesn't have that cold feeling that I hate about liquid foundations. It covers amazingly and most people say they cant even tell I am wearing foundation. I have suggested this to all my friends and they love it as much as I do!

Sep 16, 2013

Great for sensitive skin!

Location: Columbus,Ohio

I love this product! I've been using it for a couple years and I hope it does not become discontinued!

Sep 14, 2013

Great product BUT doesn't last long!

Location: Dorset, UK

I really do love this foundation! It gives a very full coverage & flawless look. The only negatives I have is how long it lasts! I don't wear masses of this as you don't need to, a little goes a long way. But before you know it the stick has all gone! And the price that its at, I'm not sure it's quite worth it. If it lasted longer or if it was cheaper I'd use it forever. But unfortunately I can't afford too :(

Sep 3, 2013

Best foundation ever

Location: San Jose, CA, USA

I love this foundation because its in between a liquid and a powder. It blends with your skin better than a powder, and is longer lasting than most liquids. You build the coverage up however you want. Just put a few dots in the area you're starting in and blend together with a liquid foundation brush. And if you want more coverage add more. I would also suggest getting a setting powder and/or spray to go over it when done. I use both and it lasts me all day until I take it off at night.

Apr 24, 2013

not heavy at all!

Location: Australia

when i first bought this foundation, i thought it would be very heavy and cakey. i was extremely impressed to see that this was not the case. i have very fair skin, however i use fake tan often and i'm shade 2 in erase paste and boi-ing.. paper dolls suited me perfectly! i have been very happy with this product, it stays for ages.. i will have to wait and see how long the product lasts, but so far so good :)

Apr 15, 2013

best concealer i've ever used

Location: Philippines

this is the best concealer i've ever used.. it doesn't only conceal, it also has a glow effect.. not sure if others noticed it.. also it doesn't look dry after a long period..

Apr 11, 2013

Great staying power!

Location: Manchester, UK

For years I searched for a foundation that gave full coverage and once on it looked natural. I found it with playstick(spin the bottle) With this all in one foundation you yourself are able to control how much you want on. I have fair skin myself and this is a perfect match. Its the best foundation out there if you ask me. Liquid foundations tend to be too translucent on my skin tone and then I would need powder e.t.c once applied. With this, it has it all in one. I use it as a concealer under my eyes by dabbing underneath. I leave for a few minutes then apply more as a foundation. When the foundation dries it gives a matt smooth finish so there is no need to fix with powder. I wear this everyday along with benetint. They go perfect together. Also I use ten shimmer by benefit and they also work well together. People tell me all the time that I have good skin. I think it is helped a great deal by this product!! I have written this review as some reviews don`t make it sound too great and I absolutley love it and would hate for people not to try it. I guess it all depends on what skin type you have. I myself am fair skinned and have combination skin. I tend to dry out in the T zone. Like I said, I love this product. I have used it for about seven years now and it is just magic! A girl getting up to the old age of 30 needs all the help she can get! It certainly does that!

Apr 3, 2013

great coverage but quite greasy

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

I recently bought this product in 'spin the bottle' and it provided great coverage but after applying my face felt quite greasy and I would advise not putting it on after the moisturiser as, because together they're very greasy, they sweat off quite easily. But, the tone was perfectly suited to my skin and it is very easy to apply.

Mar 28, 2013

Best concealer

Location: West Midlands

Although it's marketed as a foundation, I use it as concealer. It gives great coverage and doesn't look too heavy! I was told that Benefit were considering discontinuing it, but I hope they don't. It's the only part of my make up bag that has stayed consistent throughout the years! Absolutely love it.

Mar 18, 2013

Use for flawless looking skin

Location: Whitesboro, Texas

I tried several foundations and was disappointed!! My sister told me about this product and I am hooked!!! I have redness to my cheeks and the occasional breakout and let me tell you this covers all flawlessly!!! The best part is it blends so smoothly you won't LOOK like you are wearing foundation!! Swipe on cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, under eyes and all is covered effortlessly. A little goes a long way so the tube will last you at least 2 months!! I buy 3 at a time just so I never run out! Who knew a foundation could be so lovely and even smells fresh! Im not too fair skinned but I still wear the lightest shade spin the bottle. Must Have!!!!!!

Mar 7, 2013

The only foundation

Location: London, UK

I have used this product for years, and have to say for a lady with Rosacea. It is the only thing that works, and covers any redness I have. It gives me so much confidence as it stay's put all day, and I only ever need the smallest touch up to take me into the evening. I have tried so many others and nothing has ever come close.

Feb 27, 2013

In love with it

Location: New York, NY, USA

I normally have problems finding a foundation. I think my skin is too dry and foundations often show this fact instead of covering it or helping it. However, I absolutely love this product because it looks quite natural while offering great coverage. I use a brush to apply it. I also use it as a concealer under my eyes. I highly recommend this product and I hope they do not change it!

Feb 20, 2013

A Little too heavy for me.

Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

I really liked the Playstick, the shade I used was 'teaparty'. It has really good coverage, and made my skin look perfectly clear, and the shade was really flattering for my skin tone, and it DID last me a long time (it lasted me around 7 months, and I used it everyday). Unfortunately, I found it was too a bit too heavy for my skin, and I often found i'd break out, and that my skin felt really greasy after a few hours, so personally, I won't be buying it again. I think i'll try Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! next :)

Feb 10, 2013

This pruduct is one of a kind!

Location: Wyoming, USA

Play Sticks always have great coverage that I need to cover any red blemish or acne! It lasts all day and I can use it for 3-4 months before needing to replace it. This works great with the changing seasons and when my skin color changes as well. This is a great product that shouldn't be changed!

Feb 9, 2013

Even great for older cougars.

Location: Undisclosed

My co-worker uses this foundation and her being my senior I was impressed how beautiful it looked. I had to order the Play Sticks and I wasn't disappointed. It applies smoothly, glides right on, I blend with a make-up sponge and it's pure velvet. I applied a light application. I then applied the Sugarbomb blush. Beautiful, stays on, covers small imperfections (I applied lightly), great even for older skin types.

Jan 4, 2013

Love it!!!

Location: Miami, FL, USA

I bought this a few days before I went to Honduras for Christmas break, and let me say with my oily skin, acne scares and uneven tone, this did everything it said it's made to do! It stayed on all day and never smudged off not even a tiny bit! Even though it already has powder in it, you do need to add a little face powder just to blend it in thoroughly. I like to apply this with my fingers just to get all the corners. The only thing I did have to do frequently was just pass my makeup brush around my forehead and nose area because those are my most oily spots and the makeup would feel heavy on those areas, but once I would pass the brush over it, I wouldn't feel anything. Over all, I love this product and because of it, I only buy Benefit :) Before Benefit, I had bought a Mac Studio Ready foundation and cause my face to breakout, the next day returned it and switched to Benefit and love it <3Love

Dec 29, 2012

Need more shade options

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

The hop scotch shade worked well for me, but unfortunately it was discontinued. Recently, someone in customer service suggested I try jump rope instead. While jump rope appears to be the closest shade to hop scotch, jump rope does not work at all on my skin. If hop scotch ever comes back, I'll buy it. Until then, I'll have to look elsewhere for foundation that matches my skin color.

Dec 28, 2012

Amazing, a little goes a long way

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

Compared to my old foundation, I barely have to use any of this to get full coverage (I have very scarred skin due to bad skin as a teen). This feels amazing, although it did leave my skin a little bit shiny so I had to use a touch of powder over it (but was expecting to anyway). Works great as a foundation AND concealer. Absolutely fabulous!

Dec 10, 2012

AMAZING but whyyyy was HOP SCOTCH discontinued?

Location: Los Angeles

So this has to be THE BEST makeup I have ever used. Never made me break out, the color was natural and not too heavy. BUT why did they have to discontinue HOP SCOTCH for the darker girls? It was the ONLY color that actually matched my skin color, I've tried so many different companies and foundations all over the world and this was the only one that matched my Indian skin tone. I used to buy these in bulk and one day I go to the counter and they have NONE left and I've been struggling to find something ever since.... if someone from Benefit is reading this PLEASE consider bringing that color back. I don't understand why a company would discontinue a color if it's profitable and I swear I would buy a stick every month!

Nov 20, 2012

Best stick foundation even Paula Begoun said so

Location: Canada

Stick foundation are rare these days but this one is the best I come across. They are so portable and easy to use. No need to set with a powder. I am nc20-nc25 and I use Tea Party. So please, please Benefit never discontinue this foundation ! :)

Nov 8, 2012


Location: Ireland

One of the first benefit products i have ever used. I must say this was the best foundation i have found since then and i have tried a lot.

Oct 2, 2012

I was told at a Benefit store that Play Sticks were to be...

Location: Wales, UK

I was told at a Benefit store that Play Sticks were to be discontinued - PLEASE don't stop it!! I discovered this just a few years ago and it covers my slightly scarred face perfectly. I would genuienely panic if it were to be discontinued.

Sep 18, 2012

It's irreplaceable

Location: London, UK

This foundation is brilliant! I have been using it for years now and honestly haven't found anything better. (Was told a while back that it would be discontinued which left me in a panic!) My skin is very pale so "Spin the bottle" is the colour I use - it is just a tad too dark but when used with "get even" powder (lightest colour) it works out perfectly. It's lightweight but provides great coverage and doesn't cake. The stick design allows you to apply it very easily and you can store it in your handbag - however, I don't find that I need to re-apply during the day.

Sep 13, 2012

My favourite foundation ever!

Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK

I bought Playsticks foundation in "Tea Party" a long time ago now and have not looked back since. It has brilliant coverage, without having to pile on the layers, it's also the only foundation I can wear alone without any powder, and it does'nt make my face shiny, and the best part is, it last's all day! - A little tip...When the foundation stick runs out, I normally get a little hair clip to scrape out whats left, as quite a bit of the foundation gets stuck in the tube it comes in.

