hoola lite soft-matte powder bronzer for fair skin tones gives you a natural tan.

hoola lite

light powder bronzer for face


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Sunkiss me quick!

Now the award-winning hoola matte bronzer is joined by a lighter shade…hoola lite! This finely milled bronzer blends on smoothly & seamlessly. Ideal for fair skin—beyond ideal for a TANtasticly believeable bronze 365 days a year.

  • Great for fair skin 
  • Natural, light bronzer 
  • Soft-matte powder


8.0 Net wt. 0.28 oz. 


Hoola all the way!

Wish you were a natural bronze? Fake it by blending dew the hoola liquid bronzer all over your face, sculpt your features with hoola quickie contour stick, then finish by sweeping hoola lite soft-matte powder on top for a totally believable bronze.

how to apply hoola lite

Reviews & Questions

7 Apr 2018

I love this bronzer!

Location: Finland
Skin tone: Fair

Original Hoola bronzer was too dark and orange for my pale skin tone. I tried this and i have to say i'm in love with this! Amazing bronzer!!

26 Dec 2017


Location: England
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “Huge”

This product will probably last FOREVER it's amazing for the really pale people like me I got this from my mum for Christmas and I can't atop using it the price is so worth it because it will last you forever*

4 Sep 2017


Location: New Zealand

This is the best bronzer I have ever tried, it matches my pale skin perfectly and gives me a tanned impression.

8 Aug 2017

Perfect all over glow!

Location: UK

Really lovely sweet smelling bronzer. Looks very natural and not orange at all on pale skin. I swept it all over my face for a natural glow.

17 Jul 2017

Right kinda lite

Location: Malaysia
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “lite, natural bronze”

I love the shade of this. At first it seemed like its going to go on looking like nothing on my skin, but i love it for a natural glow on days when my foundation looked a little too fair & flat but i don't want to have too dramatic of a bronze . I now use this on an everyday basis! :)

4 Jul 2017

The right one for FAIR girls!

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “Lite, Natural”

Guess this is the perfect bronzer for girls with fair skin tone like me after looking at so many bronzers which seem to be too dark on my skin. It creates a very natural healthy look on me and did contour my face perfectly. Benefit products never fail to amazed me with no matter on quality-wise or packaging-wise. I hope to own all these dreamy holy grails someday!

12 May 2017

Hoola Lite

Location: Berkhamsted

Hoola Lite is finally out in the U.K. I am soooo happy as I have been waiting and now it's here it is so pigmented it's great for my light skin and it's really blendable

12 May 2017

Perfect for my very pale skin!

Location: Manchester UK

I have always loved the original Hoola, but I've always had to be sooo careful with it so that I didn't look too orange. This stuff is PERFECT for my skin tone! I am note sure how I lived without it! Thank you benefit!!

6 Apr 2017

Best Bronzer On the market!

Location: San Antonio Texas
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light

I've always loved Hoola and it still is my go to bronzer but i still wanted something just a little more natural with the perfect undertone and I have found it! Hoola Lite is amazing it's just perfect. I have never gotten so many compliments and asked what I use. I LOVE this bronzer!!

28 Mar 2017

I love a texture

Location: Texas
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “Texture”

The part of my morning and my day, I live result.

16 Mar 2017

The perfect bronze tint

Location: San Francisco
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Fair

I have very fair skin, and this is just the right amount of sun-kissed bronze without looking orange. I love it!

7 Mar 2017

Looks so natural

Location: SF
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “natural”

Regular hoola has always worked great for me as a contour product - even when I am paler than preferred in the winter. Hoola lite, however, has become my 'all over bronzer' when I am less concerned with contouring and just want to add color to my face. It looks natural and is not orange. It is the perfect everyday bronzer!

2 Mar 2017

Excellent for fair skin

Location: East Bay, CA
Eyes: Amber
Skin tone: Light

I've always loved hoola but I DIDN'T love how light of a hand I had to use to get it to look natural. With this product its really easy to slap on since it's the perfect shade & undertone for fair skin. I'm about an NW20 and it looks fabulous. Great COOL undertone too, just like the OG hoola!

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