roller lash curling mascara

roller lash curling mascara

super-curling & lifting mascara

  • black
  • brown

Curl Power!

It's a roller for lashes! The eye-opening Hook ‘n' Roll™ brush grabs, separates, lifts and curls…while the instant curve-setting formula holds for 12 hours. Contains provitamin B5 and serin, ingredients known for their lash-conditioning benefits.  Available in two stunning shades, original ink black or brown. 

  • Comes in full size & mini
  • Satin finish
  • Water-resistant & easy to remove
  • 87% said it gives long-lasting curl*

* Consumer panel survey on 31 women after 4 weeks


8.5 g Net wt. 0.3oz



Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.


Such a pretty curl!

Ready for the hook & roll, gorgeous? Gently wiggle the wand from base of lashes to tip. Repeat across your lashline, making sure to catch every last lash. Curls just wanna have fun!

how to apply roller lash


Average Rating 3.91

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Customers love that it's

Dec 5, 2017


Location: California

I was really excited to get this mascara because I have heard amazing things about it and that it actually gives the curls to the lashes. When I tried it, I had zero curl to my lashes and now I feel like this purchase was a waste of money. I know that it works for others but it did not personally for me. I do think the formula is good though, it doesn't clump at all or dry

Nov 11, 2017

Great Product

Location: Australia

The Roller Lash mascara has a great formula that is not clumpy, does not smudge and is long-lasting. It makes lashes look longer and the well-designed wand curls and lengthens lashes, making them longer after the mascara is easily removed.

Nov 6, 2017

Smudges :(

Location: Melbourne

This mascara is nice for a really natural look. If I'm not wearing foundation and want my eyes to just pop a little, I will wear this. However within literally 40 minutes it's all under my eyes. Even with foundation or or off, and doing everything I possibly can it still smudges. Really sad :(

Oct 24, 2017

Ruined my eyelashes !!!

Location: England

I used this product for about a week, until I realised that it was making my eyelashes fall out! Firstly the formulation is so thick that it really irritates my eyes, and secondly you cannot get all the product off your eyelashes. After a week, I have so much less eyelashes. Although it does make your eyelashes look nice while wearing it, it takes about 10 minutes of tugging at it to get it off . it's really put me off high end maskaras.

Oct 16, 2017

Fave mascarra

Location: Inverness

Roller lash is my favourite mascara. My lashes stick out straight but this definitely helps to curl them.

Sep 17, 2017

Great product!

Location: Hood River, Oregon

I love the way this mascara rolls onto the eyelashes. The brush allows for full coverage of every lash. It also has a good price point and comes in different sizes. I, however, do not like the look and feel of the new applicator handle. It looks like a toy and not an elegant mascara.

Aug 31, 2017

My favorite mascara!

Location: San Francisco

Roller lash is the best. It really does curl. I'm totally sold on it.

Aug 10, 2017

Best Thing Ever!

Location: San Francisco

This is the best thing ever! I literally have super tiny lashes and when I apply this my lashes become super long and curled! It also does not clump which I love I hate mascara that clumps. I always apply the they're real tinted primer underneath this for extra length and the outcome of both together it amazing I can't get over it! Great Pair!

Aug 4, 2017

Will Never Live Without It!

Location: San Francisco

I never knew what Benefit Cosmetics was until I started working for them. I started trying the products and I fell in love with this one! I always apply the They're Real Tinted primer first and then this.... my lashes look AMAZING! it doesn't even clump. I definitely recommend this product to anyone and of course the tinted primer as well you will never buy any other mascara brand again! :)

Jul 24, 2017

4 ✨

Location: MI

This mascara works great to lengthen my lashes and and make them pop. It adds volume and definition and apples easily. The only con about this product is that it does not remove easily. I have to apply a lot of force to remove it which causes my eyelashes to fall out.

Jul 19, 2017

Product Disappointment

Location: United States

I was very excited to try this product once I saw it advertised, because I am addicted to my eyelash curler. However, I was extremely disappointed. I cannot understand the hype surrounding this mascara. It did not lengthen my lashes, nor did it separate them. Instead I was stuck with short and clumpy spider lashes. I thought maybe it was just a fluke, so I tried it again a few days later- same problem. Even if it didn't curl my lashes, I'd still use it, but this is not even a sufficient mascara. I searched for other reviews similar to mine so I didn't feel as bad, and sure enough, 2 of my friends said they encountered the same problems. Not worth the overpriced purchase.

Jul 13, 2017

Perfect Mascara

Location: Pa

The mascara I had used for years was discontinued. I always play with new makeup but stuck with the same mascara. After reading many reviews, I was torn between They're Real and The Roller Lash Mascara. I selected They're Real and thought it was so so and then purchased the Roller Mascara and love it. It goes on fantastic, curls, lengthens and no clumping. The applicator gives you the perfect amount of product. For evenings you may want to go with a second application, but it's really not needed.It stays on and is easily removed. I have definitely found my mascara. I will use They're real since I have it, but will stick with Roller Lash as my main Mascara. As a makeup junkie, I can tell you that you won't go wrong with Roller Lash.

Jul 13, 2017

The hype is real!!!!

Location: MALAYSIA

The best mascara I ever had!! Love it!!!!

Jul 5, 2017

It does wonder to my eyelashes😍

Location: Malaysia

I no longer need to wear falsies to have a beautiful eyes. #RollerLash does wonder to my eyelashes and it does maximize and curl my eyelashes 😍

Jul 2, 2017

This product is looking very amazing

Location: Penang

I have straight and stubborn eyelash, haven't really find an mascara that hold on the curl. Please choose me♡

May 23, 2017

What Happened?

Me, Myself and I
Location: Lincoln, NE

I'm on my third tube of Roller Lash. I had great luck with the first two and really liked the product but the third tube has been nothing but a clumpy mess. I'm wondering if the formula changed. If so, please change it back. This stuff is awful.

May 20, 2017

In love with the product

Location: Melbourne

absolutely love the the product. A must have. Stays Clean.

May 10, 2017

Lashes for days

Location: San Francisco

Roller lash is my favorite mascara. I tried it on a whim, and I really do think it elongates and feathers. I recommend it to everyone.

May 2, 2017

Really disappointed

Location: USA

I wanted to love this mascara so much. I'd heard so many good things about it but it just didn't live up to my expectations. First off, I have very thin lashes and I had hoped this mascara would make them look longer and fuller. This mascara did make them look longer to a degree but it is VERY clumpy. The second I swiped it on my lashes were clumped together. There is way too much product on the wand and is does not go on evenly and after giving it a second try even a light coat clumped all my lashes together. They were longer yes, but they did not look good. I really wish I could have given this a a better review.

