they're real! push-up easy gel eyeliner

they're real! push-up eyeliner

lash-hugging gel liner pen

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Fall in lined love!

This matte black gel formula is waterproof and won't smudge, budge or dry out for 24 hours*. The innovative soft AccuFlexTM Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner...the closer the line, the bigger the eye!

  • 91% said it was longwearing**
  • 88% said it hugged the lashline**
  • 84% said eyes looked visibly larger**

**Results observed in a consumer panel survey on 32 women after 2 weeks

*Instrumental test on 19 panelists


Allure Best of Beauty for beauty breakthrough, 2014
Allure Best of Beauty for best gel/cream eye liner, 2014


1.4 g Net wt. 0.04 oz.


Isododecane, Dextrin Palmitate, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Disodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Aluminum Hydroxide, Silica. [+/-: CI 19140 (Yellow 5, Yellow 5 Lake), CI 42090 (Blue 1 Lake), CI 77007 (Ultramarines), CI 77163 (Bismuth Oxychloride), CI 77288 (Chromium Oxide Greens), CI 77289 (Chromium Hydroxide Green), CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499 (Iron Oxides), CI 77510 (Ferric Ferrocyanide, Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide), CI 77742 (Manganese Violet), CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide)]. N,?? 08395/A

Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.


"Pro liner looks, no experience needed"

Ooh la la, it's your first time? Prep the pen by removing the orange AccuFlex? tip protector (you can toss 'er). Twist base until gel appears on tip, then wipe off excess. !

Now do it on the daily. First things first-clean the tip: Start by wiping off leftover gel on the AccuFlex? tip before each use. Slowly twist the base until a tiny amount of gel appears on the tip. Rest the tip on the base of your lashes and guide along your lashline from either the inner or outer corner. The angled AccuFlex? tip works both ways, with pleasure. !

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Customers love that it's

14 Nov 2017

Good applicator, awful formula

Location: Brazil

The applicator does take some getting used to, but once you get a hang of it, it's great. However, the formula is atrocious - it's the driest, thickest, clumpiest liner I ever had the misfortune to use. The ONLY way to apply it is to stretch your skin very tight and press down hard - then it glides, but it's still hard to get a sharp edge. Otherwise it gets stuck in one place, clumps and falls off. If you go over the same place more than once, it builds up too thick, cracks and falls off. The drying isn't fast, it's instantaneous, the liner comes out already dry, so if you don't get it completely perfect on the first try, you won't be able to correct it. So please, Benefit, keep the applicator but fill it with a more liquid formula.

11 Oct 2017

The worst ever!! Don't waste your money!

Ju Peixoto
Location: Brasil

This is the worst eyeliner I've ever tried by far! Although the idea behind it is awesome, it just doesn't work at all. The product inside just dries and forms a thick mass that clogs the pen (yes, it already came to me like this!). They say you should click the base once, but believe me: nothing happens!!! When the product finally comes out, it has this weird dried texture, making impossible to have a full dark line. It clogs all the time, and suddenly a huge amount of "dried product" comes out (wasting lots of it). A huuuuge waste of money. I am extremely disappointed about this product.

2 Sep 2017

Complete waste of money

Location: U.K.

I paid full price for this awful eyeliner and I am furious that it is so unusable. All the other Benefit products have been great......I do think the company should be refunding us as the product is not fit for purpose. It comes out when it has its lid on......but doesn't when you are trying to use it. If it does come out its like a little lumpy sausage. Thoroughly disappointed........................................

10 Aug 2017


Location: Wisconsin

I was skeptical because this item had some poor reviews, but after trying it I can say that it is my favorite eye liner ever. I used to try to do winged liner 3-4 times a day before just giving up completely because I was so horrible at it, but this eye liner makes it so easy!!! Perfect wings every time!! Amazing!!

10 Jul 2017

quick and easy liner

Location: victoria

I really don't understand how there can be so many bad reviews of this product. For me the eyeliner is a great consistency, the silicon tip makes applying gel liner so much more simple. I personally think this liner is extremely well though out. The silicon makes the tip able to get really close to the lash line, while you can also use the precise tip to create a perfect winged eyeliner. Also the color pay off is incredible, i don't have to overwork the product to get a nice eyeliner coverage. The price point is a little steep, however it is up there with my favorite high-end liners.

5 Jul 2017



I was super excited about this product until I tried it. It was hard to apply…after a while of working at it and finally getting it on it was clumpy and started to crumble into my eyes. It was just as hard to get off as it was to get on…I would NOT recommend this to anybody.

30 Jun 2017


Location: Tennessee

I have NEVER written a review but it's so bad I felt I needed to! Im frustrated that I even spent money on it. The liner doesnt come out properly, it leaks between uses. Today I discovered that the liner gets stuck in the tip and doesn't come out, today I squeezed the tip and it can squirting out, got all over everything, such a waste. So, when I turn the bottom to get liner out it just gets stuck in the tip inside and doesn't come out.

25 Jun 2017

The Best Eyeliner EVER! Costly though!

Location: Delhi, India

Have been using it for 3 years and absolutely loving it. The powdery-coal texture of gel becomes noticeable and never fails to attract people. I got 6 pieces ordered at once, gifted 2 to my friends. They loved it too but find it difficult to apply. Which explains some of the bad reviews i read here! Application takes practice but once u do it right, there's nothing u want after using Benefit's push up liner. The only disappointment is every time u open the cap, considerable amount is sucked out and wasted, which makes it even more costly. Also, it was easy earlier to order online from India but i can't do it now! The Indian site does not have this product featured. It's costing almost the double at the shops here :(

26 May 2017

Easy draw

Location: Orlando

Very soft liner, easy draw and good for beginner like me. Considering purchased the second one.

27 Apr 2017


Location: Brazil

Bought this product because my friend recommended..."it dries really fast, and it's long lasting". I thought, great! I live in Brazil and it's hot in here...Now the container is leaking oil and the eyeliner doesn't come out from it anymore. So, I maybe used it three times and now it's as good as garbage. The thing is, I paid almost twice the American price. Not worth it!

12 Apr 2017

Save your money!

Location: TX

This was a waste of money. The product itself is dry-ish so hard to get that easy sweep u need. It leaks liner when not in use, I think half of the liner was leaked and unusable because it had dried. Every single time I uncapped it, there was a huge amount of liner that had been leaked out, and I mean EVERY TIME. Horrible product, will NOT be buying again....Ever. >:(

29 Mar 2017

My Fave!

Jackie O
Location: West Chester, PA

I'm shocked to see so many negative reviews because this is my favorite eyeliner. It's a perfect hybrid of a liquid and pencil and so easy to apply. In fact, I was able to successfully achieve a cat eye on my first try thanks to this gem! Each tube lasts forever. Just twist the bottom once and pinch the top a little. The perfect amount for one eye will come out.

24 Mar 2017


Location: UK

it's amazing once you actually know how to use it, would recommend to everyone

20 Mar 2017

Only Eyeliner I Will Ever Own

Location: New Zealand

I don't understand why there are so many bad reviews for this product, perhaps the reviewers are using it wrong! After buying this product I will never use another eyeliner ever again. So smooth to apply, easy to get sharp lines and even easier to create a stunning winged line. The built in brush/applicator was a huge seller for me and it lived up to my expectations. As usual the packaging that Benefit has used is superb and as the description stated this product is 100% waterproof, so impressive! DOES NOT SMUDGE! I would recommend this product, and for those who are having trouble using, perhaps practice some patience and watch some YouTube tutorials, because I can't find anything to fault with this liner.

19 Mar 2017

Hard to use

Location: Dallas, tx

Very dry. Clumps up and flakes off. It took 20 mins just to do a simple line to hug my lashes. Wouldn't blend. Couldn't go into my lashes without the product clumping

14 Mar 2017

Awesome Product

Location: Sydney,Australia

Amazing eyeliner. Long lasting and waterproof

7 Feb 2017

Surprised by so many bad reviews!

Location: SF Bay Area

Oh no, I'm nervous with all the bad reviews Benefit will discontinue and there's nothing else like it. I was using a flat liner brush and a little pot of one gel liner or another for years. I had to wash that brush all the time and application was difficult. Now, I know this pen isn't perfect but it's really not that hard to make it work. When it's new it needs a lot of twisting but the trick is stop a little early and then don't twist too much when you use it going forward. Use your nail to nudge the applicator tip and get just a little product out. Once it is on it STAYS on. If you totally rub your eyes, yeah, it's going to smear, don't do that. I wear a semi-thin but solid/bold line right on my top lash-line and that's it. I love it.

31 Jan 2017

Huge Disappointment

Location: denver

Every Benefit product I've ever had I have been very happy with until I bought this eyeliner. Despite the "tips" I was sent after I complained it didn't make a difference- the eyeliner falls out of the pencil without even twisting it. Over half of the product has been wasted to no fault of my own. There is a problem with the design. This was a waste of money.

29 Jan 2017

Smudges All Over / Hard To Use

Location: Mill Valley

I used Magic Ink eyeliner for years, but it was discontinued :( I love my They're Real mascara, so thought I would give this a try. It's so hard to even get the product out ( not a great design) but even worse is that it smudges all over my eyelids every time I use it. I would not recommend this product.

20 Jan 2017

Worse than worthless

Location: usa

Very disappointed - product doesn't come out no matter how many times I twist. Then it comes out in a big clump and gets all over my eyes top and bottom. On top of that it's almost impossible to remove. So I end up going to work looking like I have a black eye. Fail.

16 Jan 2017

"push AWAY"!

Location: NEPA

idk if I'm impatient, but I didn't give this a 3rd chance! clumpy,,yes! super messy..yes! uneven application. .yes! took around 15-20 clicks for gel to rise on 1st attempt..don't waste your time or $

25 Dec 2016

Takes lots of practice

Location: South Wales

I bought this after a makeover at the Benefit counter, the lady who did my make was lovely and made this look so easy to use. However, when I tried it at home it wasn't so easy. I have been wearing cat eyeliner for many years, so am very practised at it, there is definitely a knack to using this product and sometimes I lose it. What I have found with this eyeliner is that if you keep the little orange bit in the top between uses then it easier to use. It's not as quick and easy as a felt tip eyeliner but it does stay in place. Having said that if you make a mistake it is very difficult to rectify. It's definitely not my favourite Benefit product.

16 Dec 2016

Shocking how it's won award

Location: Derby

I usually love benefit products and this is the 1st eyeliner I have got from them. This eyeliner is shocking, it's difficult to use for a start and it fails to work after a few uses. The only good thing about it is that it's waterproof but it's very difficult to remove if you make a mistake. I love makeup and was excited to try this product but it's unfortunately left me thinking that benefit is lowering there standards. This product doesn't deserve 1 star let alone some of the 5 star reveiws I have read before purchasing this eyeliner. I'm left appalled at the aplication and won't be purchasing again.😢

16 Dec 2016

The bad reviewers are using it wrong!!

Burlesque Gal
Location: Chesterfield

I love this eyeliner, it's way better than any other I've ever tried! The way I use it is to twist the bottom once or twice and then pinch the tip, the perfect amount of product comes out for one eye! And doing it that way means it also doesn't clog up the tip or dry out so all the bad reviews are based on people not knowing this simple trick, which I got shown by the girls on the Benefit counter that I go to. It is tough to get off but I'd rather have that than it vanish after a few hours which is what all the other liners I've used have done, and as I wear it on stage to dance in it needs to withstand a lot!!

14 Dec 2016

Globs and flakes

Location: Reykjavik

I am so disappointed with this eyeliner. When I first used it I thought it was amazing; looked great and was easy to apply. I thought it was so amazing that I threw out my old eyeliner, a decision I regretted a week later when I used the product for the second time. In that one week the gel had dried up quite a bit and came out in globs. After a few attempts I was able to apply an acceptable line but within an hour the eyeliner began falling off in flakes and by the end of the evening I had no liner on my eyelids and black flakes all over my cheeks. Only good for one use, wouldn't recommend.

11 Dec 2016

Way too dry and clumpy.

Location: united states

I am very disappointed in this product. I bought it in BLUE and BLACK. The product is so dry that it does not go on smoothly (I can not even get the black to come out at all). I have been using gel eyeliners for years and know how to apply. This one is a great idea for easy application, but the product itself does not allow for a smooth even line. I really like Benefits, but this product falls way, way too short.

28 Nov 2016

HUGE Disappointment!!

Location: NJ

I'm an avid eyeliner user and I have never been so disappointed in an eyeliner. The tube itself is nice, and the flexible tip is a great idea, but the formula of the liner itself is absolutely horrendous. It dries up so easily, it clumps on your lid and flakes off. It doesn't last all day if it's not worn over a primed lid. I wear it alone and it just looks like an absolute mess before I even get where I need to be. It's definitely not worth the money or the hype.

28 Nov 2016

Waste of money

Location: Vermont

It broke during my first use - and when applied on the eyes, the beyond black color looked gray.

27 Nov 2016

Great at first, rubbish after a month

Location: Finland

I don't use an eyeliner in my everyday make-up, but love to do a classic make-up with heavy eyeliner and red lips when I go out. The first couple of times I used this product, I had some trouble getting it out of the pen, but once I did, it was pretty great; good amount of colour and stayed on nicely. However, it very quickly became a real pain to get any product out of the pen, and what I did get out was dry and just created a mess. Not worth the money - very dissappointed!

7 Nov 2016

Messy eyeliner

Location: Sydney

I can easily say I am a he@vy user when it comes to eyeliners... And bought many over the years, this one is probably the worse... It's messy, the product squirts out unevenly and applying it is a drama! Not in line with what you would expect from a Benefit product...

2 Nov 2016

Don't want to give it even one star

Location: Newcastle upon tyne

I will start by saying Benefeit is great. I use lots of it with no complaint! But this is awful. It's like it isn't made by Benefeit. Like something cheap and nasty has crept in.

25 Oct 2016

Disappointing waste of $$

Location: Toronto. Ontario

Click to get gel eyeliner and nothing, click several times and nothing. Open it a few hours later and chunk of eye liner, waste of $$ - very disappointing. Very happy with other Benefit products. Back to the drawing board on this one. Wish I kept my bill for a return.

9 Oct 2016


Location: Orange

It honestly take A lot to get used to, but it works like a charm. I hate that you have to wipe the excess off every time you apply, but it's amazing.

6 Oct 2016

Love this!

Location: Orange, CA

This liner takes a bit of getting used to, but overall it's awesome! You just have to be careful with the product overflow and make sure you're not trying to use what's leftover from the previous day on the applicator. Lasts all day and lots of definition- will not smudge. It's my go to liner!

30 Sep 2016


Location: Australia

So disappointed in this liner, the design would be easy to use if it actually worked. The push up idea never works and the product is SO DRY i cant even use it, it just crumbles off the tip of the pencil/pen/etc. and falls off and all thats left on my eyelid is NOTHING and bits of dried "gel" in my face.

27 Sep 2016

Terrible, awful complete waste of money

Location: Gloucestershire

This product doesn't work at. It does not even apply properly. Tried everything and could not get it even go on and breaks off and crumbles. I took it straight back to the store as it never worked for a refund and they wouldn't refund as I had opened the box! Of course I had to open it to get the product out. Thoroughly disappointed and a complete waste of money. May as well of flushed pound notes down the toilet.

25 Sep 2016

Bad quality for price.

Location: Sussex

I've been waiting to buy this, as the price isn't exactly small but I have a few occasions coming up so I went for it expecting a miracle liner. I got the Beyond Blue one and the colour is barely noticable, just looks like I'm wearing a normal black liner. Applying took about 20 minutes doing tiny sections before the formula clumped and flaked away, the end result was okay but the amazing Lash Hugging tip meant all the clumps were like on my eyelashes and that was really annoying and gross.

25 Sep 2016

Really weird

Location: Dorset

Very disappointing. Hard to use and comes out blotchy and thick and then difficult to remove. Don't like it at all. Please bring back the waterproof pencil in grey.

12 Sep 2016


Location: Devon

I was looking forward to using this product. In the first few uses I found it great but the applicatior was difficult to get used to. Then it started to lack the easiness it should when applying my eyeliner. It kept clumping and even after cleaning the nib the product wouldn't come out how it should!

11 Sep 2016

Good to use

Location: Sanjose

Product is good and long lasting

7 Sep 2016

Last all day long!

Location: chicago

This liner is amazing. Easy to put on and it will last the whole day. Absolutely love it.

5 Sep 2016


Location: Denver, CO

Benefit: I love what you innovate some of the most useful, practical, well-formulated cosmetics on the block, but this product is a straight up hoax. After purchasing this relatively costly liner, watching the video tutorial 4 times, I still ended up with massive wads of product on the tip after every use. Sadly, many fellow redditors who bought this product ended up with awful wads of coagulated product as well. Within a week, the product was dry, crusty, and impossible to apply. I ran out of all of the product in a mere 2 months. To all who may purchase: you risk a very messy, disappointing situation. PSA: SOMEONE STOP THE GLOBS. Benefit: help me out here...I want to trust your products but this was such a disaster!

21 Aug 2016

Such a waste of money

Location: Sheffield

Absolutely terrible!! Dry, flaky and impossible to use! I will go back to using my £7 eyeliner.

17 Aug 2016

Officially long wearing eyeliner

Location: Jordan

Love this eyeliner 💕It's long wearing , doesn't give you smudgy eyes after a while unlike other eyeliners. It's very easy to draw the line with it and it's waterproof what else would someone wish for from an eyeliner

12 Aug 2016


Location: UK

I purchased this product after it was recommended to me by a friend who loved it and used it on a daily basis with no trouble. I couldn't wait to try it as I have always struggled with gel liner and thought this would be perfect for me. It was far from it!! The nib is extremely bendy therefore application is difficult and a real struggle. The product also seems to dry considerably within a matter of seconds so u have to waste a lot of it. And lastly it is borderline impossible to remove. I tried everything I could think of to remove it but I was still left with black eyes afterwards. They were also incredibly sore and red as I had to wipe my eyes so much and so so vigorously for it to come off. I wouldn't recommend this product at all!!

10 Aug 2016

Very disappointed - Shelf life!

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

I've had this product for a few months and I've used it about 5 times in total. The product is easy to use and easy to control. The issue I have had is that after such a short time the product has dried up and wont come out the end anymore. I think a 2 month shelf life ins't what a expected from a premium product

2 Jul 2016

would not recommend

Location: united kingdom

i was very disaapointed with this product. i love benefit and i normally have no problem with any of there products, but this eyeliner was not worth the money. it felt very chalky and did not apply very nicely. i definately would not recommend this eyeliner to anyone. waste of money.

1 Jul 2016

Great look, long wear

Location: Juneau

This stuff goes on like butter and doesn't move! Pro: Irl got gasoline in my face and it didn't wash off. Con: gasoline won't take it off?! It's hard to remove...

23 Jun 2016

watch the video!

Location: Warren,RI

I got this in a trial size in a great eyes package. At first, I had a hard time applying it but I watched the video on the benefit site and had no problems from there. When used properly, it's amazing.

9 Jun 2016

Green is great!

Location: San Francisco

I have green eyes and thought the green liner would be overkill, but quite the opposite. I feel like it really makes my eyes pop, and it glides on very smoothly.

3 Jun 2016


Location: sydney

one of the most disappointing product from benefit.. would definitely NOT recommend to others. hard to apply crumbles easily. the twist bottom fails all the time.

2 Jun 2016


Location: Bath

My mother in law gave this to me as she 'just couldn't get it to work' and thought it must be just her, but no. It's awful. I've tried twice now and I can't get it near my lashes as the nib is so bendy and getting the stuff actually out of the pen is almost impossible. When it does come out it drags your eye and doesn't create a smooth line. I feel like I have absolutely loads on which is not a good look for me. I need to get ready quickly in the morning and this takes 10-15 minutes to get it anything close to acceptable. I am desperately trying to get hold of the Badgal pencil liner that I've used for years, but it appears they've discontinued them. I love Benefit and have loads of their other products, but this is very very poor.

2 Jun 2016

This eyeliner is amazing

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

It takes a little time to get used to. I am over 50 and have been using liquid eyeliner for just under 37 years. Put eyeshadow on first and it lasts until you take it off with a good remover.

