sugarbomb shimmer blush


"sugar rush flush" face powder


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A sweet rush of gorgeous!

Swirl the four shimmering shades of peach, soft plum, pink and rose together and sweep powder on cheeks for a natural radiance.

  • Instant sugary flush
  • Flatters all complexions
  • Includes a soft, natural-bristle brush


12.0 g Net wt. 0.42 oz.



Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.



A real cheeky treat

Oh, my...sweetie pie. Swirl the shades together, then sweep on cheekbones & face using the included brush. For an extra candy pop of color, apply your favorite of the four shades to the apples of your cheeks.

Reviews & Questions

2 Nov 2016

Just perfect!

Location: Ireland

This blush is my holy grail! Whether it's to add a healthy glow to your face daily, or to give yourself a dramatic nighttime look, this blush does it all! Works wonders and would not go anywhere without it in my makeup bag. Also, lasts for ages! Have had mine since March, have used it extremely frequently and it's still got oodles of product left. A must-have, great job Benefit!

27 Jul 2016

Perfect Color

Location: Plymouth, Michigan

I wanted a blush that didn't make me look like a clown and that blended in well with my skin tone. I have a slight case of rosacea so I have to be careful when using blush as I don't want it to make my face look even more red. So I had an amazing make up tech at Ulta show this product to me and boy what a difference it has made! It goes on looking natural with just the right amount of color to give you that healthy glow. And in my case, it actually helped conceal some of the redness from the rosacea without emphasizing it for once. This was a great purchase.

4 May 2015

This product does it all !

Location: London, UK

Once you apply this to your cheeks, it straight away gives off a luminous affect. The colour is very pretty, it makes your face look extremely healthy! I recommend all benefit blushers, but this one is such a gem for me !

24 Mar 2015

My desert island product.

Location: Bath, Bath, Bath and North East...

I just love the natural glow of sauger bomb. The colours are so fab and subtle and always give me a natural look. I wear it over powder foundation. Please don't withdraw this 5star product, just keep it coming.

19 Feb 2015

Great for a night out!

Location: Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK

This looks amazing when I wear it on a night out especially with the gold shimmer tone to it and the purple, it is a beautiful mix of colours that instantly highlight your cheekbones and make them stand out! My only issue is that when I wear this and have my photograph taken with a flash in a club my cheeks come out VERY shiny! Bit too harsh for myself to wear during the day as my skin is very light but fantastic when you go all out glam

28 Jul 2014

Absolutely devine!

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia

All Hail!! What a beautiful blush.. The colour, the texture, the packaging, the smell- EVERYTHING!! It's absolutely devine. To give you an inside, i used over a moistureriser and "That Gal" primer as i prefer a dewy finish. The colour is perfect for my medium skin tone and dark features.

22 Jul 2014

Perfect and easy

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

This blush is one of the best blushes I have owned. The colour is easy to blend and can be built up. I am Asian but have dark olive skin, the blush still works perfect on me, not as some one saying it would disappoint on the dark skin tone. It gives the perfect glowing in both summer and winter. Definitely recommend it !!!

9 Jul 2014

Verging on perfection

Location: Undisclosed

I LOVE this product. I have struggled to find the right blusher. This has everything: It is a lovely tone of peach, pink, and gold, has a light shimmer that gives a natural glow without being overbearing. I use it on my cheeks, temples, and frame of my face daily to liven it up. It brings my whole look together! I have had it for over a year now and it has lasted and lasted. I would say though that once the bottom started showing the product did fall apart, which is the only reason I am not giving it five stars (to be fair other blushers / bronzers I've used fell apart much quicker and thanks to the internal plastic protector I can at least still use this one in its more powdery form). I am most certainly coming back for seconds and would definitely recommend it to other women.

10 May 2014

My Holy Grail

Location: Ireland

I purchased Sugarbomb more than 2 years ago. I use it daily and there is still a large amount of product remaining; granted that I have pale skin and only need a small amount for the colour to show. Sugarbomb gives the perfect bronzy-flush and is very pigmented. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone, I cant say enough good things about this product! Good job Benefit!

5 May 2014

Great blend of colors for my coloring!

Location: MA

I love this product. This is at least the third time I have purchased it. I have considered trying some of the other blush color combinations, but decided to stick with what works. This works summer and winter for me.

5 Apr 2014


Location: Singapore

From the first time i bought it in 2009, this has been my staple blusher ever since. It gives that flawless sunny glow, and it enhance my look while i was pregnant. It give the perfect shade for my skin.

4 Apr 2014

Such a wonderful blush!

Location: MO

This is one of the best blushes I've ever owned. It is so easy to blend, goes on evenly, is buildable in terms of color, gives a sweetly pinky-coral natural flush, and has adorable and practical packaging. The only side note I would make is that I don't use the brush that comes with the blush, I use my own blush brush. This shade of blush would give any skin tone a refreshing and brightening dose of sweet, subtle-shimmer glow!

3 Apr 2014

Love it!!!

Location: England, UK

Sugarbomb is my favourite Box o' Powder! A gorgeous blend of four shades that looks amazing!! I am quite pale and so worry about blushers being too 'strong' but Sugarbomb only compliments me!! I don't find it shimmery at all and think it looks natural. The brush that comes with it is so soft and good quality!! Another winner!!

18 Feb 2014


Location: Dallas, Tx

I call it indedscribable because I don't know quite how to describe it. My eyebrow artist gave me a sample of Sugarbomb as a gift with purchase. She said it would look great with my skin color. I happily accepted but didn't use it for a while because I was leery of it. I don't use bronzers or shimmers because I'm just not interested. I finally, albeit begrudgingly, decided to give it a try. I matched it to an orange shirt I was wearing that day. I was so surprised at how great it looked! It's a warm golden/orangey, shimmery peach. Since I wear a lot of pink, I use Sugarbomb sparingly. I only wear it with earthy colors or orange, red, and gold. And apparently, I've been wearing it more than I realized, because my sample is empty now. The only thing that bugs me is that there's a lot of plum left. Even though I swirl my brush around evenly, the other 3 colors come up easier. Oh well, I guess it's time to go get a full size one.

