stay dont stray

stay don't stray

stay-put primer for concealers & eyeshadows


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Go steady already!

This dual-action power primer works 360 degrees around the eyes to make concealers AND eyeshadows STAY PUT. Concealers don't crease, eyeshadows stay vibrant & true. Contains sodium hyaluronate known to hydrate and vitamins C & E known to help fight the signs of aging.

  • Moisturizing formula
  • Perfect for the "no-makeup" look
  • "Dip & dab" wand for easy application


10.0mL 0.33 US fl. oz.


Primer that holds its promise

Get your eye area to a long-lasting affair with shadows and concealers. Apply three tiny dots under your eyes & blend. Next apply three dots on eyelids & blend. Let set, then apply concealers & eyeshadows as usual. Just a dab'll do ya, love.

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Customers love that it's

10 Oct 2017

Biggest waste of money ever

Location: New Zealand
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

I had heard so many good things about this product I finally decided to buy it. What a mistake that was. I found the product very hard to spread, I couldn't put dots of the product around my eyes like the instructions said. I guess the best way to describe it is that the applicator was much drier than I expected it to be. I tried shaking it up because I could hear fluid inside the cylinder. That didn't help. I tried to tip a little bit out on my hand to see what was in there, and all I got on my hand was glittery water with some sandy looking particles in it. What the...? Guess I will have to look elsewhere for an eye primer. I can't even return it because I bought it in another country.

21 May 2017

Great product

Location: Stamford CT
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “Great for under eye concealer”

This is the best under eye concealer that I have used and I tried a lot of name brand concealers, it covers without caking once under eye primer is set. This benefit stay don't stray eyeshadow primer Works great for your under eye circles.

6 May 2017

very good product

Location: Australia
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “awesome”

this product is awesome

4 Apr 2017

Best eyeshadow primer

Location: Chicago
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

I have such oily eyelids that eyeliner and eyeshadow fades or creases. I love Benefit so I was hoping that they would have a product that eliminates the oil and makes my makeup stay put. OMG this primer is magic! My eyeshadow and eyeliner stays put and looks gorgeous all day long!

1 Apr 2017

Long lasting

Location: Melbourne
Eyes: Amber
Skin tone: Deep
Love that it's: “Smoothie, quality”

The product has great features. Easy to use and stay for a longer time. Truly love the product

25 Dec 2016

No creasing on the eyes!

Location: South Wales

Having had eye shadows crease since I left my 20s behind, Stay Don't Stray has finally stopped all that. My eye shadow is still in the same place at the end of the day. I love that I can try new variations of eye shadow styles without them migrating into the creases of my eyelid. I hadn't bothered with creating new eye looks as they never stayed in place.

17 Aug 2016

The secret for a fresh & natural look

Location: Jordan
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “Gives me a fresh and natural look”

This is the first and only product that has ever hid the dark circles and the wrinkles under my eyes. I use it all alone with the "they are true" mascara and"bad girl eyeliner "without any blush or powder or foundation and it gives me a fresh , natural and beautiful look . It's long lasting too . You don't have to check if the it filled in the wrinkles if you have any . On the contarary ,it soothes them 💕Love this product though I have used many from the best makeup brands but this is the one that suited me best . Best used after wearing your eye moisturizer🤗Than you benefit for such a great product

16 May 2016

Stay don't stray

Location: Middlesbrough

I can not recommend this enough, I mainly use it for a concealer & it's amazing, I do use it for my eye make up too. This is a must have in anybody's make up bag, I can't recommend this enough. Looks very natural when blended wit a beauty blender.

7 Mar 2016

I like it

Location: Philadelphia
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “Great at priming concealer”

I don't know why this product only has 3 stars because I think it is awesome. I use it every where I have a flaw and not just around my eyes. I have found that it helps my concealer cover sun spots and pimples better. It does help cover my dark under-eye circles and prime my eyeshadow. This and Benefits makeup primer are the bomb together under my makeup and helps it stay on longer through 12-15 hour grueling shifts. 5 stars all the way!

21 Feb 2016


Location: uk

nothing wrong with it, it just compares to drugstore products.

8 Oct 2015

Just okay now. Was better.

