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girl meets pearl

liquid pearl luminiser for face


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Glow girly!

This soft, liquid pearl luminizer features light-reflecting pigments to give your complexion an exquisite, dewy glow. It includes raspberry & chamomile, known for their soothing properties and sweet almond seed extract known to help improve skin firmness & smoothness.

  • Golden-pink highlighter
  • Adds radiance
  • Wear alone or over makeup


12.0 mL / 0.4 US fl oz.



Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.


Rock that rare beauty

Adorn yourself in pearl essence. Pat & blend over makeup for eye-catching luminescence. Wondering how much to apply? One twist for subtle sheen and two or more for dewy radiance. Flaunt an illuminated flush by patting over blush on cheekbones.

Reviews & Questions

2 Jul 2016

Glowy and gorgeous

Location: New Zealand

Love this product, I wear it as part of my daily work makeup look. I don't wear foundation for work though and recently I tried this product with foundation and found it seemed to take my foundation away where i applied it - may be better applied with fingers over other products rather than a brush. Also does not go on well over the top of anything powdery. But I absolutely love it on bare skin or with a cream blush.

3 Apr 2016


Location: Essex, UK

It is very pretty and smells gorgeous but is pretty much the same as that gal primer

10 Mar 2016


Location: newcastle

i love this product but i only have a mini and wish to purchase the full size thing but how do you apply it

25 Oct 2015

A little goes such a long way!

Location: London

I bought this after an airport employee applied it onto my face, and ever since i have worn it every single day. You only need so little of it- and I would reccomend that you use it blended with other primers or highlighters, as it is a nice pinky colour and it is such a smooth consistency.

18 Oct 2015

Perfect subtle highlight

Location: Newport Beach, CA, USA

I really love this highlighter. This gives a beautiful sheer highlight that looks great in pictures. It looks great on any skin tone, too. highly reccomend applying this at the highpoint of your cheekbones over your powder to get the best effect

5 Sep 2015

Really nice!

Location: England

Loved this product! Its a good liquid highlight and can be used over makeup on its own and with a highlight on top!

23 Aug 2015

Gives such a glow!

Location: Reading, Reading, Reading, UK

I've only recently started using Girl Meets Pearl and I love it! Pop a bit on my cheeks to give a nice glow. Lasts ages too!

22 Mar 2015

In LOVE with this product

Location: Undisclosed

It is the most perfect highlighter that I have ever used I love the dewy glow it gives on my cheek bones.

8 Dec 2014


Location: North Carolina

This is very subtle, unlike highbeam, if you want sheer highlighting this is for you. The packaging is so so cute! I love this in my makeup bag!

24 Jul 2014

Makes you feel a little bit of a princess

Location: Gloucestershire, UK

This is easily applied, subtle but beautiful. A little extra bit of gorgeousness when you need it!

20 Jun 2014

So Pretty!

Location: St. Louis, MO, USA

This has a great pretty look to it. Very soft and lady like. Great Highlighter. Lots of product in the package. Will repurchase. Easy to use, so would be a great product for beginners!

20 Jun 2014

Great as a Primer!

Location: GSY,CI

I love using this as a primer before applying Big Easy!

12 Jun 2014

Girl Meets Pearl

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia

There's a new Girl in town - Girl Meets Pearl. As soon as I saw the packaging, I was drawn to Girl Meets Pearl instantly. The pretty metallic pink packaging with its purple and pink motif drew me in because they are my two favourite shades and the packaging is truly gorgeous. Sadly though, my love for Girl Meets Pearl ends here because the formula lets it down. At first I tried the ultra lightweight illuminator on the back of my hand, expecting a glimmery shimmery result but instead there was very minimal difference. So then I tried wearing it alone on my skin with no makeup but again the result was disappointing - my skin looked as though I did not have anything on and the glow was oh-so-subtle that even I could not seem to find it. Then I mixed Girl Meets Pearl with my liquid foundation to shake things up but again there were no tell-tale signs of the highlighting properties which I was surprised to discover because I love Benefit and the quality its brand adheres to. So sadly, Girl Meets Pearl receives an overall rating of just two stars. One star because of the formula and a bonus star because I love the packaging and its twist-stick feature which makes application easy and keep the product fresher for longer. Plus Girl Meets Pearl contains ingredients such as Raspberry and Chamomile to calm skin, Sweet Almond Oil to smooth skin, and Sesame Seed Oil to hydrate.