13 Feb 2014

Not for yellow skin tone

Location: Indonesia

I really love Benefit, but this powder isn't for me. The color didn't show up on my skin, and all I got is shimmer. If I insist in using it, I would apply my Benetint first. But it's quite nice to use when I want to go to a party, or whenever I need to put some shimmery powder on my face.. I suggest not to buy it online without testing it on your skin first.

11 Jan 2014

Great Blush

Location: UK

This is a lovely blush, just the right balance of shimmer and colour. The colour looks very natural and the shimmer is not over the top. It also smells lovely!

22 Nov 2013

Sweet and Warm

Location: Dubai,UAE

I've been skeptical about trying this blush because of the darker colors, but I finally it a shot. The colors came out a little but definitely gave my cheeks a slight bronzed look somehow... Nice smell.

11 Sep 2013

Love it, love it,love it!

Location: Grove City, OH, USA

This is my first time using benefit makeup. And I just want to say this blush is everything I need in one container. You will definitely be hearing from me for future makeup needs. Thank you, joann

23 Aug 2013

My Go-To Blush!

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

I'll admit it, I have a bit of an addiction to blush, but ever since I bought Sugar Rush, it is all I use! Swirling the four colors together creates an incredibly natural and flattering soft pink glow. I don't really care for the brush it comes with so I use my own. To complete my natural look, I use the Sugar Rush lip gloss as well.

24 Jul 2013

So perfect

Location: Undisclosed

It is very difficult for me to find blushes that do not look dull or fake, however, this is the perfect mix of colors and looks good on. I love how vibrant the color is, but how natural and soft the look it. It is extremely wearable - I wear this daily. It complements my color, and is also very blendable, and looks good over benetint. I really like this product and plan to buy another when I run out. I think the color is very soft, but also outstanding and natural. It also smells nice!

26 Feb 2013

Beautiful, Natural Glow

Location: Monument, CO

I wanted something that would make my skin look naturally radiant without being too bright or intense. This is gorgeous! I apply it to my cheeks and temples, my skin literally glows and has a very sexy, yet natural flush.

11 Feb 2013

Lovely natural flush

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

I bought this to go with the Sugarbomb lip gloss I so love and I'm very happy I did. I'm quite pale (especially in winter) and was worried that it would show up too orangey-brown but it goes on in a lovely pink flush which looks quite natural (even if it does shimmer). Definitely my new go-to "warm happy glow" look.

9 Feb 2013


Location: Doncaster

I keep on purchasing this box o powder everytime I run out! Its timeless, I wouldn't say its very shimmery, bella bamba is the one for that. Its just a variety of shades which taken under different lights show the different tones which I love personally. I wear this everyday as a perk me up even when feeling poorly!

6 Feb 2013

Perfect blush for natural flush!!

Location: Grafenwöhr, Germany

This was my very first time using any of Benefit's famous boxed powders && I don't know why I waited so long to try them!! This is gorgeous when trying to achieve that 'no makeup' look and the matching lip gloss is a MUST (but that's a separate review)!! Goes on and builds easily to a gorgeous flush!! I can't say enough good things about this blush.. Can't wait to get my hands on the others!!

5 Feb 2013

Perfect mix of shimmer and colour.

Location: Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK

I got this a year ago with a load of other stuff for my 18th birthday and it is my favourite out of the products I was bought, I wear it everyday and it still hasn't run out. I love the colour, it's a perfect pinky peachy colour when all the shades are mixed together and is really flattering on my reasonably pale skin tone. As some of the other reviews mentioned, it is shimmery but not too shimmery for every day wear. I would definitely recommend.

29 Jan 2013

Didnt show up the colour

Location: Undisclosed

I love the concept but I am yellow skin tone it doesnt show up on my skin at all,very disappointed

28 Jan 2013

total disapointment

Location: Staffordshire, England

i usually love benefit products but i just didn't like this, i thought the plum colour ruined it and made t turn an odd colour also it is far too shimmery, i looked like a sweaty disco ball and the colour barely showed up on my skin tone. some customers love it and keep coming back for more and more, now my only use for this is for a powder highlighter. For a slight bity of shimmer try coralista or dandelion these colours are more versatile and you can use them as face powders or as blushes.

26 Jan 2013


Location: Hereford, UK

I like the colours, but it's just too shimmery to wear in the daytime! In the end I didn't really use it and felt bad about wasting so much money. I tried soo hard to like it, I really did! It just wasn't for me I guess...

27 Dec 2012

Lovely natural blush!

Location: Paris, Texas

Until Sugarbomb and Benetint, I had never used blushes. As a person with skin that often blushes naturally, I could never find a blush that was natural looking enough to comfortably compliment my natural colors. Then along comes Sugarbomb! I received this as a deluxe sample and I was excited to try it because the dark red and mango colored sections were very similar in tone to the underlying colors of my skin. I swiped it on and the mixture of colors results in a really beautiful, natural glow that isn't too red or too orange - the mixture of the pinks and orange gives a really natural blush and the purple seems to add some of the depth that natural skin always has. That;s what I love about this blush; it doesn't go down with the one-tone flatness that many blushes have that scream, "Painted on!". My skintone makes me reluctant to try anything more orange than this, so if a person has skin similar to mine (medium-light tone, of Irish and Native American descent, reddish brown hair), then Sugarbomb might be a good bet for you!