Location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Fair

I, as numerous others on here, am not as happy with Stay Don't Stray since it changed. It just doesn't cover and blend as well as it used to. (I read elsewhere on this site where Benefit denies that the product formula changed, only the container did.) It WAS the best product I had found that could conceal dark areas under the eyes with the least amount of accumulation into wrinkles. NOW, the coverage and blendability is just okay. I have found that if you dab it on your eye area and then wait for it to dry just a bit (5 to 30 seconds, depending on how new your product is), it will result in a more creamy texture that blends a little better and covers a little better. However, if it dries too much, it might get clumpy and won't blend well. As for the container, I didn't love the pump from the past, and the current wand isn't great either. What Benefit SHOULD do is put Stay Don't Stray in a squeeze tube. This would resolve many problems: (1) The user can control the amount that comes out (which was difficult with the pump); (2) It minimizes product exposure to air (unlike the wand); (3) It can be applied directly to the eye area OR onto the finger first; (4) It's hygienic; and (5) If the product has experienced an extreme temperature change or has been sitting unused too long, the tube could be kneaded to remix the product inside. Benefit needs to take note and ADDRESS all of THE CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS with this once-loved product.

27 Sep 2015

This product saved my eye makeup!

Location: Scotland, UK
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “good coverage, does what it says”

My eyelids get super oily as the day goes on, meaning my eye shadow would crease and my eyeliner would transfer to the top of my eyelid. I have tried so many primers, but this has been the only one to work! I love using it under my eye shadow, or even just as a concealer as it really brightens up my eyes and makes me look more awake. I can't praise this product enough!

4 Aug 2015

New formula is a bummer

Location: Delaware
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light

I have loved this product for years & was surprised to see changes to it the last time I bought it. After using it, I have to agree with the recent reviews - the changes are NOT GOOD. While the new applicator wand doesn't really bother me much, the new formula is the pits!! Stay Don't Stray was the ONLY eye shadow primer that worked all day with my hooded lids. Now, I'm getting creasing mere hours after application. With the older formula, that wouldn't happen unless I wore my makeup for 8+ hours. I will NOT be buying or recommending this product any longer. I WILL start my search for a new, long-lasting primer. Boo :-(

21 May 2015

I love Stay Don't Stray because you can use as a primer...

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Olive

I love Stay Don't Stray because you can use as a primer for eyeshadows, concealers and even for your lipstick!

18 Apr 2015

It works!

Location: Adelaide Australia
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Light

Love the product, actually get to keep makeup on, especially as I sweat quite a bit. BUT I DO NOT LIKE the applicator - when I first saw a video it was in a pump - I do not like wands they are unhygienic and you loose product. Would make a great product brilliant!

7 Mar 2015

Lovely product

Location: Australia, NSW
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Fair

I never saw the use of an eyeshadow primer before but after trying this, I've been converted! This stuff is great! You only need the smallest amount to cover the lid and the fact that its lightly tinted means it covers any veins/ discolouration. It keeps my eyeshadow looking great for longer and stops my lids from getting oily throughout the day in the hot Aussie weather. This is also great for putting under concealer. It stops concealer from creasing/ caking and creates an overall flawless finish. Highly recommend this stuff!

14 Feb 2015

This product should go back to original form!

Location: Georgia

I have to agree with other reviews concerning the change from pump to wand. The pump product was superior, easier and cleaner. Would love to see Benefit change the product back to pump.

12 Feb 2015

Love this stuff!

Location: Florida, USA
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light

I've only ever purchased this "new" version that is not in a pump that several reviews I have read have mentioned. It comes with wand with a applicator tip. Think lip gloss applicator. I can't speak for the old version but I love this stuff. I live in Florida and makeup and concealer are not heat friendly. Before using this my concealer would disappear and my eye shadow started fading away by 1 pm. Not with this! I place 3 dots under my eye when I need to use concealer there, blend it in and then apply my normal concealer. It stays all day. I also apply 2 dots on my eyelid and 1 dot on my brow-bone and blend. Then I apply my eye shadow. It stays in place all day, doesn't fade and doesn't crease. I can even go to the gym after work and even after a long workout where I end up a sweaty mess, my eye shadow and concealer don't budge unless I try to wipe it off. I also use this on my eye lids and just dust on some powder to brighten up my eyes if I didn't sleep well the night before and am not wearing a full face of makeup. For me, this stuff is great. Not too thin, not too thick and heavy. Give it a try. I think you'll like it.