Jul 18, 2012


Location: Undisclosed

I absolutely love the play stick! It provides wonderful coverage on some acne scarring and other uneven spots on my skin. It is also easy to apply and blend. I use a foundation brush when doing my whole face but when I just want to cover a small spot on my face my fingertip works wonderfully. My only complaint would be it does not necessarily last all day long (but it is so small it easily fits in my bag for touch ups using my fingertip) Also, I don't wear a primer or powder or anything so that could probably fix that problem. Lastly, the color matches my skin perfectly unlike other products I have tried.

Jul 1, 2012

Does as says on the tin, but too dark

Location: Wales

I bought this in the lightest shade "spin the bottle", hoping that it would match my skintone, however, after using the product after some time, I was unhappy with how it covered my skin tone. This product definitely DID provide decent coverage, and was easy to apply. Just none in the right shade for me, pale girls, beware!

Jun 24, 2012


Location: Undisclosed

I was really excited when i first got this but then i discoverd it comes of so easily it went all over my cloths and is very hard to get out. Its a really good concerler and probally the best one i have ever owned but its a shame it comes off easily without the hello flawless powder over the top. But over all i would recomend it unless you dont have the hello flawless so get that first.

Jun 11, 2012

I am ABSOLUTELY in love with this foundation! I will be...

Location: Undisclosed

I am ABSOLUTELY in love with this foundation! I will be so lost and cry if this ever goes away. I have tried everything from drug store to Dior and nothing works better then the play stick. I want this product to last forever. I can now never imagine myself using any other make up line than Benefit!! LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!

Jun 3, 2012

I absolutely love this foundation! It is a lovely texture...

Location: southampton

I absolutely love this foundation! It is a lovely texture and really easy to apply, either with fingers or a brush. It's good for light and heavier coverage (which i need!). 'Spin the bottle' is also one of the only foundations i have used that matches my pale skintone without looking orange! I have heard that Benefit are discontinuing this line, which is a real shame as i have been using it for years and when i tried the new oxygen flawless i found it to be very disappointing in comparison. The only down side is that it only lasts me about a month as i use it everyday. I would definitely recommend you get this product while you can!

May 29, 2012

Best foundation i've ever used!

Location: West Berkshire, UK

For ages i was using all different types of foundation..MAC, RIMMEL, ETC, and never really got with them. A friend of mine recommened benefits playstick and i went into debenams in my town and got the lady to try it on and i have been using ever since (almost 2 years!) I have to admit i was really disappointed when i went in to stock up last time, the benefit lady said the playstick will be DISCOUNTIUING in July :(:(:(:( I tried the 'flawless' foundation and didnt get on with it! please dont get rid of the playsticks!!!!!! x

Apr 28, 2012

Not long lasting through out the day

Location: Ireland

I got this product for Christmas.I liked it for a while but then I found it really oily after a few wears even with setting powder on.It looks great when I first finish my make up but about 3 hours later it looks like I was wearing no foundation at all or else it goes really patchy which leads it to look orange in places.Maybe it's just my skin,I don't know but It just kinda "slides" off my face.Smells lovely though

Apr 26, 2012

Makes you feel beautiful too!

Location: Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

I bought this when I had a bonus from work, as I would usually not be able to justify the price. It looks so even and natural and actually it smells gorgeous too!! I love that it makes my skin feel silky smooth!! The only negative I have about it, is it doesn't cover spots too well so if you are looking for a full coverage then this won't be for you! When I have a terrible skin day I tend to use something with a fuller coverage but all other times it has to be the Playstick :)

Apr 24, 2012

I must admit I have discovered this product a bit late,...

Location: Madrid, España

I must admit I have discovered this product a bit late, since, as I am from and live in Madrid, Spain, it's becoming harder and harder to get it, they're practically not selling it anymore, you can only find it in some retailer stores and they don't have all the shades. I quite like the new liquid foundation but I would be quite sorry if this was discontinued. The only flaw I could find is that it is a bit dry, sometimes my skin seems to absorb it, but the problem gets solved by applying a bit of That Gal or some moisturizer.

Apr 3, 2012


Location: CA

I love this product! Not only does it give great coverage, but my favorite part is that it contains no ALUMINUM. This is VERY important to me because I'm very careful not only with what goes in my body, but also what I put on it as aluminum is easily absorbed into the body through the skin. So thanks for such a great product without the toxicity concerns. I wish more of your products were made without aluminum. I would like to see a few more shades added. I'm using paperdoll, but it's a tad paler than I'd like, while the other shade is too dark.

Apr 1, 2012

If I could only save one thing from my make up bag

Location: London, UK

It may sound over-dramatic, but I'd still say that this product has changed my life. The boost to my confidence happened from the first time I used it and continues ever since. After living with very blemished, patchy, oily skin from age 11, I couldn't believe the effect of the play stick when the benegirl did a demonstration on me aged 20. Since then I have stuck with it for 5 years, and I have no plans to stray. I've experienced demonstrations of different luxury brand's foundations on a couple of occasions, but even with a proper amount of consideration, they haven't even come close to my satisfaction with the play stick. It actually covers redness and blemishes as if it were a professional make up tool and the 'spin the bottle' shade is perfect for my very pale yellow based olive skin tone. My housemate warned me at my first purchase that something that covers that well would probably clog the pores and cause more spots over time, but I'm happy to say that if anything my skin has got better over the years, and that's with using this product nearly every day. The smell is lovely and the texture is perfect. This is literally my ideal make up product, thank you Benefit!