Apr 6, 2017


Location: Australia

I've always been jealous of my sister's natural curled eyelashes and wanted something similar and this mascara does just the job! Curls my lashes and helps the lighter ones to be seen! LOVE IT!

Mar 25, 2017

wonderful product

Location: Melbourne

A brush to die for and a mascara that will last through the longest days or nights you can throw at it.

Mar 12, 2017

Worst mascara I have used

Location: florida

Smudges under my eyes (not waterproof), clumpy, doesn't curl much. Overall, disappointed with this mascara. I have asian lashes that stick straight out, so maybe this would be better for those with lashes that already have curl and would just like to enhance them.

Feb 26, 2017

Good to have

Location: Plano

I like to use this mascara, I like a look, but it kind of overpriced for me.

Feb 19, 2017

Very clumpy and over rated

Location: no

I went to ultra to buy this product because I heard such good things abut it online. The mascara was way over priced and the brush is good but the product isn't. Halfway through the day my friend said my eyelashes looked all weird and I looked in the mirror and saw my mascara had smeared and clumped together. This is by far the WORST mascara I have ever used and I will not be purchasing it or using it again. Very disappointing...

Jan 23, 2017

Back to They're Real

Location: Cloud Nine!

The store was sold out of my go to mascara, so I tried Roller Lash. I thought because it was made by the same company as They're Real, I could not go wrong. Nope !! sorry to say it was a big disappointment. The product was not near the product I am used too. It curled, but didn't hold the shape. It didn't add much volune or length. I can't recommend this product. Newer is not always better and I learned, if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Bought my They're Real and tossed this product.

Dec 30, 2016

Roller lashes

Location: Las vegas, NV

I love this product its does wonder i wear false eyelashes to give volume to my eyelashes but this work great it gives my volume to my eyelashes and curls them to so i can go with false eyelashes more natural look. I will be purchase another one soon 💖💖💖

Nov 15, 2016

Curly, separated and lengthening

Location: Canada

I tried this for the first time yesterday, and I'll admit that it is awesome. It separated my lashes and curled them. For additional drama, I applied Roller Lash, in black then added They're real, and the outcome was a snap pop drama to my lashes, that had all my colleagues commenting! I love this mascara, and I Love Love Love pairing this with other Benefit products to get the drama I crave!

Nov 10, 2016

Best Mascara

Location: St. Louis

I'm a big mascara gal- I love having the best eyelashes. This mascara is all I thought it would be and more. The formula is great, the brush is fantastic, and your lashes look great all day. Highly recommend this to anyone.

Nov 10, 2016

All Day Curls

Location: Canada

It actually curls my short lashes and even made it look longer. I was happy with the two results but it also added volume, so bonus points. Second bonus point has to be that it also comes in brown. I now combine Roller Lash with They're Real! Lengthening Mascara for an even more WOW effect.

Oct 30, 2016


Location: San Antonio TX

This product is amazing. Never had one problem with this product. It makes my lashes curled, and makes them look long where I don't have to curl them anymore and keeps there curl all day. For a girl that is a, not only full time student, but also a volleyball player this stays on during morning practices and I don't have to reply. I don't even need to keep the bottle with me cause it stays on all day. In love.

Oct 27, 2016

I got a reaction

Location: Australia

I had a bad reaction to this product. It make my eyes puff up and fro a while i couldn't see out off then. While i had the mascara on it was ok it gave my eyelashes length but was a bit clumpy.

Oct 25, 2016

Roller Lash Love!

JouJou Chanel
Location: New York, NY

I am very picky when it comes to mascaras and for the past couple of years I have stuck with Chanel mascara as my signature mascara because not only do I get length and volume and no smudges-no mess with that mascara, but I get compliments galore on my eyes. A month and a half ago I decided to try out Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara because my first mascara ever was the BadGal Lash mascara by Benefit which I loved and still do; and now I have a new-found LOVE with my new Roller Lash! It truly enhances my eyes with length and volume and curl by this mascara, and MOST of all - it stays clean - no smudges! I cannot recommend Roller Lash more than I have to friends and colleagues. This is a great mascara! Go for it, gals!

Oct 3, 2016

What makes a good mascara

Location: Edmonton, AB

What makes a good mascara? First; the formula. A formula that is dry starts to clump quickly. Second; is the wand. A good wand is not too big and not too small. Also, when you pull the wand out of the barrel, it should only leave just the right amount of mascara formula on the brush. Use this product and judge for yourself. Is this a good mascara?

Sep 24, 2016

Amazing!!! <3

Location: Sacramento

Starting this review by saying that I have used this mascara for a few months!! This is my favorite mascara for length and volume! I have full but slightly short lashes and it just makes them so long and beautiful! I can pack this mascara for maximum length and it's still not clumpy! It's my holy grail mascara and it curls your lashes ( I always use a lash curler with this mascara and it holds the curl! While others won't last a minute) 5 stars all the way!!

Sep 6, 2016

Don't waste your money!

Location: Las Vegas

This product single-handedly ruined many mornings for me. I love Benefit and am a devout "They're Real!" user. Was talked into getting Roller Lash and thought since I love Benefit and it's the same price that the mascara had to be similar. So wrong. I have straight eyelashes and an amazing eyelash curler - but it doesn't matter because as soon as this mascara touches them they turn into thin, stick-straight, wet looking messes. And don't make the mistake of re-curling once you've applied Roller Lash, as they'll turn into a clumpy, creased mess with a few straight lashes in the middle. Everyone do yourself a favor, Benefit included, and stick to They're Real.

Aug 27, 2016

So disappointing!

Location: Orange County, CA

I have thin, straight lashes, and didn't hold out hopes for much of a curl, despite the specially-shaped brush. bit the Benefit counter rep highly recommended it. However, I was not prepared for was the clumpy mess that my eyelashes turned into after I managed to get it on. And not one bit of lift or curl. Despite having enough product on the brush, it would not transfer from brush to eyelashes, except in the center. So I had to manipulate the brush to get it on the inside and outside of lashes. It never dried properly and smudged very easily. It seemed to be very heavy and gunky. I've tried cheap drug-store brands that would have worked better. Sad, because I LOVE Benefit products, other than this.

Jul 24, 2016

Not worth it

Location: California

It only looked good the first time I bought it but after that it started getting dry and didn't even grab on to my lashes. It left my lashes clumpy and didn't even curl. Overall this product is great for a one time thing but it tends to get dry and it's not worth it. It only worked when I added solution to it which made it a little wet and worked well.

May 26, 2016

What's a lash curler?