10 Feb 2015

I'm breaking up with you

Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light

I'm sorry to say - I have to break up with you in search for another product. I've been a LONGGGG time user of this product - it was my go to product that I could count on. But you've cut too many corners and now that product is not the same. 1. The pump was much a much better delivery system - the new wand just doesn't work well. 2. Formulation - My last purchase did not last long at all - and it was VERY runny - I had to shake shake shake it up every time I used it. 3. This new purchase, I'm still having to shake and it really isn't the coverage it used to be. So - I'm breaking up in search of a new product, and to be honest - I'm bummed and very sad. This product was great and slowly got to be nothing more than something I can find at my local drug store. :-(

9 Nov 2014

PLEASE change back to original form/pkg

Location: Canada/USA
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

Have been using this product for eons (previously used FYeye). Used to love this product in the pump form....yes some clear liquid would come out but once you got to that stage if you just squirted it out on a kleenex then applied to the eye it was perfect! With the wand applicator A: it is definitely not hygienic; B: you end up using way more than you actually need to therefore needing to buy more frequently; and C: it dries up a lot quicker in the tube with wand because you are pumping air in every time you reinsert the wand. I would buy another product by a competetor, however I haven't found anything else comparable, and I truly hope that Benefit listens to the feedback and brings back the original formula/packaging. I have spent way too much money on this product over the last year - if it was in the orginal formulation/packaging I only went through one per year using it virtually every day!

31 Oct 2014

TERRIBLE - not worth it!

Location: London, UK
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light

I had a terrible experience with this product... the primer never ever stayed on my lids for more than a few hours, my eyeshadow and eyeliner always came off. I usually had to reapply my makeup 3 or more times a day! Definitely not worth it, it was basically useless on my oily lids.

17 Oct 2014

Benefit cut corners here! Bring back the pump!

Location: Claremont, CA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “please fix this product!”

So sad to see Benefit cutting corners to make a few extra dollars. The original pump formula was fabulous. I was constantly recommending Benefit and this great formula to colleagues and friends, who all noticed how well my eye make-up lasted after 8 hours of teaching. But I have had to warn all those whom I encouraged to purchase the product: Do NOT buy this new formula! I'm so embarrassed that I recommended an inferior product! It is not the same. The new "wand" packaging wasted so much of the concealer; the "revamped" pump is terrible--at times it shoots out an oily mess instead of concealer. I threw mine away because the pump was so inconsistent. What a shame. What a waste of money. PLEASE go back to the ORIGINAL great product, Benefit!!. I'll be following these reviews to see if that ever happens. When it does, I'll become a customer again.

9 Sep 2014

Please,Please bring back the ORIGINAL formula!

Location: Oak Ridge, NC, USA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium

I have purchased the original product for years and have relied on it to cover up many things. It is the one product I would make sure I took with me and always made sure I never ran out. I have very dark circles under my eyes and it covered so well I needed nothing else. And it stayed on all day. It was the most amazing product I have ever used. And then Benefit changed the delivery from pump to wand. I was excited to try it until I saw how watery it is. It is NOT the same covers nothing! I am so disappointed. For a product to have gone from best to worst is a shock. It is so useless I don't even use it. I will not purchase this ever again unless Benefit goes back to the ORIGINAL formula.

25 Jun 2014

only own the pump version!

Location: The Netherlands
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “matching your skintone, Effective”

It is a great primer. It looks a lot like foundation but it does something completely different! Not oily at all and smells really nice. Makeup just stays on, exactly what it should do. Though I never used the wand version. I think I would prefer the pump for hygiënetic reasons.

25 Jun 2014

Please bring back the old packaging!

Location: New York, NY
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light

I signed up for an acct just to write this review...this is how upset I am! This was one THE BEST and my MUST HAVE product. After trying all different brands of concealer, I finally find the perfect one. The product lasted a very long time as well. When I finally ran out and purchased a new one, I was extremely disappointed to discover the packaging changed. It does not go on the same and I have to use a lot more to have the same coverage. It only last me a few mos before it ran/dried out. I ended up switching to the Fake Up concealer and it doesn't last throughout the day since it's a lot more oily. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD PACKAGING AND FORMULA!!!

22 Jun 2014

Glad I'm not the only one...

Location: Buffalo, NY
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

This used to be the BEST shadow primer, hands down. I could pump exactly the right amount, and the formula was thick and covered well. This stuff used to hold shadow through an hour's worth of cardio with my face dripping in sweat, and it looked like it hadn't even been touched. Ever since the package was redesigned to use the wand instead of the pump, the formula is watery, doesn't cover well, and i'm lucky if i can get through 4hrs sitting at my desk at work without my shadow coming off, let alone through the whole day. This used to be a staple in my makeup kit, and I've recommended it to friends, but unless the formula is reverted to the original, I'm going to have to try to find an alternative.

19 Jun 2014

New and improved -- NOT!

