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Brow Styling
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A new hairstyle does wonders but a new Brow Style will have you feelin' like a million bucks!  Come hop in the beauty seat and meet your new Aesthie Bestie! Here's what you'll get:

• Your very own Brow Expert

• Brow consultation & Brow Mapping 

• Brow Wax 

• The Brow Style of your dreams


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model featuring the contoured brow style

Oh, my! Contour!

Like, like, love...your brows are totes trending! This selfie-ready style relies on clean edges and accentuated arches. We’ll contour with two complementary shades to instantly add depth and dimension, then finish the look with a touch of highlighter. Camera ready!

Model with straight brow styling

Let's get it straight

Arches aren’t for everyone...and guess what? Straight brows are great brows! This style is more linear, with a slight arch along the bottom edge of the brow. Bonus: Straight brows are known to create a more youthful, fresh-faced seconds!

model with natural-styled brows

Explore with natural

Flaunt what you’ve got with this soft, well-groomed look. It’s the ‘no-makeup makeup’ brow perfect for any day and everyday. We’ll fill in your brows, but make sure to keep them soft and harsh lines needed!

brow styling with feathered

Fly with feathered

Take flight with this trendy brow look that adds just the right amount of bohemian chic. What’s the secret to this fluffy, full brow? Texture! We’ll fill in your brows (sparse brows are great for this style!) with natural-looking, hair-like strokes, and brush your hairs upward for it-girl perfection.

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