Location: Louisburg, NC

This mascara is so amazing, I feel like I will never have to use my curler again! At first I was doubtful. I just didn't see what all the hype was about. Now, I realize! Not only does this mascara provide you with beautiful, lengthy lashes, it also gives you an amazing curl... that lasts all day! This is, hands down, the best mascara ever.

May 24, 2016

Holy grail mascara

Location: Memphis, TN

I have tried countless mascaras, drug store and high end, including Benefit's "They're Real", and I can say this tops all of it. It goes on easily without clumping and gives them great length and the perfect amount of volume so that it doesn't look too thick or caked on, as I'm not much for the completely done-up and smoky look. I've gotten my friends hooked too and they all love it. Totally recommend!

May 23, 2016

Lashes for days!

Location: San Francisco

Roller lash is the best. I'm generally not that picky about mascara, but I tried it on a whim. It glides on well, it's easy to remove, and it really does give you some killer lashes with a decent amount of curl.

May 12, 2016

Very Asian friendly mascara

Location: Hong Kong

This product lifts, curls my lashes :) LOVE!

May 12, 2016

Curl obsessed

Location: Sydney

Use this mascara everyday and will never find another true love! It lifts and curls so perfectly

Apr 8, 2016

Love, Love, Love 💕

Location: Michigan

I truly love this mascara. I'm someone who has stick straight eyelashes and I used to need to seriously curl my lashes and use waterproof mascara to get my desired curl. Then at night scrub all that mascara off with makeup remover. But now with Roller Lash, I can just simply apply the mascara and get the same result without all the curling! I love it! Plus this mascara is super easy to take off, just some soap and water will do the trick!

Mar 25, 2016

Throw away the lash curler

Location: San Francisco, CA

No lie...I haven't used a lash curler since the day I started using roller lash. That's saying a lot because my lashes are super straight. This mascara really does curl & the best part is that the curl holds all day!

Jan 15, 2016

Tester was amazing but....

Location: Milpitas

So I was in the market for a new mascara and I heard rave reviews of this mascara so I drove to my closest sephora. I tried out the tester on display and my godd did I love it! I bought it and was super excited to use it but to my dismay it seemed soo wet. I curled my lashes and after applying ONE layer my curl dropped and my lashes were straight again. I tried this multiple times with the same result. I'm guessing the tester I used was dried out and had less product compared to a brand spanking new bottle but I have to say for the price I'm kinda disappointed. Imma try to let it dry out a bit but if it doesn't work I'm returning it :/

Jan 13, 2016

Buh-bye lash curler!

Location: San Francisco, CA

Roller Lash is truly a miracle product. I have straight lashes that have never held a curl before now. Since I've started using Roller Lash, I've thrown away my lash curler because my lashes really do stay curled all day! I like to wear it under a lengthening/volumizing mascara like They're Real and the combo of the two mascaras really makes my lashes stand out!

Oct 30, 2015

Hard to remove

Location: Northampton, Northampton, UK

This mascara looks great when it's on, it does the trick - and you don't need to use eyelash curlers which is brilliant. However, when it comes to removing the mascara you really wish you'd never put it on. It makes all of your eyelashes stick together and even makes your eyes feel sticky. Only downside to the product... but it's a pretty important one.

Oct 30, 2015

First buy, last try

Location: Colorado Springs, CO, USA

I bought this product as part of my "make your own" kit. I was very excited to try Benefit for the first time as I had heard great things and the product reviews were amazing. I have long lashes naturally, but I was looking for something to give them some lift and make them pop. The first application was a wet nightmare. It clumped immediately and for the first time in my life, I had spider lashes. The product didn't dry for some time, so I had mascara dots above my eyes where I had opened my eyes. I was very disappointed and wish I had returned it. It was a costly mistake that won't happen again.

Oct 28, 2015

This has become my absolute holy grail mascara. I have...

Location: Undisclosed

This has become my absolute holy grail mascara. I have naturally thick and curly eyelashes, and I still managed to see an amazing difference! It curled them and made them look even longer without them becoming clumpy or looking fake.

Oct 25, 2015

The death of me...

Location: London

This mascara pretty much saved my life. I bought it, not quite sure if it was going to be as good as the employees claimed, and i am so glad that i made the purchase! It curls lashes as well as somehow leaving no lashes awkwardly stuck together, and it also manages to completely avoid clumps! On appearance its a very attractive bottle_ but i was quite suprizwd to see hoq shallow the brush is! I really reccommend this_ it is a makeup bag must have!

Oct 16, 2015

Great product, flimsy packaging

Location: Milford, MA, USA

After reading a bunch of great reviews on Benefit's Roller Lash, I finally bit the bullet and bought a tube of Roller Lash through Birchbox. I love this mascara! Unfortunately, within just a few weeks of purchase, the pink handle of the wand broke off, making application super messy. I've tried reconnecting the handle to the wand, but it just wasn't meant to be, I guess. Sadly, I don't think that I will be purchasing this product again.

Oct 12, 2015


Location: England

This mascara is perfect for my eyelashes. My eyelashes are naturally long but this mascara allows them to look even longer, stayed curled and full throughout the day. Although when i first got it i found that when applying it it got clumpy quite fast, i learnt that to get the perfect look applying it slowly gets the best results. Since learning this technique i've been extremely happy with the results and all the comments made about how good my eyelashes look! Definitely worth the money and would recommend!

Oct 6, 2015


Location: Michigan

I've always loved benefit stuff, so when i saw that they had another mascara ( my they're real was getting old and i was gonna buy a new one) i grabbed it. ITS AMAZING. totally worth the money.

Sep 17, 2015

Best mascara hands down

Location: Gold Coast QLD, Australia

Love this mascara, the best I've ever tried. I love topping it with some They're real for extra volume for when going out at night.

Sep 17, 2015

My fav mascara ever

Location: Australia

This product is fantastic, I love it even better than They're Real! The applicator is perfect and separates the lashes nicely. The formula is brilliant, it builds amazingly and lengthens and curls. I'll be repurchasing when I need more for sure!

Sep 11, 2015


Location: England, UK

although this mascara does curl my lashes it does not give them any volume or length. I feel like you could get a much better mascara that will make your lashes look a lot better. I don't think this is worth its price and there are better ones out there. my lashes are barley noticeable I am very disappointed. don't waste your money!!!

Sep 11, 2015

Quite disappointing

Location: Glasgow

The mascara looks pretty nice on (nothing spectacular though), but I was very disappointed cause it smudges so much, by 10am it's all under my eyes: not a good look. It's also pretty hard to take off, and I'm using a hot cloth cleanser which usually takes everything off. Will not buy again.

Sep 8, 2015

Not as hoped for.