13 Apr 2014

So beautiful

Location: Dublin, Ireland

I absolutely love this product! I have quiet pale skin and prefer not to wear much foundation so I love pearly pink, lilac and white highlighters. This is just beautiful, it lasts all day and makes me look fresh even when I'm not wearing any other makeup. I would recommend this to everyone because I have friends with dark skin tones that also wear it so it suits everyone! I will definitely buy again!

5 Sep 2013

Perfect Glow!

Location: Reading, UK

This product is a make up essential - can be for everyday wear or for a night on the town! I wear this on my cheeks after applying my blusher and just on the arch of my eyebrows (also have highbeam but I wear this mostly during day as it has a slight goldy colour) overall I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!

12 Aug 2013


Location: Undisclosed

im young and i dont like a cakey,full face ofmakeup. thats why i love this product because it gives you just the right amount of glow. you can wear this on an everyday basis just where the sun hits or mix it in with your foundation to get a dewy all over glow. i love this product and think its a universal shade

30 May 2013

girl meets pearl

Location: Orpington, Greater London, UK

has a great texture, you have to massage it in properly or it does look really fake and a bit like paint, when rubbed in it is very nice, lasts half the day and not much makeup does on my oily combination skin. I like to experiment with the uses of cosmetics and I don't know if anyone else has tried this, but I find that I very small amount on my lips gives a lovely summer look and it is a great eye shadow, lasts all day and gives a lovely luminous glow with some shimmer that makes you look more awake but also adds a little colour as the product has a nude tint , but it is also good for cheeks. I got this as a deluxe miniature in the 'good time gals' set for Christmas and I will definitely re-purchase when I have enough money (I'm 14 so I don't have a lot of money) hope this helped. :)

18 May 2013

delightfully just right

Location: San Diego, CA

For a little highlight on the face during the day, Girl Meets Pearl fits the bill just right. It's pinky/champagne-color blend is meant for my cheekbones, and above the eyebrows if I'm needing a little brightening. For a night out, a little dab right on the tops of my arms/shoulders makes for a nice glow, but it has to be a special occasion because it uses up alot of product. It's a nice glow, with no "glitter" effect. Smells lovely, and the packaging is delightful.

27 Mar 2013

So cute!

Location: Australia

I love this product. Although I already have a lot of highlighters for a dewy complexion, I tend to use this after mattifyiing my face with a setting powder. It smells AMAZING and the packaging is so cute, it makes me love it even when I don't really need it.

28 Feb 2013

Quite nice, but it doesn't really drive me mad

Location: Madrid, Spain

To begin with, I like the packaging of this product, it's quite nice, it reminds me of That Gal's, and in fact, the dispensing device is the same. The golden-pink liquid that comes out of it is very nice, both in colour and in aroma. However, when I apply it on my face, I'm not quite satisfied with how my skin looks with just this on. The candle-lit effect is quite nice, but, for me, not altogether convincing when it comes to wearing it alone. Therefore, I always turn to my motto: mix and match. 1. When I mix a few drops of this with some HFOW (no matter what shade), it seems the candle-lit effect gets more accomplished. The brush is an excellent tool. 2. You can also mix this with SKAG, preferably in medium, also using the brush. 3. Apply this on your skin, but apply some powder over it. 4. Mixing both That Gal and Girl Meets Pearl could also be a good idea, but this combination, I think, requires a little extra: some powder, for instance. 5. A very pretty blush can result by mixing Girl Meets Pearl and Posie Tint. To sum up, I believe this product is nice, I like it, but not worn alone.

27 Feb 2013

I've been using this product alone almost everyday for...

Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

I've been using this product alone almost everyday for more than a week now. It's pretty good if you're happy to have something on that isn't too heavy for the face and you just want to give your complexion a bit of a kick. As the description says it does illuminate the face and gives your skin a pearly look. You don't need much to apply either. I haven't had any breakouts and it doesn't dry out the face. The only thing that bothers me is it can be a bit too shimmery for my liking, probably why I don't use much to prevent my face being overly sparkly and in some cases a little oily.

21 Jan 2013


Location: HONG KONG

Holy mother of god I simply love this product. Packaging, dispenser and all. infact I dont know why some people dont like the packaging ?? I got so many compliments.....they think its my glowing skin I am a deep tan and it works fab for me. I love you Benefit, for not making this some awful "glitter" cream like so many in the market. this is a glow not SHIMMER.