27 Dec 2012

Lovely - my favorite boxed blush so far!

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

I am a huge fan of the Benefit boxed blushes - I have Coralista, Bella Bamba & Dandelion. I have been coveting Sugarbomb for a while. Finally ordered it and have worn it every day since it arrived! It is perfect for my winter skin tone - soft and shimmery. I think it will work well as a highlighter when I have some more color on my skin this summer. It shows up more pink on my skin (fair to medium) - I just swirl my blush brush to get a bit of all the colors. It works with most of my eye makeup color combinations and I would highly recommend as almost a nuetral pink.

26 Dec 2012


Location: Belfast, UK

For Christmas I really wanted POREfessional (I also recommend this too), but I got Upgrade to Gorgeous. Sugarbomb, they're real, high beam and love me lee lee was in it. I thought I only should use one colour but the I mixed a wee bit all together and it was a sensation on my pale complexion! Well done, Folks!!!!!!

19 Nov 2012

The first blush ive tried from benefit and i absolutely...

Location: Ireland

The first blush ive tried from benefit and i absolutely adore it. I thought it would be too dark with the brown tones but it was perfect

9 Nov 2012

Love it

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

I really love sugar bomb It's a very natural blush and looks super good over poise tint.

20 Oct 2012

I have finally found what I have been looking for!

Location: Arkansas, USA

Oh my, I have been looking for a blush that really works for me for about 5 years now. I have tried so many ranging from $5 to $40. (A little background: I am fair skinned with blue eyes and a brondeish hair color. My skin appears to have a yellowish tint, but I have very pink undertones also. My cheeks flush often, but it's a rather ruddy color, I am just an odd ball I think.) Never the less..I have been looking for a good, soft blush that will brighten my cheeks but look natural (only better). I have tried several NARS blushes, including the most famous O, but it was too harsh and turned very orangy on me. I've tried light pinks, but they always added to my ruddiness or look like white powder on my cheeks. I've even tried several multitoned blushes but ended up frustrated at how they made me feel Overly made up. And now I have finally found Sugarbomb!! It's soft and sheer without being translucent. It has a good glowing depth without looking glittery or powdery. And the color is such a beautiful shade of peachy-pink, without being too much of one or the other as many other blushes have been on me. Honestly, if I hadn't read so many reviews I might not have tried this. Just by looking at it I wouldn't have guessed how beautiful the results would be. (There just must be some kind of special magic in that square box.) ** If you struggle finding a blush that livens up your complexion without making you look clownish, please try this!!! Its the perfect blush for us odd balls out there who don't fit typical cool/warm/neutral categories...I promise

15 Oct 2012

Gorgeous glow!

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

Sugarbomb is the ideal combo of colors to suit pretty much any complexion - I've used it on friends with all different skin types (I'm the make-up junkie in the group and always get make-up duty!). I like to swirl all four colors together for a natural, pinkish glow with just the slightest amount of shimmer. Looks great with pretty much any shade of lipstick or eyeshadow. I like to wear this every day, and switch to CORALista in the warmer months for a summery pop.

16 Aug 2012

healthy bronze glow!

Location: San Diego

My new love! I have Dandelion & Coralista but Sugarbomb is my new favorite. I work outside and my cheeks glow in the sun now. It's so natural looking. If I could suggest 1 color for everyone, Sugarbomb is it!

16 Aug 2012


Location: Branson, MO

With my medium skin tone, I find it shows up best if I use it over one of the 'beams'. Nice glow to it.

10 Aug 2012

just perfect

Location: 中国

i love this very much! a natural and glowing look for days. rosy and a bit orange. very beautiful when sunlight hits on face. i esp. like to sweep forehead after face to make forehead stand out a bit more. compared to sugarbomb, dandelion is pink and more natural. my friends always think i'm just blushing a bit or assume that i had a night's sleep without knowing i have makeup on because it's really natural.

4 Aug 2012

Best blush ever!

Location: Canada

This is my favourite Benefit product yet! I love that the blush has four different colours so you can customize your look - either peach, plum, pink, rose, or a combination. I also use the peach and plum shades as a highlighter/combo duo, and the rose and pink shades to set my lip colour. The brush that comes in the box is great - it dusts just the right amount of blush onto your cheeks.The texture of the blush is lovely and the fragrance is divine. There is just a hint of shimmer in the blush which gives a natural glow. I will definitely be buying this again and again!!

16 Jul 2012


Location: Brisbane QLD, Australia

This blush is lovely and so natural! It leaves your skin looking radiant with a touch of shimmer. I love it, can't stop wearing it!

9 Jul 2012

I love this product

Location: Belfast, UK

It took me a while to try this product as I really love Coralista, but I'm really glad I did. It perfectly suits my pale skin tone and the colour really pops. As usual, the blusher smells gorgeous, as is the packaging. I think this would work better with pale to medium skin tones. I love how you can mix the colours together or use them separately for different looks.

22 Jun 2012

the perfect blush

Location: SB

My friend introduced this to me when she had it out on her makeup table and i feel in love. Even though it took me a while to buy it, its been one of my best buys! I will definitely be buying another when this one runs out!

9 Jun 2012

As with all the other blushers from Benfit, this one...

Location: NY

As with all the other blushers from Benfit, this one gives a distinct look when blended. I like this when I use Coppers, Browns or anyhting warm on my eyes. It also works well with plums and certian shades having a purple undertone.

25 May 2012

The four shades offer a lovely touch of colour and light...

Location: Madrid, España

The four shades offer a lovely touch of colour and light for my cheeks. Definitely, my favourite, together with Coralista.