Location: England, UK

After using benefits they're real mascara religiously and loving it, I was extremely excited when I heard about the release of this mascara as I have quite straight lashes and always need to curl them. However once I tried this I was so disappointed, for me it comes out very clumpy without even much on it also seems quite thick and doesn't glide onto my lashes very well at all. I love benefit and until this mascara have never been disappointed with a product, I will always stick to they're real as I find that one amazing.

Sep 7, 2015


Location: Lancashire, UK

I bought this product with my birthday money and absolutely love it. I was a bit wary of the price and so was my mum but it is so worth the money. It really separates my lashes and ipmakes them look really full. I would recommend buying this product but if you don't wear makeup a lot I wouldn't bother.

Sep 1, 2015

This product is pretty perfect

Location: UK

This mascara is perfect for me. My eyelashes are very straight and point almost downwards therefore it's really hard for me to find a mascara that lifts and curls my eyelashes. I had given up hope and had to wear fake eyelashes whenever I went out, until my friend recommended this mascara to me. I was dubious at first but buying this mascara was the best make up decision I've ever made. It is incredible at curling and lengthening my eyelashes. My only issue is that I do have to put quite a few layers on but it lasts all day so it's worth it. I definitely recommend :)

Aug 24, 2015


Location: UK

honestly the best mascara I have purchased in a very long time, really opens your eyes and also I personally prefer it to 'They're Real'.

Aug 24, 2015

I Love this!

Location: North Carolina

Benefit never ceases to amaze me with thier new products and innovations. This new mascara did not fail! It curls the lashes and fans them out, not to heavy and does not flake. Long lasting. I still love thier real, but this is a great new product! I would reccommend to all the ladies who want to step up the eye glam!!

Aug 13, 2015

Nothing special!!

Location: London, UK

I bought this because of the hype for it on you tube. The product is just like any other mascara, nothing special about it. Any drugstore mascara can do a better job for less.

Aug 13, 2015

It really works!

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

I have super straight lashes that don't hold a curl even with a lash curler. Ever since I tried Roller Lash, I haven't used my lash curler once! This mascara really does curl your lashes (without clumping!) and it lasts all day!

Aug 11, 2015

Need to improve more

Location: Vietnam

I really have such a high hope in this mascara like other fans of benefits. The sales person recommended this to me for curl, but when I applied it to my eyelashes it didn't curl and smudging all over my eyes and it is expensive here in Vietnam.

Aug 8, 2015

Fantastic product!

Location: Perth WA, Australia

I bought both the roller lash and they're real at the same time and i way prefer roller lash, though i still love they're real as well. I loved the applicator in roller lash and i find it easy to apply. The product makes your lashes look AMAZING and so evenly spread out and separated as i hate gluggy, thick mascara that clumps all your lashes together. will definitely re-purchuse

Aug 5, 2015

I love what the mascara does for my lashes, but to be...

Location: Warsaw, IN, USA

I love what the mascara does for my lashes, but to be honest this is the worst mascara I have ever used, and I have A LOT of mascaras!! The mascara never drys on your lashes completely and they end up gross and clumped together! I have asked my friends if they have the same problems and they have the same thing happen to them too!!

Jul 19, 2015

Best mascara owned!

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Definitely recommend! Gives my eyelashes more length and curl then ever!! Very good purchase :)

Jul 13, 2015

Cheaper than fake lashes

Location: Norwalk, CT, USA

I usually use "They're Real" but I thought why not switch it up with this new product and I LOVE IT. The wand is much smaller than the "They're Real" which makes application easier and more precise. I like big lashes so I always use an extra coat.

Jul 12, 2015

I love this product

Location: Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia

Jul 5, 2015

Would recommend!

Location: Undisclosed

Only mascara with a rubber brush that I've actually loved. Even if I don't apply much, it makes my lashes look long and doll-like, it's lovely! The only bad thing about it, is that it takes a bit longer to put on/perfect than my other mascaras.

Jul 2, 2015


Location: San Antonio, TX, USA

I purchased this mascara as a little treat for my birthday and I have to say I love it so far! I noticed some people saying it clumps and runs I have not had those problems.. yet and hope not to. I use about two to three coats depending on if I want super full lashes or quick to liven them up a little. The bristles in the brush or small and comb through every lash helping to separate them. In the past I would have to use two different mascaras to get the effect for this one. I don't have problems washing it off either since I use Virgin Coconut oil to take off eye makeup. I also have no problems with it running, I work 10+ hour shifts and it holds up with me. It may not be for everyone, but it's for me. I will purchase again!

Jun 25, 2015

Good not Great

Location: Lewisville, TX, USA

It's an ok mascara. I don't think it lifted my lashes at all though. I still have to use my eyelash curler. I don't think I'll purchase this one again.

Jun 24, 2015

Ends up under the eyes

Location: Undisclosed

I wore this to a party, and within a few hours I ended up looking like a panda; the mascara was all under my eyes!

Jun 23, 2015


Location: San Francisco, CA

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this one yet! Roller lash is my favorite so far. Since I got this mascara I've been using it everyday. I have super-straight lashes and this mascara really lifts them up! I find that using both sides of the brush gives my lashes the most boost.

Jun 19, 2015

LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!

Location: Undisclosed

this products is just amazing curls your lashes and volumises them and lasts a long time and is also good at making a fulse eye affect highly recommend thid :)

Jun 10, 2015

So far, I am pretty impressed!

Location: Cornwall, UK read my blog post to see my review on the mascara and a few other items :) xxx

Jun 9, 2015

I never realised quite how long my lashes were until I...

Location: Plymouth, England

I never realised quite how long my lashes were until I used Roller Lash. I find the mascara has given them a nice natural curl which opens my eyes! I've always used a cheap mascara which I thought worked fine, Roller Lash doesn't clump or flake off in your eyes and by the end of the day my eyes still looked open even though I'm tired after work! Highly recommend!

Jun 6, 2015

Love this product!

Location: Wick, Wick, Highland KW1, UK

This mascara is amazing!I have very straight lashes and this adds a lovely curl without using an eyelash curler!

Jun 3, 2015

Perfect Mascara, has everything you want!

Location: Surrey

Tried this mascara originally from a sample size, and totally fell in love with it and had to buy it full size. It gives you amazing length, curl and the packaging is really pretty. Lasts all day and doesn't flake off. Also it isn't a nightmare to remove! Definitely recommend, best mascara I've ever bought!

Jun 3, 2015

Compliments all day!

