boi-ing industrial strength concealer hides dark circles and covers hard to conceal blemishes.

boi-ing industrial strength concealer

full coverage concealer


You name it, boi-ing hides it!

Our original boi-ing industrial strength concealer hides it all! This “stay put” full coverage concealer covers everything from heavy-duty dark circles to blemishes & discoloration. (Formerly known as just boi-ing. Same shades, same great formula!)

  • Full coverage
  • Ideal for blemishes & dark circles
  • Cream formula
  • Matte finish 


3.0 g Net wt. 0.1 oz.


Boi-ing it on!

Double the complexion trouble? Boi-ing industrial strength has got you covered! Dab this cream concealer underneath each eye then gently pat outward to blend. Move on to concealing any other problem areas. Tuck an extra boi-ing in your purse for touch-ups on the go!

how to apply boi-ing industrial strength concealer.


How to find your Boi-ing Industrial Strength concealer shade.
What is my shade in Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer?


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