remove it oil free makeup remover

remove it makeup remover

oil-free eye makeup remover


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Wear a clean slate!

Removing your makeup is as important as applying it. remove it makeup remover effectively removes eye makeup...including long-wearing formulas!

  • Oil-free
  • No rinse necessary
  • Removes waterproof formulas


177.4 mL 6.0 US fl. oz.



Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.


Remove for beauty's sake

Feeling lazy? Maybe a bit hazy? We promise this will be quick & clean...your skin, eyes and bedding will thank you later. So get to it! Apply remove it makeup remover with a cotton pad, then gently wipe away. Follow up with your facial cleanser for a fresh, happy face.

Reviews & Questions

28 May 2017

Love this product!!

Location: Sydney
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Medium

This is a perfect makeup remover.

14 Mar 2017

Smooth and gentle

Location: London

Easy remover, feels fresh

23 Jul 2015


Location: Cornwall, UK
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “Smooth, soft, refreshed”

I can not express how much I LOVE this make up remover, it leaves my skin feeling really soft, smooth and refreshed. Wouldn't use anything else

5 May 2015

Lovely, gentle makeup remover!

Location: Scotland, UK
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “gentle, efficient”

I love this remover for getting off all my surface makeup before I cleanse. It doesn't sting the eye area and does a good job with eye makeup removal in general. All round a great remover which makes it a good asset to the b.right skincare line.

16 Jul 2014

Stings and doesn't really work!

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Skin tone: Light

Not a fan of this eye makeup remover. I find it stings a little, and doesn't do a particularly good job of removing liquid liner and mascara (not waterproof just regular). I know it isn't specifically for eye makeup, but given I wasn't trying to remove any waterproof makeup, surely this should have been able to handle some ordinary eye makeup! I had to rub a fair bit and even then I was left with panda eyes...there are better and cheaper makeup removers out there I'm afraid to say.

21 Jan 2014


Location: Cincinnati, OH, USA
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Medium

Gets the job done gently without irritation. Leaves eye area feeling great.

12 Sep 2013

My go-to makeup remover

Location: Madrid, Spain
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “quick, Effective”

This is another item I can't possibly give a miss, and I just haven't found a single makeup remover that does the job on waterproof mascaras as well as this one does. However, not only do I use it to remove my eye makeup and other mistakes I might have made with mascara or eyeliner (with a cotton swab soaked with it), but I also use it to remove all foundation from my face; it does a great job. And then, of course, the usual routine: cleansing and moisturizing. I'd feel pretty empty without it.

23 Apr 2013

Non sticky makeup remover!

Location: Undisclosed
Love that it's: “non-sticky, easy to remove, dry, clean, Smooth”

This is the first product I've encountered to leave the eye area nice and smooth after use. It is slightly on the dry side even for an oily skin type. Nevertheless, will definitely repurchase again!

19 Apr 2012


Location: Undisclosed
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light

The product removes make up really effectively and is wonderful for sensitive skin! You don't need much as it covers the skin really easily and lasts really well. You have to be careful you don't pour too much onto your cotton pad etc because the opening of the bottle is quite wide. Removes waterproof make up really well too! It is worth every penny and I would recommend it to anyone!

1 Oct 2011


Location: Mexico City
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light

I have had troubles finding a mkeup remover because they are either too oily or dont remove makeup well and then I found THIS. I love how my face feels complety fresh and makeup free after using it. Just be careful not too pour too much. Since the opening is big you have to be careful when using it. Otherwise you will run out of product by the end of the week!

26 Aug 2011

I just purchased this remover this week, i am so excited...

Location: Shenzhen, China
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Fair

I just purchased this remover this week, i am so excited to have finally found a eye make-up remover that actually removes all traces of make-up, and without leaving an oily residue around my eye! Thanks Benefit

5 Aug 2011

I have tried all other eye make up removers and this one...

Location: San Francisco, CA
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Medium

I have tried all other eye make up removers and this one really does everything you need! Not oily, takes it all off and doesn't hurt my little princess eyes. A must have!

17 Jul 2011

Gentle on Sensitive Eyes

Location: Lincoln, NE
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “no rinse, non oily, Effective, gentle, fast, lightweight, expensive but worth it, safe for contact”

I wear contacts and I have very sensitive eyes, so it's tough to find an eye makeup remover that's gentle enough to not irritate the sensitive skin around my eye area. Most of the ones that are effective and gentle enough feel heavy and oily on my skin. I LOVE this product, because just of a little of it on a cotton square removes all my eye makeup (even waterproof mascara) effectively and quickly. It's lightweight, smells fresh, and feels completely non greasy. Also, I'm not great at applying eyeliner and mascara, and this product makes correcting any mistakes so easy: I just put a bit on a Q-tip and apply it to my eyelid. And it doesn't mess up my makeup at all because it's not oily and it dries quickly. Since this is the best eye makeup remover I've found for my super-sensitive eyes, I think it's well worth the expensive price, and I'm sticking with it. I would definitely recommend this for contact wearers and people with sensitive eyes.

26 Jun 2011

works well

Location: Undisclosed

I found that this product works really well, even on sensitive-ish skin!!!!!xxx

26 Jun 2011

Easily the best makeup remover ever!

Location: Manila, Philippines
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium

I have used quite a number of brands of makeup remover, but this is by far the best for me. It's light, and it's not oily or sticky at all. It has a great subtle scent and removes makeup so easily and quickly without leaving any heavy or icky gunk on your face. :)

10 Jun 2011

i have blonde eyelashes and when i use this to take of...

Location: Mi
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light

i have blonde eyelashes and when i use this to take of mascara they are blonde again.

4 Jun 2011

love the scent and the way it removes all makeup even...

Location: Undisclosed

love the scent and the way it removes all makeup even waterproof eye makeup in an instant!

3 Jun 2011

Wow !!!!! This is the best eye make remover i used in a...

Location: west covina ca
Eyes: Brown

Wow !!!!! This is the best eye make remover i used in a long time !!

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