31 May 2016


Location: Leeds

Gel eyeliners are admittedly hard to get used too but after getting sick off my maybelline one crumbling away before a day had ended I decided to step it up. This eyeliner took a bit of play to get used too but the colour and ease at which it goes on is amazing, I get nice steady lines and a beautiful finish which lasted a four hour trek through the mountains #fab

30 May 2016

This product was terrible

Location: Nyc

I WAS LOOKING THROUGH THE BOOKLET CONTAINING ALL THE NEW PRODUCT THAT CAME OUT. I came across The liner and I was excited to try something new and different. So I purchased it and when I got home I took it out of the box and I had to read the insructions I had to turn it more than 8-10 times, it would crumble, it dried out way to fast where I couldn't apply the liner in one stroke, it's a waste of product because you have to wipe off the excess liner a few times, it went all over my face, it was hard to take off and last but not least I had to press hard to make the line. The only good thing was that it does hug your lashes for a fine thin line. This product needs major work and changes. I rather stick to the gel pots and Angled brush.

28 May 2016

Easiest eyeliner

Location: U.K.

I have never been able to use an eyeliner before, it always goes wrong, but after using this, I can do a winged eyeliner with the shape and easy grip of the eyeliner.

26 May 2016


Location: London

Really hard to apply and incredibly clumpy...the mixture needs to be thinner so it can glide over the eyelid....Would not recommend and regret spending so much money on it...!!

25 May 2016

Best eyeliner ever

Location: KSA

I'm a makeup addict and I love to try a lot of products. I've tried many eyeliners but non of them was as good as this push up eyeliner. My eyes are considered small, but every time I apply this eyeliner they become larger and sexier. Applying it, for me, is pretty easy thanks to its fine tip. I always love to wear sexy cat eye with this eyeliner.. Meowww

18 May 2016

Flaky after a few hours

Location: Illinois

When I first used this eyeliner, I was impressed by the uniqueness and the easy flow of the rubber tip. However, after a few hours of wear, it began to flake off of my eyes and fall on my face. Then I got home at night (I put it on around 2pm) and noticed that one of my eyes was almost completely faded off. I love the concept of this product but it may need a formula change.

16 May 2016

In love with the liner

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

I have been using this liner since it launched and have gone through so many of them. Have all the colours and love all of them. The blue is a bit difficult to work with but was told that the formula has changed . Its long lasting , matte, intense colour , easy to use. Must buy !!

10 May 2016

Doesn't even work

Location: Texas

I bought this product today expecting it to be AMAZING due to all the hype about it. But come to find out when I tried to put it on it wouldn't stick and it just crumbled. The applicator is awful and the gel drys wayyyyy too fast. I would not recommend this to anyone, it was a huge waste of money.

3 May 2016

Best eyeliner yet

Location: Sydney

This is by far the best eyeliner I have ever used & haven't been using anything else since I found this. Provided you are experienced in using liquid or gel liner it's easy to use, glides on nicely, dries quickly & last all day. It's also easy to remove with makeup remover. I'm amazed so many people have given it a rating of 1 but reading their review it's clear to me they are inexperienced & just don't know how to use it. You also need to twist the pen once & wait before you gently squeeze the tip to bring up the gel to apply. Wouldn't use anything else.

28 Apr 2016

Okay product

Location: Brighton

I love that it gets really close to the lash line and it also pushes lashed aside, but I am really disappointed that when I go over the line I've made the product crumbles and smudges very easily.

19 Apr 2016


Location: London

The product is lumpy and is almost impossible to apply! It comes out in streaks and feels so heavy on your eye lid. I would not recommend.

17 Apr 2016


Location: Las Vegas, NV

After using this liner, I've never been able to happily use anything else. A lot of the reviews of this liner are negative because it is a harder pen to get used to and use correctly, but if you use it right, the liner will never disappoint you. This liner lasted me roughly 4 months of almost daily use! 4 months of dramatic wings! Another complaint is that it is hard to remove. You can either buy the makeup remover strictly for this liner, or do what I do and use coconut oil to remove it, which works even better, imo. In all, this is my favorite eyeliner and I refuse to use anything else. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a matte eye look that is waterproof, and is a little more experienced with applying eyeliner.

11 Apr 2016


Location: Durham

I'm really not sure why the average rating of this product is so low. It's absolutely brilliant. The liner stays put all day and doesn't rub off onto the area above like I've found with a lot of other liners. Once you've got the hang of it, it's pretty easy to use too.

10 Apr 2016

benefit has great products but..

Location: Los Angeles

Benefit has great products but this is not one of them. It's difficult to apply, becomes easily clumpy, its very hard to take off, and doesn't last very long. I've been using gel eyeliner for a few years now and this is the hardest one to work with that I have ever owned.

6 Apr 2016

Makes Beautiful Bold Lines but Wasteful

Location: Texas

I absolutely love the lines this eyeliner makes but it is so wasteful. Every time I go to apply my makeup and take the cap off, there is a bunch of product at the top that I have to wipe away. If I try to apply the wasted product to my eyes it just crumbles and falls off. Really hope they fix this so I can continue to buy it. Right now I am looking for a similar product that isn't wasteful.

2 Apr 2016


Sadie Kay
Location: Laguna Hills, CA

I am so surprised to read that people do not like this eyeliner. It is amazing and easy to use. It is not dry and crumbly at all. This eyeliner is almost foolproof. I get many compliments on my winged liner and it is all thanks to this eyeliner. Try it or yourself. It is the best eyeliner I have every used.

26 Mar 2016

not great, not terrible

Location: london

This product is difficult to apply and does not give the sharpest wing. However it is very black and looks good when you get it right. This eyeliner is extremely difficult to get off if you mess it up, definitely wouldn't recommend for beginners. It also smudges a lot, even when its dry and therefore comes off.

25 Mar 2016

a shame

Location: harrogate

The product was advertised as the number 1 seller. And I loved the mascara so I thought I'd treat myself. The eyeliner is extremely difficult to apply and you end up wasting a lot of the product trying to put it on. It's also extremely difficult to get of so if you make a mistake you have to reapply all make up again round the eye area. It took 3 make up wipes to remove the eyeliner in total

24 Mar 2016

Highly disappointed

Location: Essex

When magic ink discontinued I gave this product a go, what a mistake. Considerable higher priced and I got a "good" use out of it for one day before the tip dries up and you get little lumps come out on your eyes. Had to click several times for each eye and never got a perfect line, more of a smudged effect where I was pulling on skin to get the product out. Also really hard to correct a mistake with this, once it's on, it's on. Will not be buying this product again. Really surprised benefit have put this product to market in its current condition.

15 Mar 2016

Not the best, but okay.

Location: United States

So this was my first eyeliner (yay!). I found a lot of pros and cons so I will list them here... (BTW I got "beyond brown", which I thought complimented my eyes very nicely)............................. CONS: - Takes forever to get the gel actually out of the pen - Gets messy quick - Won't stick to my lashline well. ................... PROS: - Goes on smoothly - Great to draw wings - Does make your eyes look bigger. ...................... Anyways, hope this helps:)

13 Mar 2016

Too difficult to use! Lots of wastage!

Location: London

I usually LOVE benefit products however this eyeliner is awful! I have the same problems others seem to have, when I turn it one click, nothing comes out, so I turn it a few more clicks and then too much comes out and falls off, meaning I have probably wasted about 70% of this product. When I take the cap off to use it the following day, again, there will be a large clump that falls off. It is so disappointing that I have paid almost £20, yet will only have about £4/5 of the product that is usable!

8 Mar 2016

Love this

Location: Nottinghamshire

I got a sample of this and think it's great! It's so much easier to do winged eyeliner!!

7 Mar 2016

Not fun and super pricey..

Location: London

This is just the worst. If you push it up too much you can't use it - Its just really hard to control. It isn't smooth on your lids either... BRING BACK MAGIC INK!

29 Feb 2016

Wasteful and not worth the money

Location: Arizona

I like the liner itself, but the application method is terrible. Like others mentioned, this product does not always come up with one click and may take several clicks and then too much comes out. Every time I placed in on my counter and went to open it, there was a huge chunk of it on the top that I couldn't use. Terrible and a waste of money.

27 Feb 2016


Location: Birmingham

Everyone giving this bad reviews clearly just doesn't know how to use it. It's not hard! And it's amazing once you actually know how to use it, would recommend to everyone

25 Feb 2016

Worst eye liner ever

Location: Canada

This eyeliner I bought was dry and not worth the price at all , did not create a nice line at all it just kept clumping

24 Feb 2016

Gorgeous :)

Location: Colorado

I think this liner is amazing. I honestly think that this product is so underrated! Though, I don't recommend it for anyone that doesn't have a lot of experience with eyeliner, but other than that, it's amazing! The product is gorgeous, especially for an everyday look. Lasts from to when I put it on, to the very end of the day—it will NOT move, but it's still quite easy to take off (in my opinion). I totally recommend this product to all the eyeliner addicts like me :)

21 Feb 2016

Shocking product

Location: Haliax

This product is just horrible. It's like trying to put drying paint on your eyelid, it drags and leaves an awful finish!

17 Feb 2016

Do not Recommend

Location: Durham

I've never bought anything from Benefit before and this is the first product that i've had. I'm not an eyeliner expert or anywhere close, I needed something easy to use and this certainly wasn't it! I was recommended this product by a Boots Makeup Artist and i'm very disappointed, it's extremely hard to apply and really is not worth such a high price. It's also very dry and doesn't come out the top unless you click it round about 5 times!!!

14 Feb 2016

So disappointing...

Location: London

I am DEVASTATED that 'Magic Ink' has been discontinued and we are expected to move to this instead. I stupidly believed the sales assistant who told me how great this was. I bought it, and found it to be crumbly and smudgy after being on a little while; it is terrible. Benefit, you have got so much right - please bring back Magic Ink or I'll have to go elsewhere. :(

13 Feb 2016

Worst eyeliner I have tried

Location: Coventry

This eyeliner was honestly one of the worst things I have ever tried. As you apply it almost comes out crumbly and leaves clumps behind as you drag it (it does drag... A lot) and leaves the faintest line. This liner is not worth the money, and I can get better looks with far more inexpensive products. You would benefit more from purchasing a loner brush along with a gel liner pot.

5 Feb 2016

Terrible product

Location: Suffolk, UK

This eyeliner should be recalled, it really is dreadful. It does not come out of the dispenser, and when it eventually does it is a big clumpy mess. It is also very difficult to apply in straight lines and is not easily buildable. I so wish I had read the reviews and not wasted my money on the eyeliner. Felt tip and ink pot liners are much better.

30 Jan 2016

Quite possibly the worst eyeliner ever

Location: Charlotte, NC

This was tragic! I have to you a liquid liner and I was talked into giving this a try. It was THE worst eyeliner I've ever tried. It takes forever to come to the top as you twist the base. It doesn't run smoothly over the eye therefore causing your eye to pull and not come close to a straight line. Also, it claims to be a lash-hugging liner, but I couldn't get it close enough without it clumping up on my lashes. It's absolutely terrible.

22 Jan 2016

The WORST eyeliner I've ever tried

Location: washington

I have nothing positive to say about this product. I love Benefit, but this product isn't worth even $1. There is no way to apply this product effectively. It is hard to dispense and extremely difficult to use. It is not long wearing and is not very pigmented over shadow. Even the packaging sucks. Sorry, Benefit.

22 Jan 2016

Awful, crumbles all down your face!

The Picky Panda
Location: Onataio

The slick packaging and applicator drew me in to purchase this. Followed the tips for application but the consistency of the liner is much to thick crumbling and falling down my face. The liner needs to be more liquid or gel like rather than the crumbly crayon like consistency that it is. Waste of time and money until they get the viscosity correct. Would not purchase again and frankly would like a refund for the aggravation!

19 Jan 2016

Worst Eyeliner I've Ever Used

Location: Arizona

When I first bought this product I absolutely loved it. After playing with it I had gotten pretty good at applying it. It was expensive but since it was so long lasting it was worth it, I thought at the time. After about three months of owning it it became useless. I'd click it twice and no product would come out. I waited to see if it was just being slow and still nothing. I clicked it once more, nothing. I decided to do it again, making that four total clicks and product came oozing out. Each time I try to use it products oozes everywhere which is just a waste. It's a waste of money and it's hard to remove. I like long lasting make up but when I remove this my eyelid is red and sore from the effort. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone

16 Jan 2016

Takes getting used to

Location: Plymouth

I bought this on a whim as I have always used gel eyeliner, but found applicators were normally hard to use. After using this product I've fell in love with how easy it glides on. I found that also the eyeliner would be solid when used, so a tip is to rub it between the hands to warm it up, and this makes the gel seem to come out easier!

28 Oct 2015

hard to use

Location: Undisclosed

this product is very hard to use although with practice i think it would be good. it is very expensive and when it is in my makeup box overnight and i open it the next day their is a massive clump of it at the end which is a massive waste

20 Oct 2015

Awful and flaky and so difficult to use

Location: Cleveland, OH, USA

I love Benefit's makeup--super expensive but hey, it's good quality so it's worth it! The They're Real mascara is amazing so I thought this eyeliner would be equally amazing. There's so many generic "wow!" reviews about this I was super psyched about getting it. However, don't bother buying it. It's a complete waste of money and if I could return it, I would run to the store immediately. The application is so frickin difficult, the innovative applicator tip? awful. It wastes so much product because it just piles together on the rubber tip and then crumbles off. You waste so much more time clicking away nervously at the pen so that it doesn't all suddenly shoot out and half the thing is gone. When you finally manage to put it on your eye--the lines are not at all precise and it's so clumpy and weirdly like a bad quality crayon. There are so many empty spaces where there should be flawless black eyeliner. And after barely 2 minutes, you notice that it's all clumped up and dry and it literally peels off your eyelid. Wow. Save your money and avoid avoid avoid.

15 Oct 2015

This is the best eyeliner I have ever seen

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

It's very easy to use, it lasts much longer than the others of the market, it's very pigmented and dry very fast. I love it, I'll buy it very often. I just think it's a little bit expensive.

9 Oct 2015


Location: Lexington, SC, USA

I love Benefit but this is a horrible design. I've watched the tutorial and have been using for about a month. I waste soo much product. I have to "prime" it then a click or 2 doesn't do it. After i get enough gel out it goes on clumpy not to mention about an hour later it flakes under my eyes. It may be waterproof but not smudge proof. I always have product on my eyelids and underneath. I'm just gonna stick with a pencil.

6 Oct 2015

TERRIBLE Dispenser

Location: Undisclosed

I am not sure if the product I purchased happens to be defective, but there seems to be a delay in the dispensing of the eyeliner. Needs so many clicks for the eyeliner to come out and unknowingly, so much product comes out when I put it away. When I open the cap, it's a huge mess and it all goes to waste. I love Benefit, in fact all my make up is from Benefit but this eyeliner is a huge disappointment. Terrible, horrible, dispenser. Paid so much money for this eyeliner only to have 90% of it go to waste. I do not like wasting and this eyeliner is good at that. This eyeliner should be pulled out. Not buying this again.

29 Sep 2015

don't waste your money

Location: Austin, TX, USA

Very difficult to use. I have long eyelashes and it kept clumping to my eyelashes. Doesn't smudge, but does clump and dry out. Flaked after only half an hour. On the plus side, once it has dried completely it doesn't budge. However, that means scrubbing with makeup remover to even fade it. I've used way cheaper eyeliner and had way better results.

24 Sep 2015

Hard to use.

Location: Scotland, UK

Like many other people this eyeliner is very hard to use, I bought the full size one and feel very disappointed, I have probably wasted over half of the liner due to having to "practice" with it. This product is a let down to the Benefit brand I'm afraid. As another reviewer has stated I shouldn't have to practice and waste my product. One to avoid.

5 Sep 2015

This product 'sux'..

Location: North Providence, RI, USA

Clumpy., can only use once, soooo not worth the $$ .. Free for a 1-time deal. That's about it folks!!

1 Sep 2015

Horrible dry clumps....

Location: Cocogirl

I thought this would be a nice fluid liner. Instead, every time I twist it I get a clump of black which falls off. Cannot use and would not recommend!!!

31 Aug 2015


Location: Somerset, UK

This product is hard to use at first, but with time it gets easier. Much like the mascara, it lasts all day. The product is wasted when you apply though, as you have to wipe away any excess which used half the product each time.

30 Aug 2015

There real eyeliner

Location: sheffield

Very messy product. YOu get the eye liner out and then it falls on your face. I can't understand why they have made such a difficult eye liner when others can be so easy to apply. I have the miniature one in an offer and will definitely not buy the full size.

26 Aug 2015

so perfect

Location: Leicester, UK

Absolutely love this liner, my most favourite ever by far! So comfy to wear, has a very long wear even when worn out at night. Easy to apply, always creates perfect flicks and lasts for ages (I've only had to buy two tubes in 9 months and I wear it every day!) May seem pricey to some (I definitely thought that before I'd ever bought it) but it's so worth it.

25 Aug 2015


Location: Sterling Heights, MI, USA

I would love this product if it was easy to remove. I get that some people need something that doesn't budge. But they should make a normal one too.

25 Aug 2015

Great long lasting eyeliner

Location: Derby, Derby, UK

I bought the mini version of this product at Christmas, as I had never tried it before and wanted to see if I liked it. I love it and am going to buy the full sized one when it runs out. It takes a while to get used to and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't very good at applying eyeliner. I honestly think that anyone who says this product isn't good, doesn't know how to apply it properly or isn't familiar with the rubber applicator. I personally love it. When applied properly it has a smooth jet black finish and doesn't stick to your lashes like most liquid eyeliners. Also it really does stay on all day long and doesn't smudge in the slightest. I put it on in the morning and by the evening it still looks perfect and jet black. This is definitely an eyeliner I'm going to stick to:)

23 Aug 2015

So easy to use!

Location: Reading, Reading, Reading, UK

I sometimes find it difficult to apply eyeliner, but They're Real is so easy to apply. It glides on and lasts all day. I own it in black, green and purple. The purple really makes my brown eyes pop!

22 Aug 2015

Clump dried mess

Location: Nashville, TN, USA

Purchased my new black eyeliner and was SO excited to try it out, that I opened walking out of the store! Tried it out in the car mirror. So ok, learning curve, read the instructions, kept them, replaced the orange tiny cap to liner and blk cap. Next use the liner was really thick and took maybe 5 clicks, had huge clumps all over my eyes. Third morning...10 or clicks. Huge clumps, like if you break a pencil tip and it smudges everywhere. It would be so bad if I didn't pay 24.00 plus the 10% tax. I'm so let down. I have this tube of junk.

19 Aug 2015

My first benefit product

Location: Chessington, Greater London, UK

I love this! I bought a MAC eye liner at first and it was rubbish! it was so difficult to use but when I bought one of these it was so easy to use I was in love! thank you benefit ! I will definitely be getting this again!

18 Aug 2015

Looks fab but bleeds a bit

Location: London, UK

Once you get your head around the texture (it takes some practice to get used to it) then this looks AMAZING on, but as other reviewers have said I have found myself wasting quite a lot out of the tip when not using it. I've also found that if I'm not using stay don't stray, the line softens and bleeds a little bit - which I'm sure some people prefer, but I'm used to using Magic Ink which sticks like cement and doesn't budge. They're real is great and would be a brilliant liner for someone who's not so sturdy at applying liner, but I'll probably be switching back to Magic Ink :) Full review of it and other Benefit products here:

18 Aug 2015


Location: Undisclosed

I love this product! Every single time I wear it I get compliments on my wings. With every other eyeliner pen I've used I struggled with getting even lines, perfect wings, etc. Like the video says, it takes a couple times to get the right amount of product and really get the hang of it but once you do, you will never buy another eyeliner! Only downside is having to take it off but I dont really mind it. If you are contemplating on whether to buy it or not, I say invest because I have never felt more confident with my eyeliner!

18 Aug 2015

Stays on better than any other product I've ttried

Location: Granville, OH, USA

I love this product! We are at the lake every weekend and involved in all kinds of water sports and this eyeliner totally stays on, no smudges, smears or anything! Comes off easily with eye makeup remover. LOVE!!

18 Aug 2015

Don't waste your money

Location: Undisclosed

I feel like the product itself is great, longlasting but the packaging is terrible i dont know if its just my bottle but the instructions say to twist it once and enough will come for both eyes, but in my case nothing comes out and after couple days of twisting it comes out wayyyy too much and it makes me sad because of how expensive it is :(

18 Aug 2015

Good product, design lets it down

Location: Northamptonshire, UK

I bought this because I have a bit of a thing for coloured liner. I usually use a liquid liner with a brush but thought this looked good. The product itself is excellent - love the colour and it stays on all day without smudging. Yes, it takes a little practice to use but it's a different texture from what I normally use. My issue comes with the waste. Wiping the excess off every time means at least half the product I've paid for is wated. Add to that, when I left it for a couple of days, a lot of the product came out of its own accord, and had to be wiped away.Even with the orange stopper still in! It's quite an expensive product to only be able to use 50% of! So in summary, love the product, not so much the waste - if it could be addressed, it would make the product far better value for money

17 Aug 2015

Its a love hate relationship

Location: Indianapolis, IN

While I love the line it gives....taking off is a nightmare. To the point that my eyelids feel like they have burns. Which is horrible because this is the easiest way to get the winged eye look and it lasts all day. So right now its a love hate relationship.