Location: Maine, USA
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Light

Some eyeshadows irritate my eyelids so I was happy to find that Benefit's OLD formula primer created a barrier so that I never had an allergic reaction to shadows, plus it kept concealer and eye makeup in place. The new formula not only doesn't cover, but I am allergic to it! My eyelids became red and irritated three days after I began to use this stuff. I will return it to Sephora and look for another brand. I hate when a company thinks they have to "improve" a product that their customers love.

13 Jun 2014

Benefit Stray, Don't Stay

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia
Eyes: Gray
Skin tone: Light

When I first heard of the new 'Stay, Don't Stray', I thought Benefit Cosmetics were launching yet another brow product to hold those unruly brows (I LOVE their Speed Brow gel!) Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised to discover 'Stay, Don't Stray' is in fact an eye primer. The reasons for my surprise: 1. There is a huge gap in the market for eye primers to help control those oily eyelids and to help give eyemakeup more hold. 2. I am always on the look-out for eye primers because they are hard to find - most brands don't stock one. 3. 'Stay, Don't Stray' doubles up as an eye concealer too - bonus! So what do I love about the product: The colour is perfect for concealing my eyelids and reduces and purple or red tinges. I find that the product adheres quickly to the skin and ensures my shadows don't fall-out or separate across my eyelid which is something most of us fear. The packaging is appealing, lightweight, and the name is exciting. The cons: This shade won't particularly conceal the eyelid or a medium to dark skin because the pigment is light. The pump disperses too much product (one pump covers both lids entirely and there is still a bit left over). If this came in a tube or with a sensitive-to-touch pump then it would be more economic for the user (and the environment). All-in-all, 'Stray, Don't Stay' is a fantastic product. With a few tweaks to the packaging, this could be an amazing product. I'm even considering this as an investment piece for my makeup kit.

12 Jun 2014

A must have!

Location: Australia
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light

This is an essential product in everyone's beauty bags. It gives great coverage on blemishes and is terrific on the eyes. Teamed with Ooh la lift this is a perfect way to disguise the dark circles under your eyes!

6 Jun 2014

Used to be the, not so much

Location: AL
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Fair

This used to be one of the few products that were a must for me. However, since the new packaging, the product is different. I have to use more product, and the coverage just isn't as good. I hated the old packaging because it was wasteful. I hate this packaging because it will get contaminated and become rancid, which I assume you want to happen so people will purchase more frequently (since the old packaging lasted forever, even though the pump was extremely wasteful). Please, find a better way to package the product--contamination proof and bring back the old formula! Listen to your customers here, or you're going to lose them.

22 May 2014


Location: washington state
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Olive

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I LOVE the wand instead of the pump. Keep it, please. Great product!!

18 May 2014

What Happened?!

Location: San Francisco, CA

I've been using this product for 3 years. I have loved it until now. It was initially great with the pump. Then when the product's application device was changed to a wand, I was somewhat upset. However, it worked okay. Now the pump is back, and it has been quite an experience...a not so pleasant experience. Half of what comes out is some watery liquid, but the worst part is it squirts out product and you never know where it is going to land. Today (and not for the first time) it squirted out and landed on a really nice pair of pants, and now I'm not quite sure if the stain will come out. Please fix this product! It was so great before :(

15 May 2014

Not the same..

Location: New Jersey, USA
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Medium

I am a loyal benefit customer and swear by atleast 75% of their products and the only reason that number isn't higher is because I haven't tried them all. Stay don't stray was my not only worked to keep eyeshadow in place but it was an awesome undereye concealer that worked amazingly ontop of erase paste. Like all of the benefit products I've purchased, this one lasted me way longer than expected and after 18 months (yes 18 MONTHS) it was time to purchase a new one. Much to my dismay, the product and the packaging both changed. It is no longer as thick as it used to be and is really liquidy. Goes on EXTREMELY sheer and my eye makeup clumps within 4 hours. Needless to say, this was the first benefit product I've ever returned. It is so much thinner, much less effective, and even if I would have kept it, there is no way it would have lasted 18 months like the other one did- the applicator wastes SO much product. Please bring back the pump!

6 May 2014

This WAS one of my must-have products!

Location: Houston, TX, USA
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Medium

I was very loyal to this product, it was one of a few that I HAD to have and I bought it over and over. Sadly, since the switch to the wand container, the product just isn't the same. I was initially glad about the switch, as I always dispensed too much product with the pump. I've been using the new one a few weeks now, and the product is thinner and glossier and doesn't cover and apply nearly as well. (I LOVED this product as a concealer, too.) Please bring back the product in the pump container, I NEED this in my life again! I've had to resort to hoarding the original product from wherever I can find it to hold me over until I can discover a suitable replacement. (or until Benefit brings back the original product, fingers crossed!)