Location: Derby

I always wear mascara, even if I am just popping out the house. Cannot stand bare eyes however I have always struggled to find a mascara that I loved and stood by. I had heard raves about RollerLash and so for my brothers wedding I decided to buy some, and it never disappointed! This mascara is fantastic, it makes my eye lashes so much longer and curled and lasts all day! I have never been so happy with a mascara and people often compliment my lashes now! Would highly recommend to anyone!

May 31, 2015

Looks like I'm wearing fake lashes! Incredible!!

Location: London, UK

I LOVE this mascara. For anyone below saying it's gone by the end of the day, or that its doesn't add enough volume--APPLY MORE COATS! I do at least 2, maybe 3 for extra oomph, and it's incredible. Lasts all day, but easily removed with a makeup wipe. I've been testing different mascaras for nearly 3 years trying to find the best one for me (one that mimics the look of fake lashes), and this is it! I've only given it 4 stars though because the packaging is hideous. It looks cheap and tacky, and incredibly childish (pink rubber?!)--almost embarrassing enough for me to not want to use it in public. Benefit, change the packaging and this mascara will be the best on all fronts.

May 23, 2015

mixed feelings

Location: Mckinney, TX, USA

Although the product does do lengthening it does not volumize my lashes the way I like it. The product does not last all day and I ran out of it quickly. I only had the product a month and a half and I'm already buying a new one. I'm glad I tried it but I will not be repurchasing this product.

May 20, 2015


Location: Undisclosed

One Benefit product I hate. Doesn't work!!

May 20, 2015

Clumpy, Dry and Matte

Location: Wilmington, DE

Enough said. This by far is the worse product I've purchased from Benefits. The mascara is very clumpy and matte. Does not give that wet sleek look to your eyelashes. It was also very dry.

May 15, 2015

Great product if, like me, you have wee lashes!

Location: London, UK

I have used the Benefit 'They're Real' before and decided to try this new one this time round and I really like it! I have very short, straight eyelashes (urg!) and using an eyelash curler just seemed to damage my lashes on the outer side of my eyes. This mascara doesn't clump and goes on easily and now it actually looks like I have lashes - awesome!

May 14, 2015

Everything you want in a mascara!

Location: Glasgow, Glasgow City, UK

Benefit mascara's have always been my favourite, and after trying a few different brands, I decided to go back to benefit and try their new mascara. Roller Lash is everything I could have asked for! It lifts, it curls and it lengthens! And, it also doesn't clump on your eyelashes and it leaves them looking amazing. Definitely recommend!

May 10, 2015

Creates The Perfect Curl!

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK

I received a sample of Roller Lash from ELLE Magazine a few months ago and I straight away went out and bought a full sized one once the sample was done! Provides a great curl for my straight lashes without the use of a curler! I love that it gives length and curls without any hassel, clumps or smudging. Now I don't need to layer up several mascaras to achieve the look I want as I can use just one: Roller Lash!!

May 7, 2015

This product smudges really badly . Awful

Location: Undisclosed

The brush is great . Easy to apply and looks good straight after application . However it smudges after a short time and 'panda' eyes shortly after application are unacceptable . No staying power at all. I came home from work looking like a wreck. I thought it was just me so I asked my daughter to try . Her experience was identical to mine . I would never buy again or recommend . Other Benefit mascaras are excellent products . I have used 'They're Real ' in the past which is a really good product, as well as 'Brow Zing' and 'Porefessional', which are also great. Roller lash needs a rethink . As an experienced mascara wearer I would never buy the product again

May 2, 2015

Curls best friend

Location: Undisclosed

I love this product it is so good, I still use eye lash curlers before applying Roller lash but this product is amazing. I bought one for myself and ended up buying one for my mum because she loved it too! Benefits motto is true, it really is a 'curls best friend' ;)

May 2, 2015

Rollerlash best for straight lashes/round eyes

Location: UK

It's taken me 20+ years to find 'the' mascara for me - and Rollerlash is it. I have straight lashes and large, round-shaped eyes. I've always had trouble finding a brush that will coat mascara onto all my lashes - not just over-clog the central ones, leaving the inner and outer corners bare. My eye shape means eyelash curlers don't work for me, so I've always been hoping for a brush that will give my lashes a bit of curl as well. I really like the 'They're Real' brush as you can get into the corners with it...but curl still evaded me so I decided to give Rollerlash a go. I will never buy another mascara again :) I've had loads of compliments from people asking, 'what's different?' The answer is - all of my lashes are evenly coated, they're fanned out, look 'done' and I look awake! I recommend anyone with similar problems to me (i.e. straight lashes and/or large round/steeply-shaped eyes) doesn't hesitate.

Apr 28, 2015


Location: England

Absolutely love this mascara! Lengthens, curls and separates the lashes beautifully. I won't be going back to my previous mascara!

Apr 19, 2015

My favourite mascara

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

This makes my eyelashes look curly, long, and voluminous. It is $38 in Australia but since its too dramatic as an everyday mascara for school, I am going to get so much use from it!

Apr 18, 2015


Location: Bellingham, WA, USA

The first time was great! It made my eyelashes look very long and pretty. The second time was horrible. And so was the third. And the fourth. It's so clumpy!!!!

Apr 13, 2015

Super Clumpy

Location: Wisconsin, USA

After hearing such rave reviews before and after the release of this mascara, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. I was as intending on buying this when it came out but the price tag deferred the purchase. Once the ultra by my house opened, I finally found it in me to dole out 24 dollars for a mascara. After trying it on in the store, I was amazed; I had never up to this point found a mascara that made my eyelashes looks so separated and long. Upon taking it home and letting the new store gleam wear off, disappointment set in. The reviews on the box are obviously awe inspiring but the actual product is somewhat lacking. As I eluded to in the title, it is super clumpy. It might not be clumpy right out of the gate, but after the first run through it begins. This wouldn't be such a problem seeing as I am not much of a two coat type of gal but the recommendation is to put on multiple coats for full lash effect. Also, your eyelashes have to be completely untouched by any other product or you will not see any results. Now this might seem like common sense, but after the first wear of this product you will see, as advertised, how long lasting it is. Unfortunately, it is too long lasting. It will not come off with makeup wipes or water and I am typing this post with a coat on that is about 2 days old by no fault of my own. The fact that it doesn't come off only worsens the clumping. I also feel the brush does not get enough product because I can hear the dryness of the brush on my eyelashes even when applying to my virgin lashes. For the price, claims, and hype, I am sad to report I am not very impressed. On the bright side, if you can overcome all of the aforementioned shortfalls, you can acchive curled long lashes with effort.

Apr 11, 2015

Most effective mascara I've used but it smudges

Location: UK

This would be perfect if it did not sometimes leave smudges under my eyes after 7-8 hours wear. However, it's easy to apply, gives good cover and really does lengthen and curl. I'll buy this one again. It is a good strong black colour, though if it could thicken my lashes too it would be even better.