15 Aug 2015

The best.

Location: Washington State

I've used liquid, gel, stick liner, and I can honestly say this is the best AND easiest to use. For those saying how hard it is for you to use it, utilize their instructional videos, or go to a beauty bar and get shown how to use it because it's not that hard. Makeup takes time and practice, and if you aren't willing to put that practice in, you're not going to get the intended results. I always put the orange stopper back in after I'm done so it doesn't dry out. I love the pen-likeness of it, and the angled tip makes thin or think lines super easy. The mascara duo for this is also awesome, so definitely get that with this!

15 Aug 2015

This product was unusable.

Location: Texas

I bought this product thinking that it must be amazing since it won the Allure Best Award. The first time I applied this product I fell in love. It was like a liquid eyeliner without the mess and it was easier to apply. Honestly after that first time I was never able to apply it again! Even though I always close the cap, it is ALWAYS dry when I try to apply it. When I twist the base nothing comes out and then five minutes later a whole inch will come out (all dry as well). By this point everything is an absolute mess, my hands, my vanity, the ten cutips, and I still can't put the product on my eye. Not only did I waste a lot of my time buying this product, I also wasted my money because most of the product ended up on cuties in the trash. Overall very disappointed.

11 Aug 2015

This product thickens quickly.

Location: Aventura, FL, USA

I bought this because it looked so easy to apply. When I first used it I though my thick lines were because I wasn't using it right. However, I discovered it was how this liner went on. It was difficult to apply a thin line, the way I like it. I also put a line on the bottom of my lid and it was impossible. Then, I didn't use for awhile and guess what, when I went to use again it had thickened and was unusable. I would not recommend.

7 Aug 2015

Ridiculously hard to use

Location: Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

I must start by saying I'm a huge Benefit fan but I am super disappointed with this product. On a positive note, the texture of the eyeliner is beautiful and it really is long wearing BUT as so many reviewers have said, it's just too difficult, messy and wasteful. Benefit reps will be quick to say 'you need to practice' or 'squeeze out the excess' but my point would be that as a customer I don't feel I should have to bear the burden of practising or of wasting product when I have paid 20 pounds for something that I expect to be decent in the first place!! This is eyeliner, it should be simple and fuss free. It isn't. It's fundamentally flawed and I think the response from Benefit to the negative reviews has been outrageous in placing the onus on the customer to make the product work effectively. Massive shame as other products like Rockateur, Lemonaid, Roller Lash are fantastic.

3 Aug 2015

Ehh hard to apply

Location: Buchanan, mi

This liner was not for me. Too hard to apply. Did not glide smoothly. Gave it to a friend who also did not like it.

1 Aug 2015

definitely not worth the money...

Location: Tennessee, USA

this product has been talked up so much that i thought it would be a home run, but after actually trying it I'm not sure what all the buzz is about. not smooth and actually hard to apply in my opinion. i have it in purple and find it extremely streaky.

31 Jul 2015

Very smooth and easy to use!

Location: Antioch, Ca

I bought this in Beyond Brown about a month ago and I love the color. The formula is very smooth, dries quick so you don't have to sit and wait for it to dry, and because it's a pen liner, I find that it's very easy to apply. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend and I will be buying again. I will probably also buy it in green. Bottom line, I love this liner!

30 Jul 2015

Brutally Disappointed

Location: Washington, DC, USA

I wear liquid eyeliner every day and was very excited after seeing this. Dropped the $25 and now I more or less can't use it at all. I twist, and nothing comes out. If I try to use it, the black comes out as an awkward grey smudgy mess. I think it is because the gel dries out so quickly (like in a day!?). Because I disliked it so much, I think the pen is not recoverable. I've had to "prime" it at least twice with zero results. Such great hope, such a great let down.

26 Jul 2015

lovely concept, horrible coverage

Location: UK

I've only tried the product before the colours came in so idk if the have re-formulated since. I bought this liner as an alternative to my Urban Decay Ink For Eyes Liner: which had recently ran out as i wear winged eyeliner more days than not and I was very excited as it is a gel but without the need of a brush! However, this product really disappointed me. The product, I find, created a lot of excess or 'wastage' each time I used it meaning that I had to wipe the excess on my hand which was not what I was expecting for the price I paid. I found that it was hard to get the precise line I usually get when using other eyeliners and I had to take the product out with me during the day as it would only last for a few hours at a time, becoming clumpy or dry and flaking off my lids. All products obviously work differently for different people so you may love the product but I have not bought this product since and don't think I will in the future either which is a shame as I adore Benefits' contouring and blushes

26 Jul 2015


Location: San Marcos, TX, USA

The reviews on here do NOT do this eyeliner justice. I purchased this about a month ago and have been using it everyday. At first I had difficulty getting it precise (perfectionist dilemmas), but now I can get the gel going and applied in less than 5 mins. I WOULD recommend this for someone who has had YEARS of experience working with different mediums, but WOULD NOT recommend this for beginners who can not do the winged look with a standard brush. And I just noticed I can add a photo here! Dang it, next time :)

24 Jul 2015


Location: scotland

This eyeliner is really Good and stays put. It does take a bit of practice but just wanted to add that I have extremely unsteady/shaky hands due to MS and this pen has helped me so much. A really good pen for a beginner to perfect the professional look. I use the point of the tip rather than the full length but this again is personal preference. Do clean excess off first before application and you won't go wrong :-) xx

22 Jul 2015

PIA - Black

Location: Sacramento, CA

the fluidity is a major drawback. It's like drawing with a crayon. After you warm it up a bit it is a little better. The gal at the stores showed me to dab it on the back of my hand or other surface then drag the point through it. This works but at $24 a pop seems pretty wasteful! Haven't tried the colored ones yet but understand that with the color pigment they are significantly smoother than the black.

20 Jul 2015


Location: Minnesota, USA

I got this in black when it first came out and then I got one in beyond brown. I like it...I just wish the gel was much more fluid. I put on the primer and the eyeshadow and have even tried it before the shadow and it skips, it's not even, and when I watch the videos none of those gals can get it to move in one fluid line either. Benefit really needs to listen to all of us who feel this liner dries to quickly and lacks serious fluidity. it really necessary that it lasts like a permanent marker?

11 Jul 2015

Black is awful.

Location: San Antonio, TX, USA

I have these in both green and black. I am so happy that they reformulated it for the green because the black is probably the worst eyeliner I have ever tried. Its not worth the money. It will take forever to come up, then will all ball up on the end making it useless to try and apply. Once you start to get it going right finally it will just stop its terrible. Luckily, with the green they have made the formula much creamier and it goes on so much easier and looks better.

2 Jul 2015

i dont normally spend this much money on eyeliners or...

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

i dont normally spend this much money on eyeliners or make up. But i loved the demonstration and the eyeliner stayed on all day! It was amazing, and the darkness of the black was great! since ive started using it, ive been having a hard time. its not easy to get the gel to come out of the pen. i do like it and although it is an adjustment to use i like it. i dont use the its real make remover, its way to expensive. i use an equate oil free make remover that was less than a quarter of the pen. it works great!

2 Jul 2015

Disappointed and doesn't work for me

Location: Dorset, uk

The eyeliner once on does look good and is easy to apply. However I get frustrated every day with this as too much comes out every time I take the lid off. I feel like I'm wasting so much. I won't buy it again. This is also my first ever review on any make up product, that's how much it annoys me!

1 Jul 2015


Location: Turkey

After removing the little stopper, it took around 70 clicks before any eyeliner became available for use. The eyeliner goes clumpy while I am applying it. Some of it falls off in bits and lands on my face or clothes. I sometimes wipe it on my hand to reassure myself it IS flowing. What I manage to get on my eyelid stays well, looks and feels good, but -OH the torture of applying it. I then have to scrub my hand. I feel this is a great idea but there's a lot of room for improvement. I don't think this one is going to last long owing to so much waste (on my hand) and I wont be replacing it.

29 Jun 2015

Horrible eyeliner

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Hi, I've tried so many liquid eyeliners and all other kinds to get the perfect wing. But this liner goes on smooth and just ends up dry and flakes off. I'm so disappointed. I hope the store I purchased it from will allow me to return it. I'm beyond disappointed.

29 Jun 2015

Its really easy to use but its just too dry, i have to...

Location: New York, NY, USA

Its really easy to use but its just too dry, i have to redo my eyeliner 2-3 times before it looks ok :(

26 Jun 2015

Great idea that flopped.

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

I really love the idea of this eyeliner but am very disappointed with it. The design is great but the actual product is just too dry. I'm wasting so much product every time I use it because it dries up so quickly; it also dries up and flakes off thoughout the day, leaving me looking like I've been out drinking all night! I always wipe off any excess from the previous use but this makes no difference- I still have to wind it at least 2-3 clicks to get useable product!

26 Jun 2015

Amazing Formula

Location: Raleigh, NC, USA

I own this liner in both green and black, the formula is smooth and goes on with ease. In the past I have used either a gel pot or a pencil so there was a bit of a learning curve but after a few tries it becomes second nature. I've used almost every brand Sephora and Ulta carry but this has been the only liner that truly stays put all day no matter what I'm doing. Thank you Benefit for an amazing product!

26 Jun 2015

Need little bit practice to get perfect wing

Location: Fremont, CA, USA

I tried both black and blue. Beginner like me needs little bit more practice to get perfect cat eye or wing. I loved both the colors. Blue is not darkest blue which is the best part for me. More over i liked the creamy formula, which is smooth to use.

25 Jun 2015

LOVE all the new colors!

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

I love that this eyeliner is matte and stays all day. Plus, the new colors are amazing and wearable. I love matte liner but have never been able to master gel liners from a pot so this product is PERFECT.

25 Jun 2015

Great colors, glides on and long-lasting!

Location: Sacramento, CA, USA

I've loved they're real liner since it came out last year, but I always struggled a little with the black since the formula is drier. The new colors are SUPER smooth, really creamy and don't seem to dry out in the pen during the days between use. I recently got my hands on a (new) black liner and it's just as creamy as the new colored versions. The new colors are beautiful, and I love that they're more subdued and easy to wear. Purple is my favorite by far, it doesn't have any red in it like a lot of plummy colors do. Love that the wide base pushes my lashes out of the way so I can get really close to the lash line. SO easy to make a wing. I will never be without this liner!!

24 Jun 2015

Love the wearable new colors

Location: San Francisco

The smooth, creamy formula makes putting it on easy. Green is my fave! The color is rich, yet subtle. It's super wearable and felt perfect for going to work. It stayed on all day and was easy to remove (yay!) My everyday go-to is bright lipstick, but I'm excited to add color liner to mix things up a bit. I'm going to try the green liner with the blue mascara for a stepped up look for night.

24 Jun 2015

LOVE the new colors!

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

I've loved they're real! push-up liner since the black shade first launched last year. It definitely took some getting used to but now I can't live without it. I wasn't hugely excited about the new colors since I'm more of a traditional black liner person, but I've tried them all and they are all FANTASTIC. The formula is creamier and smoother than the original black and it's a super fun yet subtle way to add some excitement to my everyday look. The colors are very wearable and seem to look great on every complexion. I recommend this product to everyone!

23 Jun 2015

Gorgeous new colors

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Love the new colors, my favorite is green. Never thought I would like colored eyeliners but I do! I don't wear every day since they are so dramatic but love this liner when going to dinner or drinks!

22 Jun 2015

Super Glide

Location: Undisclosed

I got to use the green eyeliner today and boy oh boy is it amazing. It's the most amazing color and it goes on so nicely. I can't wait to get some of these. I will own all one day.

19 Jun 2015

Can't live without it!

Location: Raleigh, NC, USA

I have been using this product for over a year now and can't wait to use the new colors coming out! The first time using it was challenging only because it's different from every other liner I've ever put on. Once you get used to perfecting the application process, you won't be able to live without it. I always have a backup one because the only downfall of this product is that you don't know when the tube will be empty. Mine usually lasts about 2 months but I wear make EVERY DAY! it's smooth and creamy, it glides on easily and its waterproof. I hate liquid eyeliners because I have watery eyes, but this stuff stays put! I Love it!

19 Jun 2015


Location: Tennessee, USA

I liked the applicator but the liner itself was so thick and dry it not only did not go onto my eyes but it beaded off onto the floor requiring cleanup. The liner medium was beyond thick it was very dry and almost hard. I thought I may have needed to push some of the liner out so a more liquid/fluid texture would come out but still very dry medium that did not work for me. I am sorry I purchased and will be careful to try new things again.

18 Jun 2015

I love this eyeliner. It's so black and stays put all day...

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

I love this eyeliner. It's so black and stays put all day long.

11 Jun 2015

Lovely but wasteful

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia

I'm a HUGE fan of Benefit products and I received a sample size of this. I found the sample to dry out so had to remove some before applying but once on it stays on and looks gorgeous. Took a couple of practices but loved it. I purchased the full size and what everyone says is truth that it takes AGES to wind to get something out- first bit is sometimes dry and then next time I arrive to open the tube a bunch has oozed out. If you could something about the wind up version and maybe make it a squeeze tube like the sample it might make more people happy. Benefit is extremely expensive in Australia so its a shame.

11 Jun 2015

Love it

Location: Australia

Easiest way of putting on gel liner I have come across. All the issues people have with this, I don't get as I have found it works fine. A little common sense helps.

5 Jun 2015

Great eyeliner product, but too much wastage!

Location: London, UK

I really like eyeliner product. It is jet black, and stays all day without smudging, and the nib of the pen makes application very easy. One of the longest-lasting eyeliners I've used to be honest! Very good in that sense The problem is that, the pen pushes out a lot of eyeliner even without me twisting the end. This has happened to me a few times, and usually, I would wipe the excess onto my finger and dip the tip of the pen on my finger to try not to waste. I assumed that the pen was being twisted accidentally in my make-up bag as I moved around, so I moved it into a pot with my make-up brushes to stop this. I store the pen upright, and am very careful not to not to move it when not using it. Anyway, this morning, I took the eyeliner pen out and SO much product had squeezed out. I find this to be a lot of wastage, especially as this is not a cheap eyeliner. This is very disappointing, as the actual eyeliner product is excellent!

3 Jun 2015

Not won over

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK

I really wanted to like this, but I just don't. I was hoping for a long-lasting eyeliner which wouldn't smudge, and to some extent this eyeliner does that, but it just doesn't meet my expectations. While it is long-lasting, it is by no means smudge-proof. I also find it drifts into the corners of my eyes and then smudges. But what I really dislike about this eyeliner is how difficult it is to use. I was really excited about giving it a go, because it promised to make eyeliner (and winged liner) dead easy, quite the opposite though! The 'flexible' tip seems quite rigid to me, apart from the tip where I would say it is too flexible. So you get a really stiff line, which wobbles at the end, I've never managed to get a successful cat-eye. I've never been able to get the liner close to my lash-line either, the product seems to stay at the base of the applicator so I can't get it to spread. Finally, I also find there is a lot of wastage, when I turn it to 'click' more liner up nothing happens, so you over-click and then have too much. I've actually taken to 'clicking' the liner then going off to make a cup of tea and coming back when it's had time to catch up! Like I said, I really wanted to like this liner, but it's just not for me. I've tried to give it a good try, so I've kept it for months to see if there was a trick to it, but if there is I haven't found it. When it runs out I'll not be renewing it!

31 May 2015

Need to work on the packaging.

Location: Hawaii, USA

I purchased this product about a month ago in the "Tempting Threesome" looking for a new, long-lasting eyeliner. The product itself is great; goes on smooth, lasts all day, doesn't smudge, completely waterproof, be sure you have the remover to be able to get it off. What I DON'T like about this product, and I noticed a few others have had this issue as well, is that it pushes up automatically while not in use and causes a lot of waste. There was an occasion where I applied the eyeliner, then put it down for a second and when I had picked it up again to touch up, the tip had pushed itself out to the point I had to wipe off what otherwise would have been a weeks' worth of make-up for me. Because of this, although I love the product, I will most likely not be purchasing it again. It's too expensive for so much waste :(

27 May 2015

Love this product!

Location: London, KY, USA

I was given this product as part of a sample set a few weeks ago. I'm not crazy about eye liner as I apply it to my lids and find that by lunchtime it's smudged on to the hoods of my eyes! grrr... Any way, I wore this for a night out and voila it stayed put and was really easy to use (once I'd worked out you needed to twist the cap at the bottom!!). Thanks B!

25 May 2015

Not what I expected

Location: Cornwall, UK

I was extremely excited when this product first come out and needed to purchase it straight away. However, I personally believe it is all not cracked up to be, I found that lots of the product came off in one go and would go clumpy and get stuck in my lashes whilst applying. then throughout the day I would have fall down from this, which then would ruin my foundation. I have only used it a couple times and will never use it again, absolute waste of money!!

23 May 2015

Cool Eyeliner

Location: Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

I bought this from Debanhams and I wanted to try it out for myself. I am a beginner at putting on eyeliner on my lids so I was nervous because of all the bad reviews. Anyway, I bought it and got it home, where I tried it out immediately. Now, you have to be patient; it is something that is difficult to master at first and needs practice. I found my urge to blink a little overwhelming at times and would smudge the gel as I tried to apply it. However, once you get the hang of it, the liner is easy to use and I personally love it. The practice was worth it and I get many compliments.

21 May 2015

My new fave eyeliner

Location: California, USA

I used to use a gel liner that you need to apply with a brush but this by far is the best idea/ invention everrr! I've had mine for about 6 months and have not had any issues. I absolutoley love how long it lasts! The application is smooth as well!

20 May 2015

Clumpy, Dry and MAtte

Location: Wilmington, DE

Please skip this liner and opt for something that will go on sleek and give you that rich wet black look all day like Mac Felt Tip. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.

17 May 2015

I'm loving it!

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

It takes a bit of getting used to but once you've 'played' w/this liner a few times and gotten your technique, it's great!! Dries quickly and Lasts!!! I'd have given it a 5 but it does take a few tries to perfect the process. My advice, don't give up too quickly with this liner! And, can we get some more colors, please?

17 May 2015


Location: England

the easiest eyeliner i have ever used! seriously amazing, perfect line every time

12 May 2015

Best Eyeliner Out There

Location: London, UK

The eyeliner glides on so easy and the colour is the darkest black and it lasts ages. I have recommended this product to friends and family and if you are considering buying it then you 100% should xx

6 May 2015

Great product; HORRIBLE packaging

Location: Michigan

The product itself actually works really well and lasts longer than any other eyeliner I've used. HOWEVER, the packaging is extremely wasteful. I bought the mini size to see if it really works. I got less than 2 weeks of use from it. At LEAST half of the time, when I opened the lid, the gel was already squeezed out way past the tip -- just from sitting on my counter (UPRIGHT, not on its side or upside down). So I had to wipe it off with tissue and throw it away. Each time that happened, it wasted what could have been used for MANY, MANY applications. So I ended up throwing out way more than half of the product. It was horrible and wasteful. I hate throwing away plastic in the first place, but having to throw it out after two weeks BECAUSE the packaging causes excess waste is not acceptable. I'm not sure if the one I bought was defective, but I'm not willing to spend the money to buy this again because I don't want to waste my money.

2 May 2015

Dry and Clumpy

Location: Undisclosed

I've tried this eyeliner before from a friend and it worked really well. However when I purchased my own it was dry, clumpy and flaky. When I applied it, the gel would roll up into a small ball and flake off. Even when I tested it on my hand it would flake off. And when I did manage to get some on I would have wasted A LOT of product and it looked as if I had used a crayon. I have read previous reviews in search of a solution and I have tried the solutions offered but they still did not work. I am severely disappointed.

30 Apr 2015

Really nice product, real deep black colour!

Location: Norfolk, UK

I bought this eyeliner hoping it would be a change from my usual cheaper liner that work well for the first few applications and then turn grey! I Think spending a little more on this one has been worth it. It comes out really black and the nib is easy to use creating a nice shape. However the instructions suggest one click will give you enough liner to do both eyes. This is not true, so you have to use more product then recommended. Just hope it lasts me as long as suggested!

29 Apr 2015

Love the Concept, But Ouch!

