the POREfessional: instant wipeout masks

the POREfessional: instant wipeout masks

8 super-cleaning pore face masks


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Super clean pores!

This superhero-strength, dual-sided face mask cleans out AND smooths out the look of pores around your nose, forehead and chin. 3…2…1…WIPEOUT! The specially textured fabric woven from cottony fibers helps exfoliate & remove pore impurities. Contains mushroom extract known to clarify pores.


  • 94% said it cleans out pores*
  • 92% said skin feels tightened*
  • 89% said skin looks smooth*

*Consumer panel survey of 66 women over 1 week


8 x 3.0 mL / 8 x 0.10 US fl. Oz.


Wipeout PORE problems

Refresh in a flash! Before applying instant wipeout masks, cleanse skin and pat dry. When you’re ready to super clean, press firmly on the plastic bubble to completely release pore serum & fully saturate mask. Peel back corner, remove mask and apply smoother side to pore-problem areas: nose, forehead or chin. Relax & close your eyes. After 10 minutes, remove the mask and use the other side to wipe off serum. For best results, treat your skin to a mask twice a week.

how to apply the POREfessional: instant wipeout

Reviews & Questions

6 Sep 2017

Not too impressed

Location: London
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Olive

When I first applied the product it had a burning sensation on my skin. It went after two minuets but it was PAINFUL and not enjoyable. Although, after those two minutes the mask did feel cooling and I did relax. So yes I enjoyed that bit. But after I took off my mask it didn't do anything. It says that it clears pores, minimises and tightens skin. Only 1 out of 3 of those I experienced and that was the tightening of skin. So I would recommend this mask if you have non sensitive skin and enjoy these masks but dosnet do a miracle🤷🏻‍♀️

19 May 2017


Location: UK

The mask smelt really strongly of tea tree or alcohol or something, and it stung so bad my eyes watered and i had to take it off after about 2 minutes. My skin still feels funny even after washing my face, and i do not have sensitive skin! Definitely not worth it unless you want to be in pain for 10 minutes.

14 May 2017

Wanted to love it but...

Love benefit
Location: Ct
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light

I have used many pore cleaning products and love benefit but this one does not do anything! Nothing at all! Pores are not cleaned and there is nothing on the sheet when I take it off, which means it did not pull out any black or white heads. Hate this product. No imprvement to skin at all

14 Apr 2017


Location: U.K.

I got this in a set with some other porefessional products, I tried it out earlier not really expecting much, but I thought I'd give it a go. It tingles at first but bear with it as it goes down. After 10 minutes I took it off and my pores have never ever looked smaller. In love! Definitely will be buying this again!

16 Oct 2016

Not worth the hype

Location: lafayette

The first package I opened didn't have a mask in it. Then after using the mask my face felt tight and that was about it. Pores didn't look clean at all.

13 Sep 2016


Location: Surrey

Amazing! Got this as a gift when purchasing a mascara - such a good product works wonders

17 Jul 2016

Had high hopes

Location: San francisco
Skin tone: Light

I love the mattifying gel and balm, but this thing burned my skin as soon as i put it on.. the menthol smells quite strong and it left my skin looking a little pink and irritated

24 Apr 2016

Nice stuff!!

Location: Westmead
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Deep
Love that it's: “Ease”

Nice stuff easy to use

9 Apr 2016


Location: New York, NY, USA
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Muy claro
Love that it's: “cleaning, efficient, fresh, fun, hydrating”

I love this product! The packaging makes sure it doesn't dry out and it's really fun to push the button. The masks feel super good on your skin, very cooling and feel like they get the job done. After I take it off I feel refreshed, hydrated, and clean.

31 Mar 2016

Absolutely Brilliant!

Location: London

I don't normally write reviews but this product deserves it. I have has very stubborn dark pores on my nose for years now. I have tried everything: acid peels; high-end products; scrubs; various other masks. Nothing has worked. I used this as prescribed and it dissolved the dirt in my pores. I couldn't believe it! It has a very cold sensation, not too uncomfortable and it passes after a minute. It has left my nose area very soft too. I actually cut the ends of and used these pieces on my forehead and chin. I would definitely be using this again. Thank you Benefit!

2 Mar 2016


Location: London

I tried all kinds of similar face masks before (strips and clay masks etc), cheap and expensive, and gave up buying them as I didn't see any difference at all, as I have large pores and an oily T-zone. You can actually feel that this one works, by the burning sensation (it's super gentle though) and how smooth the skin feels after. I tried it as a part of a set, with two other products, definitely will be buying full-size product. It sticks really well, covers nose area perfectly, is not messy at all. Well done again, Benefit!

25 Feb 2016

This really works!! I love these mask.

Location: California
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “Easy to use, Love the packaging”

Clears your pores very well. You can see and feel the difference after one use.

22 Jan 2016

Awesome results

Location: Valencia
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “Easy to use”

I didn't think this product was going to do what it says but It DOES! It tightened my pores and left my face feeling rejuvenated. The tingling sensation was an added bonus! I have sensitive skin and it didn't irritate it at all! Great job Benefit!

22 Jan 2016

very refreshing

Location: Valencia, CA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “gentle, yet i can feel it working!”

My 14 year old daughter and I both tried the masks last night before bedtime. I admit they were a little strong at first, but once we laid back, the masks worked their magic. Once we removed the masks, we both felt so much "cleaner" and refreshed. We are both super excited about continuing to use these. My daughter hopes to clear up some of those teenage problem areas! I have complete faith this product will do the trick! Certainly recommend!

22 Jan 2016


Location: Los Angeles
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “effective”

These masks work so well. I was very skeptical because nothing ever seems to work for my pores, but these are amazing. Immediately my pores looked smaller and my skin felt smoother!

12 Jan 2016

Better than drugstore strips

Location: Oakland, CA
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “gentle, smoothing”

These are gentle and really effective. I like how cooling they are on contact, and they make my skin look really smooth after removal. I've read that those drugstore strips that you rip off are very bad for your pores - when you rip them off you're removing skin and any debris that's removed just leaves pores exposed and end up looking darker/bigger than before. These are super gentle and just make skin look nice and tight. I also love that the strip can be inverted to work all around the face - I can use these on my nose, chin and forehead.

12 Jan 2016

Fits your face & clears your pores

Location: San Francisco, CA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “clears pores, pore-refining, small”

I'm slowly getting with the face mask trend and I really like this pore mask from Benefit. The full face masks tend to not fit my face, but this one really does fit every face shape and you can put it any which way on your face (or just on your worst pores). I noticed an improvement in my clogged pores and I'm looking forward to seeing even more results with repeated use!

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