Mar 29, 2012

I love this product! Why has it been withdrawn from shops...

Location: West Sussex, UK

I love this product! Why has it been withdrawn from shops? Please please please bring it back!

Mar 24, 2012

I love how creamy this foundation is and it covers so...

Location: Orange County, CA

I love how creamy this foundation is and it covers so well. The only problem is that even the lightest shade is too dark for me and makes me look yellow. I also tried hello flawless and had the same problem. Please make a shade for all us pale girls out there!

Mar 15, 2012

Works better as a concealer than all-over

Location: South Portland, ME, USA

This product covers up anything, I'm not kidding. The problem is that the lightest shade was still to dark for me. It looks better when I follow it up with hello flawless powder. The combination stays on all day. I would not recommend drawing on your face with it, as I did at first, because it becomes hard to even out. I dip my foundation brush in a little at a time and slowly even out my face. Over all a good product, but I wish there were more shades.

Mar 6, 2012

gives me the skin I've always wanted

Location: scotland

I love this product! I have quite a foundation collection, from high street to high end, and playsticks is by far my favourite. It is now my go to product. It's perfect for every day wear and for evenings out too. Whether using your fingers or a brush, it glides onto the skin so easily, and blends beautifully. It's creamy texture feels luxurious and doesn't feel heavy at all, despite the full coverage it gives. It leaves the skin looking luminous and glowing, and lasts for hours. I don't even touch up my foundation through out the day! I have dry-normal, sensitive skin, and playsticks hasn't made me breakout or give me horrible dry patches like some other foundations I have used. There is just 2 problems I have with it. If I wasn't such a fake-tan fiend, the lighest colour would still be too dark for me. And the price. If I didn't love it as much as I do, I wouldn't re-purchase, simply because I only get about 2 months use out of it before it runs out. Benefit should either lower the price, or make the 'sticks' larger so we get more product. I would recommend other customers 'try before they buy' as it is alot of money to pay for something that not everybody will like, because everyone is different. I, however, am in love! :)

Mar 2, 2012

This has become a STAPLE in my beauty routine. The...

Location: Seattle, WA

This has become a STAPLE in my beauty routine. The absolute best concealer I have ever used. I don't use it as a foundation just because it has such a full coverage I don't even need it. Apply it to your problem areas and they are literally invisible. Stays all day, doesn't get cakey or thick. Extremely blendable. Will definitely re-purchase

Feb 19, 2012


Location: Chicago

I really do not know how I went so long without this product. I have mild acne and my medication dries my skin out quite a bit, so I need something that's moisturizing and concealing enough. THE PLAYSTICKS. ARE. PERFECT. I have no complaints. It's smooth, moisturizing, doesn't leave my skin shiny, portable, and has great coverage. Everything I could want with a foundation.

Feb 13, 2012

Wonderful Coverage!

Location: Bellingham, WA, USA

I have Rosacea, its pretty bad. I have not found a foundation that covered my redness until now! I was with a girlfriend who is a Benefit junkie and I tagged along thinking we would just get her stuff and leave. I actually got a make over by a super sweetheart who understood how uncomfortable my skin makes me feel. She used the Playstick on me and it took away all of my redness! I was so blown away at seeing my skin look "normal"! It has honestly been years since I have seen my skin look that way. The Playstick has been a life changing experience for me. That sounds dramatic, but if you had to live my life and deal with my Rosacea, you would feel the same way. The coverage is perfect for me. I also got the foundation brush to blend, you have got to get that too! It feels like heaven :) I picked my kids up from school today and the other moms were shocked at how great my skin looked. I think they are now on their way to get the Playstick! So, thank you Benefit for giving me my life back, I no longer hide inside the house away from the cruel world. I will buy this FOREVER!!

Feb 6, 2012


Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

I really like the play sticks over all. It is not the main star of my makeup bag, but definitely an important item. I use it under my eyes for a second layer of concealer after my under eye concealer and full face has been applied. It is also great for on the go touch ups and sleep overs. I really like the Boi-ing concealer and i cant wait to try the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation coming out soon. ps. my mom LOVES the play sticks

Feb 6, 2012

A great product for oily and blemished skin

Location: UK

This is a great product! I'd highly recommend it to anyone with oily and blemished skin like me. It has a stodgy texture which is great for the oiliness, because it doesn't immediately slide off like other liquid based foundations I've tried. The coverage is also brilliant. I was really impressed when the Benefit girl at my store did a quick makeover on me and swept the Play Stick all over my face with a foundation brush, it covered the spots I had better than my own makeup routine I'd carried out that morning where I'd layered on BB Cream, foundation and concealer, and it was so quick too! No redness anywhere! What would make this product absolutely perfect for me personally would be if Benefit released it in an even lighter shade. Although the lightest shade "spin the bottle" JUST about does it for me, it would be great if Benefit brought out an even paler shade because I sometimes see my face looking a little bit darker than what I'm used to. Other than that, I'm very impressed with this product and will continue to use it!