5 May 2014

Stays and doesn't Stray

Location: Victoria, Australia
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light

Perfect example of something doing what it says on the box. Stay Don't Stray doesn't move, shift or slide, and neither does anything (concealer, foundation, eyeshadow) I put over the top of it.

27 Apr 2014

Love It

Location: Ruston,LA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium

This is the first item I have used by Benefit and I love it. I am 57 and my eyelids have gotten darker. I was looking for a primer for my eyelids with a natural color to even out my eyelids before applying my eye shasow. This product works great and my eyeshadow does NOT crease. I even ran that afternoon, got very sweaty and still my eyeshadow looked like I just applied it. I will try other products by this company.

8 Apr 2014

Formula & delivery system changed for the worse

Location: Atlanta, GA
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Fair

Please bring back the pump--the applicator wastes product and is unsanitary. Also, the formula is thinner and doesn't last as long--no comparison. Without effective primer, there's no point in even applying eye shadow on me; it'll be gone by noon. Benefit will be losing my business for both primer and eye shadow unless this is fixed pronto.

25 Mar 2014

First review ever written & will likely the worst

Location: New Jersey
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “the worst, horrible, poor quality, downgrade”

I have NEVER written a review...ever...and I've NEVER returned a product...ever. I love makeup, and I LOVE benefit. I bought stay don't stray for the first time in October was the first eyeshadow primer i've ever purchased.. I used it every single day until it ran out 2 weeks ago...thats right, THAT product lasted me about a year and a half. I emphasize "that product" because this one simply isn't the same. Not only is it not the same, it's actually horrible. The old product would conceal imperfections around the entire eye area and keep my eye makeup in place for the entire day...all of this for both eyes while only using an amount of product that was no bigger than the size of a small ant. I have had the new bottle of stay don't stray for a week or so - I ignored all of the negative comments because I was basically in denial...but I am here to basically inform all other people in my position, unfortunately, the glory days are over. The new product is SO thin, thinner than Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. I put it on at 9am and by 1pm my eyeshadow has not only faded (which MAYBE I would be able to deal with, but it has CREASED...HORRIBLY). This product is such poor quality it is actually baffling that Benefit thought that it could get away with cheapening it this much. Even though I can't give this product "zero" stars, I will justify the one star in saying that this product brought back all the bad memories of creasing and fading that made me purchase a eye primer in the first place.

28 Jan 2014

Could be better

Location: México
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Deep

Puede ser mejor, buen primer pero el aplicador esta muy feo.

26 Jan 2014

Not happy with the applicator

Location: Oconomowoc, WI 53066, USA
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Light

I have used stay-put primer for over 3 years and had loved it. The previous product was fantastic. The new version-with the wand is awful. The product is much thinner. Need to use a lot more or eye makeup wears off soon. Previously used a small amount from the pump and it would last all day. The pump product would last me about 8 months. The current product lasts under 4 months. I am getting a lot less for my money. Also the wand carries a great chance of germs and infection. I am not a happy customer and will be looking elsewear for a different product. Please bring back pump!!

15 Jan 2014

Changed Formula!!

Location: Undisclosed
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Fair

Ughhhhhhhhh! I am SO FRUSTRATED that the formula was changed! I have naturally very light pink skin, and have never been able to find a spot concealer that matched my skintone. I received a sample of this a few years back. It worked fine for an eyeshadow primer, but I still preferred by UD Primer Potion. One day, when I'd run out of my normal (poor color-match) concealer I decided I'd use this to attempt to cover up a couple of spots, and...MAGIC. I mean this stuff concealed a zit on my skin so well you couldn't see it AT ALL. It was buildable, looked totally natural, and stayed all day. I've been a loyal Stay Don't Stray user ever since. The last time I ran out I went to pick up a tube and they had two shades. I thought "Oh that's awesome that they have one for WOC, way to be inclusive Benefit!", but then I got my tube of "Light/Medium" home and realized that #1 The pump was gone, replaced by a doe tip (unhygienic!!!!) and #2 The formula was SUPER runny. This was the only product of Benefit's lineup that ever worked for me, and it's a shame it's gone now. I guess Benefit can count me out as a customer. :(

7 Jan 2014

I loved the product until my most recent purchase

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Medium

But like other reviewers, I fought to open the tube, only to discover the tube was totally redesigned. I really hate the sponge applicator and the mixture has definitely changed consistency. I guess it is all about your bottom line isn't it. You obviously haven't worried that with this delivery method, bacteria is introduced to the product in the tube thus increasing the risk of infection. So to summarize: awful delivery method, thinner coverage, less product in package overall, risk of infection, for the same price. What a nice way to treat your customers. I will be looking for a new product and will tell all my friends about my disappointment with this product.