23 May 2012

Versatile beauty

Location: Cumbria, UK

Gorgeous sweet smelling versatile powder which can be switched up according to the look you want to achieve. Can provide a peachy blush, a pink blush or a slight bronzed glow. I personally wouldn't recommend for those with darker skin tones, but provided an immaculate finish.

21 May 2012


Location: Chicago,IL

I purchased this blush the other day at Ulta, and so far I am loving it! It did wear off toward the end of the day, but there was still enough color to give me a little more glow. I love the color blend, and it's better than regular old pink blush!

19 May 2012

Pretty but doesn't stay

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia

I love the beautiful colour of this powder but I find that it wears off my cheeks before lunch time.

15 Apr 2012

Beautiful colour

Location: South Wales, UK

I had a makeover the other week at a Benefit counter to try out a new foundation, but after that was done the lady asked what blusher I'd like to try. I mentioned that I wanted a peachy toned one as I allways tend to go for coral colours and wanted to see if it would look nice. At first when she reccomended I try Sugarbomb i was sceptical but after she applied it, I fell in love. since then I've worn it every day, I just swirl all the colours together and apply it first like that, then I go back to the peach colour to pop it on the apples of my cheeks :) I haven't had to touch my bronser since :D I would definatley reccomend this blush to anyone wanting a natural glow.

10 Apr 2012

great in the summer

Location: South Portland, ME, USA

I love love love the two box o' powders with multiple shades to blend (sugarbomb and hervana). The blend of all four looks great in the sunshine and with a little hoola along the forehead and bridge of the nose.

27 Mar 2012

Super Bronze Shimmer

Location: UK

Another brilliant blusher from benefit!!! creates a bronzed natural look in seconds.

4 Feb 2012

Creates a natural look.

Location: London

I had the havana tested on me but felt it was a bit too pink for my complexion, so bought Sugar Bomb instead. And i'm so glad I changed my mind as this is amazing. Would recommed using a proper blush brush instead of the one that comes with the blusher, even though it has no faults, it's just easier to apply! There was no need to top up and created a even natural flushed look. However, do no apply POREfection over the top as its smudges and leaves streaks! Would reccomend though!

2 Feb 2012

incredible product.

Location: Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK

the shades are all perfect on numerous skin tones. the bronze works perfectly in the summer and the apricot works perfectly as a highlighter when used alone with an angled brush. for a full review on this product (along other benefit makeup) see my blog:

1 Feb 2012

glowy cheeks

Location: NY

i love the way this brush makes my cheeks look glowy and pretty tan. almost like i just came back from vacation. i pair it with benefit bronzer and i'm golden!

31 Jan 2012

Tis da bom ;)

Location: Western Australia, Australia

This is a fabulous blush! What can I say! I love all benefits blushes & this one I can honestly say is up there with the rest! I love the colour & the subtle, natural glow & shimmer it gives my cheeks! I love applying chachatint underneath this blush for more oomph! It's just the right shade & colour for my colouring, but I think it would would work on just about any colour fair or dark!

29 Jan 2012

Perfect for holidays!

Location: London, UK

Im a very fair skinned gal and the thought of Using blushers just make me feel like eurgh... But i am so glad i bought this blusher! I originally bought it just to go on holiday, but now im back i wearit day in day out. The colours are perfect, ou can wear it as heavy or light as you like and i love that you have the choice of either using all the colours or a combination of one or two. On a night out i use the two pinky colours, on holiday or a summers day i use the pinky bronze colours. Just love it!

20 Jan 2012

I love this blusher!! I have a pale complexion, every...

Location: UK

I love this blusher!! I have a pale complexion, every morning I use this blush I go from being a goth to a goddess in seconds. When i want to highlight my cheeks even more I use a little more of the bronzer and the results are fab.

10 Jan 2012

Perfect for everyday!

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

I was a bit skeptical with this at first. Some the reviews are saying that it's the color is rather sheer/light and doesn't show as much as Bella Bamba or Coralista. But I bought it anyway, because I just love Benefit's Box O' Powders! Can I just say that I didn't regret it! I actually really love this! It's gives my cheeks such a soft, natural pink/peachy flush and a lovely glow/sheen. I can see myself wearing this everyday, or I might add a light layer of Coralista to give it a little more pop. Love!

5 Jan 2012

If I could rate this higher I would. It's my favourite,...

Location: Hunter Valley, New South Wales,...

If I could rate this higher I would. It's my favourite, favourite blush. Next time I place an order I will restock - I just love it. I'm fair to light complexion and it gives a lovely peachy/pinky colour. I am tempted to try the new blush Hervana but I can't imagine I would love it as much as this.

1 Jan 2012

I love how my face glows

Location: Manila, Philippines

I bought mine from online, at first I was hesitant to use (since it comes with a set) new product because of my skin being too sensitive and its color might not show since I'm not that really fair. But when I try it on, I was amaze how my face glows everytime hit by a light. I love its smells, not too bland not too fancy. The brush too is soft and not harsh when it touches my skin. Its light... not have a feeling of caking up. If ever I used up my Sugarbomb, I will definitely buy another one!!!! So girls, I recommend that you should try this!!!

4 Dec 2011

Size/Price = ripoff

Location: OH

I am sincerely disappointed with Benefit decreasing the size of the blushes from .42oz down to .28oz and keeping the price the same! How about making a smaller size blush and charging less?? Such a shame...I think Benefit is getting greedy.

30 Nov 2011

my FAVORITE cheek color!

Location: Wenatchee, WA, USA

I love love LOVE Sugarbomb!!! I have very fair skin so often times blushes or any cheek colors come off really unflattering....but this is perfect (i'd also like to note that this was also perfect on someone with a pretty medium/dark complexion as well) It really brightens (great for a dewy look or a hangover pep up) and looks like such a nice natural flush. I also have used this as a shadow on mornings that are really pressed for time with great success! Its smooth, shimmery, and has a lovely natural color. I highly recommend it!