27 Dec 2012

Forget diamonds, pearls are a girl's best friend!

Location: Paris, Texas

This is a very lovely highlighting product, but it does not thrill me quite as much as Watt's Up. This is a nice, smooth, shimmering liquid that is perfect to highlight your cheekbones, nose, brows, anywhere you need a little extra shine! It goes down with a silvery-pink color with just the tiniest hint of champagne color. It's worth noting that this product is, in my opinion, better for night wear than day wear. It goes on with a blast of shimmer that is less natural looking than other highlights like Watt's Up. In daylight, this product may come across as looking very artificial and giving a very made-up look rather than a glorious glow. Still, this does do wonderful things to your skin if you're looking for a bright and beautiful nighttime look. It goes down smoothly and effortlessly and because it is a liquid, it blends with no problems at all to make it even easier to customize your look. I don't use this product every day because of its more night specific function, but I do consider it a staple for shimmering, dramatic looks.

9 Dec 2012

ok for shorter wear.

Location: San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I like the light glow girl meets pearl gives my skin. I generally mix it with some kind of gorgeous medium then apply. The only down side I've noticed is after a few hours the glow turns into high shine and my face looks really oily. If I know I'm going out for a little and want a fresh face I apply but if I'm going to be gone awhile I skip it and just brush dandelion all over instead.

8 Dec 2012

Could last longer on the face

Location: Germany

The texture is very silky and there isn't any smell to it which I like. I'm sure this product only works on light skin.One hast to use quite a bit. It gives a little glow to your skin but you have to reapply it every couple of hours. I use it under my eyebrows. That's where I see the biggest effect.

30 Oct 2012

A nice shine...

Location: Undisclosed

When applied to bare skin this product gives a nice shine. However, it doesn't last very long and wasn't really what I was expecting. If i put it on on top of make-up (as it says you can on the product description) it smudges my bronzer and makes it go a strange colour. I would say that as a highlighter 'high beam' is much better and this isn't the best benefit product around, sorry!

10 Sep 2012

Love it!

Location: New South Wales, Australia

I am very happy with this product, it has a really pretty colouring and suits my skin tone well. I wore it without make-up and just used a little concealer from the Concealaholic kit to cover my problem areas. I gave this product a four though because the only downside is that it seems to disappear halfway through the day (in an air-conditioned office for about 9 hours a day). This is fine though as long as you are carrying it with you.

23 Aug 2012

not look nice on me

Location: Sydney, Australia

the texture is nice like 'that gal' but the pinkish purple colour makes my skin look dirty. The shine comes out of nowhere and seems that I got a lot of oil on the face.

1 Jul 2012


Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia

Love this product so much! Fantastic in winter when skin is looking drab, I use it under my foundation all over my skin for a glow from within. Smells amazing also!!! Wouldn't use it as a highlighter by itself as its not intense enough for me, but as a base or even just on top of moisturiser it is perfect!

10 Jun 2012


Location: Las Vegas, NV

When I first saw this product, I thought it will make my face too pearly. And now, i own this product and i absolutely love this product<3 I mix this product with HELLO FLAWLESS OXYGEN WOW. My face is covered with beautiful pearl under the light. OH YEAH GIRL MEETS PEARL.

9 Jun 2012

Highbeam with some spunk

Location: NY

I think this is basically highbeam with some spunk. I love the gold undertones it gives, I really like this one. Must for all who want a glow that makes people stare, in a good way.

3 Jun 2012


Location: Undisclosed

This product can act as a perfect highlighter for medium skin tones or can be used all over the face to give a subtle golden pinky sheen , It goes on really well and i love this product

23 Apr 2012

glowing easily

Location: Indonesia

i use this as my highlighter and it is good. highlight pretty well. but i love it more when i actually mix this with my bb cream or primer. it makes my face glow naturally and look very nice.

22 Apr 2012

Heavenly glow in seconds!

Location: riverside, CA

This is one of my go-to Benefit products for my 5 minute face. Can't live without it! This luminescent liquid is amazing both over your finished evening makeup or on a fresh face for a just-stepped-into-perfect-light glow, and takes absolutely no time at all. See the Benefit blog for a great tutorial on the perfect way to apply GMP. An absolute MUST. :)

20 Apr 2012

This gives you skin an amzing glow! I mix it with a clear...