25 Dec 2013

Bring back the pump!!!

Location: Newark, DE

I used to adore this product. After exhausting an entire pump tube, I picked up another at Macy's without looking at it much because it was still in the same cardboard packaging. When I got home, I was frustrated when I couldn't pop the cap off. I unscrewed it to see that there was a standard concealer applicator. And even though thy deny it, the formula IS different. It's much thinner and creases unlike the old, creamy version. It's sad, but I'm going to have to find a new eyeshadow primer. I hope I can find one with the same versatility as the original Stay Don't Stray.

22 Dec 2013


Location: Minnesota, USA
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Medium

i was excited to try this since it is my first benefit product but i was so disappointed. The color is a good match but after an hour of applying to my upper lid it was creasing and easy rubbed off if i would touch my skin. So the next time i wanted to see the difference between my old primer i usually use which is elf lid primer for$1!! One eye elf and one eye benefit. I can say that elf had both better coverage and after and hour to 2 of wear the benefit was creased and disappearing when the elf product looked as if i just applied it. ( and no i didnt even rub my eyes) I spent $25 dollars on this stuff!! What a wasted. If you want a good primer just go try elf lid primer before you buy this expensive stuff.

11 Dec 2013

I used to LOVE this product, but...

Location: San Diego, CA
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light

I used to love this product. I kept one in my purse and one at home. It was amazing. Then they changed things. It used to have a pump so you were able to control the amount you wanted, it came out onto my hand so I could use different types of brushes or applicators to apply it, and it had a great consistency. Then they introduced the new applicator, which is like a typical concealer, and it is awful. It comes out thinner, stays on for less time, and you can't use any other applicators so it introduces germs every time you stick the applicator back in the tube. Most importantly, the old bottle would last me 6 months or so, but without the pump so much of the product is wasted because the applicator can't reach it and a bottle now lasts me maybe 3 months. Please, please, please bring back the pump! I can't fathom spending $30 on this product with these issues.

4 Dec 2013

Unhappy with new design

Location: California
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

I've used this product for many years and loved it! But will not be buying again unless you go back to the pump design. I don't like the idea of introducing germs every time you put the applicator back in to the bottle after using it - especially for an area that's as sensitive such as the eye area. Please bring back the pump!

3 Dec 2013

Not the same :(

Location: Fremont, CA, USA
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Fair

I used to be absolutely in love with Stay Don't Stray. Sadly, I will no longer be using this product. With the new applicator, the product doesn't go on as well. The consistency is thinner and doesn't stay on as long. And without the pump I am not able to get all of the product out when it is nearing the end. Please bring the pump back!

22 Nov 2013


Location: Sydney NSW, Australia
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “many uses, covers flaws, staying power, hides circles”

I got this as a little mini and im obsessed with it! Not only does it stop your eye-shadow from moving on your face but it is really great for touching up my T zone area when my foundation becomes cakey or cracked. I was on my way in to the city for a great night out and i noticed my foundation starting to crack and come off (ive been having big problems in the skin department lately) i was panicking trying to fix it with more foundation and concealer but just was making it worse so i thought id just see if i could use stay don't stray to fix and wow! It worked so well, fixed the problem areas immediately. Was really impressed. It also fixes dark circles and brightens my eyes so well! This product has many uses so well worth the money, buying the full size ASAP!

30 Oct 2013

Perfect primer

Location: Michigan
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “Full Coverage”

This product does exactly what they say. I use it as a primer on upper and lower lids under eyeshadow and under concealer. Eyeshadow stays on all day, and dark circles disappear especially when a little brightener is dabbed over the top. The new deeper shade blends in perfectly with my light to medium skin.

13 Oct 2013

Not as happy with new applicator

Location: Oconomowoc, WI
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Light

I have used stay don't stray for over 3 years and it has been amazing. Has made huge difference in my eye shadow staying on all day long. My previous items were the pump container and I liked them much better then the new applicator version. The new item the primer is thinner and you need to put much more on or it does not keep the eye shadow fresh and on all day. Please either go back to the pump or make both so customers can choose.

30 Aug 2013

Stay Dont Stray

Location: canada
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Medium

I loved this before but something has changed since I bought it last time as now it comes with the applicator instead of the pump .. Its lost its staying power some how ??? !! I will return it as Im not pleased with the results now ..To bad , i love benefit !!!