28 Nov 2011


Location: California

I bought this as my first blush, from Benefit or anywhere. I'd used some bronzer, but blush was something I didnt think would work for me. I bought SugarBomb on impulse, because the box is gorgeous and the colors looked like they'd work for me, if anything would. I am incredibly, pleasantly surprised. The color is subtle but buildable, a light, natural flush. I put in on the apples of my cheeks under Girl Meets Pearl, and I use it as a contour. The brush is cute but fairly useless, I use a skinny kabuki, or a certain really cheap brand blush brush. Also, the smell is incredible! It reminds me of strawberry Mochica ice cream... Really sweet but it doesn't stay on your skin, so it won't interrupt any perfumes.

4 Nov 2011

Great Glowing color

Location: WA

I love this powder. I have fair skin and it can be a bit light looking if I don't layer it. It's not my favorite, but probably my second favorite! (Coralista is my fav.) This one also smells nice.

15 Oct 2011

Perfect mix of tones!

Location: UK

I came across this when shopping at the benefit counter with a friend - Two of my friends recommended it but when the girl put it on I knew I had to buy it. I have a very pale but olive skin tone so "safe" blushes like rose don't suit my skin, but Sugarbomb really pops - I think it's the plum and darker pink tones that do it. Brushing it on lightly makes for really good daywear and heavily for a night-out look. :) I do use a big round brush rather than the square one supplied so it mixes better though. None of the powder becomes loose in the tray and even though I've worn it everyday for a month I can't tell that it's gone down at all! (My friend told me it lasts forever, obviously so right!) Also, like all BeneFit products, smells incredible and the packaging is wonderful! Would definitely recommend and be buying from now on!

10 Oct 2011


Location: Undisclosed

This blush is amazing! It gives my cheeks a nice rosy color without looking too obnoxiously pink. Most blushes seem to bee way too light or dark, but this is just the right color. The packaging is adorable, and I can use it while I'm out since it comes with a mirror and a small brush. This is a great blush, and it would compliment many different skin tones. Also, this comes with a TON of product. I have used this for my every-day color for weeks and I haven't even made a dent!

28 Sep 2011


Location: Cresco, PA

I've never been much of a person that uses blush, but I tried Sugarbomb on a whim and I'm in love! It gives my skin just enough of a natural glow and doesn't look off-color on me at all. Plus, I love the box in comes in!

28 Sep 2011

Wonderful for winter

Location: Undisclosed

I got this and I totally love it! I would not wear it in summer or on a warm day because it adds warm colors to your skin which I think is pretty on a cold or cool day but on a warm day a fresh cool look is better but perfect for a cold day

16 Sep 2011

The product was a bit more orange on my skin than I...

Location: Los Angeles, CA

The product was a bit more orange on my skin than I would've liked. I think this would be great for girls who have a more fair tone, rather than girls like me with more of an olive tone. I wanted to love it, but it just didn't look good on my skin.

2 Sep 2011

This pretty powder is my go-to for gorgeously flushed...

Location: London

This pretty powder is my go-to for gorgeously flushed cheeks :) swirl the four colours together and buff across the apples of the cheeks for a picture-perfect smile. I absolutely love this powder, it's so quick and easy to use and the shimmering particles give me an amazing glow. It's very long-lasting as well, and I love the new "mirror-in-the-lid" touch xxx

22 Aug 2011

Another winner! Natural and compliments every skin tone....

Location: Malaysia

Another winner! Natural and compliments every skin tone. Best of all, impossible to overdo! I'm addicted to this stuff!

25 Jun 2011

really really great product, it is the bomb but not good...

Location: Undisclosed

really really great product, it is the bomb but not good for eye area!!!xxx

24 Jun 2011

I just started using Benefit about 6 months ago, and I am...

Location: Palm Bay, Florida

I just started using Benefit about 6 months ago, and I am hooked. Love all of the products I have tried so far.

10 Jun 2011

It looks so great on my skin. It feels great also. it...

Location: Mi

It looks so great on my skin. It feels great also. it also last long and makes my feel great wearing it.

4 Jun 2011

Love how the colors mix well to almost any skin shade!...

Location: Manila, Philippines

Love how the colors mix well to almost any skin shade! very friendly to Filipina skin! Just a few sweeps on the cheeks and you're ready to go :) Gives a great value for one's money

3 May 2011

Great colour. Very pigmented. I have light skin and only...

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Great colour. Very pigmented. I have light skin and only need to tough the brush in the powder gently and its plenty. The brush that comes with it works great too

1 May 2011

Love it!

Location: Ireland

This is the best blush i have ever used,and the reason why i now own 6 of benefit's box blushes.Its so pretty on my pale Irish skin,brilliant for everyday and using it a little heavier at night,it might not be as dramatic as Coralista or Bella Bamba which i am beginning to use now as summer approaches.And just 2 days ago the girl at my local Benefit counter told me to use the purple shade as an eye colour and its lovely, couldn't recommend this product enough.

29 Apr 2011

Fabtastic, all the colours blend to give one perfect mix...

Location: staffordshire UK

Fabtastic, all the colours blend to give one perfect mix on your face highlighting exactly the right places, perfect

16 Apr 2011

I love Bella but this is still my favorite. The color you...

Location: Memphis, TN

I love Bella but this is still my favorite. The color you get from swirling the 4 colors together is just beautiful. I will continue to buy this for as long as the company sells it!

16 Apr 2011

too bad that it's too pink for my tan skin. tried few...