Location: Sacramento, CA

Let's just start off by saying that this is a GREAT concept. The wear durability and color saturation of gel liner in a fabulous pen that I never have to sharpen? Sign me up! So that's what I did & bought two (2) right off the bat. PROS: Long lasting wear & deep, rich black color. Also, the special rubber applicator tip makes precise application a breeze, even for the makeup challenged (e.g., me). CONS: Really I only had 1 problem with the product, and its that the eyeliner BURNS for DAYS after I've removed it. Let's get one thing straight: I do not have sensitive skin. I have never (& I mean NEVER) had a reaction to makeup, but this product made my eyelids (where applied) red, burning, puffy, itchy, and sensitive to the touch. This continued on for almost a full week. When the puffiness and redness subsided, my eyelids were so dry & cracked that I couldn't wear liner for another week. =( Like I said, I really wanted to love this stuff, so I tried this liner again a month or two after my first "incident," despite everything. The exact same thing happened. I'm beside myself that I can't wear this, and to top it off, I have a whole other unopened 2nd package of the stuff that I won't even give away because I'm afraid of someone else going through this.

22 Apr 2015

Cool concept. Poor execution.

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

I went to an event held my company at a Benefit store, where someone applied the liner on me. I have always been interested in the product and was convinced to buy it as it seemed to apply well in-store. When I got home, I discovered that the eyeliner is clumpy and flaky making it extremely difficult to to apply. All the instructions suggest that you can "stamp" the liner on. The gel formula is so dry that you cannot "stamp" it. I literally am dragging it along my eyelid with clumps falling into my eyes as I do so. On the brightside, it is a extremely rich black and long-lasting (if you don't consider the flaking). This product was an extreme fail. I should really have brought it back to the store to return it, but I just keep trying it in hopes that it's user error.

18 Apr 2015

Overated, overpriced, and poor Eye Liner Product

Location: London, UK

I purchased the gel liner product in December 2014 with a voucher from Debenhams. I don't normally spend much on an eyeliner so when I purchased the gel liner pen I was expecting a quality product. Initially I was impressed by the product but within 8 weeks my pen would clog, dry out and crumble. I noticed that the nib of the pen was split in two I thought maybe this was the design. However every time I would use it I needed to twist it as all the product in the nib was crumbly and dried out. Today April 18th I visited the Benefits counter in Bentalls department store the benefit consultant explained that the nib was split and she could not exchange it as I did not have a receipt. I explained that I don't know how the nib became split. She would not replace it. Basically the pen is pretty much defunct, it does not do the job it's in fact it's very gunky, dries quickly and poor quality if the nib splits after 8 weeks. It's expensive for a product that breaks and renders it unusable.

12 Apr 2015

Soooo smooth and long wearing

Location: New York, NY, USA

I have just recently bought this product at Sephora. I wasn't planning on buying this because I just made an order online at benefit recently even though I had my eyes on this for a while. I had never tried this out in stores and was just going to buy it because I figured this was going to be good because all of benefits products never let me down. when I tried it out on the back of my hand oh my god it was so smooth and black and it went on like butter. I just fell in love. This was one of my best decisions ever in buying this product and this is my new holy grail eyeliner.It is so easy to put on and so smooth and looks fantastic like a makeup artist done your eyeliner. I suggest you purchase this NOW!!

8 Apr 2015

I love it!

Location: Bridgeport, OH, USA

I'm pretty picky when it comes to eyeliner and I loved this product! It took a few clicks to get the gel to come out but after that, it was smooth applying! The rubber tip makes my eyeliner perfect! love love love <3

30 Mar 2015

Either Too Little or Too Much

Location: Undisclosed

Had heard good things about this product at the store, but when I used it it either dispensed hardly anything or way too much. Disappointed since I am now going to have to go back to using another brand of eyeliner. I dislike paying a lot of money for something that doesn't work. I've been using Benefit products for years and love them so this was a bad surprise.

27 Mar 2015

Easy Application

Location: Tallahassee, FL

I've been using liquid liner for many years and like using gel liner with a brush. The difficulty I have is getting each side even. With this it was effortless. I love how smooth it goes on and how easy it was getting my wing to flick just right. With the angled tip it came out perfectly. I have large eyes and large lids so I tend to do a pretty thick line. I don't think this would work well for a tiny thin line. It dried quickly on my lid and I have had no transfer. The only problem I've found is it sometimes cakes up around the tip and flakes up a little. I just wiped the little piece off and kept going. Overall--I love this product and would recommend it.

25 Mar 2015

Great but..

Location: Florida, USA

I love the way this glides on my lid and makes applying my cat eye super easy. My only gripe is that I never know how many clicks it will take for the product to come out and sometimes after I haven't used it for a few days I open the lid to a large amount of product on the tip that I have to wipe off. This is such a waste of product that it really bums me out. I've tried a twist, wait, twist, wait approach to getting product out but that doesn't seem to work.

19 Mar 2015

Rubbish Eyeliner

Location: London, OH 43140, USA

I am usually a big fan of benefit cosmetics products , particularly the eye products like the 'they're real mascara'. When I heard about the push -up liner, I was excited. However when I screwed for the eye liner to 'push up' nothing happened until I realised there was a delay, 3 mins later loads of eyeliner gel came squirming out, it was such a waste of eyeliner!

19 Mar 2015

terrible. its clumpy and doesnt go on right at all. and i...

Location: Undisclosed

terrible. its clumpy and doesnt go on right at all. and i am always doing eyeliner and wings and im good at it and this isthe worse i have tried

18 Mar 2015


Location: Oakland, CA, USA

I am a Benefit girl so was excited about this product but I am beyond disappointed. The actual product comes out chunky and does not go on smoothly. If you manage to wrangle it on, it smears quickly over the upper lid and wears off within an hour or so. Really really disappointing. Went into the trash can.

18 Mar 2015

Flabergasted in a Great Way!


W.O.W. and OMG........this eye liner is a 400 on a scale from 1 to 10. I keep buying eyeliner that never works for me so I finally just gave up. But I took one more chance on this push up liner and was really delighted on how easy and effortless it was to draw a thin perfect line that did actually hug my lash line, just like it said it would. I am a 60 yr old fashionista that practically gave up on liners because the skin on my eyelids is no longer taut. But this eyeliner is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC and I shall tell all my friends! THANK YOU BENEFIT COSMETICS !

12 Mar 2015

not worth it

Location: Undisclosed

i got it in the mail but once tried, it was chunky

12 Mar 2015

Crumbles on application!

Location: Undisclosed

Disappointed. I was looking forward to using this product but it doesn't work for me. It crumbles into bits on application. I ended up with specks of the product in and around my eyes. The rubber applicator doesn't make it easy to apply and it took many twists of the end to get any product out. Sorry but won't be buying again.

11 Mar 2015

It COULD be better

Location: Winnetka, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I saw this product with my Mom the other day, and since we were looking for new eyeliner we figured maybe this would be an interesting one to try. Essentially I'm a person who enjoy liquid liner pen, they're convenient and just is so perfect. I had only tried gel liner a few times and I was indifferent towards. I saw how strong this gel liner could be, but applying it is a pain and it requires lots of patience. If you have a lot of time and patience this is for you, as for me I'll stick with my liquid pen.

7 Mar 2015

Misunderstood wonder liner

Location: Santa Clara, CA,

I read reviews of this before trying it, and they weren't good. I too then received a sample. I have terrible trouble keeping eyeliner on, but this stuff does the trick!!! Reading and watching the tips & tricks are a huge help. Did you know you're supposed to wipe off one click's worth of product before use? That makes a huge difference alone, and there are other things to know. Anyone who didn't like this isn't necessarily wrong, but might not have tried the instructions.

6 Mar 2015


Location: Oklahoma

I kept eyeing this product online and at Sephora. Then I finally broke down and went to Sephora and bought it as I wanted it that day. I asked the girl at the store if she tried it and she said yes it was a little hard to work with to keep trying that I would get the hang of it. This eyeliner is the worst. My .99 cent eyeliner works better. They're Real crumbles when you try to put it on the applicator is awkward. I was so excited about this product too but it is just going to sit in my make up drawer with the other rejects!!!!

5 Mar 2015

Not all it promises

Location: San Diego, CA, USA

I ordered this when it was available for pre-order, so I was very excited to be one of the first to get to try it. Unfortunately, it isn't what its all cracked up to be. The gel comes out chunky, no matter how little or much you release. It doesn't glide on well either. When you can finally get enough product on to create a good line (takes about 10 line swipes), it creases so bad! It looks terrible. Standard gel liner in a jar works better.

3 Mar 2015

A failed product

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

I have to say, this is a failed product. Everything is so wrong. Hard to apply, the product in the tube is dry and flaky. I got a replacement one because the first one I received in the mail is completely dry, but the replacement is not much better. After few times of use, I put it in the bin with no regret. Don't get me wrong, I like all Benefit's product, but not this one.

27 Feb 2015

Not the best

Location: London, UK

This eyeliner is really good for those who find it had to apply eyeliner (like me), BUT.. You have to click it a few times before the eyeliner pushes up, even though it says one click will do. If you're looking for a long lasting eyeliner, this isn't the one for you.. It smudges and fades within an hour or two.

27 Feb 2015

Love Hate Relationship

Location: McKinney, TX, USA

Let me start by saying I have loved EVERY product I have ever bought from Benefit! I am insanely committed to this cosmetics line. That being said, this product is a miss for me. Before application, I carefully read the directions and knew what to do. I've also always used gel liner. Here's my snag: I'm right handed. My right eye application is perfect and gorgeous! However, when I switch to the left eye, getting my hand to contort so that the application "hole" is flat enough to my eye is nearly impossible. It almost always smears or I end up just pulling the rubber across my lash line. This means no product is applied at all on that eye! My right hand can't get the liner to lay flat enough for a clean "matching" line. When I use other gel liners, I have the benefit of a brush which is much more pliable. With a brush, I can also apply the product to any portion of the brush I choose. I love the line I get on my right eye, but would need a more flexible/soft tip to get the same on the other. It's a miss for me! If you are ambidextrous, this product is a hit!!! :)

20 Feb 2015

Adore It.

Location: Ringwood, Hampshire, UK

This liner is the best i have ever used, its easy to apply, neat and tidy and really long lasting, both on the face and in the tube. My first one lasted me 3 months with daily use! I've tried loads of different eye flicks with it and it works perfectly everytime, i've just bought my 3rd one for back up incase my 2nd one runs out, but fingers crossed so far its being going since the start of december.

14 Feb 2015

Love hate love affair

Location: New Zealand

I was pretty excited when this was released, I'm obsessed with the cat eye & Benefit promised me this would get me there easily & perfectly. Waited impatiently for it to be shipped to NZ, first try, I thought Yep! Love it can't wait to play more with this. Then after that it went downhill, product wouldn't come out without 20 odd clicks, wasn't giving me a good line as was almost clumping, I got very frustrated with it and went back to my liquid & cream/gel liners. Picked it up again after a few months .... And I'm now loving it! Maybe it just it took a while for me to adjust to this liners needs & style but we get on pretty well now. I grab it, wipe off the dried product at the tip, click a few times, wait impatiently until I can see it just coming to the edge & then I'm away. Perfect lines, I probably have to click 2-3 times during application if I'm doing a heavy eye but I'd be reaching for more cream/gel liner on my brush at least that many times as well. It never smudges, budges, creases anything! Even on a super hot day when I've worn it to the beach in the morning, then off to a party in the arvo, at 2 in the morning it's still looking perfect I do wonder how much product is in there but I've used it a lot (& wasted a lot in our early stage of relationship ) so I'm comfortable I'm going to get my money's worth. Only thing I'm worried about is running out with no warning & having to wait a long time for a new order & shipment! This might have to be like my They're Real mascara and have extra extra stock backed up in the drawer so I can relax and know I'll never be left high & dry with naked eyes :)

11 Feb 2015

I love and hate this eyeliner

Location: Milton Keynes

I love this eyeliner, it stays put all day, easy to apply! The only thing that lets it down is when I try to reload it and wipe off the dried plug that prevents it from all drying out.. it seems to take a lot of product to clear out the nip before it is suitable to apply! Probably wasted most of it reloading it :/ Which is kinda wasting my money... but as I love the ease of use and durability of it I will still continue to buy this eyeliner in hope that Benefit will make improvements on it...

5 Feb 2015

Hate this product

Location: Undisclosed

So i was so excited for this product to come out and once i finally got it i tried it out. I can't say I hated it or anything but I had tried the better liners. I already use a gel liner and was interested to see how it would work in pen form. It took a while to get the product out of the tip and once it came out, there was so much, I couldn't even spread the product out over my lash line. I hated it so much that i shoved it in the back of my makeup kit. I recently pulled it out again and it was so dried out that it wouldn't even come out. It had only been sitting for a week and a half. Very disappointed.

4 Feb 2015


Location: Hemet Ca

I love my eyeliner so when this product came out I was very excited to try it out. I thought this eyeliner was going to be the easiest and quickest one to use, but it is not as simply as it looks or sounds. To start off if you are not an often eyeliner kind of girl this is not going to be easy to use. It has a great shape like the liquid eyeliners do, but the gel is what makes it the hard part. The gel dries very quickly so if you don't get a good line with the first try the gel can start to look clumpy it takes time and practice to use this product. I personally don't have the time everyday to put this eyeliner on, but I do have to say after a few practices I got better at this. It is a pricer kind of liner so unless you love you eyeliner and have time and practice to use this product I would suggest not buying it.

3 Feb 2015

Waste of Money and Time

Location: Houston, Texas

I purchased this item after years of searching for the perfect liner. I have followed all the videos helpful tips and also read on how to "wait patiently" for the gel to come up. It tends to get dry and you end up wasting a whole weeks worth of liner! I had to return mine and will never purchase this item again. Buyer beware because it only works the first week.

1 Feb 2015

Close to perfect LOVEEE

Location: San Francisco, CA

I have to say I was surprise to be a natural when it comes to using this pen. I always struggled with pen liners so this new version of it was my dream come true. That said, I also saw some people struggle with it, but I guess it takes practice. I love the gel formula, applies like a liquid but it dries instantly. It did take like 25 clicks the first time for the product to come out. Since then it does take about 3 clicks more for new product to come in and while applying I use another 3 clicks. I am worried about how much I have left. And I see the reviews about problems with the applicator and all I can suggest is to shut tight your eyeliner as soon as you are done with it. It is a gel and it will dry quickly. If it does dry try clearing the top by gently pressing on the tip of the pen, then you can click for new fresh product. :D

22 Jan 2015

I really want to love this....

Location: Minnesota, USA

First, I love Benefit and use many, many of their products everyday. I have been using these cosmetics for several years, and love everything I have tried - until this pen. I REALLY love the actual gel product - it is waterproof and glides nicely, long lasting (you definitely need a makeup remover to get it off!!). But the pen needs work. I am wasting so much because the logistics of the pen just doesn't work properly! Every time I go to use it, I prime it - but it takes FOREVER for the product to come to the top. I end up over clicking and pinching the tip to try to get it to the top. When I am done, the tip is clear and I re-cap it. The next time I go to use it, there's a lot oozing out the top and I have wasted so much product!! Please fix the applicator, Benefit!!

11 Jan 2015

Not the best

Location: Undisclosed

Everyone in the reviews claim that it doesn't budge, but I found that it gets all over my eyelids no matter what I do. That being said, it is very highly pigmented, which is nice. I only wish I could wear it without looking like the freaking winter soldier after five minutes.

9 Jan 2015

Not impressed!

Location: Bellevue, OH 44811, USA

I was so excited when I heard about this product. I use the there real mascara and thought it was a good product all though it dries out fast. So I figured the eye liner would be awesome. I bought one online as soon as it became available for purchase. Was totally disappointed. This product clumps every time you use the liner. You have to dab it on a tissue first to get rid of the clump. Your only suppose to twist the spring on the bottom twice and it will line both eyes. Wrong! Twist it at least five times to get the lump out then you may get the liner to work. I thought something was wrong with mine. Bought another spring broke on the bottom. Sorry benefit bad product.

5 Jan 2015

bold, long lasting, need patience

Location: Blenheim, Chatham-Kent, ON N0P, Canada

can be difficult need patience with eyeliner go slow until mastered, last all day, use regular make up remover to take off (at least twice) is very bold

5 Jan 2015

Worst purchase ever

Location: MIdwest

I'll admit, I'm a total Benebabe and usually say that Benefit is my favorite makeup brand. When I heard that this product was coming out, I was all over it. I was in line in everything for the early release online and bought it the day it came out in store. I was super excited to have this product, hello lash hugging, how bad could it be? Bad apparently. Mine doesn't even work. When it does, it doesn't even show up. Worst purchase ever and not just from benefit, but ever! Don't waste $24 on this, you will most definitely be disappointed.

3 Jan 2015

Dispensing part needs work

Location: White Plains, NY

Gel, long lasting, application tip, intense color all ring true with this liner. It hugs the lash line as advertised and has long staying power. Usually when i use an eyelash curler, some of my liner comes off; not so with this liner. However, the leakage of product is wasteful and annoying. Sometimes too much product seeps out and has to be wiped away. It is slow in coming out of the tip, so one tends to twist the wand again, resulting in a qtr inch of wasted gel. When replacing the cap and storing for next day's use, quite often i open the wand without twisting and find a glob of gel on the tip. I don't mind paying premium price for good products, but i do resent product waste resulting from poor engineering.

29 Dec 2014

Hate it

Location: Portland, OR

This is the worst liner ever. Before applying it, I make sure to prep the liner by wiping it on the back of my hand. I even try to heat it up a little bit by holding the tip at the palm of my hand for a few seconds. It still comes out clumpy and is very difficult to apply over eyeshadow. When I'm not wearing eyeshadow, it glides on easily, but only lasts a couple of hours before creasing. I can't believe I wasted my money on this.

27 Dec 2014

Just frustrating

Location: Ontario

I was lead to believe from the packaging that I would have the perfect cat eye mastered in no time with the eyeliner. The gel is nice and dark and truly does not budge, which is great when you're a professional and can do perfect eyeliner in one try, not so great when you're a novice. So I learned to accept that this eyeliner would just be a great liner to use for simple everyday use. It is really good at hugging the lash line. After a couple of months now though, I have given up on it completely. I, like other users, have trouble with the gel coming out which results in nothing coming out at all to it becoming a big mess of super waterproof eyeliner. After reading what benefit suggests to ensure that the tip is nice and clean and this spew of eyeliner doesn't happen I have decided that this product is too high maintenance for me and that I will be sticking with traditional pencils and gels with brushes.

27 Dec 2014

Complete Waste of Money

Location: Greenwich, CT, USA

I RARELY review products online, but I absolutely have to tell other potential consumers to save their money. This liner had a lot of marketing hype when it was launched, but the product is awful. Before every use, clumps of liner come off the tip and you waste half the product trying to wipe off the tip in order to actually use it. Even my local Benefit shop told me customers have complained and returned it.

24 Dec 2014

Perfect for cat-eye and wing tip lovers like me :)

Location: PA

With quite a few years of practice, I've pretty much mastered the winged out look for my eyes. I do it daily, and now it's gotten to the point where if I don't, people say I look tired! (Mean... haha). Anyway, with other eyeliners in the past, it's always smudged by the second half of the day, and I've had to fix my eyes to make the lines sharper as the day goes on. This eyeliner, however, stays in place all day, and my winged out eyes are just as sharp and perfect when I get home at the end of the night as they are when I apply in the morning. I'll admit, it was a bit weird getting use to the applicator- but after a night of practice, it was totally fine, and more than worth it. Definitely my go-to eyeliner for purrrrfect cat eyes. (Sorry, couldn't resist) :)

23 Dec 2014

Waste of Money

Location: Central Florida

This is absolutely the worst eye liner I have ever used in my life. It flakes like crazy, even during application. The amount of gel dispensed is erratic and clumpy, and it is impossible to remove. Don't waste your money on this horrible product!

13 Dec 2014

Difficult to apply

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

I wish I could love this product but unfortunately it is very difficult to put on. It gets dry too quickly and gets very clumpy towards the end of your eyelids.

10 Dec 2014

If i could vote this NO stars, I would.

Location: New york, ny

This product is terrible! I love liquid liner and this my absolute least favorite. For starters, the turn dial doesn't work and when it DOES it comes out wayyy to much and wastes the entire product. The product itself is such a bother to remove. What a waste of money - sorry benefit, i do heart you though.

16 Nov 2014

great liner, hard to get off

Location: Leeseburg, VA

i love the liner so much, its 100% water proof, its easy to apply, and doesn't smudge. but how do i get it off? it like… won't come off even with eye makeup remover. any tips?

9 Nov 2014

Long lasting but eh...

Location: Beaverton, OR, USA

It lasts long but the twister doesn't work that well. You turn it but nothing comes up and then after a while you realize it has some sort of time delay. All of sudden you go from having not enough product to line your eyes to gushing fluid line. Little balls form and fall out... It does last long but doesn't go on as well as they show in photos.