28 Aug 2013

Not the same!

Location: Ontario, Canada
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Fair

I used to Love Love Love Stay Don't Stray... I feel like since the packaging has changed, so has the formula. In the old packaging, this product was thicker and would dry fast to a matte finish. AND it would NEVER crease! Now, it's a thinner consistency, takes longer to dry, and settles into the creases on my eye lids. I WANT to love it, but I just don't feel the same about it. I might be on the market for a new eye primer. :(

20 Aug 2013

Great product

Location: Augusta, GA, USA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium

This is a great product that I have bought several times now. Keeps make up on all day at work with no thought of touch ups!

8 Aug 2013

Everyone's different and I love this product!

Location: Owosso,Michigan
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “a great illuminator for the eyes., a great primer for the eyes.”

I absolutely love Stay don't Stray. It does the job it's supposed to do. Even when I put it on over my foundation and don't put eyeshadow on it illuminates my eyelids. So don't go off a bad review because I'm proof we are all different.

7 Aug 2013

Brilliant Product!

Location: Scotland, UK
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “so versatile.”

I love this product, I have the one which is a pump dispenser, I see from the photo here that you have it with a wand I think this is going to be so much better as I always tend to find I pump too much. Not a criticism at all merely a thought. Thank you for such great products and brilliant website. Patricia

6 Aug 2013

Not as good as I thought it would be..

Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium

This product was extremely raved about on youtube, logs, etc. So I thought I'd give it a try. I had recently purchased e.l.f's primer which is one dollar, and found it to be just as good, and unless you load on the product of stay don't stray, it's not nearly as good as e.l.f's.

11 Jul 2013

Great product

Location: Chicago
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Olive

Really makes your eye shadow stay on all day and makes it so you really don't need to put as much eye shadow on to really get the color on your eyelids. Don't push too hard on the pump cause you will get too much of the product. You can also if that does happen, put it on as a concealer as well.

3 Jul 2013

Vary disappointed!

Location: Roseville, CA, USA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light

I received this item as a sample and LOVED it! It came with the soft tip applicator as shown in the picture. When I purchased the product I got a pump, NOT the soft tip as expected. One push on the pump and so much product comes out that I waste a ton of it. More product than can actually be used on one person. I was so excited about the product I received as a sample, to then get this pump was incredibly disappointing. I think all the pumps should be recalled or at least send the spongy tipped applicators to replace the pump to make up for this fatally flawed design. Sooooooooooooooo disappointed :o(

25 Jun 2013

Fabulous product!

Location: Wisconsin
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Olive

This product truly does its name justice. It helps my eye shadow stay put all day long. It goes on very easily and dries quickly so I can put my shadow on. No creases! I wouldn't use anything else. Just make sure you don't press the applicator too hard or too much will come out. A little goes a long way!

6 Jun 2013

Okay but not my fave

Location: Hartford Area, CT
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “tinted”

I bought this a couple months ago and it is great, but the eyeshadow really creases. Otherwise it would have five stars because I like how it primes concealer, is tinted to match my skin tone, and keeps shadow vibrant.

12 May 2013

mum loves it!

Location: Australia
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “cute”

I got this for my mum recently and she adores it :) I've got her hooked on Benefit ha-ha! I haven't tried it myself yet but I plan to soon :)

11 Apr 2013

You don't get the applicator advertised :(

Location: Undisclosed

The only reason why I purchased this product is because it was advertised as having a soft tip applicator. But they don't send you what they sold you. I received a terrible pump that wastes so much product. More product comes out than anyone would ever need. I was heart broken. Don't believe the description.

28 Mar 2013


Location: Belfast, UK
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

I tend to find that my eyeshadow stays when I wear foundation and powder on my lids, but this does a great job at evening out my skin tone and providing a good base for the eyeshadow. My eyeshadow definitely stay when I wear it. It's incredibly easy to use.

25 Mar 2013


Location: Undisclosed
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

I put this not only around my eyes but also anywhere else I want to put concealer, and it works wonders! I worked out and took a shower and it was still intact. I will be repurchasing over and over. :)

11 Mar 2013

It's the best!

Location: Florida
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Medium

I started using Stay-Don't-Stray a few years ago and fell in love! This stuff doesn't crease at all for me, which is saying a lot because I have oily skin. My eyeshadow lasts a long a time and my under eye circles are covered. Great stuff!!

9 Mar 2013

It stays!

