dandelion ultra plush sheer light pink lip gloss

dandelion ultra plush

soft pearly pink lip gloss


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Subtly sweet!

Our plush glosses glide on extra smooth and feel ahhh-mazing. The six irresistible shades, from sultry nudes to punchy pinks, come in soft-squeeze tubes with a custom tip designed for perfectly even application.

  • Soft pearly pink
  • Silky smooth wear
  • Luxurious formula


15.0 mL, 0.5 US fl. oz


Look tutu pretty

Lips so sweet you'll twirl & leap...swipe on this ballerina pink gloss and dance away the day. To create a beautifully pulled-together look in seconds, wear the gloss with its complementing box o' powder...dandelion.

Reviews & Questions

16 May 2016


Location: Middlesbrough

Treated myself to this lip gloss, a little disappointed as doesn't stay on for long but when you first apply looks gorgeous, I'm a big fan of benefit but a little disappointed with this

8 May 2016

Great lipgloss

Location: Glasgow, UK

I love that this lipgloss is not sticky at all! It's very easy to apply too. I like it since it has a very neutral light color ideal for everyday use and stays for quite a long time (as for lipgloss). However, the item is a bit pricey and I believe that it is possible to find cheaper glosses like this. That's the only disadvantage.

13 Aug 2015

Pretty and Soft

Location: Charlotte, NC
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “sheer, bright”

I have very sensitive lips and most lip products usually cause my lips to get all irritated and crusty and horrible. This one doesn't! That is already a huge plus for me. The swatch above makes the gloss look bright pink and opaque, but it is NOT. When swatched the back of the hand it is almost clear. The tube also makes it look much pinker. It does however give the lips a very very pretty glossy pinkish sheen. For a no makeup makeup look it is great on its own. My favorite is pairing it with posietint or a lipstick. Overall great product. Can't wait to head back to Sephora to get the glosses in more colors!!

21 Apr 2015


Location: Undisclosed
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “natural, light, beautiful”

When i first got this it was my first thing from benefit i sampled it and new it was the right one. i got it right away and never stopped using it sence.

17 Apr 2015

It's alright :)

Location: Petersfield, Hampshire, UK
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “smells gorgeous, beautiful colour”

I wanted to try this lipgloss as I had heard mixed reviews. For the price I paid, I like it but don't love it. It is not long lasting at all - I find that I have to re-apply every half an hour. I find it very sticky, which I do not like because it feels gloopy and thick. I prefer a sheer coverage. On the other hand, I love the colour of the gloss. It's perfect for school as it isn't too bright, it just has a gentle pink shimmer. It also smells gorgeous, which I love because I don't like artificial smelling make-up. I love to team it with lip stain because the colour is sheer enough to go with most pink tones so it blends well. You also don't need a lot - a little goes a long way! Overall, nice but not great. I don't think I will be purchasing again purely due to the value for money.

5 Jul 2014

A Favorite Gloss

Location: Colorado, USA
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “non-sticky”

I'm pretty picky about lip glosses so I end up purchasing a lot and tossing quite a bit because they're not what I expect in a gloss. Dandelion is pretty great though - it's not sticky, has a very light sheer pink tint to it, and feels really soft. Doesn't have a bad smell either. Great for minimal daytime looks. I purchased a sample, but because I like it so much I'll purchase the full size.

25 Jun 2014

no.1 lipgloss

Location: Cambridge, UK
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “not sticky, Moisturizing, shimmery”

I never wore lip gloss, I was a lipbalm kinda girl but I decided to try benefit. BEST lipgloss Ive ever tried; it glides on so smooth and is silky not sticky! no drama on a windy day with this guy, none of my hair is getting stuck to my lips! in terms of colour for this particular gloss, its lovely and subtle. cant wait to buy the other shades!