Location: Kuala Lumpur, MAL

too bad that it's too pink for my tan skin. tried few coats on but then it almost turning white-ish pink on my cheeks. so instead of use it as blusher, i used it as highlighter all over the face.

6 Apr 2011

Very good

Location: Bordeaux, FRANCE

An illuminating powder that gives colour to my cheeks. Now I have all Benefit powders and I love them all !

31 Mar 2011

use anytime

Location: Los Angeles, California

This is the first blush I ever got from Benefit. Im happy with it. Its good for anytime of day, anytime of year. It looks natural and blends with my tone. I dont have to worry about my cheecks sticking out.

10 Mar 2011

Great, sweet

Location: Canary Island, Spain

I don't usually use make-up, but this look great even using it alone. I really love it. Love the little box too.

3 Mar 2011


Location: Austin, TX

This blush is the best I have ever had. It is the perfect mix of colors and best of all it looks natural when it is on. It goes on smoothly and blends with your skin tone. The brush is the perfect applicator as well. I gave up my "fancy" brush to use this one. Two thumbs up!!

3 Jan 2011

Love it!

Location: Missouri

I love Sugarbomb! It gives the most natural and healthy glow to my cheeks and never looks clownish! This is definitely one of my all-time favorite products from Benefit now! Buy it! You won't be sorry!

1 Jan 2011

pretty beautiful

Location: Los Angeles , CA

I have very light skin and this looks beautiful on me. It's the perfect color to lightly warm up my complection with a casual pink. When im in a hurry this is a fool proof blush to put on because i know its not going to look too intense or clown like. It is too light of a color for night time cause you'd need a blush that pops more ( Bella Bamba or Coralista ) and if you have tan or dark skin this really doesn't show up well.

30 Dec 2010

Long lasting, natural flush

Location: Lansing, MI

I think it must be the bronzer, but this blush is very different from others I've used before - in a good way! I have very fair skin, and I'm prone to break outs, so blush isn't always flattering. I tried this against Dandelion in the store, and loved how this one looked much more natural, the Dandelion screamed, "I'm wearing make up!" A bonus is that it also lightly camouflages pimples on my cheeks without concealer. Don't you want to look like you only better? Sugarbomb does this for me. As others have said, it is also nice to use the colors separately to add a little more pop over top. It looks great on bare skin, great over some kind of gorgeous, and it also looks great over bronzer. I really love it. If I could give it a 4.5 rating I would.

9 Dec 2010


Location: Chicago,Il

Amazing! Sweet and fresh!

5 Dec 2010


Location: WA

really sweet looking. so cute. love it so much

2 Dec 2010

great product!

Location: jackson, tn

Great product for people who love bronzers and blush! It's everything you need it one convenient box. It not only gives you color, it has a wonderful bronzer and highlighter mixed in. I really can't get enough of this. It feels great too. I don't feel like I'm wearing heavy makeup.

1 Dec 2010

This product makes my day :)

Location: San Diego, CA

I love this blush because of how youthful it makes me feel. The four colors blend well together and a shimmer to your face that creates such a youthful look. Not only do i use it as a blush but i also use it as a highlighter, eye shadow and one time i even dabbed it over some sheer lip gloss. The color was great! love this product and i definately reccomend it.

1 Dec 2010

Sheer colour

Location: Singapore

Nice blush with no obvious shimmers which is great both as a day and night blush. Long-lasting and very easy to use. Just a swirl, tap and blend is all that's required for a day of natural flush with slight sheen.

1 Dec 2010

Purrfect Natural Look!!

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

I love this blusher. The combination of colors works with any color scheme of eye color. Perfect all around product to have. Recommended to my sister-in-law and she loves it too.

30 Nov 2010

This product really made me feel great!

Location: Chesterfield

This product is amazing, first you get all the colours and then you choose your favourite colour and it looks really good over the top. The lady's at benefit in chesterfield made me feel really special and I felt great walking around town shopping. It made me feel more confident! (: xx

27 Nov 2010

Toss the brush, but use the blush!

Location: cincinnati, oh

I like this product because the colors make this a versatile color. I can use it in the summer and in the winter - the colors always seem to work for me. I use a blush brush instead of the one that is included in the package, so that I can apply it more evenly. When I bought it, the Benefit person showed me how to take the brush and swirl it in just 1 of the colors, and apply it to the apples of my cheeks. - I thought that was a neat tip if you want a bit more concentrated color on your cheeks.

24 Nov 2010


Location: Undisclosed

Just like adding sugar to your Tiramisu, it's like adding a taste of romance to your life.

21 Nov 2010

OMG I love it!

Location: San Jose, CA

Such an awesome cheek color. I get so many compliments whenever I'm wearing this blush. And it smells great!

20 Nov 2010

This product is really cute

Location: China

I love this Sugarbomb! The four colour just cute. And when you use it on your face, you just want give yourself a big smile.Haha~

20 Nov 2010

My Favorite Blush!

Location: Eastman, WI

I love this powder, it has the perfect blend of colors that make my complexion completely even!! I honestly adore this product and only want to use this!! I love the brush, and it gives me that soft glow!!

19 Nov 2010

My favourite blusher!

Location: Surrey, UK

Firstly, I just wanted to make it clear that the packaging of this lovely product is wonderful. I really like how it is boxed, and the colours and texture is very luxorious. The first thing I noticed about this product is that it has the most wonderful scent- sweet and pretty, kind of floral, but not sickly at all. I really like how it supplys a really good quality brush that fits in the box perfectly. Now on to the actual product. It's such a pretty product, and has everything you could wish for from a blusher. I think the colour the four sections create is beautiful- a very pretty glow. It is quite matte, but in the sunlight, you see a few subtle shimmers which look lovely on young skin. The product lasts a long time- I got it nearly a year ago, use it practicaly every day, and am about 2mm in! This should last for years, which is great value. I like to apply it in a '3E', which gives a natural flush. Overall, I love the product, and the only way it could be improved is with a layer of durable (not like the one you currently get) plastic to stop the brush handle getting blusher on it.

