Our 3-step custom brow-mapping technique gives you the ideal brow shape for your face.

brow mapping

Get the most flattering brow shape for your face


Line it, mark it, shape it

See what a well-shaped brow can do for your face! We’ve been brow mapping since the beginning of time…or in our case, 1976. Our signature three-step technique gives you the ideal brow shape for your face. We take each of your key features into account, eye by eye, so you get the right brow for your bone structure. Set your destination to brow brilliance!

  • No appointment needed
  • Available at Benefit Boutiques & BrowBars
  • This one’s on us—it’s free 


1-2-3 gorgeous

Let’s map it out! We’ll start by finding where your brow should start…this helps slim your nose & balance your eyes. Next, we’ll find where your brow is naturally at its highest. Say hello to your arch…a little definition here can lift your whole look! Finally, we’ll mark where your brow should end. Length is important because it gives your face proportion. You’re shaped & ready, girlfriend!

how to get brow mapped

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