Moon beam matte highlighter

moon beam

iridescent complexion enhancer


A beacon of beauty!

Illuminate your cheekbones & brow bones with this iridescent liquid. Can be used as a spot highlighter or delicately blended all over your complexion.

  • Golden apricot hue
  • Adds a warm shimmer
  • Perfectly radiant on all skintones


13 mL / 0.45 US fl. oz.



Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.

Reviews & Questions

Feb 23, 2013

my new favorite

Location: DC

This product is so good for my Asian skin! To better explain that, my skin color is kinda yellow (like typical Asian), and I have acne problem, which means pink or orange blushes do no good to me since they normally make my acne scars look more obvious. However, this product has a natural glowing pink, which makes my skin radiant!! I love love this! I usually blend it along with my blush using a powder brush.

Jan 28, 2013

Are you pregnant? You are glowing!

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

Every time I wear moon beam someone will ask if I'm pregnant! They always say it looks like I am glowing. Moon beam is not shimmery, it is a subtle glow. It is wonderful. Surely they are not discontinuing.

Jan 15, 2013

Therefore amazing...

Location: Ireland

This Moon Beam is actually one of my beauty must haves!If you are anyone you MUST have this piece! It gives a lovely shimmer to your cheeks and make you stand out... It gives you all round coverage and if you are thinking of buying DO! Its on sale aswell so that make things alot easier! :) Au Revoir and Please buy it (for your sake! :)

Dec 8, 2012

This highlighter catches the light beautifully, it blends...

Location: Undisclosed

This highlighter catches the light beautifully, it blends into the skin well, and looks really natural. I prefer this highlighter over High beam, as high beam for me looks really obvious that I am wearing highlighter no matter how much I try to blend. I prefer moon beam as more of a day time highlighter as it doesn't show up well at night. Moon beam goes really well for more warm skin tones as it looks quite pinkish on my friend who has paler skin, but it goes well with her if you blend it quite well

Aug 25, 2012

It's amazing, but it may not be for you. . .

Location: Dallas, TX, USA

Ok I did a review similar to this on highbeam, so if you want to hear my opinion on the two, go to highbeam and search for my review to get comparison. This color, moon beam, is for yellower toned skins, and will highlight them wonderfully. I have a yellow toned skin, and it's amazing! I don't have pink toned to tell you what it will look like if you don't match it, nor have I tried it on friends with pink tones, but based on what highbeam was like on my skin, I would dread moon beam if i had pink tones. highbeam - for pink tones moon beam - for yellow tones. I don't know about the other, what was it? Sun beam? I think they market 'watt's up?' as something for all skin tones if you aren't sure. But if you aren't sure get a makeupkit (i suggest her name was glowla) that has two minis of each so you can see which one works better if you aren't sure. overall, it looks amazing on me, because I have yellow toned skin, but it may not look as well on you. Make sure you know the tone of your skin before buying any highlighters. :) "With the heartbreak open, So much you can't hide, Put on a little makeup, makeup Make sure they get your good side, good side!"

Aug 11, 2012

Love it, Hate to hear its being discontinued.

Location: Dallas, Texas

This is the only highlighter I wear, its the only one that works with my skin tone, all others are just too pink & sun beam doesn't look that great on me for some reason. I adore moon beam, it has been my favorite beauty item for ages & to discontinue it is crazy! I never would have though moon beam would go! It gives the most amazing, lovely glow & my husband adores it, he says only I glow that lovely. This was pretty much the only reason I purchased from benefit... everything else I can get through Urban Decay & Its better. This little gem was the only reason I keep coming back. I hope to someday either see it come back around or maybe find a better version through another makeup brand.

Jul 1, 2012

Unique Lilacly, golden glow

Location: Wales

Unique colour, sheen and catches the light beautifully. Would definitely recommend this as an alternative to high beam, if you wanted to try something that bit different :)

Jun 9, 2012


Location: NY

Just like Highbeam but more peach than pink. Enough said

May 25, 2012

Amazing but not the best

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Don't take my summary the wrong way, I absolutely enjoy wearing this. I also own High Beam and Girl Meets Pearl, and High Beam is probably the one I use the most. I tend to use High Beam for cooler looks and Moon Beam for warmer toned looks. It gives a very lovely glow, warms up your complexion slightly and looks lovely. You can use this on the cheekbones, brow bones, down the bridge of the nose (slimming effect) and on the cupid's bow(impression of fuller lips). The best part is that it last for a very long time. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't seem to blend too well and can be a bit obvious exactly where it has been applied (as in you get a plastered look and you can see the edges of it) however that isn't a big issue, I guess it's me who is not blending it in too well however it still looks great. Girl Meets Pearl is better for a more seamless look however it is very shimmery.

