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Put your best face forward


Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Wax away any unwanted fuzz from the lip, chin or sides of your face in minutes and say hello to softer, more even looking skin. Go ahead gorgeous—put your best face forward.

  • lip wax $12
  • chin wax $13
  • sides wax $18
  • brow & lip wax $31
  • lip & chin wax $21
  • lip chin sides $31

* Prices may vary depending on location.


Don’t even razor it.

Remove that hair without the scare. Facial waxing can be the quickest way to help smooth the look & feel of your skin, even if your fuzz is fair. Typical results from facial waxing last between three & five weeks.

Worried about redness? We like to think of it more as “tickled pink.” So, don’t stress—our Beauty Artists and aestheticians are experts at finding the perfect solution to keep your recent service our little secret.

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Reviews & Questions

Jul 28, 2016

Neat and quick.

Location: Connecticut, USA
Eyes: Amber
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “quick, neat”

I am definitely going again. The staff were friendly and welcoming. It was my first time waxing, and I have to admit I was a bit nervous. They reassured me and waxed very quickly. Of course it hurt a wee bit, but it wasn't very painful. Afterwards they gave me a cloth to wipe the extra wax off, put some aloe on it, and it almost instantaneously felt better. The pinkish color after I waxed went away in 20-30 minutes or so. Incredible experience. I am going to come again.

Feb 5, 2016

Had my first facial wax and loved it


Shaqita was the one who did my wax. She was wonderful. This was the first time I have come home and been happy about my wax treatment. Even though it is a little bit expensive the service and the advice was well worth it.

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