4 Nov 2014


Location: Wisconsin

I was very excited to try this product, only to be very disappointed. It was very hard to get the gel started. Then it came out in globs. I needed to twist it many times (not twice as directed) to get anything to come out at all. The few times it came out evenly, the color was not consistent. Sometimes it was a heavy black, other times a brownish tint. Definitely not worth the effort. I'll go back to my cake liner any day!

4 Nov 2014

So much faster and cleaner than using a normal pot gel...

Location: Brisbane QLD, Australia

So much faster and cleaner than using a normal pot gel and brush. I did experience some crumbling of the products a few times but I worked out that if I warmed it by holding on my skin for a few seconds without moving it would glide on perfectly.

30 Oct 2014

I'll be going back to Magic ink

Location: Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

I had run out of my usual magic ink so decided to try this. I wear eyeliner everyday so I like to think I'm quite good at applying it. I struggled to get this eyeliner on but then kind of got the hang of it. However after a few weeks I am finding it clumping and falling off as its applied no matter how much I click it or how fast I use it. I'm pretty disappointed with it as I have lots of benefit products and this is not one I'd buy again

26 Oct 2014

The few times it does works well.

Location: New York, NY

This product is definitely long lasting...but I don't believe gel and pens mix well. Most of the time when I try to apply it, it either doesn't come out at all or it comes out in chunks and won't spread. I also have to twist the pen numerous times before something actually comes out (no, 2 or 3 clicks does NOT work for me). The few times it does decide to work it works pretty well, but it does take ages to apply. I'm pretty iffy on this product- I want to love it but it has a few flaws that are pretty annoying.

25 Oct 2014

I was disappointed with the lasting power of this product...

Location: Australia

I was disappointed with the lasting power of this product. I'm not sure if I received a faulty tube of liner because mine chunks off in flakes throughout the day, even with only 4 hours of wear. It is lovely and matt though. Overall this product does not work for me unfortunately

23 Oct 2014

Not for me!

Location: Toronto

I don't doubt that this product could be useful, but it did not apply easily for me at all, and left several uneven lines! I would rather just use a normal liquid liner. Sucks because it was very expensive!

20 Oct 2014

Smudge proof? HA! No way - super disappointing.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

I had left my eye liner at home and was panicked because I was planning on doing my makeup upon landing at my destination - so I was super excited when I saw the Benefit vending machine at the airport. I purchased "they're real! push-up liner" and was quickly IMPRESSED with the packaging/applicator. It was easy to use and created that sharp cat-eye with ease. HOWEVER - I soon was disappointed when I looked in the mirror an hour later to discover that the gel smudged to my upper eye lids - making me look like a complete raccoon. I thought, ok - maybe I need to play with this / use a hair dryer to "set" the eyeliner / etc. - NOPE, it has done the same thing EVERY SINGLE time I have used it. Very disappointing - I'm a huge Benefit fan and considering the high price, I am annoyed off that it is essentially UNUSABLE. UGH!

19 Oct 2014


Location: Stratford-upon- Avon,

I get on well with most eyeliners and always try new products to get me my perfect wings, over the years I find a product that I love changes the formula so it's a constant trial. I purchased this eyeliner and had a demo in a store, what I find ludicrous is the amount of waste you have, being told that the product only works if you click and wipe some off, having to completely empty the nip of product before putting it away is again ridiculous. I have been a student for a long time and having my first pay check in a long time I treated myself to the eyeliner, mascara and remover... A total waste of money.

19 Oct 2014

So Disappointed

Location: Undisclosed

I was super pumped to try out this product and was in line for the early release in everything, seeing as I am a total Benefit gal. It literally took me forever to get the product to come out and have only been frustrated with it since I first used it, When I twist the bottom, it never comes out the top and i have to squeeze the tip to get it to come out. It doesn't work if you have anything on your eyelid; shadow, primer, concealer. When I manage to get the product out, it is light (light) black, almost as if I was out of the product when it is completely full. I don't know if this was a bad one or what, but I probably won't repurchase this. I was really excited to review and rave about it, but it just didn't turn out to be anything to rave about.

17 Oct 2014

I really liked the eyeliner. It made wings super easy and...

Location: canada

I really liked the eyeliner. It made wings super easy and I love love love wings. The only down side to the product was that I had an allergic reaction to it. It cause small red spots by my eyes.

16 Oct 2014

Love at first sight

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

I was soooo excited to get this when it came out! Being new to Benefit and makeup in general, it was the first new product release for me. The commercials are hilarious and awesome. When I first got it I was a bit confused by the tip and wasn't sure how to use it. Instead of doing research I just went for it and let me tell a girl who is 36, just recently fell in love with the makeup world and has little experience applying's a breeze. I use it every day and as long as you keep the tip clean, you're golden. I start with my inner eyelid and work my way out and I get a clean, clump free beautiful line every time. I guess my advice to those having issues would be to only click until you can barely see the liner at the top. Too much can result in the pen jumping around. Thank you Benefit for turning me on to the world of awesome makeup!

13 Oct 2014


Location: Undisclosed

I totally adore this liner! Besides it's smudge proof, etc., it's an excellent product! It's a GREAT desing and well thought for "self-line" your eyes! Of course it has its tricks, but as every other eye-liner product does. It's the A-B-C of eye-lining. Not complicated at all!

11 Oct 2014


Location: Kent, UK

I don't know how this has won an award for best selling eyeliner?! I got this eyeliner as a sample when i brought They're Real Mascara. It is just awful. It applies matte and dries within seconds so during application it starts to flake. After a couple of hours when i looked in the mirror i had loads of black dots all on my cheeks where it was just crumbling away. By the time i took my make up off i had gaps where it had flaked away. It is long wearing as it took me forever to get off and didn't transfer onto the top of my eyelids but the point of me getting a long wearing eyeliner was so that i wouldn't have to keep checking my make up in the mirror throughout the day. I'm glad i didn't pay full price for it. I've just brought the Maybelline Black Shock eyeliner that is a dupe and its perfect and cheaper. My only worry is that i want to try the Badgal waterproof pencil eyeliner but now im hesitant beacuse this product was such a let down!

10 Oct 2014

Extremely disapointed

Location: London, UK

I have tried using this product since launch at least once a week, but every time I use it I find it comes out clumpy and barely applies to my eye. When trying more product than is recommended, it then becomes smudgy and messy. I find that (when I can finally apply it) it only gives an extremely thick line and it's almost to get a nice wing on either eye. Possibly the worst thing about this liner is removing it! I also bought the 'They're Real Remover' but instead of easily taking the liner off or using to correct mistakes it creates a massive black mess across your eyes/face.. meaning you have to take off all your correctly applied makeup, wash and scrub your face, then start again.. all due to this liner! Thinking that perhaps I'm just not using it properly I booked myself a makeup lesson at my regular Benefit counter. The plan was for me to do one eye and the other would be done by the girl on the counter - however we both had the same issues as I was at home (although she was trying to not draw attention to it): the liner didn't apply easily, the lines were too thick, the liner was clumpy, smudgy etc. I have the entire makeup and skincare range and love the product, yet this was a massive let down and cannot believe it cost me almost £20! I will be purchasing another brand tomorrow so that I can have beautifully applied eyeliner again!!

9 Oct 2014

Super Disappointed!

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

This is the first Benefit product I am really disappointed in. The color is fabulous AND VERY long lasting. That's IF you can get it to come out right. The tip does not come out of the applicator top angled and breaks off, or bends and ends up leaving a mess. If it breaks and lands on your skin, good luck getting the smudges off. The first application was flawless and perfect. Since then it's been a nightmare. I have to use my brush for my go-to gel liner to clean and spread the line evenly on my eyes. To those who say "just wipe it on your hand" as suggested. Sure, but it BREAKS OFF IN CHUNKS! It doesn't matter if I swipe it across my eye or the top of my hands. It breaks and bends. If I had this in a jar, like my other gel liner, it'd be my favorite. However, the liner doesn't come out right, breaks off, doesn't angle right after the first use and ends up being more trouble than it's worth! I really want this one to work because I can see how amazing it CAN be. So I go through the hassle when I need that heavy, long lasting look. Otherwise I stick to my other gel liners.

8 Oct 2014

What I'm seeing in a lot of these reviews is people not...

Location: Illinois

What I'm seeing in a lot of these reviews is people not being used to the product. I've been using this product since it came out and absolutely love it. It makes amazing lines and is incredibly long lasting. What most people are saying is that it leaves cement-y chunks around their eyes. This isn't normal if you know how to use the product. When you push up the liner, you shouldn't be able to see the liner that much. If you can see the actual liner more than say a millimeter you are pushing it up too much. If you can see the gel it wont glide, it'll roll, which is bad! If you're considering this product and are turned off by the reviews, DON'T BE! It takes a lot of practice to get used to using it but when you DO get used to it and figure out how to use it, it is absolutely amazing.

5 Oct 2014

Very disappointed

Location: Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK

I was so excited to try this as I love eyeliner and I'm not the greatest at applying. Applying it was brilliant and it went on like a dream and looked fantastic! However, just a few hours later it had crumbled off into my eyelashes and the rest had ended up at the top of my eyeline so I was walking around looking like a panda. I thought this was because the line I had done was too thick as I like very thick eyeliner so I tried a thin line the next day and the same thing happened! I was very disappointed as I am a Benefit girl through and through and for the first time ever I feel ripped off as I could get a similar eyeliner for £5 that would not end up all over my face :(

1 Oct 2014

Paraben free and good, learning curve to start

Location: Florida

I chose this eyeliner because it is paraben-free and works for those with paraben allergy! The hardest part was getting the product to come out of tube the first time; it took over 50 "clicks" over a two week period but I finally got it to come out. Video here shows that I should have spun the whole dial around 360 degrees for 2-3 times to prime it on first use rather than doing one click at a time. It creates a fairly smooth line with good control between thick and thin application with some practice. What I like about it most is that it doesn't smudge or diffuse wider like most of the other products I have tried so I can keep a subtle narrow accent line and enhance my eyes without looking like I'm wearing any liner for work or go more dramatic when I want for evening. I will buy again!

29 Sep 2014

Great - but you better buy a few!

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK

The liner lasted all day and merged incredibly well with my eyeshadow, however it came out in clumps and overall lasted not half the time I expected it to: you better buy a few!

27 Sep 2014


Location: England, UK

I understand why some benebabes are struggling with this product because I did for a week or so until I realised what I was doing wrong, Before I wasn't dispensing enough product- I wasn't clicking the bottom enough so only a tiny amount was coming out and when I tried to apply it it would clump and not draw a smooth line. What I've realised is you need to keep turning the applicator until you can see a thinish but definite line and draw it lightly across the back of your hand- this gets rid of any potential bumps and gives you an idea of of how much is coming out. Then simply apply is small sections and join up! (I find that the easiest way) You can either keep super close to the lashline for a classic look or get a bit more creative. The special tip allows you to create different types of flicks too! It's really flexible. I find it doesn't fade/smudge/flake throughout the day- it is super long wearing. If you are struggling to apply it just keep practising and follow these tips, I promise you'll get the hang and then LOVE it!!!!! P.S. The They're Real Remover is a must have with the eyeliner! It comes off so easily with it.

26 Sep 2014

Great Product

Location: Durham, County Durham, UK

I love this eyeliner and prefer it to any other I've used in the past. The silicone tip makes it so easy to apply and get as close to the lash line as possible. It is most certainly waterproof, lasts through wind and rain. However with it being so waterproof I find taking it off with water based products near impossible, I have to use a cleanser or oil based product. I also find the product comes out in big clumps, and when paying a high price I don't like the idea of wasting it. It suggests that one click should be enough product to line the eye but I find myself clicking 4 or 5 times. Overall the product is great once on the eye and I find it easier to use, however it has its problems with clumping and being difficult to remove.

24 Sep 2014

Amazing Long Lasting Eyeliner!

Location: Charlotte, NC, USA

A must have item!! I love this eyeliner. I bought it recently and wear it every day. It lasts all day and evening without smudging. It's like having tattooed eyeliner but comes off easily with eye make up remover. Also love the mascara! Hopefully more colors will come out soon!

24 Sep 2014

AVOID: Wasteful, Overpriced & Poor Pkg

Location: Los Angeles

I bought this liner as the store tester seemed to work well on my hand, and I loved the tip shape. However, I used my purchased liner once on my eyes while still in the store, but later found it was dried up and nothing would come out, even after twisting the bottom of the pen umpteen times. I took it back to the store on 3rd St in LA (where I am a REGULAR customer for services & products), however, the associate acted like I did something wrong and dismissed my request to return/exchange it. She twisted the pen excessively so some liner finally came out. It was still in its box when I went back to the store and clearly was hardly used. No product should require this much action to get it to work! But I didn't want to be pushy so I just kept it. Ever since then, it has performed poorly: - Requires an excessive # of twists (and WAITING) before a tiny bit of very dry, nearly unusable liner comes out of the tip - Big lumps of dried up liner fall out of the tip every time I try to use it, indicating a LOT of product is being wasted. And YES I have kept the cap tightly closed the whole time. See below for a pic of the lumps that fall out when twisting the pen. One has to wonder how much liner is even in the pen to begin with (probably very little since cosmetic co's are notorious for selling less product than the pkg states), but the fact that more of it dries up and falls out of the tip than gets applied to your eyes indicates an overpriced, wasteful product. Not to mention the plastic, non-recyclable pen pkg will end up in the landfill or ocean. Because of the ripoff product combined with the shabby way I was treated at the store when I tried to return it the first time, I will never buy Benefit products again, and will go elsewhere for my brows, too.

24 Sep 2014

Soooo hard to use!

Location: Southampton

This eyeliner has great colour and stays on for a very long time... when you can actually get it to apply! It's hard to get it out the tube and when it does come out it's in clumps meaning it's hard to get a good line. And trying to get it off is IMPOSSIBLE, it's like a tattoo on your eyelids. Love the They're Real mascara so i'm very disappointed with this product.

22 Sep 2014

this stuff is amazing

Location: Undisclosed

I always use liquid liner and, waterproof or not, it never lasts as long as I'd like. This stuff doesn't smear, smudge, or fade. That being said it goes on pretty heavy but I'm sure I'll get used to it. As for the claims that it comes out in chunks- the woman at the benefit counter recommended to brush it on your hand first to get an even coat on the entire application tip. It's not complicated.

20 Sep 2014

I have small hooded eyes so don't usually wear black...

Location: Eugene, OR, USA

I have small hooded eyes so don't usually wear black eyeliner. So glad I tried this! It does take a bit of getting used to, but the result is worth it. Gel eyeliner without pots and brushes? Awesome! It really hugs the lash line and does make my eyes pop and look bigger, especially when I combine it with the Peek A Bright Eye kit. Love that its travel friendly.

20 Sep 2014

In love with this!!

Location: Undisclosed

This is a type of liner that you will either love or hate. The first time I used it, I founded it a little hard to use. But once I got the hang of it I fell in love with it!! I have watery eyes, and every liner that claimed to be waterproof didn't work for me. But these does the job!!!

18 Sep 2014


Location: Chicago, IL, USA

I was really disappointed with this product. It took about 15 clicks to get it to work. It goes on fine but balls up and end up with black rubber cement-looking gunk around my eyes.

14 Sep 2014

Great Easy to Use Product

Location: Bellingham, WA, USA

I am someone who has always struggled with the gel liner, so i usually stuck with the pencil liner. However, I could never quite get the look I wanted. I was talked into the eyeliner (I bought just the small one with the mascara to test it out), and I have fallen in love. If you wipe off the applicator before use, and follow the tips on the benefit page, it works great! It hugs my lash line and makes the wing easy. Definitely recommend using this product, but again make sure you follow the instructions and ask the ladies at the benefit counter for some tips!

14 Sep 2014

Difficult to use, impossible to get off.

Location: London

Absolutely terrible product. It's very difficult to use, comes out in hideous clumps on your lashes and when you make mistakes it's impossible to take off. I really regret spending so much on this virtually unusable product and if i hadn't been so foolish as to throw my receipt away I would be taking it straight back to the shop I bought it from. It was so disappointing when I love and use lots of Benefit's other products. Don't waste your money on this one.

10 Sep 2014

Less than expected

Location: Belgium

Unlike the mascara, the eyeliner couldn't live up to my expectations. The main feature is that it 'hugs the eyelash', but that was not the case. Other kinds of eyeliners are much more fitted to stay close to the lash. It also required a lot of training to create a good line, but I guess that's because I wasn't used to work with this new kind of eyeliner and you have to use a lot of make-up remover to get rid of the mistakes and imperfections. It just took twice as long to get the same look as I get with a cheaper product. On the positive side, we decided to test the eyeliner in the pool and it is indeed waterproof. Yes, it did come off after a while but instead of becoming a big panda-ish mess, it just broke down in clean little pieces. I've never seen an eyeliner staying in its place while swimming. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't that bad, but I expected a lot more after reading the package and paying quite a lot of money.

7 Sep 2014

pretty good for travel bag

Location: CA

I was hesitant to buy this after reading the reviews, but when I was at the counter for another product decided to try it out. I only did a hand swatch to see how it came out and the types of lines it did, and I was impressed so I went for it. I was considering just going for the mascara and mini of this product since I wasn't sure if I'd like it is practice, but the amount of product in the mini combined with the fact I just ordered some mascara online from Benefit that I'm expecting this week, I was just went for the larger one. So, now that I've used it, I am still pleased with my purchased. I was waiting for a friend so I pulled it out to do in the car, and although it took a little getting used to, I think it worked fine. It didn't take a lot of twists to get the product out, though you do need to wipe of the first bit for a new one as it comes out straight and not on the edge and is just too much to even try. If you really don't want to waste product, use a brush for that bit, otherwise you may just end up with a giant clump on your lash line. The actual product inside was good - I wore it maybe 10 or 12 hours and didn't need to touch it up after first applying. I haven't had to twist a bunch for the product to come out like I've read some people have had to. Perhaps if you order online as it is summer the formula gets messed up with the heat, but I don't know for sure. It may be best to buy it at the counter if only to see if this is for you to begin with since the price is pretty steep for a product that is hit or miss with so many people. My star may go down, though, depending how much product is actually in the tube. I don't go through liner fast, so I expect this to last me a while. Since there is no way to tell how much is in it/where you are in it, I'm a bit concerned that it may go really fast and that it may run out while I'm doing my makeup up one day leaving me with only one eye done or something. I really love the rubber angled tip - makes working with it very easy once you are used to it. It is a pretty thick line, though you can blend it out with brushes if you prefer. I do wish it was a tad thinner, though, since I like a solid line generally with this type of liner. Overall, it is a nice product. Not the best liner ever, but nice to have in my travel bag. I likely wouldn't use this when doing my makeup at home, as I have gel liners with brushes for that, but when doing my makeup on the go in my car or after staying over at a friends, it is something I'll keep in my makeup bag for. As far as quick makeup, it isn't bad. It would take a little longer for my day-to-day makeup for school, but not that much longer. I think for people who have experience with gel liner and liner pens will have an easier time with this than those you have only used pencils. It wouldn't be impossible by any means, just may take a bit more adjusting since it would be a different type of product as well as way of application.

7 Sep 2014


Location: Toronto, ON

ALL my make up is benefit, I usually love their products! I usually buy Magic Ink eyeliner as it has always worked very well, but decided to try this for the first time, I wish I hadn't. It's very dry and clumpy, and increadibly hard to apply. Maybe as i use it more it'll become easier to apply... It is also so difficult to remove, and with my sensitive skin under my eyes, they are left red raw! Please make this more user friendly Benefit... I'm so dissapointed :(

7 Sep 2014

Horrible product...takes forever to get color on brush...

Location: florida

Horrible product...takes forever to get color on brush and then it comes out in a glob..does not go on straight...not what I was hoping for

5 Sep 2014

Takes practice, but worth it!

Location: Kent, UK

It took me a while to buy this product as I was not sure about it, but after being given a great tutorial by the sales assistant I finally made up my mind, and I'm so happy with it! Firstly, it is the darkest and longest lasting eyeliner I have ever used - I finally understand why some people refer to makeup as 'war paint'! Also, while it is great for bold, thick lines, I also use it sparingly for everyday makeup, knowing I will not have faded colour or smudges by the time I finish work (panda eyes tend to scare off customers!). I have not had any issues with 'flaking' that many other people seem to have had, and definitely disagree with the complaints that the brush is stiff. This product is definitely not a 'beginner' eyeliner, but I am not an expert either and still manage to use it. I believe it is more suited to someone who already uses an angled brush for their liner, as I think this is why I've had more luck with it. I do understand the negative reviews from people who expected it to be much easier, as I probably would have made a complete mess if I had not been shown how to use it properly, but it is worth taking the time to get used to it, as the finished result is stunning.