Feb 2, 2012


Location: Undisclosed

I use this product everyday and i LOVE it!!! I work in retail and get complements on my complexion on a daily basis. This product stays on all day. It covers everything and is light weight. Plus, you hardly need any of it. If they ever got rid of this product I would be seriously disappointed.

Jan 29, 2012

The most horifying foundation ever known to man

Location: Ontario

Now u may think dat i'm exagerating but honestly im not!I went to shoppers and it was way too expensive good or not. It was the wrong color and the lady even matached me. It was oily and cakey and rubbed off all of my clothes and barely covered a thing. I do not reccomend this 4 anyone!

Jan 29, 2012

This product does not mess about!

Location: London, UK

What amazes me is that this product just covers exactly where i want in an instant. Red areas or blemishes just get hidden away with one easy stroke of the brush with this product. I use spin the bottle. I use rebel light followed by this, sometimes i use it all over, other times just on the areas i want covered. Have to be very careful though because i have found that there is a very very fine line between perfect coverage and having that dreaded cakey effect on your face! But none the less, its a make up must have.

Jan 28, 2012

Best foundation I've used yet!

Location: Manchester, UK

I love love love this product! I've been a regular customer at Benefit for quite a few years now and surprisingly had never used any of their foundations before until I was introduced to this beauty! I had just had my eyebrows waxed and was looking quite red so the lady matched me up then went over my whole face using play stick. I was completely in awe when she showed me my face afterwards.. As a person with combination skin and quite a few marks from previous blemishes I've always wanted a foundation that gives me a completely flawless, natural-looking complexion, this does just that without looking too heavy or cakey. I loved it that much I had to go back the next day and purchase it, it didn't take much persuasion! It lasts for ages and goes on beautifully, I didn't even need to use concealer. I'm in love with this product and will definitely be purchasing it again :-)

Jan 21, 2012

I wear this product daily and have had no issues with it....

Location: Davis, CA

I wear this product daily and have had no issues with it. I love it and just bought another because I ran out. My recommendation is don't use so much on your face a little bit goes a long way with this product.

Jan 20, 2012

okay, but wouldnt advise it to friends

Location: Undisclosed

at first i loved this product when it was put on me in-store, but i've found that it has several problem areas. Firstly, it lasts little time and will come off on your fingertips if you touch your face, secondly, it seems so separate into a cakey mess around spots I do use it with the porefessional as a base, and i do have quite dry/ patchy skin so it might be quite good on good skin, and it does give a good coverage, but it just wasnt for me.

Jan 19, 2012


Location: N. Ireland

"Play sticks" Is a wonderful product, certainly does what it says on the tin. I've wasted so much money trying to find a good foundation and concealer on the high street as every single one I have tried melts of after just a few hours on the skin, even when a primer and powder has been used. I decided to try Benefit. I went in-store and asked one of the representatives about your products, she was very helpful, I told her what I wanted in a foundation, good coverage, not to heavy, natural and with staying power! She directed me to "Play sticks" matched it to my skin and talked me through the product. All I can say is I was amazed! It gave me perfect coverage; I didn't even need to use a concealer, but most importantly it lasted all day! I only had to dab a tiny bit over my blemishes and under my eyes after I had been out in the rain. I am so happy with this product. A little goes such a long way and it is by far the BEST foundation on the market. Thank you for creating such an outstanding product. It deserves an award.

Jan 18, 2012

Not great on dry skin

Location: Cork, Co. Cathair Chorcaigh, Ireland

It went on really uneven and made my skin feel tight, I really wanted to love it after forking out over €30 for it :(

Jan 3, 2012

Good, but not my favourite

Location: England

I love love love Benefit products but this foundation isn't my favourite. Although it creates a good, even coverage, it feels quite drying and isn't very nice to put on. It takes a long time to rub in and leaves my skin feeling tight. I do wear it still sometimes but only occasionally. On the plus side, it lasts a really long time because you don't need to use very much.

Dec 24, 2011

amazing foundation

Location: Newton, NJ

This is the best foundation I have ever used. The coverage is phenomenal. I have rosacea and my face is so red. I have tried to find something to cover the redness and this is the best foundation for that. It also is not cakey and heavy. It is so light and dries so powdery soft. I just love this foundation and will keep buying it over and over again.

Nov 27, 2011

Amazing coverage

Location: Undisclosed

This product has amazing coverage for my whole face. I got the plays tick for my under eye area, because I have many blue veins that are visable and dark circles. This product covers everything perfectly, even a pimple that is red. It goes on very creamy and you cant see that you are wearing anything at all. For instance, erase paste, leaves a cakey look to it and you can see that the product is there. I LOVE this product, but the only downside of it is its price, but it comes wth a lot of product so its fine. I am in the lightest color, spin the bottle, and it is my EXACT color, and the lady was very good at matching me at the store. I was suprised that I was the lightest color, because in erase paste and boing i am in color 2.

Nov 21, 2011

Very complete

Location: Madrid, España

I've become a huge Benefit fan, I was very curious about this product so I decided that the next time I was at a Benefit counter I'd try this one on, which I did. After some hesitation as to the colour, the girl decided on spin the bottle and, once on my skin, it didn't disappoint me in the least. She suggested I use That gal in combination with it. Definitely, this is going to be my next buy.