Location: Kingston, ON

This gives you skin an amzing glow! I mix it with a clear face primer so I can put it all over my face for a light glow.

13 Apr 2012

glow without the shine

Location: Victoria, Australia

My skin is naturally inclined to shininess (not in a good way) and I use some mattifying products to counteract that. Then I add 'glow'. (I hope this is making sense!) I only use a tiny bit of 'girl meets pearl' and couldn't be happier with the results. It's not overly glittery or shimmery, just adds some 'pearliness', as it suggests!

9 Apr 2012


Location: Kingston, ON, Canada

This stuff makes my skin look so glowy and beautiful. I don't know where I was without it. I will repurchase this until the end of time

5 Apr 2012

So soft and luminous

Location: Asheville, NC

I've learned there's a difference between shiny and glowing. Shiny is when your skin is oily and tricks off the light harshly (and it doesn't look so pretty!). Then there's glowing, which is what Girl Meets Pearl gives my skin. Glowing is when your skin has a subtle but noticeable lit-from-within look. I absolutely love and recommend this product 100%. I love patting it on my cheekbones out towards my temples, or dotting it all over then blending it in with Some Kind-a Gorgeous! It smells so delicious too (it smells the same as "That Gal"). I will definitely buy again, even though this is the only highlighter I've ever used. I'm too happy with this to try anything else!!

6 Mar 2012

amazing highlighter

Location: WI

I didn't really want to like this stuff...but I do. Really! I never thought that "shiny" could be a good thing, since I've always dealt with trying to mattify my skin. But I got a sample of this, and smeared it over my cheekbones (over blush) for fun one day...along with using Hoola to contour under the cheekbones, my face just looked so ridiculously 3-D I couldn't take my eyes off it!! My main complaint is the price. Just seems a bit steep. And, frankly, the full size's packaging is kind of weird...I like the little sampler squeeze-tube I got just fine. This stuff works WAY better for me than High Beam.

29 Feb 2012

A nice ethereal glow

Location: Yorkshire

I use this under my blush, as a base for my eye shadow and I mix it with my moisturiser for a soft glow. Very pretty.

24 Feb 2012

Under and over my makeup! Makes my cheekbones look...

Location: Undisclosed

Under and over my makeup! Makes my cheekbones look amazing! I loooove it! I very much recommend this product! (:

24 Feb 2012

My favorite of all the highlighters!

Location: Tucson, AZ

Girl Meets pearl is perfect. It has a pinkish-gold, shimmery glow to it. I use it under my eyes and over my cheek bones after applying my blush. Looks great with Hervana.

24 Feb 2012

love it

Location: Undisclosed

this is amazing!! but i wish it lasted longer. makes me face glow and brighteen

5 Feb 2012


Location: England

I love this so much! I use this on top of my foundation, a little on the apples of my cheeks. That might sound strange, but with its slightly rosey tint, it works beautifully. The healthy glow it gives is fantastic- and it smells amazing! Love this, 10/10 x

14 Jan 2012


Location: Belfast, UK

This is pretty much like That Gal except maybe a bit more noticeable and brighter. It has the same gorgeous packaging and scent. However, it also has the same effect on my makeup in that it tends to mess it up and remove it. Unfortunately, I don't have good enough skin to wear this with just powder foundation or no foundation at all which is when it works best. It does add a lovely glow to my face, all said.

9 Jan 2012

Absolutely PearlTastic

Location: Canada eh?

This product is the ying to my yang! I use it every single day on top of my foundation. It never looks overdone, and gives you an amazing luminscent glow. It wakens up your skin. I CANT HELP BUT ADMIRE MY COMPLEXTION IN THE MIRROR! The noticeable difference before and after i put on my makeup is insane. Is it Magic? Personally my skin is pale and lifeless so the product is perfect for me. I reccomend this to any benifit gurl who wants to LIGHT UP A ROOM! My friends love it as well, and occasionally borrow it! Everyone should have GIRL MEETS PEARL

25 Dec 2011

Nice but not perfect

Location: Paris, France

I love the idea of this product, the layout and the tint. But as soon as I put it on my skin, it all disappears. I was a tiny bit disappointed because the effect is not very visible (at least on my skin, which is medium). You need to put a lot if you want some change. All you can see is a few sparkles, the champagne/beige colour doesn't grip the skin.