4 Sep 2014

So difficult to use!

Location: Hampshire, UK

I think the idea of this product is great - in reality not so much! 1 click will line both eyes, not at all the case, 4 clicks later I still have no product to apply onto my eyelids but if I come back in half an hour the things exploded in my make-up bag. It is long wearing but trying to get a solid consistency with it is near enough impossible, I will get a nice dark line along my eye lid but as soon as I start to draw my flick it no longer wants to play ball! I would not recommend this product - instead get yourself down to Superdrug and buy a Collection 2000 felt tip liner for about £3.99 as it works so much better!

3 Sep 2014


Location: Canada

After turning the bottom of the wand a few times , the gel finally appeared at the tip of the applicator . It comes out in clumps which fall off onto my face . I struggled to apply and it does stay put once applied but not worth the $29.00

2 Sep 2014

Love, love, love...worked perfect the very first time I...

Location: Michigan, USA

Love, love, love...worked perfect the very first time I used it. My "old" liner would run or wear off all the time!!! Definitely will keep using this product!!!

2 Sep 2014


Location: Aberystwyth, Wales

My sister bought this for me a month ago. Absolutely love it. It takes a few practice tries but once you're used to it, it's amazing. It glides on smoothly and easily. If you want to get that perfect winged eyeliner then this is the product for you. It really does hug the lash line. It lasts as well. I feel asleep with it on one night and woke up with it exactly in place and just as bold. I only touched it up slightly. It must have lasted about 24 hours and probably would have gone on for longer is it had not been for me taking it off. The only cons are that it can be a little thick and it can be a battle to take off. Will definitely be getting another one when it runs out.

1 Sep 2014

I love they're real mascara so hearing that benefit had...

Location: Undisclosed

I love they're real mascara so hearing that benefit had bought out they're real eyeliner I was so excited to try it. Its okay if your a professional make up artist but for someone who is not it is really hard to use. I used this when working in the salon and when it gets to hot the eyeliner starts to go in the crease of the eyelid. Its also really hard to make a flick with the pen. The formula dries out when the pen lid is on so you got to use more of the formula which is just wasting money. Luckily I got this free with the mascara which won't be going to waste. I would rather try putting on the eyeliner on myself when at the benefit stall than the benefit beautician so see if it is worth buying.

31 Aug 2014

This product is VERY hard to use. I found that it leaves...

Location: Undisclosed

This product is VERY hard to use. I found that it leaves the line very thick and clumpy. Not worth the money

30 Aug 2014

Not quite amazing, but...

Location: Tujunga, CA

They're Real liner is an innovative, sexy prima donna that needs to be figured out. Its capabilities include achieving precise and delicately fine lines with ease. The AccuFlex tip is soft and glides like a pair of Yu-Na Kim's skates. Tragically, the makeup itself is lumpy, clumpy, and has a consistency of dry clay. One has to twist the liner 8-10 times each use to get the makeup to strain out like a different and less pleasant activity done in the toilette. One can bet the AccuFlex tip puts in a great effort to work with its uncooperative counterpart. 5 stars for the innovation, the potential, and the sexy branding 2 stars for its content 3.5 stars average Extra .5 star for making my brain work evidenced by its figuring out that applying a thin coat of They're Real remover before the liner greatly improves the consistency of the makeup. Voila! Overall, 4 stars

29 Aug 2014

Hard to apply.

Location: Undisclosed

I tried to use this product, but can't seem to get the gel to apply onto my eyelid. Not worth the money, and would be better if it was liquid and not gel. I have resorted to a £5 liquid liner that does the job much better.

28 Aug 2014

Not long lasting

Location: Medan,Indonesia

I took me a lot of twist to get the first drop out. The innovative pen is very handy. It's so much easier then using a brush and a pot of gel eyeliner which I'm used to. it's easy to draw a line close to eyelash but when it's done and took a close look, the line is not solid and fading after half day. I don't see the result worth the long shipping time to Indonesia and the import tax paid.

27 Aug 2014

Good, when it works....

Location: Durham, County Durham, UK

I love the design, it's easy to use. Plus it stays....and I mean stays! However the liquid that comes out is inconsitant. Sometimes flows well, other times it flakes. When you twist it none seems to come out, then when applying loads suddenly oozes. Not worth the money in my opinion..... Well not unless they make some changes.

24 Aug 2014

Favourite eyeliner ever - already broken!

Location: UK

Bought this eyeliner as I hoped it would be easier to use than liquid (I haven't got a very steady hand), and it's so much easier! Comes out perfect every time, and actually stays on all day. However - I only bought this about 10 days ago and it's ALREADY broken! No matter how much I click it NOTHING comes out :( so upset. Maybe I just got a faulty one I don't know.

22 Aug 2014

I'm in love with this product!

Location: Brisbane QLD, Australia

Ever since I purchased my Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner, the push up liner and I have been inseparable! This lash hugging gel liner pen is the first of its kind, and is ridiculously easy to apply! I've been struggling with finding the right eyeliner for donkeys years and never have I been more impressed with the result! This matte black gel formula won't smudge, budge or dry out, it is effortlessly easy to apply and the innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lash line from corner to corner, so you get a perfect line without any hassle! I can now apply my eyeliner in two quick flicks rather than turning myself into a panda! I also love how it effortlessly glides over eyeshadow and that it doesn't loose its intense matte black look! I am supremely impressed with this product and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone!

22 Aug 2014

A great long-lasting easy to apply eyeliner!

Location: London, UK

on;t understand why so many people have had difficulty with application as I find it really easy to apply and I am far from expert! I prefer this to the usual liquid eyeliners as it is more forgiving of unsteady hands when applying. It looks great really easy to get flicks and lasts all day and night. It can be a little difficult to remove so a good eye make-up remover is essential. It's pretty pricey but I will definitely buy it again as I think it's worth every penny.

21 Aug 2014


Location: UK

this eyeliner is brilliant I was really excited to buy it as I am a huge fan of benefit and gel liners are the best. the only downside is a lot of product does get wasted when clicking the liner out.

20 Aug 2014

Disappointing is a vast understatement

Location: San Jose, CA, USA

After using They're Real! Mascara and having incredible results, I was thrilled to give this eyeliner a try. This gel pen is NOT a snap to use. Clicking the pen to get the gel liner to come up is easy, however it takes about a minute for the liner to appear and if you click too many times, a blob of liner will come out and prove itself completely useless. I think this liner would work far better if it were an actual liquid formula. I can only manage to get this liner to work 1 out of 8 times I attempt to use it. I absolutely adore Benefit products and was shocked at how difficult and finicky this gel liner is. A major disappointment. I have wasted more of this liner due to the fact that it tends to appear long after I have already made a mess of my eyes and there is always a huge clump of gel waiting for me the next time I go to use it that I need to clean off. Very, VERY disappointing. I do like the shape of the tip and when this liner works, it totally works. However, I don't think gel works for this and would hope they release a liquid liner with a similar shaped tip.

20 Aug 2014

Great, takes practice!!

Location: UK

I held off buying this after reading the reviews but I am pleased that I gave in and bought it. I found it tricky at first as I don't really use eyeliner but soon got the hang of it. I have not found it drying and it took a couple of goes to realise that when you turn it give it a second for the product to come out. I also find wiping it before I use it to get rid of any product left over from last time. 10 out of 10 for me, just takes practice. I have recommended this product to family and friends and it's worth the money.

19 Aug 2014

First benefit product

Location: San Diego, CA

I recently got "The Real Steal" 2 in one mascara and eyeliner. the mascara works perfectly its just the eyeliner that I mostly disliked. When i first got the product i was told its sweat proof,waterproof, and smear proof. first time i actually put it on it seemed good, an hour passed by and it started smearing more above my eye. then started smearing under my eye. since it was already dried up it was so hard to take off so i ended up looking like a raccoon until i got home.

18 Aug 2014

Dreadful and expensive

Location: UK

For a product this expensive I would have expected something much better. It isn't clear how much you need to twist, so I twist and twist and very little comes out. The bits that do come out are dried up. Next time I come to use it there's a huge clump of presumable what I twisted out last time. I have tried and tried to use this product but it doesn't work for me. I would return it but it was given to me by someone else who tried it and had the same problem.

17 Aug 2014

new to benefit

Location: Manchester, KY

I didn't really like this product the first time I used it. However, I wasn't ready to give up on it just yet. Now it is my FAVE liner. Love love! The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is because sometimes when I take the cap off there is a little clump of liner already on the tip (which can still be used/doesn't dry out). I think it's just because I twisted it too many times during the last use.

17 Aug 2014

So disappointed!

Location: Chicopee, MA

I was excited to try this new eyeliner! I was looking for a good black gel liner and everyone was raving about this! It was a bit awkward to apply, the gel formula is really dry and stiff. By the middle of the day, the liner smudged all over my eyes. I looked like a raccoon and had flakes all over my face!! I used a primer and everything! It was awful! I had to return it!

14 Aug 2014

So not impressed

Location: Chicago, IL

One of the most frustrating aspects to the whole "They're Real" line is that they claim to stay put but every morning after maybe 3 hours of wear, my coworker will indicate to me that I should clean up under my eyes. Now, since I am reviewing the liner, I need to review just that. It dries up quickly. While some have said that their's makes a mess in their makeup bag, I find mine hard to get out because it seems so dry. It doesn't look any better than the cheap stuff I find in the drug store either. It doesn't go on evenly, so it looks crummy. I gotta tell you, this product is a lot of fluff and packaging. You guys at Benefit knock packaging out of the park, but that's all it is. Great packaging. I'm not impressed with what's inside.

13 Aug 2014

Easy to use and long lasting

Location: UK

I love this liner - it's very easy to use and as the liner is a gel, there are no more messy mistakes. You can apply in little strokes whereas with a liquid liner I'd try and line the whole lid in one go. I have the mini version, so it remains to be seen if it lasts as long as my liquid liner. Also a few people have commented that it's difficult to remove. I use mine on top of shadow so don't usually have this problem. However, when I tried it on a bare lid, it was very hard to remove. I used an oil based remover to try and budge it!

13 Aug 2014

Pretty awesome liner!

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia

I love this product. Makes your eyes pop and super easy to apply. Doesn't smudge as its a gel liner and the precision and thickness is perfect.

13 Aug 2014

Hard to use, does not dispense evenly

Location: Medford, OR

This is a gel liner, and the product is dispensed through a tiny rubber slot tip. The problem is that the gel doesn't dispense evenly and the angle is hard to work without depositing globs at the lash line. This is the first product of Benefit's that I didn't totally love, and I was bummed to find that they don't have a return policy for opened but unliked products. Even Walgreens and RiteAid offer that! My bad for not reading the reviews; $24 wasted.

12 Aug 2014

The formula is just so bad

Location: England

I tried using this eyeliner so many times in so many ways to see if any way would stop it flaking, smudging and cracking as soon as I applied it but it never worked. This is a particular shame because I found it so easy to use design-wise, but maybe in the future a new formula might persuade me to give it a go again- maybe...

11 Aug 2014


Location: Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

I bought this eyeliner as part of the "real Steal". I read the reviews on this and was starting to get swayed by them before I tried it myself, hence why I got the "mini" version instead of buying the full sized one. I wish I had just bought the full sized one. I wear eyeliner every day in a liquid form so therefore I have become quite a pro at applying eyeliner. Maybe that's why I found it easier than others on this site? I got the product yesterday and couldn't wait to get home to try it .. my night turned into a busy one so didn't get a chance. So I used it on my normal morning routine with no practice.I was a little worried as I was running late but It went on really easy no fuss no hassle. People have commented positively on it today too. Do not be out off by the negative comments on here if you are already used to applying eyeliner I very nearly was and I am really pleased with my purchase. I WILL be purchasing a full size one when my "mini" version runs out.

11 Aug 2014

Don't listen to the bad reviews!

Location: Wales, UK

I have no idea why people are saying it's hard to use?!?! I am absolutely terrible at doing eyeliner but I can get a perfect thin line with his liner. It's very easy to use and makes no mess. It doesn't smudge and it doesn't dry as quick as people are saying. It also has never gone crumbly on me? Great eyeliner!! :)

10 Aug 2014

Love it

Location: London

I think this gel pen is awesome. I'm a fan of the cat eye, but pretty rubbish at doing it - not much time/patience/skill. However, this gel pen makes it SO much easier than any other eyeliner I have tried (and I've tried a few). Its easy to use: dries fast but still gives plenty of time to correct mistakes. Also, doesn't transfer to upper lid (I have deep set eyes), major bonus.

9 Aug 2014

A great eyeliner*

Location: Seattle

*So I am like every makeup and Benefit addict and was counting the days to get my hands on this product! I am a bit obsessed with eyeliner but it's a hard thing to do perfectly so when you find something that works you stop at nothing to stock up! This eyeliner has some AMAZING pluses! 1. It is the perfect, deep, matte black! The kind that doesn't have sheen just gives you depth. I love the color! 2. When it's working smoothly, it works smoothly. It can flow flawlessly to your lash line when all goes according to plan. 3. It was made for my lower lash nothing else has! It was marketed as this big, winged eyeliner look but there are a million products out there that work well on your upper lid. This is perfect for my lower lashes as it doesn't get clumped in with your lower lashes, making them look bad. And it stays there! So there are a couple negatives, but hey, I have them too..... 1. The gel comes out when it's just sitting in my makeup case. I wish they had a stopper to keep it in when it's not being use. (or I had just kept the one it is started with as that is obviously why they ship it with one) 2. It is flaky, but it's mainly b/c when I open up the top there's some already sticking out and I don't want to waste it (and I have soo much!!! It's not cheap and so much has NOT gone on my eyes..) It's a do-able flaky as it only happens right when you apply it and it's easily swept off with a finger, but it's still not an issue that I've ever had with any other product. 3. It is hard to take off...which is like the best compliment you could give to an eyeliner, but it does leave a mark on my top lids if I'm hot. Just one of those things you don't want to have to think of. Bottom line, this is for my bottom line! I really do love it but I feel like they need to tweak it a bit to keep it from coming out etc. When I use it on my top lines I love it, it looks incredible but really I spent a lot on this item and I am afraid it's about to run out since whenever I go to use it some has seeped out and I need it for my bottom lines.

9 Aug 2014


Location: San Francisco

I been waiting for a product like this and finally it happened! I always had a tough time making a cat liner with a regular angled brush, I just couldn't get it straight or I would end up making my liner too thick. I also tried liquid liners, the felt tip markers, still I couldn't do it. So when I got the benefit liner I absolutely fell in love. I just love everything about it, I can finally make a cat eye with it. I'm not going to lie it took practice with it, but once I got the hang of it, it works great! I have 4 of them, I keep some at home and in my purse.

8 Aug 2014

Epic Fail for this product

Location: Erie, PA, USA

I was so excited for this product. I found it in my Cosmopolitan magazine about a month before it was released. I even went and signed up online for the pre-release group that would be one of the first customers to try this product. When I went to try the product for the first time, I was extremely confused at its use. The directions it came with, in the box, were not very helpful at all. I twisted the product up a couple of times, as instructed, angled to streak across my eyelid and the moment I began, it flaked right off. Waste of product down my sink, tried again and same thing happened. Third time was the charm however, it flaked off my eye after wearing it for a couple of hours and that was with an eye primer. I thought maybe I was doing this all wrong. I decided to go online and try to watch the video on this website. It didn't help me at all, therefore I tried youtube. Youtube didn't even help either. I decided enough was enough and that a product should not be required to make the user research continuously for proper use. Eyeliner should not be this difficult especially if you really watch make up tutorials and study proper techniques and uses like myself. I tried product a couple more times but was highly dissatisfied after it continuously flaked off after wearing. I no longer use this product and will never use it again. It was a double wasted expense on my part because I had to go purchase another eyeliner at less expensive price that was well worth it. I cannot stress enough how highly I do not recommend this product to others.

8 Aug 2014

Looks fantastic

Location: Ireland

They're real push up liner was my first eye liner. At the start it was hard to apply but after a few turns I got the hang of it. I love, love, love how the colour of the liner is charcoal black. The liner dries quickly which doesn't leave much room for mistakes. The liner overall is pretty good and looks fantastic with they're real mascara.

8 Aug 2014

This Product Is Pretty Perffect!

Location: Chicago, IL

I was extremely skeptical when I first saw this product on the shelves at my Ulta store. I had it in my hand and then after looking at the applicator I *FREAKED* out. So, I went and asked one of the beauty specialists for her assistance. She showed me how to use it first on one eye and then let me try it on my other eye (she even helped touch up the areas where my hand was a bit shake-y). When I purchased the product I was given a few helpful hints (i.e., using short strokes and connecting them until I feel more comfortable with the applicator; switching the applicator around when applying liner on the eye opposite my non-dominant hand; practice using the product a lot to become comfortable with the eyeliner). To avoid clumping I always wipe my applicator tip on a tissue before I apply the liner to my eye. The more I used it the more comfortable I was with this innovative product. I *HIGHLY* recommend trying this product to every beauty junkie out there!

8 Aug 2014

SO EZ!!!

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

I purchased from sephora. That said I am not a makeup artist. I am a regular person. After I purchased i read reviews. They honestly scared me into thinking that this product would be difficult to use. I had perfect winged eyes the first try. I wish I would have recorded it but i really thought it was going to be difficult. I started at center of eye winged out then did inner lid. It allowed me a few seconds of play time wipe off excess from over drawing line a bit. Then presto eye complete!!! it literally took seconds!!! Don't be fearful of this product I think just keep it simple and you will have no problems!!

5 Aug 2014


Location: London, UK

For the first time ever I am disappointed with a Benefit product. It is SO difficult to use and I could never get a dark, straight line (thick or thin) and I found it impossible to do flicks with. The gel crumbles and blobs and goes all over your fingers as you try to squeeze it up. It also does not stay on very well - within a few hours I found it smudged and faded. Not worth the effort or money!

5 Aug 2014

This product is AWFUL. It is incredibly dry and is flaky...

Location: London, UK

This product is AWFUL. It is incredibly dry and is flaky and clumpy. It may 'hug' lashes but covers the roots of the lashes in the product at the same time. I am honestly beyond annoyed and disappointed at paying so much for such a rubbish product. I apply gel liner every day and I have not once used one either this expensive or this bad. My usual MUCH cheaper eyeliner will be purchased again swiftly as I cannot bear to use awful and in my opinion falsely advertised product again. The packaging claims it makes eyes look bigger which any liner will do if applied properly and it also says it won't dry out-phahaha! It's the driest gel liner I've tried and trust me I've tried LOTS!! Please don't waste your hard earned money on this product.

4 Aug 2014

Gimmicky product

Location: Wales

I was excited about this product as I love to create the winged eyes. I usually use a pot of gel with a brush. I thought this would be a lot easier. I was so wrong! It comes out clumpy and applies flakey. It is so messy and near impossible to remove. I ended up getting it on my hands and it's like permanent marker to remove. Sounds and looks good but in reality it's just a gimmick :(

4 Aug 2014

Difficult to use

Location: London

Really upset and unhappy with this product, you end up wasting so much of it because it comes off in clumps. - Nightmare!

4 Aug 2014

Doesn't live up to the hype

Location: Washington, DC

I was SUPER excited about this liner because I thought it would help me with my winged liner technique. I just purchased on Saturday and tried to wear it on Sunday. The wing was smudging part way through the day. I also noticed a bit of flaking and some had got into my lashes making them crunchy. I'll try it one more time but most likely I will return it.

3 Aug 2014

I love love love the eyeliner itself. Its dark, stays on...

Location: Baton Rouge, LA, USA

I love love love the eyeliner itself. Its dark, stays on all day (even in 95+ degree weather with humidity),and looks fabulous with my eyes :). However, I do not like its dispenser. For some reason I have to turn the pump multiple times for it to dispense anything, and when I do, it all comes out at once as too much. Also, though I like the idea of the rubberized tip, I can't seem to get a "fine" line along my eye, I always end up with a larger line then I plan to.

2 Aug 2014

Very good eyeliner for the most part...

Location: Killeen, TX

I am African American and i had bought this product on a whim since i had ran out of my old eyeliner that tugged at my eyelids too much for my taste... Overall, I will say I do like it because it does help me define my eyes by easily gliding it over my eyelids well. However, I am not sure if i can say if this is meant for beginners..I mean, I guess it COULD but it is gonna take a lot of practice to learn how to do the perfect cat eye or winged eye with this product due to its quick drying texture.. Another thing I will add is it has a tendency to melt off during the middle of the day; perhaps it has to do with the scorching temperatures here in TX that makes my makeup melt off but I use a lot of primer of my eyelids and let it dry before i put on the eyeliner.

