speed brow tinted brow gel

speed brow gel

quick-set brow gel


Behaving brows!

Tint, tame and set brows in record time! This brush-on gel dries to a natural-looking finish for instantly beautiful brows.

  • Flattering, natural shade
  • Keeps unruly hairs in place
  • Quick-setting formula


3.0g Net wt. 0.10oz.



Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.


Like hairspray for your arches

Raise those brows into prime place by brushing speed brow through eyebrows in light, upward strokes. With the tip of the wand, trace along brow contour to create a smooth line. Finish with the secret weapon... a bit of high brow under those arches for instant lift.

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Customers love that it's

3 Apr 2016


Location: UK

Good for a quick groom but not for pigment

2 Sep 2014

Good for gel not pigment

Location: CA

If it was only advertised to be a brow gel, I'd give it 5 stars, but the pigment was supposed to be a key part and it just does nothing. Honestly, for me I don't care since I don't use it for that, but it is /supposed/ to. Right now my routine is just putting this on then using brow powder (while it is still a bit wet) to fill it in. I'm planning to try Brow Zings since I'm basically out of this product and I want to see if the Brow Zings will replace my need for it. I'm far from disappointed with it, it'd just be nice to have all my brow needs in one spot instead of multiple products floating around my makeup bag. I will be buying it again at some point, but it isn't at the top of my list since I do have some other backup brow gels to use. However, it is my favourite gel. Just don't expect it to fill in your brows unless you have VERY light brows. The only time the pigment was really noticeable for me was when I happened to get a lot of product out by mistake, but it didn't really stay (as I brushed it out), so it was slight in pigment by the time I was done. But for a good brow gel to hold it all in place? This is my go-to. I put it on early morning (about 6am) and don't take it off until about 10pm. Unless I have been in sweltering weather and have rubbed my face a lot, it doesn't budge. I've never had issues with flaking for this gel (though I imagine if you try and load up the product to get the pigment to show up, it would, but I don't think people would try and do that). I personally put powder on after I swipe the gel (so it sticks and doesn't get rubbed off/dragged around), but depending on your brow powder I'm sure you could and maybe should use it last. That's just a preference thing, though.

13 Aug 2014

Excellent product

Location: Cardiff

Speed brow really does fix your brows in place - it's the best product I've found to tame my rather unruly brows...nothing has come close to it's performance. Shame it's not for general sale any more though!

15 Jun 2014

there's no difference

Location: Israel

there is no dramatic effect so i guess i can say it's pretty useless...

12 Jun 2014

Speed Brow

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia

I have stray brows - don't we all! For two years I have been using Benefit's Speed Brow to keep unruly brows in place … and I am now hooked for life! It is so quick and easy to use, the packaging is convenient enough to keep in the handbag and it does not create a dandruff/clogged appearance of the brows. It is really good value for the price you pay because a little swipe goes a long way. I recommend it to anyone else with stray or furrowing eyebrows to keep them in place and help to frame the brows and I love the packaging too! I will not let my makeup client leave their seat without a slick of Speed Brow.

6 Apr 2014

Great for taming brows!

Location: England, UK

If you're like me and often wake up with crazy brows then Speed Brow is for you! Every morning I like to use my Browzings kit and sometimes even after applying the wax my eyebrows are a little unruly at the end. One quick application of Speedbrow soon sets them right and keeps them in place all day. Just remember that this product is to set brows in place and doesn't really add and pigment to eyebrows. You'll want to try Browzings or Gimmebrow if you want colour.

4 Apr 2014

Perfect for neat, natural brows!

Location: MO

This product won't give you much (if any) color, but it keeps those pesky brow hairs in line and helps define brow shape if you have unruly hairs. It goes on like a light gel and dries quickly, and the brush makes it really easy to shape right after the gel goes on. I won't go a day without wearing this. Love it!

17 Mar 2014


Location: Undisclosed

I use it over brow zings to make sure they stay in place all day, or sometimes if I don't bother with filling them in I run this through my brows just to keep them from going astray! Can't leave the house without using it, great product!

24 Nov 2013

Love It

Location: Undisclosed

I use this product with the BrowZing kit. This gel is so awesome. It never flakes and lasts all day. It does such a good job of just keeping your brows looking neat and tidy. I have seen people complaining about it not providing enough pigment but I don't really think that's the point of the product. It just keeps brows neat

5 Oct 2013

Perfect brows every time!

Location: Gloucestershire, UK

I love this, it sets your brows quickly and looks great. It's an everyday must have!

27 Sep 2013

Never Disappoints!

Location: Nashville

I hope you never change this product...never disappoints!

15 Mar 2013

Sets without going crusty

Location: Adelaide SA, Australia

I've tried other brow gels and they end up going crusty and flaky (so you end up looking like you have dandruff), but speed brow doesn't do that. Keeps them in place all day and makes such a difference, My eyebrows are dark, so I don't have anything good or bad to say about the pigment.

