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We believe that laughter is the best cosmetic. We’re not only in the makeup business...we’re in the feelgood business. Why? Because when we are laughing & having fun, that's when we are at our most beautiful.

A Legacy of Laughter

Benefit Cosmetics Founders Jean and Jane Ford

Our fearless founders

Meet the Ford twins...two Indiana farm gals turned successful models & makeup artists. They moved to San Francisco to take on a totally new approach to beauty. In 1976, they flipped a coin… heads, they open a casserole cafe, tails a makeup shop. Thankfully it was tails (no offense casseroles)!
Benefit Cosmetics Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson

Growing up Benefit

Who better to spread the legacy of laughter & fun than the daughters and nieces of the co-founders Jean & Jane Ford? Maggie & Annie Ford Danielson have beauty in their blood! The new generation of sisters officially joined Benefit in 2008 and have since become our Global Beauty Authorities.
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We're painting the world pink

We have locations in 59 countries across five continents. With more than 3,000 Brow Bars and 85 Boutiques worldwide.

How It All Began

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