30 Jul 2014

Wanted to love it

Location: Undisclosed

I bought this on day one, at their little release party on a Friday morning. When I tried it on in the store it looked nice but I figured it would take a steady hand to apply it evenly. My main problem with it is that every morning when I unscrew the cap, a bunch of the liner has come out of the tubing, and it's WAY too thick to use or it will come on too dark and too thick and clumpy, so I have to wipe it off and it feels like I'm wasting more that way than I'm actually using on my eyes. Not sure if this is a malfunction with the tube or if it's the way it is for others. It also goes on very had potential but I don't love it.

28 Jul 2014

Great product! Love it!

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia

I never had a perfect line by myself. But with this product I'm able to draw myself a perfect line with this eyeliner gel! Awesome stuff for dummy like me, just that the gel might run off a bit when you twist it out. (Twist it slowly and try on your hand first so you won't get excessive product) It would be 100% perfect if the gel itself is more solid. I will absolutely recommend this product to a friend! xx

28 Jul 2014

Good For Cosplay Not for Everyday.

Location: Undisclosed

I enjoy this product but I do have a few tiffs with it. however in my case the pros outweigh the cons! It does flake and once it dries (which is very fast) it refuses to smudge. Or wash off, coconut oil however takes this off without having to scrub at your eyes. I like the fact I can easily make cat eyes!

28 Jul 2014

Pleasantly surprised by this product

Location: Yorkshire

I purchased the The Real Steal set today with the mini Push Up Liner, as I was sceptical about buying the full sized product due to so many mixed reviews. I was a lot more impressed by it that I'd expected. Firstly, I love the concept of this product. I've found gel eyeliners really difficult to neatly apply using a brush in the past, with pen eyeliners being my favourite for easy application, but not very long lasting, so I was really excited to hear about this product. I've spent the afternoon playing around with it and the only real con I've found is that you do have to be quite quick at applying it as once it has dried, as others have said, it does begin to flake if you try to go back over it, but with a bit of practice it's fairly easy to do it before it dries. I absolutely love the winged eyeliner look, but find it difficult to do and often end up spending hours in front of the mirror trying to perfect it. This is the best eyeliner I've used for quick, easy flicks. The shape and flexibility of the rubber tip makes it so easy to achieve the winged look, so this is my favourite thing about this product. I'm not 100% sure I'd agree that it really 'hugs' the lashes, as it does tug a little bit (probably wouldn't with properly prepared eyelids) and I didn't find it particularly easy to get an extremely thin line, as I had hoped, but I did manage to achieve a very neat, slightly thicker line. The colour is brilliant, it is extremely black and as for clumpiness, I did find it to be a little bit at first, however all you need to do it run it on the back of your hand a little bit before use. I haven't found removal as difficult as some reviews have suggested either, it sort of flaked off with my eye make up remover, rather than smudging away, which meant it came off really quickly without smudging over my whole face. Due to the need for fairly quick application of this product, I would recommend it to people who are a bit more experienced at using eyeliners, particularly if you are wanting to achieve a winged look. Personally, I do disagree with the negative reviews and think it is a shame it has been so badly reviewed as this is not an overall bad product, it just takes a bit of practice, as eyeliner generally does. If, like I was, you are unsure, I would definitely recommend purchasing the The Real Steal set to give it a go before purchasing the full size product, excellent deal that you can't go wrong with.

28 Jul 2014

Not what I had hoped it would be...

Location: Whitefish Bay, WI

The "They're Real Push-Up Liner" was not the solution I had hoped. When I applied the liner, little pieces would flake into my eyes. Since I wear contacts, there's no way I could use the liner and wear contacts at the same time. I bought this hoping it would stay on better than other liners, but what I got was more disappointing especially since I bought but can't use it.

28 Jul 2014


Location: England

I expected this eye-liner to be exceedingly good, especially for the price I was paying (as I am on minimum wage). It was really hard to use however I managed to do my eyes, the product came off really easily even though the women who sold me the product promised me "you can sleep in it and it wont come off". I have just brought a new eye-liner which was £4 and was shocked how much better it was than Benefits product. Thankfully I got a full refund.

28 Jul 2014


Location: Undisclosed

I was very excited to try this product out, but once i got it, i was very disappointed. Apparently, you only need to turn it once for both eyes, but when using it I soon realized i needed to turn it at least 3 times. It is also very flaky, and not gel like at all. It is extremely hard to use, considering it is described as 'lash hugging'. Not worth the money, I'm much happier with my Maybelline one which is half the price! Very disappointing, considering benefit are usually so good.

27 Jul 2014

In general, it's user-friendly!

Location: Undisclosed

Considering how near and dear I hold my eyeliner, I judge them pretty harshly. This liner is pretty user friendly and isn't irritating to my eyes (which, especially of late have been very sensitive). The weather I live is in really humid and hot but even with this factored in it doesn't budge! the only issue is when I have on my concealer which makes my lids slightly oily-er and I receive crease smudges and I get a bit panda eyed. Other wise I would totally recommend!

25 Jul 2014

Let down!

Location: Manchester, UK

Major let down! It's not easy to use in the slightest, it's clumpy and doesn't "hug the lash line" . I've give it a few chances now and it just doesn't do what it says at all!! I can normally do my liner in about 10 minutes and I'm a perfectionist! But it took half an hour with that rubbish! Even then I had to go over it with my cheap felt liner! Not happy! :(

25 Jul 2014

Worst eyeliner I have ever bought!

Location: Salisbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

Very disappointed by a very poor product. Sounded so good I was really looking forward to trying it. This product was dry and flakey, difficult to apply, messy and took ages and still couldn't get a reasonable result. Thought it was just me so both my daughters have tried it and both say no thanks! Same problems as me. My friend also bought one and she said she had given up with hers too. Took it back to the shop to see if I was doing it wrong, apparently not, told to keep trying and bring it back if could get the hang of it. Took it back again and told hard luck, won't replace or credit because I bought mine in another town. Not wasting petrol trying to return so ill bin it!

24 Jul 2014

Comes out in gloopy bits or not at all.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

I really wanted to love this product. I have tried a variety of liquid and gel eyeliners over the years. My difficulty is with how the product dispenses. I can turn the little thing on the bottom 10 or more times and nothing will happen, even if I let it sit for 15 minutes and come back to it. But when I pick it up the next morning, it will be runny and goopy. But if I only turn it once or twice, I don't have enough product dispensed even the next day to make it work. On the 1 occasion that just enough product dispensed, I did manage one perfect eye. But then nothing else came out and I had to use another eyeliner for the second eye. To try to get it to work, I watched the videos. But my product does not work the way the ones pictured did.

24 Jul 2014

It is really hard to use!

Location: Kent, UK

I was really disappointed with it as it was really hard to use and came out really thick which is not what I wanted. I am upset as it was advertised as super good and easy to use but I feel that it is the total opposite. I am annoyed that I spent nearly £20 on something that I cannot use as it is to difficult!

22 Jul 2014

Such a let down, so flaky and impossible to put on

Location: Undisclosed

The massive hype of this product sadly let it down. I'd been waiting for months for the eyeliner which was meant to be super easy to apply, so when I finally bought it and tried it I was so disappointed. I'm not the best at applying eyeliner, but I have the basic skill down - I just found the texture of the product impossible to stay on my eyelids and it was just flaking down my face. I also couldn't get the eyeliner anywhere near to my lashline. I'm hoping a bit more practice will help, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much.

21 Jul 2014

Hard to use

Location: United Kingdom

A lady at the benefit counter put this on for me as a tester and I absolutely loved the look she created. However I realized when I got home this was incredibly hard to use, comes out in clumps and is really hard to take off as well! I wouldn't recommend this product whatsoever. Back to liquid liner! :(

19 Jul 2014

Not A Gel At All

Location: Chicago,IL,USA

Okay, I'll tell the truth-I didn't exactly buy this product. I was at Sephora and was really excited to try it on, but was pretty disapointed. Instead of coming out smooth and gel-like, it was dry, clumpy, an when I put it on, I has to press really hard to get it a dark black. Overpriced junk.

19 Jul 2014

Great idea, reality not so great

Location: Glasgow, Glasgow City, UK

I was told this product was really simple to use and I have been really disappointed. It only goes on really thick which is no good for my eyes, it immediately transfers onto my upper eyelid and looks awful. It's on for hardly any time and I look like a smudged mess. I have tried a few times to use it and I'm really disappointed I won't be using it. Waste of money :-(

17 Jul 2014

Not great at all....

Location: LDN

I received a sample of this eyeliner when I bought the Browzings (which is great by the way). I tried the eyeliner yesterday and it was awful. It crumbles, it pulls your eyelids and it's very hard to put on. I am so glad I didn't buy it. I think the eyeliner itself is a good idea, but in practice it just doesn't work.

17 Jul 2014

a product that really does not deliver on the hype

Location: St Paul, MN

I simply cannot make this eyeliner work. If I follow the video instructions it gets clumpy and flakes off. It does not leave a nice smooth line, as advertised, It doesn't seem wet enough to work. Disappointing, at best.

16 Jul 2014


Location: Dallas, TX, USA

I love the They're Real Mascara and wasn't going to try the liner because it looked more complicated than just a pencil. Well I went to buy more mascara at Ulta and they convinced me to buy it at checkout, and I must say I absolutely love it. I get numerous compliments everyday about how great my eye makeup looks since using this product. Also, it is extremely easy to use and I love the long wear it provides without smudging. Have not had problems getting it off like most people say, I just use a basic eye makeup remover and it takes it right off.

16 Jul 2014

Mixed Views

Location: Scotland, UK

I am trying sooooo hard to love this product. I am undoubtedly one of benefits biggest fans. When this product came out I just had to get my hands on it. Now I wish I hadn't bothered :( I was planning to only use it for special occasions as it was a tad pricey so it was strictly only for the big nights out. So when I tried it out first time it took like 20 turns for it to come up - that was okay - I am very patient. It glided on no problem for one eye but for the other eye nothing came out. By this point I was very understanding thinking its a new product I'll get used to it. But No. Have it several weeks now and I have gave up. Does the same thing each time, works for one eye and not the other. So heartbreaking because I love Benefit products. Oh well not to worry I still love everything else !!If anyone would like to give me helpful tips please do because I feel like there can be something to solve this dreadful problem. Help a gal out here !! x

15 Jul 2014

The new gel pen eyeliner becomes gloppy as it comes out...

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

The new gel pen eyeliner becomes gloppy as it comes out to the tube. Dry and impossible to work with. Will return product.

12 Jul 2014

This eyeliner is great…but has some issues.

Location: Hayward, W

I love the product, especially when it it first applied. I have never been able to get a nice clean line with any type of liquid or gel liner so the ease of use of this liner is a plus. I do have issues with the way the pen works, mostly the wasted product. When I put the pen in my makeup bag and come back to it later, there is usually a large amount of eyeliner coming out of the tip. If I can finagle it right then I can use this without wasting it, but usually this large chunk of eyeliner is just a mess and has to be wiped off, wasting the very expensive product.

11 Jul 2014

Verdict is still out

Location: Prescott, AZ, USA

I purchased a full-size & the jumbo mini (I like them for my handbag). I love the gel, the tip, the tube and the twist up (yeah 10 turns is not going to get it out... be patient and use a cotton pad to wipe it when you need to NOT your hand). I like the application...mostly. I have very soft eyelids so it pulls a bit. Not a one-stroke application. I can work the line in segments with a bit of effort- I think it's going to take practice. I dig it for my lower lash line. The formula doesn't bother my eyes like everything else. I mention not to wipe the it on your hand... you have to bathe to get it hot oil. The name should be 'They're Tattooed'. You have to be REALLY careful or have lots of time because you can't fix a stray line- you have to add to the width. The wear is is funky... It is VERY waterproof. Soap-proof YES. Smudge proof NO. I haven't noticed the flaking others have mentioned but I do have a light 'smoke' under my eye at the end of the day- almost like using a crayon liner on the lower lash line. The removal is a nightmare. Just sleep in it. I have to use a waterproof remover (the Maybelline one that is like baby-oil) wash then I used a heavy salve cleanser. I tried a good foaming cleanser between the two but have found bar soap is about all that works after the oil & salve. I still haven't open the full-size yet, not sure it won't go back... I love it... mostly but what I don't love will probably keep me from repurchasing

11 Jul 2014

Long lasting!

Location: Valencia, CA

This product is true to its name! Its stays on all day long, with no messy smearing or smudging! Truly waterproof! It's tricky to use at the beginning but with the practice your able to apply with no problem. I would suggest purchasing They're real! Remover to get it off easily, as it can be tough to get off.

11 Jul 2014

some good, a lil not so much

Location: Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA 91355, USA

So after trying a few times, I found it easier to use, the more i practiced. I wouldn't use this for the first time if you are going out-practice a few times at home first. Wear it around the house first to get a "feel" for it. I really like the staying power and the dramatic look. It is great for going out, although a little too dramatic for me to wear to work or on a regular basis. The only thing I didn't like was that it is rather difficult to get off. Just when you think it's all off, you rub your eye's not all off! It tended to crumble off after a few wipes. Aside from that, i really like the liner. It's great if your going for a night on the town or an all-day affair, like a wedding.

10 Jul 2014

Best eyeliner!

Location: Scottish Borders

I really don't understand why this eyeliner is getting a lot of stick because I think this is the best eyeliner out there. I used to hate using standard eyeliner and boy I have used a lot of different ones and was getting fed up of my eyes looking like I had been punched or it smudging everywhere then I tried this one and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I can put it on easily, it doesn't budge and looks fantastic on (from the comments I've got). A tip for people if it's flaking is make sure the next time you go to use it is to wipe the tip to get rid of the gel that has been left from last time as this will have dried out.

10 Jul 2014

Could not be easier to use!

Location: Greeneville, TN

I think the idea for this liner is genius! It is very easy to hold and the design pretty much guides itself. The more I use it the better I get with my hand's steadiness. My only wish is that there could be a bigger tube because I use this every day and after about three weeks I think I'm almost out. :( But I will continue to buy it because it is super dark and rich like I like, lasts until I want it gone, and creates perfectly even lines. Just try it! If you don't like it you can always send it to me! ;) My only advice: work fast because it is gel and it dries quick!

9 Jul 2014

Extremely Disappointed

Location: London, UK

I adore They're Real mascara but this eyeliner is just not of the same high standard. The staying power is very poor: make-up applied early morning for work, but by lunchtime I had black stripes across my socket line - just from from normal blinking. By mid-afternoon the product had "bled" all over my eyelids and I looked as if I had a pair of black eyes. I have, use & enjoy a lot of Benefit products, but I won't be using this eyeliner again. It is not cheap and to have to throw it away after only one use is very disappointing. I would not recommend this. In fact I would strongly "dis-recommend" it .

9 Jul 2014

Pros and cons

Location: Undisclosed

...there are both cons and pros to this product. The only way to figure out if the cons outweigh the positives for you is if you actually take a gamble and try it out. Personally, I was thankful enough to receive this as a gift because with all of the flip-floppy reviews, I really didn't want to pay 24 dollars for an eyeliner that might not be what I expected. Now, the product - I have mixed feelings about. The absolute worst things about It are: the consistancy of the product (not as it's being applied or dispersed) but the consistancy its self as it's begun/beginning to dry. That's when it flakes. Not entirely but it's noticeable. Next, it's a mission to remove. I can honestly say that this is the hardest product I've ever used, that took major scrubbing with olive oil to completely get off! All day wear is great but come on, this is an exaggeration. The hassle makes me feel like only using this product once in a while. Ok, so did it solve the constant issue I have when applying a wing? Yes and no. The product does make the problem easier but, it does not solve it- for me. And if I make a mistake -god forbid, I can't just erase it because it's a pain. This is not a versatile tool; It's more like a pen than a pencil to explain it best. Anyways, to stamp out my wing, yes. To create an entire liner look on my lid, no. I'll just stamp with it and work my way in with a different liner. Worth the money? No. I will not be repurchasing this on my own after it's done with.

9 Jul 2014

I was so excited! But very disappointed.

Location: New York, NY

I got this the day it came out - I was so excited. She did it for me in the Benefit NYC store to show me how to use it and it was OK, then I went home to play around and practice and I couldn't get it to give me a consistent result. The blotchy and not as close to the lashline as I had hopes. If I didn't use up so much of the product trying to get it to work, I would 100% return it.

8 Jul 2014

Right idea, wrong product.

Location: New York, NY, USA

I bought this product because the application tip looked like it would make my winged eyeliner application near effortless. While there is a bit of a learning curve in using the application tip, that's not where my frustration lies. The product itself dispenses out of the tip and it not only comes out in globs, but it is so thick that the application is never even. What's more of a hassle is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to wipe off- which is why I guess Benefit also came out with the eye make up remover as well. Forget make up wipes, I need to go and wash it off with cleanser. Once I got a look I was satisfied with, the liner cracked and flaked off mid-day. I tried applying this with and without eye primer and both times I would have this issue. My advice... put off buying this until Benefit modifies their product otherwise you'll find yourself in constant disappointment.

8 Jul 2014

Love it!

Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

I'm a huge fan of eyeliner, it's one of my favourite pieces of make up along with mascara, so I thought I had to buy it. When first tried I was sceptical but I tried it anyway. It's easy to use and creates a bold statement. It's very long lasting as when I came home from work and had a shower, all my make up had run apart from the eye liner. You can easily have a casual look or a going out look with this eye liner. 10/10 from me x

7 Jul 2014

Difficult to use

Location: London

I waited and waited for this product to be released, grabbed it as soon as i could and now wish i hadn't. I used Gel Liners everyday and this is the hardest one to apply. The Gel is overly thick, and once applied can not be easily fixed as its waterproof, also if you want to go over any patchy areas or thicken your liner, it pulls the already applied liner off, so you have missing chunks, which crumble over your eyes. I was expecting this to be a smooth, easy to apply product and this is not the case, back to my old eye liner for me!! Its such a shame as i love benefit and all my other products i couldn't live without!!

7 Jul 2014

Huge disappointment

Location: Chicago

I use many Benefit products and have always been very happy, but this eyeliner was a compete disappointment. Like other reviewers have mentioned, it takes quite a few clicks for the gel to get to the tip of the pen. Once it finally reached the tip, I went to apply the gel to my lid. A huge clump fell out of the tip and on to my floor. Discouraged, I watched a few tutorials and read tips on how to apply the eyeliner on the Benefit website. Once I got the eyeliner on (still clumping the whole time) it proceeded to flake off and create black specks on my face that would only smear black without eye make up remover. I was forced to go buy eye makeup remover in the middle of my work day because the eye liner looked so terrible. A huge miss and disappointment from Benefit. Wish I could get my money back.

7 Jul 2014

A waste of money!!

Location: Parkesburg, PA

I wanted to love this so much, and yet every time I try to give it another shot I end up disliking it even more! It might be a great dark black matte color but that's the only good thing I have to say about it. It doesn't go on smooth for me and I tend to get clumps on my lash line. I've tried everything to make it so this doesn't happen but so far nothing works. I've also have watched videos/tutorials etc. on the liner in an attempt to help but I still cannot get a crisp cat-eye! I try to just press the eyeliner like I've seen done and all I get is a black mess. Also I noticed it does irritate my eyes. I'm so unhappy with this I just want my money back...

7 Jul 2014

Easy and looks great!

Location: San Francisco, CA

This made it super easy to get a straight even line on both eyes. I was even able to stamp a little wing on the outsides by turning the product so the tip faced towards the end of my eyebrow. I'd recommend only using a small bit of product and starting on the outside of the eye and working in. I was able to do both eyes with a small bit of product. It's also a good idea to keep the little stopper to help ensure product doesn't dry out :)

6 Jul 2014

Great idea but

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

When I heard about this product I was very excited and eager for it to come out. But when I go the product and actually tried it I wasn't very impressed. I really wanted this product so I could achieve an almost perfect winged look, but it didn't happen. The videos make it look easy to use when it's not. The liner clumps up way too easily and the tip is too flexible. Also, the makeup remover recommended with this product is terrible, it doesn't take off all of the eyeliner or the rest of your makeup like a remover should. I received a little sample bottle and I was so disappointed. I think Benefit should really take in the bad reviews and fix the problems. I'm sad to say that my first time buying a benefit product will be my last time.

5 Jul 2014

I quite like it!