19 Nov 2010

It gives such a natural flush, its not heavy, but...

Location: Warsaw

It gives such a natural flush, its not heavy, but transparent, natural and so, so sweat, just perfect as all your flushes :)

18 Nov 2010

4 blushes in 1!

Location: Columbus, OH

I love the colors in this blush. You can do all 4 at once, and then pick a color to 'pop' on your upper cheeks for a nice shimmer. Or just use them individually, too! Also make excellent eyeshadows. And is smells good!

18 Nov 2010

Ultimate go-to blush

Location: Hong Kong

Sugarbomb gives me such a natural flush like I've done 30 minutes of gym! This works as a great highlighter too!

17 Nov 2010

Gorgeous Rosy Glow

Location: Los Angeles, CA

I bought this on a whim when it first came out and I would say it's my favorite benefit product ever! I love the shimmer it imparts on the cheeks. The color combination just works so well I cannot imagine why Sugarbomb has not become the number one blush out there! On my olive skin, it appears that it can be worn day or night. It lasts through a workday so I feel that I look as fresh and pretty at the end of the day as in the beginning.

17 Nov 2010

Sugarbomb is the bomb

Location: Etiwanda, CA

It is amazing. It 4 different shades (peach, purple, pink, and rose). I take it to school and use it on my cheeks and on my eyes. It amazing on my fair skin. I love the peach color on my eyes.

17 Nov 2010

Sugarbomb is the bomb

Location: Etiwanda, CA

It is amazing. It 4 different shades (peach, purple, pink, and rose). I take it to school and use it on my cheeks and on my eyes. It amazing on my fair skin. I love the peach color on my eyes.

17 Nov 2010

Love It!

Location: palm springs

I absolutely love everything about sugarbomb. its sooo beautiful and goes good with every skin tone and it smells sweet too ;)

16 Nov 2010

This product is gorgeous!

Location: Kennewick, WA

This product is gorgeous! I absolutely love to mix sugarbomb with highbeam and girl meets pearl and swirl it around on my cheeks! Then I pop one color at the top and its perfect!

16 Nov 2010

I love it

Location: BC Canada

I really love this blush, its my favorite blush. It matches every look and its soo simple. I notice I use this blush alot!

16 Nov 2010

I love it

Location: BC Canada

I really love this blush, its my favorite blush. It matches every look and its soo simple. I notice I use this blush alot!

16 Nov 2010


Location: new york. new york

What can I say about this blush? it's just perfect!!! It has 4 different colors, a coral color, a more orange color, a light pink, and a mauve color. Each one individually is beautiful, but when you swirl them MAAAAGIC!!! it comes out to be a beautifully pink-coral color! it has a tiny bit of shimmer but it's not overwhelming! It's just amazing!

16 Nov 2010

Use this product every day

Location: Phoenix, AZ

I love this product. Mixing the colors together gives a soft color to my cheeks--not too light, not too dark. Also, it lasts all day.

16 Nov 2010

Effortless glow

Location: Los Angeles, CA

This product is amazing. After applying moisturizer, I love to just sweep it across cheeks, by brow ridge and the bridge of my nose for a real nice glow. I am always complimented on how gorgeuos my skin looks afterward! he he

16 Nov 2010


Location: Redmond, Or

I love the fact that I don't have to switch colors from winter to summer. Sugarbomb looks great with or without a tan

16 Nov 2010

It's all I use now

Location: Seattle, WA

I have very light (read: pale) skin and Sugarbomb is my absolute go-to product for every day use. The various colors blend together beautifully for a natural look. It's great!

16 Nov 2010

Definite flattery for cheeks, forehead, and chin!

Location: Austin, Texas

I have tried other multi-color blushes, but this is "the surgarbomb"! The colors are beautiful and very flattering for fair to medium skin colors. I recently purchased this product and am immensely happy with my choice.

16 Nov 2010

Pretty in Pink!

Location: Pensacola, FL

I absolutely LOVE this blush!! I am fair skinned and have a hard time finding a good blusher!! I usually have to stay away from Pink in any form or it makes me look washed out!! Sugarbomb is so perfectly pink even a red haired gal like myself can use it!! Its so subtle it just gives a natural flushed look to your face!! I LOVE it and use it almost daily!! Now even I can be pretty in pink ;)

16 Nov 2010

my favorite blush

Location: New York, NY

Perfect for warm skin tone. The color is beautiful and I like the smell. The golden shimmer helps hide my acne and make my skin look smooth. You can use the four colors separately or together.

16 Nov 2010

It actualy helpful

Location: Shanghai, China

It makes my cheek looks very healthy and shining. I keep on using it everyday. I can't leave it. But it takes a long time to get the products.

15 Nov 2010

Best blush ever!!!

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

I love the shades and the shimmer. It's perfect for my skin tone (fair) and doesn't wear off throughout the day. 10 out of 10 : )

15 Nov 2010

Love it!

Location: California

I am absolutely in love with this stuff! I have never really worn blush or bronzer, but needed something to keep me from looking so pale. The perfect combination of colors for a subtle pop of color on my cheeks. Smells great too!

19 Oct 2010

I love the glow this product gives my face! Very happy...

Location: Columbus, Ohio

I love the glow this product gives my face! Very happy with this blush-bronzer.

17 Oct 2010

Softly perfect...

Location: Braga, Portugal

Love to have it on my cheeks. I have a fair skin and it brings me a healthy look and some shine. The problem it's a little expensive to buy Benefit products here in my country, cause I love to have more products.