25 Dec 2011

Great pearly glow

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia

I recieved a small version in the "im glamorous therefore i am" for xmas and i love it sooo much its a pretty light pink shimmery colour and looks great on my skin which is extremely fair.

9 Dec 2011

Pearl Bliss

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

If you're on the fence about this product just get it! "Girl meets Pearl" is a gorgeous addition to any makeup routine, or to a fresh bare face. GMP makes it so easy to make your complexion truly luminous. On bare face days I spread some GMP on my cheek bones, my brow bones, down the center of my nose, and the corners of my eyes for a refreshed and glowing look. I've also found that when mixed with "That Gal" you can really prime your face with a glowing and gorgeous base for the day ahead!

26 Nov 2011

Yes and..oh yeah, YES.

Location: California

My Girl meets Pearl testimony: It's a hot day. I wake up after sleeping in from a long night. One look in the mirror shows an agitated breakout on my forehead and my skin looks like death. What I did: washed my face, applied concealer to the worst of the breakout, and put GMP on my inner eye corners, down my nose, on the top of my forehead and in the apples of my cheeks. That's all. My skin started glowing: it didn't look oily as I'd feared when buying GMP. It just looked like my skin was backlit and healthy. Bottom line: If you want just one go-to cosmetic for EVERYTHING, let GMP be it.

23 Nov 2011

Great Highlighter

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Love this product - I apply it after applying foundation and blush. I apply it at the top of my cheek bones, lips, and bottom lips. It gives off such a light pretty shine and makes your face pop. It applies very nice to my face, I never feel like I'm over or under applying which I sometimes find myself doing with powders. Definitely would recommend this product to anyone looking for a nice clean high lighter.

4 Nov 2011

I LOVE IT!!! It's so pretty pearly on my cheek. I wear it...

Location: Zurich

I LOVE IT!!! It's so pretty pearly on my cheek. I wear it day and night :)

8 Oct 2011

I love this product, over bare skin or over make-up......

Maria FranciscaR
Location: Porto, Portugal

I love this product, over bare skin or over make-up... either way, it's pearly perfection ;)

28 Sep 2011


Location: Undisclosed

I love this pearlizer it is amazing it is perfect for summer fall spring and winter I love how it is pink not skin tone so it works with alabaster skin which is great it is so hard to find things that work with my super pale skin

27 Sep 2011

It gives me a very nice glow whether I wear it alone or...

Location: Undisclosed

It gives me a very nice glow whether I wear it alone or over makeup. The packaging is perfect for on the go.

27 Sep 2011

I wear this alone during the day and over make up at...

Peter N SamanthaG
Location: Vernon , NJ

I wear this alone during the day and over make up at night when I go out. I just love the glow it gives my skin.. Makes me look younger

9 Sep 2011

I don't feel 'done' unless I have this on. A subtle glow...

Location: Undisclosed

I don't feel 'done' unless I have this on. A subtle glow which keeps the compliments rolling in- all my friends now own their own to stop them stealing mine! x

27 Aug 2011

This product is amazing. I mix it with my you rebel...

Location: Grants Pass, Oregon

This product is amazing. I mix it with my you rebel tinted moisturizer. It gives my skin a beautiful healthy glow!

9 Aug 2011


Location: VA

I thought this was going to be just like High Beam (which I already love) but it's not; it's actually better. It makes me look well-rested and pretty. Just a little on the high planes of your face and you're all set!

1 Aug 2011

I absolutley love 'girl meets pearl'! I bought it a few...

Location: Undisclosed

I absolutley love 'girl meets pearl'! I bought it a few days ago and I'm so glad that I did, It gives a subtle shimmer to your face, it smells gorgeous and the packaging is so cute! You can use it under foundation or as a highlighter and its a nice size to fit in your makeup bag, I would definatley recommend!

16 Jul 2011

Gives a Lovely, Luminous Glow!

Location: Lincoln, NE

I'm extremely fair-skinned, and I'm always looking for products that will give me the healthy glow I crave without making my complexion look too dark and unnatural. This product is easy to apply, and it gives me a beautiful, luminous, soft glow that looks natural. Since the product is more versatile than I originally thought and a little of it goes a long way, it ends up being a great value even at this expensive price. A little of this product gives me such a lovely, glowing complexion that will even stand up to harsh lighting—what more could I ask for? For a glow on top of my full makeup regimen when I want a more polished look, I prefer to use the more dramatic High Beam rather than this product. But Girl Meets Pearl is much better and more subtle for a natural, everyday sort of look. I use it on days when I don't wear foundation and my fair complexion has never looked better! I apply it liberally on my cheeks and eyelids, but VERY sparingly on my T-zone because otherwise it makes it look shiny. I suppose for a more dewey look, one could use more of this product. But with my fair skin, that tends to look shiny and unnatural. This product also looks lovely when used over a tinted moisturizer, which is especially convenient in the summertime. This product is sure to become my go-to method all year round of attaining that beautiful glow that's subtle but makes my skin sure to be noticed—I HIGHLY recommend it!