Nov 18, 2011

Love this. I am new to benefit but couldnt be happier. It...

Location: Kentucky

Love this. I am new to benefit but couldnt be happier. It smells great and is very light weight. It feels like I have nothing on. i use this and Boi-ing and I look flawless!

Oct 15, 2011

Amazing confidence raiser

Location: UK

This is the best foundation (also good as a concealer) I have ever used. Maybe a pity it's a bit expensive but while I will still buy it BeneFit won't lower the price, right? Hehe. The coverage is perfect and gives a wonderfully realistic airbrushed look. Then again, it may not, but it certainly makes me feel like there is, and that is what matters! I have very dry skin and the creamy texture is the most suitable for avoiding flakeyness and dryness (I do have to use Total Moisture moisturiser first though to avoid dryness) and encourages smoothness and even skin all over, even to spot-prone skin like mine. Plus the lavender smell is heavenly! I used Paper Dolls for years until sitting at a boutique and realising how much darker it was than my skintone (Must've been tanned back then!) and the girl said Spin The Bottle was a perfect match for me. I've bought STB since but I am definitely going back to Paper Dolls after this - It may not match me, but PD gives my skin much more of a colourful glow I HAVE to use it. In response to Harls321 I'd recommend applying Play Sticks with a brush, far less bacteria spread with a brush rather than fingers, and then it could improve acne-prone skin. :)

Sep 23, 2011

Great Coverage

Location: Brooklyn, NY

I like to use a stick foundation because it is so quick and easy. This one is the BEST it glides on like silk and feels so lightweight. I have oily acne prone skin and this gives me the coverage I need without looking cakey or heavy. Love it!

Sep 19, 2011

Adore <3

Location: Westmidlands

I love Jump rope, it is the key product i need in my makeup case! please don't ever discontinue theirs nothing like it xxxx

Sep 18, 2011


Location: Elk Grove, CA, USA

I absolutely love this product but my skin doesn't match their (now) lightest color, spin the bottle. My skin is SO light and Jax fit my skin perfectly. I miss it so much! :((

Sep 10, 2011

To sum up this product in one word - Amazing!

Location: Australia

I have very oily skin, and with The POREfessional and the play stick, my skin looks amazing. I've tried a countless amount of foundations, and nothing has ever felt and looked as good at the play stick. It is pretty small, and expensive but it's totally worth it. I'll definitely be buying more.

Sep 8, 2011

Love the playstick but can no longer use it because they...

Location: Sacramento, CA

Love the playstick but can no longer use it because they discontinued Jax! Jax was the first and only color I have found to match with my skin tone and I'm pretty much heartbroken that I cannot use this product anymore!

Sep 1, 2011

Using with YouRebel

Location: Berkeley, CA, USA

I like this product so far. I'm using teh foundation brush as recommended by the woman at the boutique. I'm using YouRebel (the red tube) and I'm loving it. I just needed a complementary setting powder. I like this product as my setting powder because the cream to powder finish looks very airbrushed. We'll see how everything holds up in weather over 68 degrees.

Aug 4, 2011

I use this every day and I am totally in love with it!! x

Location: Manchester, UK

I use this every day and I am totally in love with it!! x

May 6, 2011

Not for me . . . too heavy in terms of how my skin feels...

Location: York, UK

Not for me . . . too heavy in terms of how my skin feels and can't wait to get it cleansed off.

May 1, 2011

Great coverage

Location: Chicago, IL

I tend to use this more as a concealer almost. I do not apply it everywhere, but I could. It is light for a product like this. It really covers up blemishes and red spots very well. It is lasting a long time, which makes me very happy.

Apr 15, 2011

The best foundation I have ever used. Looks very natural...

Location: Owosso MI

The best foundation I have ever used. Looks very natural and you get a lot of coverage (adjustable). I use this with porefessional as a primer (and sometimes mix in girl meets pearl for a glow) and hello flawless on top and it still looks natural. The play stick is also fun and portable! (no spilled liquid or loose powder in your purse).

Mar 30, 2011

5, 6 picks up sticks

Location: SLC, UT

I pick up my play stick 1st because it is my number 1 go to for sheer coverage on the go. I throw the compact concealer into my bag for ultimate coverage all day long. After applying it in the morning under "Hello Flawless!" foundation I take a break mid-day to reapply however (good news!) half the time I don't need to! The stick may be tiny but it sure is mighty and it lasts a very long time.

Mar 4, 2011

Easy to use, doesn't feel heavy yet covers perfectly. And...

Location: Undisclosed

Easy to use, doesn't feel heavy yet covers perfectly. And - lasts quite a long time.

Feb 25, 2011

Is light and gives a natural look

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Up until recently I started using foundation, and I've never been a fan of the cakey look of other foundations; since I'm a BENEFIT lover, I decided to give Play Sticks a try, and I'm so glad I did. This foundation evens out my complexion, and makes it look natural. It doesn't make my skin oily, and I can put it on in the morning and it will last throughout the whole day. Probably won't change foundation for a LONG time!