19 Sep 2010

Use all over my face with extra on the cheeks, great...

Location: Manchester

Use all over my face with extra on the cheeks, great mixed with a swish of 10 as well. I'm in love with Sugarbomb!

18 Sep 2010

It's the perfect shade for anybody! Never too much, just...

Location: Berlin, Germany

It's the perfect shade for anybody! Never too much, just georgeous!

4 Sep 2010

This really my face the perfect sexy & natural look, it...

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

This really my face the perfect sexy & natural look, it is never too much, sooo easy to use! happiness in a box (and a brush!)

24 Aug 2010

I love how it is split into four! I usually swirl my bruh...

Location: South London, UK

I love how it is split into four! I usually swirl my bruh over all and apply to the whole of my face, and then apply an extra pink&rose to my cheek bones! Making my skin look deeeelicious~

20 Aug 2010

Great for a sheer sugary rush of color on the cheeks. You...

Location: Honolulu, HI

Great for a sheer sugary rush of color on the cheeks. You can even use it as a highlight if you use a lighter hand.

18 Aug 2010

It makes my cheeks rosy and gives me that shimmery look...

Location: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, USA

It makes my cheeks rosy and gives me that shimmery look for an extra sparkle!

6 Aug 2010

During the summer it gives me a glowy look, and during...

Location: Orange County, CA

During the summer it gives me a glowy look, and during the winter it gives me a sweet rosey color that no other blush has ever given me! I love this! And I love the packaging!

3 Aug 2010

i love the how the four different shades come together in...

Location: phoenix. AZ

i love the how the four different shades come together in a really nice color. one of my fave products!

28 Jul 2010

sugarbomb is the perfect go-to blush for me. it looks...

Location: Manila, Philippines

sugarbomb is the perfect go-to blush for me. it looks great and the iridescence it has just makes you glow, naturally. and it smells great too!

28 Jul 2010

I am really fair skinned so a lot of blushes or bronzers...

Location: Portland, OR

I am really fair skinned so a lot of blushes or bronzers are really noticeable and look fake on me. Sugarbomb has a blend of several colors and goes on light. I get complimented on my "pretty rosy cheeks" a lot. Plus, it lasts forever, on my face and in the box. I really like it.

27 Jul 2010

Love that one,it's nice for any skin tone! You look fresh...

Location: Montreal

Love that one,it's nice for any skin tone! You look fresh,glowy and natural. Plus you can use it as eyeshadows,yay!

11 Jul 2010

Sugarbomb has definate shimmer so I usually use it...

Location: Undisclosed

Sugarbomb has definate shimmer so I usually use it sparingly with a Fantail brush. Unless, of course, I am going for a luminous look - in that case Sugarbomb is perfect to the max. This shade blends easily with CORALista or Thrrob for the POP color. Plus, like all the powders, it lasts and lasts. Did I mention the packaging is too cute?!!

7 Jul 2010

I love it! its like a mixture between coralista and...

Location: Bristol

I love it! its like a mixture between coralista and dandelion. It is a slightly softer shade of pink, compared to coralista, but you can layer it in a way that you cant really do with dandelion, so you can create different kind of looks with it. The mixture of the pinks creates the perfect pop of colour, no matter what you skin tone.

4 Jul 2010

love love love this blush. out of all of the blushes in...

Location: Martinez

love love love this blush. out of all of the blushes in my collection, this is the one I go to the most. plus it smells good. I usually use benetint first so the color is a little bit more noticeable on my skin tone.

2 Jul 2010

Absolutely stunning finish! I get sad when one colour...

Location: Melbourne

Absolutely stunning finish! I get sad when one colour wear down more than the others though. Im not sure the slant powder swirls the colours adequately or properly though :/ Even the included brush doesn't help. New brush, Benefit? Must have powder, theres nothing else like it and the package is stunning too. Smells like fruit or something, so divine!

5 May 2010

love the color it adds to my face, shimmery and soft for...

Location: Denver

love the color it adds to my face, shimmery and soft for daytime and adding a little more the apples of my cheeks makes me picture perfect for a night out.

3 May 2010

It Just makes me glow and its so natural and soft and...

Location: Lynnwood

It Just makes me glow and its so natural and soft and femmine plus its proof that you don't need a tanner to glow

26 Apr 2010

Love this! Best blush ever! Great color that works for...

Location: Alabama

Love this! Best blush ever! Great color that works for anyone!

26 Apr 2010

This is the second box I own from the box-o-powders, and...

Location: Belgium

This is the second box I own from the box-o-powders, and I adore it! My skin is very pale, so I have to be very careful that I don't use too much, because I don't want to look like a circusfreak :) But trial and error has again proven it's point and now I feel like I don't ever want to buy another blush (except for the ones by benefit, because they are all great :D) One of the big avantages of sugarbomb is that it's a gathering of 4 different shades. I know you can use them seperatly, but I love to swirl my brush in the box. I start with my apples, then fade out on my cheeckbone and last but not least, I use a small amount for the 'three-technique' It gives me an AMAZING glow! When I turn me head from side to side in the sunlight, you can see a reflection of different shades a blended together, it lights up my face amazingly! Sugerbomb gives me such a glow, even on gloomy days, I feel that I glow! So yeah, am adoring it! Keep up the good work benefit! And thanx for making me gorgeous every day! Shana

26 Apr 2010

I love this one. Whether I'm fair or recently tanned......

Margaret Rose
Location: Philippines

I love this one. Whether I'm fair or recently tanned...the blush is light enough to look natural. Like you really just "blushed". Since I've turned dark from the beach, I use it on the apples of my cheeks then sweep a bronzer over my cheekbones. Love it!

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