1 Jul 2011

great for all over glow

Location: san francisco

i love using this both alone and over some kind-a gorgeous. i put it on my browbone to highlight, and also drag it down my cleavage for a nice little pop. my only problem i have is deciding which highlighter to use, girl meets pearl, high beam, or moon beam!

1 Jul 2011

Just gorgeous! Gives a natural glow and never feels heavy...

Location: Undisclosed

Just gorgeous! Gives a natural glow and never feels heavy on the skin. The best illuminator yet!

26 Jun 2011

pure pearly pleasure!

Location: Undisclosed

This product feels so nice on my skin-really good buy!

24 Jun 2011

I like the shine but when used with moisterizer makes the...

Location: Montijo, Portugal

I like the shine but when used with moisterizer makes the skin dry out.

20 Jun 2011

Nice one

Location: NY

Been using this for months now and it works like a charm

15 Jun 2011




10 Jun 2011

no need for a powder luminous complexion. you just need...

Location: Mi

no need for a powder luminous complexion. you just need this. also it says on all day and i dont have to worry about it sweating off.

7 Jun 2011

I love love love this product. It gives me a dewey glow...

Location: Orlando

I love love love this product. It gives me a dewey glow that lasts all day. Living in Florida, I'm tan but this really gives me the perfect glow! It's a must have in my make up bag!

5 Jun 2011

I mix the "Girl Meets Pearl" into my foundation before...

Location: Chino Hills, CA

I mix the "Girl Meets Pearl" into my foundation before applying and it gives my entire face an extra luminous glow -- the golden tint also gives my very fair skin a sun kissed look. I love this product! And of course, it smells like raspberries!

28 May 2011

Girl meets pearl + liquid foundation = radiant!

Location: Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

When I used this on my cheeks and browbones it didn't really highlight enough for me, but mixed with my foundation it's gorgeous. I definetely see the glow. It's great when you want to look radiant all over instead of just highlighting certain features. Can easily be worn to work or other daily activities without looking like you're about to party.

27 May 2011

Now i feel like a benefit junkie ! I have almost all of...

Location: california

Now i feel like a benefit junkie ! I have almost all of these products !!!!

20 Apr 2011

Only mad ❤ for this product. A luminous complexion is...

Location: Portage mi

Only mad ❤ for this product. A luminous complexion is every girl's dream, right? Love this magic potion!

16 Apr 2011

This product is just amazing! The color is so beautiful....

Location: Memphis, TN

This product is just amazing! The color is so beautiful. I love to use it on my brow bone and cupid's arrow. It puts off such an amazingly soft, pretty color when it catches the light. Hope this product stays around for a while.

15 Apr 2011

The BEST product to add a touch of sunshine on the face!

Location: Undisclosed

The BEST product to add a touch of sunshine on the face!

15 Apr 2011

for special occasions or when I need a little extra glow...

Location: Owosso MI

for special occasions or when I need a little extra glow I mix this with professional for an amazing primer. not too shimmery not too matte. formal and glowing! I also go back and use a little extra girl meets pearl to highlight cheek bones and under my eyes as a base for erase paste.

8 Apr 2011

one thing i loved about my wedding is i had the beautiful...

Location: Undisclosed

one thing i loved about my wedding is i had the beautiful glow on my cheekbones and other highlighted areas on my face, so when girl meets pearl came out i was so excited to finally have that product that gave me that same glow, and its effortless, i just pat some on my nose and cheekbones and voila! good to go! ohhhhh how i love benefit

28 Mar 2011

This product gives you Dewy Glow

Location: SG

Of all the benefit products I tried, this is the best! It gives my skin a dewy glow. I've tried different products to have that dewy finish but none of them give me the glow that I've been wanted. 2 thumbs up for this product!

27 Mar 2011

Can't Get Enough Of This Product!!