Jan 22, 2011

very easy to apply ... and perfect coverage!!! best...

Location: Hamburg, Germany

very easy to apply ... and perfect coverage!!! best foundation ever ... just love it!

Jan 21, 2011

OMG..this is my perfect foundation! Ive tried alot over...

Location: Winterhaven, ca

OMG..this is my perfect foundation! Ive tried alot over the years and this is it for me :)

Jan 21, 2011

It makes my t-zone a bit oily as I go through the day.

Location: Undisclosed

It makes my t-zone a bit oily as I go through the day.

Dec 31, 2010

It strikes all the points of a one good foundation! Color...

Location: Kuala Lumpur, MAL

It strikes all the points of a one good foundation! Color stays for long hours, full spots coverage- I don't need concealer anymore, non sticky, powdery finish. But when the weather is too cold or too hot I discovered that it made my complextion turned out to be a liitttle bit oily (only after 5 hours wearing it) but it does not annoyed me as somehow it looks like healthy glow (in my opinion- rather than looking too dry/matte). Well maybe that's when Dr Feel Good becomes handy. But I don't have that, instead I dap POREfessional to fix it.

Dec 29, 2010

discontinued color

Location: edmonton, ab canada

I am so sad that the "Spin the bottle" shade was discontinued. I love this makeup and buy it when I go to california on a yearly trip. None of the other shades work for me :(

Nov 26, 2010

my favourite..

Location: belfast

this foundation is by far the best foundation I have ever come across!! the coverage is amazing and its so smooth and creamy my skin looks amazing! the finish is beautiful healthy glowing skin with not a spot in sight! and it is the perfect base to add cheek tints or blusher as the foundation feels so light and smooth! i am in love!

Nov 24, 2010

Great coverage, great skin

Location: Boston

I love, love, love this product. It has great coverage, fells light and silky, and leaves my skin in better condition than before.

Nov 18, 2010

Not the typical foundation stick!

Location: Columbus, OH

Remember foundation sticks from long ago-they were oily and gross. But, omg, I love the play sticks. They leave my oily-combo skin silky and covered! And it doesn't make me break out!

Nov 18, 2010


Location: New York, NY

I love this. Great, weightless full coverage... it exists!!! I like to dab on my face then apply with a foundation brush for a very deliberate, flawless look.

Nov 17, 2010

The BEST foundation in existence!

Location: Orange County, CA

This is hands down the best foundation/concealer I have ever used in my life. I have tried many different types of foundation, and none even comes close to how this makes my skin looks: natural, silky smooth, glowing, great coverage, and very natural!!! I have sensitive skin, and I don't break out. I also love how I feel like my skin can breathe. I love how you can control the amount of foundation on your face based on your mood, and it's so easy to touch up spots on the go. I have been using this for over 7 years now and cannot live without it!

Nov 17, 2010

Great Coverage

Location: California

I love this product. I have been using the Play Stick in Paperdolls for over 3 years and I have never found a product that provides such great coverage without being gloopy. I love how light and fresh it looks. I would recommend this to any one who has a hard time finding foundation that doesn't make you look "made up".

Nov 16, 2010

disappointed with the discounted colors.

Location: Toronto, ON

I think this is an exceptional product, but extremely disappointed with the discontinuation of hopscotch. Was a product that I would definitely recommend, but not if you plan to use it, only for your color to be gone in a couple months.

Nov 16, 2010

Play sticks that really play well!

Location: Chatsworth, NJ

This product is soo user friendly that it is the perfect everyday product. I have tried so many brands on this 52 yr. old face, it was a godsend to find finally after all these years. A little goes a long way with the foundation brush to apply, that it costs so much less than a dollar a day. It has actually improved my texture from dry to soft and dewy, without leaving my skin cakey or flaky. It blends so well the Dallas blush to compliment a day into evening look. It covers age spots flawlessly! I pray it is NEVER discontinued, cuz it travels so well, and is a product I really trust!

Nov 16, 2010

My go-to product every day!

Location: Cleveland, OH

I've tried other concealers & foundations, but keep coming back to Play Sticks. Forget the messy bottles of liquid foundation and broken compacts leaving a powdery mess... this compact stick keeps things clean and neat. Perfect subtle concealer when you don't want to look like you're wearing makeup, and amazing blendable coverage for a dressed-up night! I even keep one in my car!

Nov 16, 2010

Great Coverage in a convenient stick

Location: Costa Mesa, CA

I have been using Paper Dolls for years. It's the only foundation I use. It's perfect for blending over foundation and looks really natural. Also great for covering blemishes and large pores. I get lots of compliments on my complexion and always tell everyone to try playsticks.

Nov 16, 2010

An amazing foundation-it covers everything!

Location: cincinnati, oh

The play sticks are my overall favorite foundation sticks. They cover everything-from dark circles to blemishs, as well as tame overall redness. The effect is matte, so very little powder is needed after you put it on. Another bonus is that it does not cover up natural glow, so you still shine through your make up. Always a plus. A definite buy! :)

Nov 16, 2010

Perfect color match

Location: Houston, TX

jumprope works perfect with my skin whether i'm tanned in the summer or lighter in the winter. very smooth consistency and works well as concealer or all over foundation. if used with primer, lasts the whole day.