5 Mar 2013

Could definitely be better

Location: Madrid, Spain

The first time I saw this product was after my first Brow Bar session in a Sephora, quite an experience for me to have undesired hair removed from my eyebrows with wax, and my skin being so sensitive as it is, it didn't really hurt me that much. The girl who did the brow wax groomed my brows with Speed Brow, and recommended it to me as a tool to keep my eyebrows in place. However... as colour is concerned, I'm not altogether satisfied. It is supposed to be a natural shade, to dress all brows, but, from what I read in other reviews, apparently there have been more shades before, and perhaps that would have been preferable, Sometimes, when I wear this, I have the feeling some of the foundation and powder I've applied all over my face has gone to my eyebrows as well, and it doesn't look very nice at all; if I first do my eyebrows either with Brow Zings or Brows a go go and then apply this, it seems to me the good work I've done with either of those two gets undone with Speed Brow applied on top of it. Eyebrows are a very important feature in the face, perhaps the most important, since they define the expression of your face. Balance is very important, in size, width and colour, and if one of those fail, the expression fails as well. I think the multi-choice in colour is preferable. Would I buy this again? Once I run out of it, I'll sleep on it.

10 Aug 2012

Shade is too light

Location: Undisclosed

I used to love speed brow. I always bought the dark shade and it was perfect! Then you changed to 1-shade-fits-all. You're wrong. I can't even see this on my brows. Won't buy it any more. I switched to a competing brand's Espresso brow gel. I can see my brows again.

21 Jul 2012

Everyday Staple

Location: London, UK

This product has become my everyday staple! I literally cannot leave the house without using it or my eyebrows look crazy! It keeps them in place all day and looks so natural, I love it! I don't know what I'd do if this became discontinued!!

23 May 2012

Ready in a hurry essential!

Location: Cumbria, UK

Affordable brow setting gel that does what it says on the tin and is very long lasting. Spruces up brows without the use of pencils/powders. Make up bag day-to-day essential

20 Apr 2012

I didn't see any difference in my brows with this on. The...

Location: West Covina, CA

I didn't see any difference in my brows with this on. The tint didn't really add any color. I wish the gel was a little thicker,...it might have made a difference.

10 Feb 2012

This is definitely perfect for taming those brows and...

Location: Montana, USA

This is definitely perfect for taming those brows and keeps them looking perfect. I also love that it has just the right tint!

31 Dec 2011


Location: Chicago, IL, USA

"Speed Brow" is the perfect quick look if in a hurry. Super simple, and smooths eyebrows for the whole day. This product isn't a plus for people with sensitive skin though; it causes breakouts. Stay away from this product if you have sensitive skin, but if not; it's a go!

4 Nov 2011

Great for fast brows

Location: WA

I have a habit of forgetting brow color. I got this to tame and add a bit of color to my brows in a hurry. It works well - especially if you work it into your brow (think of wiggling your mascara brush to get all your lashes - don't just swipe it on). I have medium brown eyebrows with some blond bits. It does darken the blond hairs a bit and evens out my overall brow color. It doesn't darken them though. It's very easy to use and I'm pretty happy with it. If they had a selection of gel brow tints - that would probably get 5 heart rating from me. It also is a really small tube for the price. I'll have to see how long it takes me to run out.

17 Jun 2011

I use this product everyday. I love knowing that my brows...

Location: Undisclosed

I use this product everyday. I love knowing that my brows will stay put!

9 Jun 2011

No Product in this Container

Location: Santa Clarita, CA

I used this for 7 days and that's about it. No more Product. I will not buy this again. Huge waste of money. Does nothing either for my very blonde Brows. I was using Anastasia blonde tinted brow gel but decided to give this a shot. The other product lasts about 4 months compared to this. Live and Learn

17 Apr 2011

Not worth the $$$

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

While I do like the product, this is the biggest waste of money I have come across cosmetics wise. It basically amounts to an empty mascara container. I bought mine about 3 weeks ago at Macy's and it lasted me roughly 10 days of once a day application. I do not like a heavily done brow, so I definitely wasn't overdoing it, and mine is completely gone. At first I thought they must have inadvertently given me a sample container but I checked the size against what is listed here and it's the same. I will not buy this product again, it was such a waste of money. I wish I had returned it when I first got it home and realized it had just one little glob of goo in it and the rest of the bottle was empty. Seriously, save your money and just get the brow set. That is definitely worth the money!

16 Apr 2011

my dark eyebrows looking pretty perfectly groom with a...

Location: Kuala Lumpur, MAL

my dark eyebrows looking pretty perfectly groom with a quick glide with this. holds up the arch for good few hours.