Location: Madrid, Spain

I like the way it looks once you wear it on your eyes, how it can make the perfect cat eye look. I love wearing it not too thick, but, anyway, my real problem is getting the wing right; that´s most certaintly a matter of practice. It´s durability is another advantage: it´s to be appreciated that it lasts so long that it´s taken the brand to launch a specific eye makeup remover (not that it doesn't come off with Remove it, it does -I´ve tried it-; it just takes a little longer), but the new makeup remover does it much quicker. What I´m not so sure of liking so much is the lash-hugging: ok, it makes the eye look great, but when it comes to removing it, the remains of product are a little hard to remove between the lashes. And the fact that it takes some twists before the product finally comes out... I think that is to be improved. The product that finally comes out, I wipe out with a tissue, no problem whatsoever about that. Overall, I like it, and will continue using it.

4 Jul 2014

They're Real . . . Disappointed

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

I was so excited to buy the new They're Real Push-Up Liner. I use and really like many Benefit products, including They're Real Mascara. I can honestly say that I have never been so disappointed by a product. I patiently clicked the pen, for what seemed like an eternity. Once the gel finally came out I smeared it on a piece of paper, as suggested. I had a very difficult time getting the liner on. Half way through my day I noticed little black specks under my eyes. When I wiped them off I was left with black streaks. I have read many of the reviews and I find that the amount of "tips" given for proper use is absolutely ridiculous. Nothing should be so difficult, especially applying eyeliner. Take this bad product off the shelves until you have all the 'kinks' worked out!

4 Jul 2014

Happy with it so far!

Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

This was my first time with a liquid/gel liner of any kind. Before this, I was just using pencil liners. I thought I'd give it a shot, since I'm liking the other Benefit stuff that I've been using recently (how to look the best at everything). My first gripe is that it's a bit expensive. My second gripe is that occasionally the product bunches up/falls off when I'm trying to apply it, but this isn't very often that it happens. I think it's to do with getting some eyeshadow on the applicator tip and it prevents the actual liner from being as sticky as it should. Otherwise I found it really easy to use, and the tip really makes it nice to make a good, straight line. I'm still very happy with it and enjoy using it. The application is nice and even, the color is consistent, and I'm overall very pleased.Not sure if I'll purchase it again next time or if I'll try something different, but that's strictly due to the price and not the quality of the actual product.

3 Jul 2014

good but

Location: san francisco, ca

I like the tip... I like the gel... I like the twist turn on the bottom. The only think I think can improve is the shape of the pen. its not round. Its like square. I wish it was round, because at certain angle it is really hard for me to hold.

2 Jul 2014

Poor Product

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Yuk! I was so excited to try this product. It is a terrible disappointment. The gel is not comes out in clumpy globs, then falls off onto the floor, table, my face. I think it should be reformulated. Can I get a refund?

2 Jul 2014

Waste of money

Location: Undisclosed

A lot of this product is wasted when wand is twisted to push up And then wiped on tissue. Also i haves many gel liners and this one is cumbersome. The liner does last a long time but is not the easiest to apply the fine line i like. with no waste. This product has potential but was rushed onto market before it was my opinion. I will not purchase it again.

1 Jul 2014

application is great, staying power not so

Location: Israel

i loved the applicator and it really did make a beautiful lash-hugging line. i used it on the upper lid only, however by the time i got to work i noticed bits of smudged eyeliner under my eyes, and by the end of a day at work after wiping bits from under my eyes a couple more times, i noticed there was hardly any left.

30 Jun 2014

Fantastic Product

Location: Winlock, WA 98596, USA

I have used liquid blackest black liner for almost ten years. I was very excited to buy this because I adore Benefit cosmetics. I was a little leery when I received it due to the plastic tip and thick paste-like consistency of the product. Additionally, if used correctly (squeezing out all the remaining in the tip when done and refilling it with a full turn before using again), I felt like I was wasting a lot of the product with each use. However, you simply cannot beat the coverage with this liner! It is thick, not blotchy, lasts all day, never smears or smudges and gives fantabulous wings! I love this product. Personal tips: Use quickly, don't hesitate, just go for it! Do the *dab*dab* technique they recommend close to your lashes, it really gets the product right up against the line. Always always clean out the applicator and use fresh product before each use. I may change my 5 heart opinion if it runs out super quickly (due to the aforementioned waste), but I've been using this almost daily for three weeks and I have never been more happy with a liner!

30 Jun 2014

Idea is great but product itself not so good

Location: Hayward, CA, USA

I was so excited to try this and really wanted to love it but unfortunately it just wasn't for me. The very first time I applied it it was dry and cracky. Way too hard to use because the formula dries too quickly so you can't go in and fix the line. On top of that you have to keep wiping excess off on your hand and it just becomes a mess. Overall the idea is great but the formula needs to be improved. I'll be returning and going back to my liquid liner.

30 Jun 2014

Too good to be true?

Location: Jacksonville, FL, USA

I was really excited to buy this eyeliner. Unfortunately, when I tried it out the first couple of times, I was disappointed in the execution of the eyeliner. It came out thick and clumpy on my eyelids, when I was expecting it to come out smooth and refined. So now, it's just sitting in my makeup bag. I even watched all of the application videos on Benefit's website--still not helpful! I keep practicing applying this eyeliner, and for a self-proclaimed eyeliner professional, it fails in my book.

29 Jun 2014

Where has this been my whole life?

Location: Naperville, IL

I have always stayed away from blackest-black eyeliner because I'm afraid of how obvious any mistake looks. Not anymore. This is the absolute easiest to use and can give the perfect cat-eye winged look to anyone regardless your application skill level. It stays all day, does not clump and most importantly, it does not flake off. I get it off very easily with my Lush Ultrabland makeup remover. I was recently in a wedding and used this on all of the bridesmaids (including myself) before! Love Love Love! Thank you Benefit!

29 Jun 2014

As my best friend would say...smooth like buuuutta

Location: Kansas city, MO

The accuflex tip is awesome for getting precise lines and a very sharp tipped wing. The gel itself is very smooth and creamy (like buuuutta) which makes it easy to get a very smooth defined line that's close to the lashes. I think it will take me a couple times to get used to it because I'm used to using a gel liner with an angled brush. But overall this product is amazing, if you don't have it you need it! And if you do have it and you don't like it, then you need to practice using it a couple times.

29 Jun 2014

The gel liner I've been waiting for!

Location: Portsmouth, UK

I'm normally very clumsy when applying eyeliners but this was really easy to apply, giving an even and symmetrical result. No top ups were required and the line didn't smudge, even after drunken apple bobbing. Definitely worth the money, can see this becoming a make up bag must have.

28 Jun 2014

Love it

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Love this eyeliner ,very easy to apply and looks great My new best friend

28 Jun 2014


Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

I bought this eyeliner earlier today and I already love it! I'd only ever had one gel liner before and I found it awkward to put on, so for years I have coped with liquid liners, which are a nightmare to put on perfectly when doing winged eyeliner as I do everyday, so this gel liner pen is an absolute godsend!! It's so easy to apply and lasts forever :) No more getting one eye perfect and then having to touch up the other one, this makes it so easy to get perfect, even flicks first time! Don't think I'll be buying any other eyeliner again, this is so amazing :)

28 Jun 2014

just ok

Location: Undisclosed

I was honestly expecting a lot from this eyeliner but it didn't meet my standards. I didn't find it lash hugging and it was waterproof. VERY waterproof to the point where it was hard to remove.

27 Jun 2014


Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

I do winged eye liner every day. I'm only 17 and everyday I practiced mastering how to perfect my winged liner with felt, brush, gel, and dip brush tips. I have always been a big fan of benefit and when I heard about this eyeliner and the innovation of it I was so excited. Today I woke up ran to Sephora and grabbed this liner. I went home and was so impressed! It glides so SMOOTH and creates the perfect wing without having to remove it and re-do it (which was a big struggle of mine before). Trust me when I say that this will save your time and money because this will be the only liner you'll be using from now on! I'm so excited to be using this everyday now.

27 Jun 2014

Great idea, poor execution

Location: New York, NY

I loved this product the first time I used it. The second time it was very clumpy and chunks were coming out. Before I get the whole, 'you need to clean the tip' lecture. I did every time and each time despite my wiping the 'excess product' from the tip my applications were anything but smooth. I've been using pen, gel and liquid liners for years, I've never had such problems with an eye liner! It feels like the tip is too flexible and not sturdy enough. I also am very disappointed in how much product needs to be wasted because you have to completely clear the tip each time. I wanted to love this and I did until I used to daily. It is also really hard to remove and I've never had to do this much scrubbing to remove gel liner. No I do not think that I should have to buy a specific makeup remover to get this off. I will say it really doesn't go anywhere and is very black but I get better less chunky clumpy results with gel liner and brush, also thinner lines, much easier to control than the bigger than necessary far too flexible tip.

27 Jun 2014

Awesome Eyeliner!

Location: Undisclosed

I'm Benefit employee who doesn't write reviews, however, this product has compelled me to write one today. I'm obsessed with they're real push-up liner and wear it everyday! I have oily eyelids so I find the best way to wear it is to prep my eyes with some neutral powder shadow before applying it. Another thing I found that works is to click and wipe away the used product that sits in the tip before applying. Excited that this product is finally available!

27 Jun 2014


Location: Apple Valley, CA, USA

This is a horrible product. Application ease.......NOT! This liner is clumpy and I now have globs of liner covering my lash line. This debacle is the final straw with Benefit. I'm done!

27 Jun 2014

Took SECONDS to line each eyelid!

Location: Pembroke Pines, FL, USA

I'm not great with eye makeup and I really doubted that I'd like or be able to use this new product. BUT I WAS WRONG!! I even received complements on my eyes the first time I wore it. THANK YOU BENEFIT COSMETICS! You guys get it and I love you.

25 Jun 2014

Please, make this in brown!

Location: Undisclosed

Hello. Don't know who forgot to send out that all important notice, but brown is the natural color for all, other than black hair. It is beautiful and natural, and I've never heard one word that, that is the way to go!! There was woman on the soaps years ago. She had amazing long, reddish, blond hair, and she had on black liner and mascara. It took the beauty away from her. If she would have had on brown, she would have looked wonderful. The thick, fake lashes, the black? Let's go back to basic beauty, girls!! The t.v. people are just that--entertainment. We're not them! *We're the most beautiful and warm creatures on the earth!!

25 Jun 2014


Location: York, PA, USA

This eyeliner is perfect! It goes on beautifully and stays on for hours! I don't understand the reviews that say it goes on in "clumps," because I had no problem applying this liner and winging with ease! So far, I've had this eyeliner on for almost 10 hours today, and it has not moved a millimeter or smudged at all, leaving me with a fresh face all day! This liner is my new favorite, and I am excited to add it to my daily routine.

25 Jun 2014

Not as expected!!!

Location: Newark, NJ, USA

I'm the type of person that doesn't like to return things unless I really dislike it. I love other benefit cosmetics product, but this liner is not what I expect it to be. It is very messy when applying it and it doesn't give you fine lines. I will absolutely return this item. Sorry.

21 Jun 2014


Location: Undisclosed

This product has the easiest application and truly does hug my lash line. It is bold, beautiful black, and doesn't flake or leave my eyes dry. Although this is slightly pricey compared to drugstore brands, BUY IT!

21 Jun 2014


Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

I'm IN LOVE with this liner. An awesome employee at the Macy's in SF told me it was coming out soon. I never wear eyeliner because I'm extremely pale (most companies don't even have my shade in foundation) and eyeliner looks very heavy on my face. I love love love this product. It's like a pencil but a slight bit creamier formula. I have an oily face and product typically rubs off so I have the look of racoon smudge but this product is definitely long wear and does not budge. It's super easy to remove with wipes though. Great applicator also. Very innovative Benefit!! Keep it coming!!!!

19 Jun 2014


Location: Virginia

I'm super disappointed in this product. I love Benefit, so I was very excited when I received my liner. However, it is not what I expected. For the price that it is, I expected a liner that glided on beautifully. Instead, the liner goes on and dries in small clumps, which is noticeable. It is impossible to remove. I have tried coconut oil, warm water and witch hazel - nothing works. I would not recommend this to anyone, unfortunately.

19 Jun 2014

Not the miracle I expected

Location: Undisclosed

I bought this early on the strength of a recommendation from a friend and online reviews, and now that I have it, all I can think is... Am I missing something? The shape of the applicator tip really IS as great as it's made out to be, especially for making a wingtip, but the formula (or, at least, the way it comes out of the applicator) leaves a lot to be desired. First of all, the idea that you only click it once for both eyes is ridiculous--I have to click it at least twice, sometimes more, and on top of that I find I have to squeeze the tip in order to get it to come out properly. If I don't, it's streaky and faded and takes forever to build up. And it's not something that works fine once you get it going; I have to keeping squeezing it again and again. It also dries very quickly (in some ways that's a good thing!) which makes buildup difficult and can leave the edges looking faded or feathery. Now, once it's built up, it's great: opaque black, SUPER waterproof (it's not coming off without makeup remover and real effort, which I love, considering I live in a hot, humid area), and a nice matte. That, at least, solves one of my main problems with the liquid eyeliner I normally use; regular liquid is matte but doesn't last, and waterproof liquid is too shiny for me, but this is matte and waterproof. Mostly, I think I'm just disappointed it didn't live up to the hype. After all the time and effort I've put in, there's no question of me returning it, but there is a very real question about whether I'll buy it again.

19 Jun 2014

Not as smooth as advertised

Location: Tylertown,MS

I got this liner early and was beyond excited about it....that being said I am not crazy about how much work it takes to get a smooth line...A LOT of strokes to get it right...I guess I will stick to my liquid liners.. this just goes on gloppy to me...even when you wipe it off after each use as instructed. I do love the deep dark shade though. Some people may like it if all they use are gel liners from a pot...this is easier than dipping from a pot.

18 Jun 2014

easy peasy eye liner!

Location: New York, NY

I must confess that I am TERRIBLE with eyeliner. I've not so steady hands, and the "wing" never comes out the same way twice so my eyes never match - bah! I was sooo excited to try this new eyeliner. I was skeptical at first, but I AM A BELIEVER!. It's the easier eyeliner I've used (and I've used them all). The tip gives me precision that I want, and the wing is easy by just pressing the tip at the angle I want for my wing. Voila! The base of the tip is also wider and provides more stability even to my shaky hands, and the color is very pigmented for high drama. ooh la la!!!! It does have staying power though, so you'll need a good makeup remover or oil to get it off.

18 Jun 2014

So disappointed!

Location: Key West

With the extensive marketing campaign surrounding the release of this product, I gleefully signed up to receive an early shipment of this liner. As the days went by, I grew more and more excited, expectations growing (for the record: I'm a huge fan of Benefit products and expected this one to live up to the hype) ... turns out, I should have known better. Benefit, you really let me down. I get that you were trying to reinvent the wheel, but let's be honest: this eyeliner is awful. Formula does not glide on easily as advertised; it comes out of the pen at weird, inconsistent levels and once it's on your eye it flakes off throughout the day, even when paired with primer. The bendable tip of the pen combined with the greasy gel formula results in a much thicker, clumsier line than you'd get with either a brush or a typical felt eyeliner pen. It's like they took the worst elements of every eyeliner type and combined them into one terrible product. REALLY SAD about this, wanted to love it but that's what I get for buying something online without testing it out in the store beforehand. I'm requesting a refund.

17 Jun 2014

So real, so easy!

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

I've always had a hard time applying eyeliner. Pencils, liquid, gel – just can't do it. Eyeliner woes are gone with this new push-up liner. Now, I can line both eyes perfectly AND the best part is no smudging all day long!

15 Jun 2014

Great Applicator, bad formula

Location: Chicago, IL

Applicator is the best I have ever used, unfortunately the formula is very dry and takes a while to build up a normal black line. I plan on taking mine into the store and talking to someone to see if I got a bad one... it crumbles down my face every time I put it on. :(

14 Jun 2014

I like it....but

Location: NY

I really like the idea behind this product and I did get used to how to apply it for a perfect cat eye. However, it was very flaky. I'm used to Gel liners (I use MAC) and have become very adept in applying it with a brush. So, I thought this product would be a win/win. The gel is not flakes when I first put it on and it flakes throughout the day as I have fallout. They should improve the consistancy of the gel liner...perhaps it was rushed out.

14 Jun 2014


Location: Washington, DC, USA

Although it took me a couple of tries to get the line perfect, once I got it on, it looked gorgeous and WOW does it stay! After a super busy day at work (I'm a hairstylist - ), after 10 hours the line was as crisp and clean as if I had just applied. What a lovely liner!!

12 Jun 2014


Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

I love the idea of this product and I really do like the applicator, but formula is very flakey. I have it coming off in chunks throughout the day. I'll keep trying it with different primers.

11 Jun 2014

I love the cat eye look but have always done it with my...

Location: San Francisco, CA

I love the cat eye look but have always done it with my BADgal waterproof liner, never bothered with the brush and gel combo. They're real! push-up liner is a game changer! It's so easy to apply and with just one click, you can do both eyes. It's the only liner that I've used that doesn't smudge and lasts ALL day and night! Try it for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

11 Jun 2014

Surprisingly Easy

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

I was skeptical but pleasantly surprised with how easy this was to apply. It really is a great combo of a gel liner but with the ease of a pen. Not great for someone looking for a really discreet skinny line but wonderful if you are looking for a bolder, more obvious liner look.

11 Jun 2014

the best gel liner i've used so far!

Location: vegas

okay, yes, it took a hundred years to get the product out the first time i used it. i'm pretty sure i clicked at least a hundred times before any actual product surfaced, which at the time was aggravating. but once i used it, i didn't mind that initial struggle! i signed up to get this product early partially due to hype and partially due to one of my favorite youtubers doing a tutorial using it that made doing wings seem totally easy with the applicator—i'm kind of a dummy when it comes to winging eyeliner and i always screw up my right eye. this pen made a distinct point without any struggle on my part and for the first time in my life i have a gel liner that doesn't budge. every other gel liner i've used has ultimately smeared and smudged in the outer corners due to my watery eyes but this one even lasted through an accidental nap. so yeah, it's expensive and i wouldn't recommend trying to use the eyeliner for the first time when you're rushing to get ready for work or something because of the amount of tedious clicking you have to do. but it does the job that it promised to do and that alone has made it one of my favorite eyeliners in just a few days of use!

11 Jun 2014

perfect liner

Location: Lexington, KY, USA

If you are looking for the perfect eyeliner....look no further . This is the best. Love the applicator. I have never gotten liner that close to my lashes. I prefer a dark brown liner, but since the black is so close to my lashes it looks great. I received this as a sample, can't wait until it is in stores.

9 Jun 2014


Location: San Leandro, CA, USA

This is the best eyeliner I've used ever! It doesn't smudge just like the other gel pen liners I've used in the past. It is waterproof. It just dries so quickly and you will really need a good make up remover for you to remove it quickly afterwards. Overall, I like it and I'll buy again when it does comes out in the store.

7 Jun 2014

not coming out.

Location: Houma, LA, USA

I literally clicked it over 100 times before it came out. I used it yesterday& it was great, but I tried to use it this morning and I clicked it about 30 times & it never came out.I plan to return it!

14 May 2014

Gel liner in a pen

Location: San Francisco, CA

I've always been a gel liner fan, but this is like no other I've used, so it takes a little getting used to. It's a gel liner in pen form! The flexible tip allows for a more precise application so I can get really close to my lash line. I especially love the matte black finish.

13 May 2014

Easiest Eyeliner Ever!

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

They're real! push-up liner is the best eyeliner I've ever used. You can get a very smooth line, right next to your lash line, and its so easy to customize your look. My favorite eyeliner look is the cat-eye which is so easy to create with this gel pen. The best part is, it doesn't smudge or transfer by the end of the day! I definitely recommend trying this pen, it's so easy to use, even if you don't usually wear eyeliner! Note: you do have to turn the base quite a few times to get it going on your first try, but after that, just one or two clicks and you're ready to apply.

13 May 2014

fool-proof liner!

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Applying eyeliner has always been stressful but not with they're real push-up liner! It's really easy to get close to my lash line to create a thin, natural line. The pointed tip also makes it incredibly easy to create a wing look by angling it upward and pressing it against my skin to form the line. The formula lasts ALL DAY even post workout! LOVE!

13 May 2014

It definitely took me a few times to get the hang of...

Location: San Francisco

It definitely took me a few times to get the hang of using it just because it's SO different from any other eyeliner I've used in the past. But, now I love it! The tip is super sturdy so it provides more control to get the liner where you want, even with not-so-steady hands. I also love the fact that it's a super dark black (much darker than my other liners) for BIG drama, and it's waterproof so it stays on all day. My new favorite eyeliner!!

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