Apr 9, 2015

Finally! the Ultimate Mascara!

Location: Lancashire, UK

I actually got my first Roller Lash Mascara free with a magazine! the best £3.50 I have ever spent! Not sure about 'curling' but the length, separation and definition is awesome. I also do a lot of outdoor activities and it stays put for 12 hours.... After 30 years of searching, I have found the best mascara ever!

Apr 9, 2015

Best mascara ever

Location: San Diego, CA, USA

I love this mascara, it's my number 1 mascara! it totally curls your eyelashes! people even ask me if they're my real eyelashes and when I do my eye shadow it combines perfectly!

Apr 7, 2015

Love Roller Lash!

Location: Orange County, CA

I thought They're Real was awesome - but im an even bigger fan of Roller Lash! Amazing curl and fullness! Im converting! Thanks Benefit!

Apr 7, 2015

Leaves me with Panada eyes after an hour

Location: Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

Had high hopes for this mascara after being left disappointed by a No7 one I had tried. Was assured by the sales assistant that it would not budge even though it was only smudge proof and not waterproof. Have used it for two weeks now and everyday by the time I get to work I have black patches under my eyes from where it has smudged. I do not walk to work I get the train so I am not outside for very long so can't even put it down to the weather. Very expensive at £19.50 for something which behaves like a £3.50 mascara.

Apr 4, 2015

Very curling!

Location: Undisclosed

This mascara did exactly what it was supposed to do- and more. I have lashes that grow straight out, and this is the only product that i can use to curl them! It also lengthened my lashes and gave them a nice separated look. Overall, it's a great product!

Apr 1, 2015


Location: England, UK

I was so excited when I heard benefit were launching a new mascara. However, when I tried it out I was most disappointed. After a few strokes of the wand my eyelashes started to clump. I find that the consistency is too runny and also quite thick. I have also noticed that my eyelashes are literally, breaking off. Although I have no proof this is down to roller lash. I'm almost certain it is. Ever since I've started using this mascara they are literally snapping in half and i'm left with uneven and messy eyelashes. This may not be the case with everyone, however I just did not get on with roller lash and shall be sticking to They're real instead.

Apr 1, 2015

Curls aplenty, but...

Location: Oxfordshire

Let's make a list! PROS: fantastic lift and curl. My eyelashes are already quite long, but Rollerlash really gives them a pretty, fluttery look. I've already had quite a few compliments! CONS: it doesn't quite have the staying power of its big sister 'They're Real'. I tried to remain unbiased, and while Rollerlash is lovely, 'They're Real' has a longevity, darkness and gloss that Rollerlash just doesn't have. Rollerlash had smudged by the end of my working day, and my eyelashes looked a little limp. My tip? You can't go far wrong with it, but arm yourself with an eyelash curler and 'They're Real' and you're onto a safer bet.

Mar 31, 2015


Location: CA

I bought several tubes of this product, gave to friends, and we have noticed our eye lashes falling out. ANY IDEAS ON WHAT I SHOULD DO WITH THE LEFT OVER PRODUCT ? WE ARE NO LONGER USING IT ?

Mar 30, 2015


Location: Southampton

I love this product so much! It one of the best mascaras I've ever used. I have very short eyelashes and I find it hard to find a mascara that will actually lift my lashes and make them look longer. This mascara is also long wear but my only doubt is that is runs. I have this problem with every mascara and I really hate it when does. But besides that this mascara is amazing, I would definitely recommend this to someone with short eyelashes!

Mar 30, 2015

Absolutely AMAZING!

Location: Inverclyd

I went into the Benefit stall in Boots at Braehead Glasgow a few days ago to have a look at some of their products. I have used a couple of Benefit products before and was looking for a new Mascara. The staff in the store were fantastic! The girl who I dealt with was really lovely and helpful. She listened really well to my concerns and suggested this mascara based on what I was looking for. I was so impressed with how this product works! It makes my lashes look so long and full! I could not recommend this product highly enough if you're looking for something that isn't too thick but will give you beautifully defined lashes.

Mar 30, 2015

not bad

Location: Austin, TX, USA

So let me start by saying I have long but stick straight lashes and if i want curl, it'll be me and my eyelash curler in front of the mirror for half an hour. I have used every mascara invented and finally gave up and got extensions. I am currently taking a break from them to give my eyelashes a rest so I've had to go back to mascara. I was glad to hear Benefit came out with rollerlash and it was the first thing I bought after removing my extensions. Curling is the best I've seen...but that's not saying much, just look at the pic. But it is the best I've used without an eyelash curler. As far as clumping, it's awesome. I didn't need to use anything to separate my lashes which is usually a problem.

Mar 25, 2015


Location: Scotland

It is perfect! It doesn't clump and has a feathery feel plus the packaging is super cute (completely gave in to the marketing). It does what it say! Would definitely buy again.

Mar 25, 2015


Location: Glasgow, Glasgow City, UK

I didn't find this mascara any better than other mascaras with a similar shaped applicator. I found below my eyes were black even when I didn't apply it to the bottom lashes. I wouldn't say it is worth the pricetag, I'd encourage people to look for a cheaper alternative.

Mar 25, 2015


Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

I've been searching for a mascara that can define and darken and lengthen and thicken - in short a miracle mascara!! I've found it!! i have fine thin eyelashes and this product is absolutely awesome!!

Mar 24, 2015

Super long, curled lashes

Location: Audubon, NJ, USA

I really love this mascara. When the woman at Benefit told me about it, she said it wouldn't require an eyelash curler. While I do still prefer to use my eyelash curler with this mascara as I would with other mascaras, I can still really tell the difference even when I don't use it. The brush is perfect in separating the lashes and never makes them look clumped. It goes on very smoothly. When I don't use the eyelash curler with this mascara they look very long with a slight curl. When I do use the eyelash curler it almost looks like I'm wearing fake lashes! I love it! I would highly recommend this product to anyone. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I find it does smear sometimes. Usually it's at the end of the day not the beginning but I'll notice smudges under my eyes. Other than that it's perfect.

Mar 23, 2015

Does exactly what it says on the box!

Location: Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

I really like this mascara, i normal use Bad Girl which I like but this one really opens my eyes and it doesn't feel heavily or clumpy on my lashes! The wand is lovely to use and grabs every lash. Great product which will now be a "make-up bag must".

Mar 23, 2015


Location: Oxfordshire, UK

I had a free sample that came with my Birch Box and was instantly blown away by it! I am a regular user of They're Real and thought that was perfection until I used this! I have long eye lashes, but this makes them look even longer! Fantastic product! Everyone should use it :0)

Mar 21, 2015

Could be amazing...