13 Mar 2011

Brunettes Only!

Location: Chicago,Il

This is a great brow gel. I have tried it , and it has a brown tint in it that fills the brows a little. If you have blonde brows, beware! Your brows may look a little fake brown.

11 Mar 2011

A handy little gel & brush kit for girls who dont like...

Location: York, England

A handy little gel & brush kit for girls who dont like messing around with their brows. I have fair colouring, so dont like to colour my eybrows in too much as it looks unnatural, but the light tint of this gel is just right!

16 Nov 2010

Much needed control

Location: Los Angeles, CA

I have such funky brows that grow with the hairs jutting down. Needless to say in between brow appointments, they can get outta hand! This gel totally saves my life and keeps them in place until my next appointment. Plus the slight tint lets me skip any filling in.

16 Nov 2010

Keeps stray hairs in place!

Location: Bay Area, CA

I love Speed Brow! When I'm in a hurry I just swipe it across my eyebrows and they stay in place all day! It looks even better after you fill in your eyebrows with Browzing. I recommend it for Gals on the go!

16 Nov 2010

The name say it all!

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Speed brow have been my life saver everytime I was in a hurry, it's fast and easy to use!

15 Nov 2010

You'll love this if you love your brows!

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

This gel is lightly tinted and dries so fast it's perfect when your in a rush. Use with the high brow pencil for perfect looking brows in no time!

31 Oct 2010

The perfect brow groomer!

Location: Russian Federation

I never leave home without Speed brow applied. And despite the size and the price, there's no better product for my bushy brows! It's weightless while applied, provides a well-groomed and natural look. Love it!

14 Oct 2010

Oh Speed Brow, how I love you!

Location: San Diego, CA

Just do not know what I would do without this product. I have been using this for quite some time. I have got the brows covered. Thanks to Speed Brow I can contain my squirly brows and make them look nice and kept. As time has gone on this product has improved, this product is not heavy at all and goes on smooth without leaving brows brittle or waxy. You can easily smooth brows into place with the mascara like brush. This is a great product that I would recommend to anyone that has unruly brows that they want to put into place without having that made-up look.

20 Sep 2010

I am always keen to find products that save me time and...

Location: Philadelphia

I am always keen to find products that save me time and do a great job. Benefits SPEED BROW is one of those wonder products. Rather than having to faff around with pencils (which need sharpening as can so easily leave you looking like a surprised drag queen) this is a gel that swiftly sorts messy brows into slick ones. http://beautytruthsnotuglylies.blogspot.com

29 Aug 2010

words just can't express how much i love this product!...

Location: adelaide, australia

words just can't express how much i love this product! who knew this little tube of brow goop could be so good? this is my go to brow gel for everyone of all skin tones and hair colour and works wonderfully for taming brows in a snap. works gorgeously on fair haired beauties when the other products give too-strong colour!

27 Aug 2010

My eyebrows are dark so it doesn't really make them look...

Location: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, USA

My eyebrows are dark so it doesn't really make them look any more filled in, but they stay in place for most of the day with speed brow. This really helps out a lot!

28 Jul 2010

I wish it came in a larger version. It's a really good...

Location: NewportBeach

I wish it came in a larger version. It's a really good product, but gone way too fast (especially for the price).

13 Jul 2010

perfect when your overdue an appointment at your brow bar...

Location: Bristol

perfect when your overdue an appointment at your brow bar, it tames unruly hairs, and colours to give definition and strength.

11 Jul 2010

This is a great brow maintenance product. I use the...

Location: Undisclosed

This is a great brow maintenance product. I use the tinted wax and powder to fill in (from Browzings) and Speed Brow to set and during the day for touch ups. Would love to see Speed Brow in clear and maybe a lighter color as well.

11 Jul 2010

Excellent staying power without feeling heavy. Love it!

Location: Houston

Excellent staying power without feeling heavy. Love it!

2 Jul 2010

Speed Brow is good for those days that i go to the...

Location: Melbourne

Speed Brow is good for those days that i go to the bathroom and my brows are all over the place. They look hairier like that weirdly enough :P This product is compact and does the job, however, its a tad expensive for the size, maybe if it was 10 dollars cheaper, id buy again, but will have to live w/o, sadly, for now!

2 Jul 2010

My eyebrows are too thin for me to trim them so when they...

Location: Denton, TX

My eyebrows are too thin for me to trim them so when they look messy, it looks terrible! Speed brow really helped keep my eyebrows in place. I love it!

1 Jul 2010

LOVE this!!! i use this when i'm just having a pretty...

Location: OP KS

LOVE this!!! i use this when i'm just having a pretty relaxed day and don't want to wear a lot of makeup.. it's a bit tinted so it will cover sparse hairs and i love the fact that once it's dry.. the hair is still soft and touchable..

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