Apr 1, 2012

Understated sheen

Location: UK

This product you can use everyday as a highlighter. It just gives you skin that extra lift without being too noticeable. I used High beam but felt it was too shimmery for during the day. Moon Beam is the perfect pick me up for your daytime face.

Mar 27, 2012

Purple Glow!

Location: UK

So this highlighter is different to the others!! It's just so good! It gives a purple subtle glow & it's amazing on my skin! I used to use it everyday but I only use it when I go out now because watts up is pretty much my EVERYDAY highlighter! It's amazing! But this is soooo good as well! It's annoying me that putting 2 highlighter on my face would make me look like a disco ball! But this highlighter does what it says! It makes my complexion look so good!! :D

Feb 19, 2012

Different Than Advertised

Location: California

Moon Beam is great. I'll go into what I like about it, but first you should know that the product advertised on this website is totally different that the product in person. Firstly, it comes on in that apricot color but it blends to a PINK sheen. It does not stay that neutral color. Secondly, it is not High Beam's fraternal twin at all. Moon Beam is a little liquidier and has a totally different finish. That said, I love this product! The pink color is more of a sheen or undertone than a color, as this is a highlighter not a blush. I like the finish, not as dewy as Girl Meets Pearl (which I adore and highly recommend) but very pearly. Also, it smells delicious, like most Benefit products. To me it smells of egg nog or liquidized rum cake. Fantastic! Enjoy :)

Feb 17, 2012

Creates a flawless look

Location: Ventura, CA, USA

I have been buying High Beam for years, and I love the look it gives me. So today when I realized I was getting low I went to repurchase and opted for the moonbeam instead. I thought heck, I'll try it. I was hooked immediately. The look is softer than with High Beam and seemed to be more in tune with my skin tone (medium). Even my husband noticed a difference and he notices nothing. I will still buy High Beam, but it will sit right next to its best friend Moon Beam in my make up cabinet.

Jan 27, 2012

Glowy apricoty goodness!

Location: Undisclosed

I bought this a little while ago because I had bean wanting high beam for a long time because I had tried it before and quite liked it however moonbeam caught my eye and I thought it looked a little more natural and less sparkly more glowy and natural it smells faintly of apricot and the consistency is very creamy and nice . When applied as a highlight it's lovely but also it's nice when you mix a bit with your moisturiser or foundation it gives a glowy effect . If your a heavy powder wearer. This can form a paste if you don't work and blend quickly . It's a stunning product much nicer than high beam .I'm 02 in benefit concealers so I have a fair skin tone .basic irish /English skin tone it's amazing for summer even when I have a tan It looks amazing overall its an amazing product gives a natural finish and improves your overall complexion perfect if you have dull skin

Jan 5, 2012

Nice but probably better for golden skin

Location: Boston, MA, USA

The texture and level of shimmer are great, but since I'm really fair, I think I should stick with High Beam. This product looked a little bit unnatural and sort of pasty, but if you have more golden tones, I think it would be a great choice. Just like High Beam, I love the product and it's amazing what a highlighter can do!!!

Dec 22, 2011

out of this world!

Location: San Diego, CA

No night out on the town is complete without a sweep of Moon Beam over the cheekbones, and above my brows. What a lovely way to get my glow on! This product is definitely best for night time use.

Nov 6, 2011

Perfect colour for tan/olive skin!

Location: West Vancouver, BC, Canada

I absolutely love this product! I have a couple of friends that use high beam and I tried it but it made my skin look greasy. I figured I would try Moon Beam because I have tan/olive skin and hoped it wouldn't have the same effect as High Beam. Thankfully, it was money well spent! I love it and am fully addicted!