Location: Northern, AZ

I've used High Beam for over 7 years and absolutely love it, so when this product came out I had to try it. From the 1st time I used it I can't leave it alone!! It gives the skin such a flattering pretty glow! It does exactly what it says it will! It's not as pink as or as obvious of High Beam, so it's more subtle but totally noticable. Never seen a highlighter like this! I absolutely love this products applicator as well! So easy and smart! Wish High Beam had the same applicator. Girl Meets Pearl is definately my new beauty staple! :)

20 Mar 2011

Shimmery and Sexy

Location: Chicago,Il

This gives a sexy, shimmery glow that looks natural, not "Look at me someone threw a snow globe at my face"

13 Feb 2011

simply amazing

Location: UK

'girl meets pearl' is a gorgeous golden rosy cream that i cannot live without. just, smooth it all over the face to sparkle on a night out (or maybe just to feel glowing through the day, you rebel!) or apply as a highlighter for everyday use. It gives you a warm, radiant glow! Or you could mix with that gal and wear under makeup, or, i quite like to wear it with the POREfessional, gals, it works with anything. its creamy texture smooths on perfectly and the handy clicker at the bottom of the tube makes sure you get your amounts juuust right. and the smell. ooh the smell. gaals, get it or regret it!

24 Jan 2011

Love it! Makes you look glowy and young and healthy,...

Location: Mill Valley, CA

Love it! Makes you look glowy and young and healthy, particularly useful when you are none of the above

7 Jan 2011

subtle yet breathtaking

Location: Los Angeles , CA

Compared to Highbeam or Moonbeam Girl Meets pearl is a more understated highlighter. But that's why i love it. Some days i just want a pretty sheen of glow thats not too much and GMP does the trick. My favorite way to wear GMP is over Thrrrob boxed powder. The combination is perfection. I also will wear GMP under my foundation as a primer if im going out on the town and want a super sexy all over glow under those city lights.

7 Jan 2011


Location: Switzerland

I started using Benefit for the first time 4 months ago with my first purchase of did exactly what it said..I was hooked, next up was girl meets pearl, I've just come back from holiday seeing people I haven't seen for over a year, without exception everyone complimented me on my beautiful flawless complexion and fresh look. Not bad for someone who in the past was plagued with bad skin. I buy ALL Benefit products and would never use anything else, they are amazing. I also have sensitive skin and the products do not affect me at all.

29 Dec 2010

This really gives me that pearly look!

Location: San Diego

I love Girl Meets Pearl! I love how it smells, how it feels when it glides on and the consistency. I love how you can control your amount. It really gives me that contouring feature with some shine! Not too much, not too little! Easy for anyone to apply. Pricing isn't too bad, it will last you a while! This is a great addition to the line and to your make-up must haves!

18 Dec 2010

beautiful all-over glow.

Location: Sugar Land, TX

I am a huge fan of "That Gal", so when this came out I just HAD to try it. I did and I LOVE it. It's absolutely amazing. It gives you the perfect shimmer-y all over glow, and it's a beautiful color that looks great with any skin tone. I love how versatile it is as well, you can use it as a primer or a highlighter or whatever you want and it looks fantastic! It's some of the best stuff I've ever used. Definitely TRY it. You won't regret it!

13 Dec 2010

Practically Pearlfect

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Get your glow on with girl meets pearl. The soft golden-pink is flattering for all shades. I'm olive toned and am pleased as peach with it. I usually use it as a highlighter. It's so subtle so the effect is natural and effortless. It can be used mixed with tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation for an all-over soft glow. I've even used it under my brow! It also lasts throughout the workday and into the late night! Wearing girl meets pearl makes me feel like I've got a lighting director wherever I go, making sure I look close to pearlfection.

2 Dec 2010


Location: Undisclosed

amazing, a great product!! is really pure pearly pleasure!!

22 Nov 2010

I love love, LOVE this! I use high beam for more precise...

Location: Canterbury, Kent

I love love, LOVE this! I use high beam for more precise highlighting but this is a fabulous all over glow. It feels cooling on your skin too and smells really nice. It's a subtle shimmer and makes me look glowy and healthy which is no mean feat when I'm sleep deprived and stressed out with my job.

21 Nov 2010

An everyday 'must-have'

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

My list of endorsable beauty products is pretty short, and I'm happy to say that 'Girl Meets Pearl' makes the cut! I love to apply on my cheekbones on top of 'Some-kind-a Gorgeous' and then I add 'Sugarbomb' for a dewy, healthy glow. I feel so pretty!