Location: Lincoln, Lincoln, UK

...but it needs tweaking. I agree with other reviewers that the initial WOW factor is there, I love the brush - it gives your lashes a lovely curl and defines them beautifully. However the formula itself is not great. I found that the curl and lift I applied to my lashes at 7am was gone by 11am...not what you need. The formula isn't strong enough to hold the curl in. I hate to say it because I had such high hopes for this mascara but I still prefer "They're Real", alright, I might have to use curlers with this one but I can guarantee that my lashes will be perfect even after being at work all day.

Mar 18, 2015

Cannot live without!

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

I have been on the hunt for the perfect mascara for 30 years and have spent probably thousands of dollars in my quest. I am SO excited to say my search has ended! This mascara is better than perfect. I am excited to wear it and it makes my eyes look beautiful. It is light but still provides that volume without the clumps. Love. Love. Love. Thank you Benefit!

Mar 16, 2015


Location: Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK

Love it! As much as I do have very long lashes they have never really curled so I used to constatly use my eyelash curlers, however since purchasing this all I can say is WOW! It gave my lashes a whole new look! I do love constantly being asked if i'm wearing fake eyelashes! That is how good it is

Mar 16, 2015

I'm totally amazed

Location: Madrid, Spain

When I saw it in the website, I was already interested, and of course all the publicity in Facebook and Instagram did a lot to make me want to at least try it. One day I went to the Benefit boutique in Madrid, where of course they had it, and from the moment I had it tried on I was shocked, in a very positive way, at how long my lashes looked with it on. On top of it, the girl applied a coat of They're Real!, just so they looked even longer. No need to say, I bought it. Now that I have it, I am absolutely delighted. It's as if They're Real had really gone one better. The brush is wonderful, and the mascara is so easy to remove... Definitely a must have.

Mar 13, 2015

best mascara yet

Location: Northern Ireland, UK

this mascara is by far the best that i have had. i have tried theyre real and bad gall this one is by far the best. plus the packaging is so pretty. only issue i would have is that it is very difficult to remove but that just proves its staying power . please try this mascara!!!

Mar 13, 2015

Does what it says on the tin

Location: Undisclosed

I have short fairly sparse lashes and this mascara really helps to open up my eyes and give my lashes definition. Definitely lengthens and curls. I know you are not supposed to but I can even use my lash curlers once this has been applied for extra curl and it does not stick or pull my lashes out, I do this gently of course. The curled brush really grips the lashes.

Mar 12, 2015

Great Product

Location: Undisclosed

Just got a sample size in my new birchbox and WOW, I am in love. This is hands down the best mascara I have EVER tried. You have a new customer!!

Mar 10, 2015

Roller Lash Rocks!

Location: Austin, TX, USA

They're Real used to be my number 1 mascara but now I love the new Roller Lash. It really does curl and separate each lash. My eyes look like they have fuller and more lush lashes. It's great!!! I love love LOVE this mascara.

Mar 9, 2015

Best mascara I have ever used- and I've used A LOT

Location: Gainesville, FL, USA

This mascara is..... AAAAMMMMMAAAZZZIIIINNNGG! I've used many high end mascaras from several different high end companies-. This one is by far the best. I really love this company! I did not have high hopes for this product because I tried Benefits "They're Real" Mascara and I absolutely HATED it! The "They're Real" Mascara made my eyelashes super hard and crispy and it was super hard to get off, but there was NO WAY I was going to pay extra to buy the special remover for that. This Mascara, even though it gives me the MOST AMAZING LASHES I've ever seen is nothing like the "They're Real" mascara. Roller Lash looks like I have false lashes on and gives me these amazing flirty lashes- but the amazing thing is I feel like I have no mascare on at all! They're soft and feel healthy! No more crispy lashes! I went on this kick where I bought the cheap drug store brand of mascaras because I read that high end mascaras were a waste of money- Not Roller Lash! This mascara is worth every penny and I don't think I'm ever going to try another brand again (with the exception of when I need a waterproof mascara, of course)!

Mar 7, 2015

Great for lift and separate.

Location: Manchester, UK

Good product but I still use another mascara with it for volume.

Mar 6, 2015

Great Base Mascara

Location: Portland, OR, USA

I am a mascara snob. I LOVE good mascara and wear multiple kinds of mascara at a time. I tried this yesterday because the benefit girl who does my brows suggested I just give it a try. I fell in LOVE instantly. It truly does lengthen and curl. I was so impressed I immediately bought it. I'm wearing it today ( still in love) and called my mom and told her she has to buy it. Truly a great mascara, especially for the price point!

Mar 6, 2015

Love this mascara!

Location: Florida, USA

I love this mascara! It is easy to apply. No clumps and really does lift and curl my lashes. Doesn't smudge or smear by the days end. No raccoon eyes after a good workout at the gym either! I live in Florida. Finding a good mascara that stays put and does what it says it does it rare, especially in humidity land. This stuff works and is easy to remove with regular facial cleaner or a makeup removing towelette. The only issue I have is with the wand applicator. It is a little long and makes it difficult to control, but maybe it's just me. I bought the full size after receiving the sample size from Birchbox. The sample size wand is smaller (obviously) but is way easier to control. Maybe shorten the applicator wand on the full size?? Buy it, you love it!

Mar 2, 2015

No different from a basic mascara

Location: Scotland, UK

Was looking forward to using this new product. As I always enjoy Benefit cosmetics I was really disappointed in this product. I saw no difference in my lashes that any other mascara would do. Really felt that I wasted my money on this product.

Mar 1, 2015

Curls my stick-straight lashes

Location: Homer, NY

Picked this up yesterday. I am in love. My lashes refuse to hold a curl, no matter how hard I try. This curls them beautifully, and they look so long. Even hubs complimented them today, and he never really notices! Lasts all day! My new holy grail mascara!

Mar 1, 2015


Location: England, UK

I tried out this new product in my local Benefit store yesterday and could not resist purchasing it. This mascara is INSANE. Not only does it reach the standards of the they're real mascara in terms of length, but it then gives an instant curl to your lashes without the use of a eyelash curler. The only possible thing I could have negative to say about it is it was a bit more tricky to remove as opposed to my previous mascaras', but it is 100% worth this small hassle!

Feb 28, 2015


Location: Toledo, OH, USA

I just bought this mascara yesterday and could not wait to use it! I usually use the They're Real mascara but thought I would give this a try. I have naturally short lashes and they don't curl at all even with a lash curler. This did an awesome job. Worth every penny!