Oct 10, 2011

Lovely product

Location: California, USA

I love love love highlighters but they are often too pink for my tan/olive skin. this one is absolutely perfect tho, its very tan friendly and gives off this luminous glow. I've tried many other highlighters and i do admit that some of them have a better silky consistency than this one but the look of this product makes up for it.

Aug 26, 2011

Really beautiful highlighter which gives you a more...

Location: Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

Really beautiful highlighter which gives you a more natural glow rather than a shine. It looks really warm on my skin and can be mixed with face products for an allover radiance. If you want some radiance that is not too flashy and party-like, this is your product.

Aug 10, 2011


Location: Singapore

I love this product but I think it would work better for tan skin tones. it gave me that gorgeous bronze glow without the bronzer! Everyone thought I was wearing bronzer even though I wasn't. Thank you benefit! xo

Jul 22, 2011

Oh Moon Beam how I love thee! My favourite Bene-product!...

Location: London UK

Oh Moon Beam how I love thee! My favourite Bene-product! Looks fab over blusher looks awesome by itself! Gonna try it over Benetint to see hoe they get on. It just give you such a girlie happy glow!

Jul 11, 2011

Although I'm a big fan of Girl Meets Pearl and High Beam,...

Location: San José, Costa Rica

Although I'm a big fan of Girl Meets Pearl and High Beam, I must say Moon Beam didn't work well on my skin. As with the other highlighters, the texture is amazing, but strangely, Moon Beam left a Barbie-pink like hue on my skin, which looked AWFUL. It just didn't work for me, I'd advise anyone to try it first in the store -try all of Benefit's highlighters, they're awesome!- and then decide which to buy.

Jul 1, 2011

happiness in a bottle

Location: san francisco

out of all the highlighters i tend to reach for my moon beam the most. i apply it on my browbone, down my nose, and on my cheeks for a glow that you can't go wrong with.

Jun 28, 2011

High beam for day, moon beam for night! I loved high beam...

Location: Syracuse, NY

High beam for day, moon beam for night! I loved high beam so much, I had to try moon beam, and I use it pretty much the same way, but it's just a golden color. Golds are tough on my fair skin usually, but not this one!

Jun 10, 2011

I like it but i use the high beam more. i like the pink...

Location: Mi

I like it but i use the high beam more. i like the pink color more then the golden color for my skins.

Jun 9, 2011

Lights me up!

Location: Australia

I love this product! it is amazing to say the least. i can wear it over my playsticks or just by itself and it looks good. I usually only apply it on my cheek bones and under my brow so i dont shimmer all over. Everytime i wear it i get compliments of how radiant and fresh i look. love love love it. recommend completely.

May 17, 2011

Moon beam...?..where?

Location: Netherlands

I bought this product thinking that it will gives an amazing shimmer,...I can say honestly it doesn't give me anything at all...I mean not even a drop of golden in my face!!..absolutely nothing...I won't buy it doesn't worth that money to me.

Apr 7, 2011

Like a peach

Location: Bordeaux, FRANCE

I look like a peach with Moon beam ! It really gives a beautiful complexion !

Mar 22, 2011

Shimmer and Sparkle

Location: Chicago,Il

This stuff is amazing! Your skin is positively radiantly sexy. It looks natural, but also highlighted and shimmery. This is great on the bridge of your nose, the cheek bone and on your cupids bow. This is amazing!

Feb 3, 2011

wear it everyday(:

Location: San Francisco, CA

This stuff is great(: it is like cherry on a sunday, it just is the finishing touch. It is p e r f e c t for tan skin tones like muaa it has a gold look when the lights hit it in a certain way its amazing(: I wear it everyday! TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!

Jan 21, 2011

I love how this brightens up my eyes after a long night/...

Location: Winterhaven, ca

I love how this brightens up my eyes after a long night/day, it makes me looked refreshed!

Jan 16, 2011

i've found love

Location: London

moon beam is incredible its soooo nice on my olive sin and the apricotty and pinky shimmers make my skin look so freash and healthy, i glow with moon beam!! i waear it on top of thrrrob on my cheekbones cos i like it to stand out and under thrrrob it fades :( x

Dec 30, 2010

My favorite Benefit product, ever.