Location: Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

I'm a girl who wears eye-shadow everyday. But my eye-shadow fades and looks a mess by the end of the day. Once I saw Benefit did a product to stop it fading I had to try it. I have a lot of products from Benefit so I trust it was going to work. I tried it yesterday and it was brilliant! I had a full day of college + work that night and by midnight my eyes looked just as they did at 9am when I put it on. VERY HAPPY!!! Benefit is a brand you can defiantly trust <3

5 Mar 2013

Really good product, but not applicator...

Location: Madrid, Spain
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light

I ordered this product when you change the applicator, so I expected it to be brush applicator... but I received the previous one, and I find it very difficult to use it without pumping too much, but it is quite hard to do it without wasting it... However, the product is really good, and it prevents from creasing and almost covers my eye circles, although for this issue I prefer ErasePaste.

4 Mar 2013

Always a staple for me

Location: Madrid, Spain
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “perfect applicator”

Practically since I began buying Benefit make up products, Stay don't stray has always been a dependable product for me, something I could rely on to make my eyeshadows and my concealers stay put, especially the former. Having such a fair complexion, its light shade was one of the things that attracted me most, and it has a nice texture, as well. You've just launched a new shade for Stay don't Stray, which has aroused my curiosity and my interest for two reasons: 1. The shade itself; something for deeper-complected girls to make eye make up better, something more similar in colour to their complexion. 2. An added improvement: the new applicator. Regarding the shade, I was very interested in giving it a go, but I also had some misgivings, lest it should look too dark on me. As soon as it was available in our local department store, I tried a litte of it on my hand and saw it wasn't half as dark as I dreaded it would be, just a spot darker than Boi-ing 02, and not too much darker at that. So, I bought it at once. Besides, once you've put the eyeshadows on your lids, does it really matter what shade the eyeshadow primer coms in? I don't think so; and even if it did, a little bit of Light/Medium and a little bit of Medium/Deep go together, and should get blended on your eyelids, with a very natural result. As for the new applicator, it's really won me over: handy and quick, to your eyelids and back to the tube, with just the precise amount of product. In my last order, I received, together with two other items, the kit Sexy Little Stowaways (incidentally, one of your best kits), whidh included, amongst deluxe minis of other products, a deluxe mini of Stay don't Stray and it had this applicator, and it is perfect, much better than the dispenser, which tends to give out more product than necessary and that may result in waste of some product. To wrap it all up, this product, together with Porefessional and That Gal, will remain a staple for me, all the more now you've included this double improvement.

22 Feb 2013

Packaging not quite as expected

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Medium

When I ordered this product, I was expecting the brush applicator so was a little disappointed to see it was a pump! However, I have managed to figure out how to use it so too much doesn't come out and get wasted. It goes on really nicely and actually works! Although I still need to apply concealer over top to reduce my under eye circles, this product is great at preventing my eye-shadow from fading or creasing which is a problem I usually have. My only negative is the pump - it's quite hard to apply and get a good coverage, so I think the applicator which is pictured would be better.

11 Feb 2013

Great product

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Medium

When I first bought this it was too light for my complexion, I was using it as a primer, and it just didn't work for me. I was looking for a concealer that wasn't cakey. (I have acne prone skin so I needed better coverage that didn't clog my pores) I started to use this and it worked amazingly for a concealer, the coverage was great, it lasted all day, easy to apply, and wasn't cakey on my skin. I recommend this as a concealer, I'm definitely buying this again!

6 Feb 2013

Good for eyeshadow, but not for concealer

Location: Grafenwöhr, Germany
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium

I was so excited to try this primer. I have been hunting for one that will work for my under-eye concealers && since this one claims to be great for that, I picked it up. I have to admit that it is a GREAT eyeshadow base - neutralizes lids & prevents creasing. Not so much for under your eyes though. I used it the past three days and everyday, it seems cakey && almost flakey under my eyes. I tried several different techniques to get this to work under my eyes, but no luck *=( Ooh-La-Lift is a MUCH better product!

29 Jan 2013

Love it

Location: HONG KONG
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Deep

It works as a corrector under my Boing and really brightens up the eye. Love the fact it comes in medium-deep, perfect for my skin tone without looking ashy

28 Jan 2013

my eyeshadow stays put!

Location: Portland, Oregon
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light

After a few hours my eyeshadow just vanishes without a trace. But not any more! 3 TINY drops on a brush covers the top lid & brow area, 3 more under my eyes. A little goes a long way. Did not sink into those fine under eye lines. Light color blended well with my skin tone and even helped to cover my dark circles. Non-drying. Will stay on my list of necessities!

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