Feb 27, 2015

new holy grail mascara

Location: NY

I always liked They're Real but the ball at the end drove my a bit crazy. Roller Lash is even better than They're Real! This is my new Holy Grail Mascara- it is PERFECT!! I have short, blonde, stubby lashes that you can't even see without mascara on. The spoolie is great- it gets every single little lash and doesn't get the bottom lashes all messy and smudgy. No clumps, it thickens, lengthens and actually does curl my lashes! The packaging is adorable too- love the roller on the cap. It doesn't flake or wear off at all but comes off effortlessly with makeup remover at night. This is for sure a rebuy for me.

Feb 27, 2015

Benefit's Best Mascara!

Location: Royal Oak, MI, USA

This mascara is so much better than "They're Real!". It doesn't clump, lifts my lashes, makes them look longer and best of all, washes off without needing any special remover. One of Benefit's best products and sure to become a cult classic.

Feb 26, 2015

Can really see a difference!

Location: Hertfordshire, UK

I bought this months issue of Elle magazine for the free trial size mascara! It applies so easy, doesn't flake off over the course of the day and makes my long eyelashes even longer and fuller! Highly recommend!

Feb 25, 2015

Rollen Lash is awesome

Location: Corning, NY, USA

I love this mascara. It makes my lashes look so much longer and gorgeous. I can't believe what a difference this mascara made. Love it!!!

Feb 25, 2015


Location: Undisclosed

I have very long lashes and this product opens my eye and makes it look like I got huge eyes that I like too I would definitely rave about this to my nearest and dearest

Feb 21, 2015

Doesn't curl, smears

Location: Maine

This doesn't curl my lashes. I don't see a way for it to do that. Looks fine (for a while, in my case—see below), if a bit clumpy. I have a problem with all mascara (so far): can't wear it because it smears under my eyes. I hoped this mascara would be "the one," but no.

Feb 20, 2015


Location: England, UK

Absolutely love this product. I received a sample of Roller Lash in Elle magazine and it's everything I'd hoped for! The packaging is beautiful; pink/black/rose gold ensemble is so pretty and very fitting with Benefit's usual aesthetic. Even the sample is very easy to use in terms of size. Also love that the brush is pink - even if you don't see that when it's submerged in the black formula! The wand is a nice subtle curve which hugs the lashes and fits to most lash lines perfectly. It means every lash can be coated root to tip and lengthened quite dramatically! The formula works perfectly with the wand and my lashes were significantly curled (even without eyelash curlers). It's also very black which is great. Loved the overall look, can't really criticise!

Feb 19, 2015

pretty pretty pretty

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

my lashes look super flirty. separates & elongates without clumping. my winks are dangerously good lookin--watch out, babes!

Feb 18, 2015

Opens my Eyes

Location: IL

This came in my Birchbox and I absolutely love it. Opens my big ole eyes and beautifies my face. Will purchase once released.

Feb 15, 2015


Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK

this product is unbelievable; purchased elle magazine just for this product. Its unreal i can't wait to purchase a full size product xoxo

Feb 12, 2015

I got a free sample from ELLE magazine and ever since...

Location: UK

I got a free sample from ELLE magazine and ever since I've been waiting to be able to buy a full size one, I love what it does for my lashes. 10/10

Feb 12, 2015

Fabulous Lashes!

Location: London, UK

Great hold, fabulous curl, easy to remove! Love everything about this mascara, it's my favourite by far!

Feb 11, 2015

The best mascara out there!

Location: Milton Keynes

After losing my love for the they're real mascara and moving on to a different brand... I got a free sample of this beauty in ELLE magazine and WOWWZA I totally freaking love it! The best mascara I have ever used! Makes my lashes extra long, curled and stays on all day without leaking on to my face! Going to buy it asap :)

Feb 6, 2015

My new fav mascara

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

First mascara I've ever used that does not clump, at all. The unique brush has one side with tiny bristles that are great for the smaller lashes in the corners and on the bottom of your eye. Crazy cute packaging.

Feb 6, 2015

FANTASTIC for length, separation and curl

Location: Sacramento, CA, USA

Great mascara - the small, curved brush makes it really easy to hook every lash and get lots of length and definition. I've never been a fan of curved brushes but the design on this one really delivers. The formula is equally as impressive - very black and DOES NOT smudge on my top or bottom lid. Love it!

Feb 6, 2015

My new favorite mascara!

Location: San Francisco

I've had so much trouble finding a mascara that works for my super straight lashes... that I've pretty much given up on wearing mascara altogether. Roller lash is a GAME-CHANGER for me. It curls my lashes and really opens my eyes, doesn't clump, and stays on all freakin' day. MAGIC!

Feb 6, 2015

I love this mascara!

Location: California

Roller lash is so easy to use, it lasts all day and doesn't smudge but is also easy to remove. I love the curl that it give my lashes and the lash benefiting ingredients, Roller Lash makes my lashes look better than ever before!

Feb 6, 2015

Works great and it curls!

Location: California, USA

Roller Lash I can say is my favorite mascara by far. It is so easy to work with and I feel you can layer it without it clumping. Its very soft and gives your lashes that extra curling boost. I feel it grabs every lash very well!

Feb 6, 2015

Absolutely the best!

Location: Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA, USA

I finally found a product that I love so very much, for someone that has short eyelashes this product is heaven sent.. It brings out my eyes and most of all makes my eyelashes appear longer than they are.. Thank you Benefit for a great product. ..

Feb 6, 2015

I absolutely love the Roller Lash Mascara! It lifts and...

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

I absolutely love the Roller Lash Mascara! It lifts and curls EVERY lash. Even the small lashes on the waterline of you eye. It will last the whole day.

Feb 6, 2015

I'm In Love With My Roller Lash Mascara!

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Words can't express how much I love this mascara. I have used many different mascaras and I have found my favorite mascara. I was beyond speechless when I first applied this mascara. Having sensitive eyes and wearing contacts mascaras are a big deal and I can say Roller Lash does it job. So if you're looking for that mascara to separate and curl your lashes I recommend Roller Lash Mascara. It's absolutely perfect and I will keep buying it.

Feb 5, 2015

It curls my lashes!!!

Location: California, USA

This mascara tops them all!! I don't have to use my lash curler and if I do, it curls even more. I love it!!! Can't wait until you get more colors!!

Feb 5, 2015

curls, lifts, doesn't flake

Location: San Francisco, CA

I love my new roller lash mascara! It lifts, it curls and you can layer it without clumping. The formula is creamy and easy to work with.

Feb 5, 2015


Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Hard-working lift, lash separating, soft formula, lengthening. Love.

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