18 Nov 2010

Dewy Goodness

Location: Philadelphia, PA

I tried this product in the store and fell in love immediately. My complexion brightened and I looked "fresh."

18 Nov 2010

pearl glow within a tube

Location: Hong Kong

Girl Meets Pearl is instant pearl glow in a tube! The glow is - AHHHH-MAZING! Everyone said I look so dewy and glowy like I"m in love. I am in love - with this glow!

17 Nov 2010

Its the best in the West

Location: Seattle, Wa

Can I tell you how much I love this not only is it a Primer but you can mix it up and play with it so many ways one of my fave is when I Mix Girl meets Pearl with Sugarboam can I just say Wooow!!!!!!!!

16 Nov 2010

Love It!!!

Location: California

I've been using Benefit products forever and will try all the new products at least once! I won't lie at first I thought this is going to bee too glittery looking or too pinkish! I was wrong, 'girl meets pearl' is a sheer shimmer that can be worn day or night. It feels light on your face and doesn't feel like you're putting on more make-up. Love this stuff!

16 Nov 2010


Location: Los Angeles, CA

I love this. It can be used as a primer, or a highlighter. I love it as both! Benefit has the best highlighters, and it gives you a natural glow without looking too sparkly! All their highlighters have soft shimmer, which is why it won't make you look like a pixie. great job Benefit :)

16 Nov 2010

beautiful glow

Location: Fayetteville, AR

I bought Girl Meets Pearl on a whim, and I am so glad I did. It has a beautiful golden pink color that looks great when applied to the cheekbones. It's not too sparkly but gives a really nice glow to the skin. A new favorite!

16 Nov 2010

This product is fabulous!

Location: Spokane, WA

This lightweight gel/lotion is the perfect color hilighter. It adds glow to your complextion and helps to blurr inperfections. You must try it!

16 Nov 2010


Location: West Covina, CA

I can't believe there aren't more reviews on this product!! I am so in love with this!! Gives a very beautiful simple glow!! I remember passing by my mirror and sometimes just looking at it, that is how much I love it =). Girls you need to get this just dab it along the apples of your cheek and reach back and blend. I love putting it on top of my favorite blush. Give it more of a sparkle.

16 Nov 2010

great highlighter!! the color is just fantastic and is...

Location: Undisclosed

great highlighter!! the color is just fantastic and is perfect for day and night. I love putting it on the top of my cheeks and on the brow bone. It makes your skin glow and it illuminates your face.

16 Nov 2010

great highlighter!! the color is just fantastic and is...

Location: Undisclosed

great highlighter!! the color is just fantastic and is perfect for day and night. I love putting it on the top of my cheeks and on the brow bone. It makes your skin glow and it illuminates your face.

16 Nov 2010

This is fabulous for giving you that perfect holiday glow

Location: Medford, OR

This is fabulous for giving you that perfect holiday glow

16 Nov 2010

Love, love, love this!

Location: Warner Robins, GA

Even more than "That Gal" which has been my go to foundation sub in the past. GMP gives me a lovely, dewy look while giving my blush & powder great staying power. I'm definitely a fan!

16 Nov 2010

I love it.

Location: Dallas, TX

This product is great. Its like moonlight for your face.

16 Nov 2010

Exactly What I Was Looking For

Location: Undisclosed

I always wanted a product that would give me that dewy complexion, to highlight my cheekbones, and make my face look vibrant; well i found it. Its not at all sticky, is convenient, and it gives me that pearly shimmer, in all of the right places:) Definitely 5 hearts!

15 Nov 2010

good color and make beautiful package

Location: fuzhou, Fujian, China

i like this one. the color is lighter than :"that girl" but it makes skin smooth and a healthy complexion. after using it, i feel easy to make up

15 Nov 2010

Great for setting highlights/ getting a dewy look

Location: Germany

I love it for setting highlights on cheek bones, above the cupid bow or on the nose. Used under or over make-up it adds a dewy look to your skin. Girl meets pearl perfectly blends into the look and golden-pink sheen gives your skin a warm and dewy radiance. A really new great fake-it from benefit. It is scented like the fabulos "That Gal". The pink-pearl "San Francisco at Night" packaging is beautiful and the click-screw product release is very convenient.

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