Location: Bellingham, WA

I cannot live without Moon Beam! I highlight my eyes and the T of my face by mixing Moon Beam into my foundation. I look radiant and healthy.

Dec 28, 2010

Discreet shine

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

I love combining High Beam and Moon Beam for a perfect effect. Actually, High Beam seems to appear more on my skin, so I apply Moon Beam on the areas I want a more discreet glow.

Nov 19, 2010

So pretty!

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

I got a trial-sized Moon Beam in one of the Benefit sets I bought-- and just loved it! I will definitely be getting the regular-sized product, and plan to use it during the holidays to really dress-up my look at seasonal festivities!

Nov 18, 2010

It makes me like an angle!

Location: Bei Jing ,China

To me, it has a lot of kinds of usage, mix with that gal,or you rebel lite,or play sticks, all makes me radiant. Take a little on my lips, become plump.A little on eyebrow bone,nose,cheek,Let me become stereo. Now every day I can't leave it!

Nov 18, 2010

Glowing goddess

Location: Hong Kong

I feel like Venus the goddess with MoonBeam. I dab this onto my brow bone, nose bridge and dot on my cheeks and it makes me look so dewy and glowy!

Nov 17, 2010

Wonderful pick-me-up!

Location: Chicago, IL

I am a loyal Benefit customer, and I cannot get enough of this product in particular. No matter what time of year, I always have a bottle of Moon Beam in my desk drawer at work. Whether my makeup has been dulled to do the cold winter winds, or melted by the warm summer sun, a little Moon Beam to the cheekbones will brighten me right up again. You can also try it on your brown bone if you want an extra lift around your eyes!

Nov 16, 2010

This was the first benefit product I ever purchased. It's...

Location: Undisclosed

This was the first benefit product I ever purchased. It's such a great highlighter and complexion enhancer. It makes my skin look dewey and it gives it a great glow. I also love that under different lights, it can pick up different colors--peach, pink, and gold. I also love that it gives a nice glowing sheen without any glitter chunks. It's perfect to put on the brow bones, cheek, cupids bow, and nose. I also like to put it in on my inner eyes to make my eyes seem bigger and brighter. LOVE this product!

Aug 24, 2010

I would say this is more my favourite to high beam. It...

Location: South London, UK

I would say this is more my favourite to high beam. It applies better onto my fair skin and I love to apricot pink shimmer to my cheekbones!

Aug 11, 2010

Moon beam is perfect for those summer nights out. It goes...

Location: Chicago

Moon beam is perfect for those summer nights out. It goes extremely well with tan skin and makes you look like you're glowing. I need to get more!

Jul 27, 2010

I really liked it,but a little bit of georgia peach on...

Location: Montreal

I really liked it,but a little bit of georgia peach on top of that to give a super-flashy-glowing kinda look (more for a night party look) You can do your magazine look on your own! More for a medium skin tone maybe..or a skin with yellow undertones! The color is tricky,just try it before to be sure! (There's alway High Beam if you don't like the result ;] )

Jul 11, 2010

More suited to darker skin tones than mine, but i still...

Location: Melbourne

More suited to darker skin tones than mine, but i still adore moon beam. Not sure if it tops high beam, still deciding on that! Colour is gorgeous, especially wth Georgia over the top of it! The golden/nude.apricot colour shows up sow ell in night photos with flash, benefit NEVER dicontinue this, please! :D

Jul 11, 2010

I love this, its perfect to use as a shimmering...

Location: Bristol

I love this, its perfect to use as a shimmering highlighter, or as an all over face primer before using you rebel.

Jul 4, 2010

I love this product soo much! i don't do my make-up...

Location: Mission, TX

I love this product soo much! i don't do my make-up without using it :) thanks benefit <3

Jul 3, 2010

For some reason this product turns a little purple/pink...

Location: austin

For some reason this product turns a little purple/pink on my skin. It doesn't really blend naturally with my skin color. I have friends that swear by this product and it looks great on them. I think they are a little tanner.

Jun 10, 2010

Love it! Wear it everyday on cheeks and mix it with You...

Location: Manchester

Love it! Wear it everyday on cheeks and mix it with You rebel lite.

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