Nov 16, 2010

excellent coverage

Location: connecticut

i find this foundation smooth to apply with excellent coverage. much easier than liquids or creams! the finish is always smooth & perfect.

Nov 16, 2010


Location: Cedar Park, TX

I love the coverage that playsticks provide! They create a beautiful, even skin tone.

Nov 15, 2010

Grab, Touch, and GO!

Location: San Francisco, CA

This small stick of magic is PERFECT for: 1. Needing a quick fix after an unexpected extended evening out and you need to be at work/school early the next morning. 2. Covering up any lines or evidence that you are over 35. Use in the event of an emergency. Easy to carry around in your pocket/purse. Goes on using your fingertips.

Oct 24, 2010

Perfect touch up

Location: Oceanside, Ca

I use this product to cover the imperfections that I have around my chin because that's where I tend to break out. It's not extremely thick which I like because it doesn't cause my skin to break out more. I use it under my eyes for when I need to look fresh when I don't sleep well and it works great. I generally am not a big fan of foundation type products but I like this product.

Sep 10, 2010

I love this foundation for my oily/acne prone skin. Very...

Location: NYC

I love this foundation for my oily/acne prone skin. Very quick and easy to apply. Perfect color match and wears beautifully. So lightweight yet covers everything! Don't even need a concealer. Natural satin finish.

Aug 18, 2010

I fell in love with this foundation, I wanted something...

Location: Houston, TX USA

I fell in love with this foundation, I wanted something to give me a little more coverage for night's out or special occasions and this does the trick! I top it off with my hello flawless and I have a near perfect complexion! It also conceals my under eye circles perfectly on a daily basis! It's light weight and perfect. One of my favs! This stuff is also ranked 2 on sephora's website under cream foundations...that's pretty awesome!

Aug 17, 2010

This is the perfect foundation stick. I am very oily but...

Location: Los Angeles, CA

This is the perfect foundation stick. I am very oily but at the same time extremely sensitive and this product did it all for me. Perfect coverage, perfect consistancy and not too sticky or too dry or too greasy. just creamy perfection. Pair it with "porefessional" for a perfect look.

Aug 11, 2010

Hi...I bought this a couple of weeks ago and have to say...

Location: UK

Hi...I bought this a couple of weeks ago and have to say it is the best foundation ever used - and I have tried hundreds! Perfect size for your handbag and great as an under-eye concealer too. It feels like a moisturiser but covers very well and stays put 7am-7pm! Perfect colour for me...and perfect combined with Get Even powder to set your face and Hoola & One Hot Minute for a colour boost! Buy will never look back!

Jul 28, 2010

I have always had oily skin and have never worn/found a...

Location: Raleigh, NC

I have always had oily skin and have never worn/found a foundation I liked enough to use. The play stick is spot on and blends in perfectly! It is light and totally evens out my skin without feeling heavy or making my face appear coated with make up.

Jul 27, 2010


Location: Murrieta, ca


Jul 15, 2010

I have used this foundation for about 7 years now and...

Location: Houston, TX

I have used this foundation for about 7 years now and love it!!! Pair it with dr. feelgood for the perfect complexion!! I <3 Benefit!!!

Jul 12, 2010

One of my faves! Gives lots of coverage that I want and...

Location: California

One of my faves! Gives lots of coverage that I want and looks great doing it!

Jul 11, 2010

So I love the Play Sticks for spot coverage as it blends...

Location: Undisclosed

So I love the Play Sticks for spot coverage as it blends easily and looks natural. I do not use it for all over coverage as it is too much for me, but may work for someone else. There are several shades to choose from and get the best match. Great over POREfessional!!

Jul 7, 2010

I LOVE this product. So far it is the perfect foundation....

Location: Bristol

I LOVE this product. So far it is the perfect foundation. It covers my skin absolutely perfectly when i have breakouts. I can use it at a concealer at the same time and make sure the shade is absolutely perfect. On hotter days i simply use a little less and blend a little more.

Jul 2, 2010

Best foundation i have tried and will continue to buy....

Location: Melbourne

Best foundation i have tried and will continue to buy. BENEFIT, PLEASE DONT EVER DISCONTINUE THIS! Covers everything, and i mean everything. Gotta be careful not to put too much or it gets REALLY cakey - not a good look. Maybe lightly with powder over the top (Matterial Girl or even bluff dust maybe or hello flawless). Im not a fan of the scent, should be improved, but best foundation ever anyway.

Jul 1, 2010

I LOVE this foundation! It's soft, creamy, and...

Location: Undisclosed

I LOVE this foundation! It's soft, creamy, and full-coverage yet weightless. It goes on easily, blends well and covers blemishes and redness, even from rosacea. Spin the Bottle is a great color match for my fair, cool-toned skin, but is better for the winter, since it gives me a really porcelain look, and I prefer dewy color in the summer. The only downside is that the packaging doesn't secure the product very well, and I have to scoop the foundation out of the lid with a brush rather than twist up and apply as a stick.

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