14 Apr 2014

Moisturising and glossy

Location: Sheffield
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “glossy”

Excellent product, love the glossy look and my lips felt great too

22 Oct 2013

The perfect non-sticky lipgloss

Location: Nottingham, UK
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “silky, Smooth, non-sticky, Long Lasting”

I bought this because I have the Sugarbomb one and wanted another shade, and this one compliments the Dandelion powder which I have. I adore these glosses so much because they deliver a lovely shimmer, a natural look and are so silky smooth with zero stickiness. As with all Benefit products, this smells gorgeous. I love the packaging, the actual product and I would recommend 100%

18 May 2013

Great for day-makeup

Location: Germany
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

I really like about it that it is not sticky at all. It's the first lipgloss ever I enjoy wearing. The color is nearly invisible, but dandelion lipgloss gives my lips a little extra volume.

16 Feb 2013

not too sticky, long lasting, yay!!!

Location: San Diego, CA
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light

Great for daytime play, or to enhance my lipstick at night. Nice feeling, great smell, I'm a fan!

13 Feb 2013


Location: Canada
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light

This to me is a all in one lip product. I hate sticky lipgloss and this is not sticky what so ever. I recommend this for people wanting a natural but beautiful lip.

18 Jan 2013

Love the color

Location: Oceanside, CA, USA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium

I love this lip gloss. I've had it about a week and each time I apply it on my lips I love it more and more. Not only is it the perfect shade of a suttle pink the shimmer livens it up as well. Another perk of this gloss is that it smells delicious!

30 Dec 2012

Holy Grail Lip Product

Location: Undisclosed
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “an everything lip product all in one..”

I am a Lip Product junkie that is obsessed with having supple, healthy, moisturized, youthful looking lips and it is so frustrating having to use multiple products to achieve the results i want! One to moisturize and nix dryness, one for color, one for shine .. well this lip gloss does it all. I do not have to layer anything with the Ultra Plush gloss.. I can just swipe it on no matter what shape my lips are in and it makes them look amazing! The Dandelion is like putting a delicious treat of silk and dessert on my mouth all - in - one. It feels so friggin' amazing when I am wearing it. The shade looks sheer but the color pay off is just enough to enhance the pink tones in my lips without being too much. Sorry for such a long review on a lip gloss but I am telling you.. if you are looking for the perfect Lip product, this is the one to go for. I can't wait to try every single version of the Ultra Plush. I have not used anything else since I got this!

29 Dec 2012

Goes perfect with dandelion blusher and it smells...

Location: Uk
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair

Goes perfect with dandelion blusher and it smells amazing.the only problem is it isn't long lasting. Still an amazing product and will repurchase !

28 Dec 2012

Sweet, layering friendly gloss

Location: Paris, Texas
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “sweet, shiny, smells great”

This gloss is just perfect if you're looking for some shine and shimmer, but not a huge amount of color. Like its blush partner, this gloss goes down smooth and beautiful, but very subtle. The gloss has a wonderfully smooth texture, not at all sticky or heavy like many glosses. It also has a beautiful peachy smell that isn't offensive to my extremely sensitive nose. It has good lasting power too, at least several hours of full-shine wear without a need for a touch up. If you're wanting color, I would recommend layering this over a lip stain like Benetint or Posietint. The neutrality of the color of Dandelion makes it very friendly to layer over favorite lip color. I have a sample sized Dandelion gloss right now, but as soon as it is gone I will be upgrading to a full size for sure!

6 Dec 2012

nice gloss

Location: Mexico
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “non-sticky, great smell”

im not a gloss person, never have, but this came in the "feelin' dandy" kit, it smells really peachy, and i love that is non-sticky, and you dont really need a lot. i use it quite frecuently but i dont think ill buy the big presentation.

26 Nov 2012

Natural & Polished

Location: Edinburg, TX, USA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Olive

It's often hard to find lip glosses in soft pink shades that do not clash my olive complexion and yellow undertones. When I was given this product I nodded and smiled even though I felt terrified since it was a light shade of pink, all fear vanished when I tried it on. The color is kind and gets along with my color and it looks great. I can wear it during the day. I sometimes forget I am wearing it: it's not sticky or heavy. It doesn't dry my lips out. Simply simple and wonderful, just how I like things to be. Thumbs up!

27 Sep 2012

Sweet and Lovely like its twin powder

Location: Venezia, Italia
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Medium
Love that it's: “smells sooo good, sweet colour, non sticky”

I've tried this lipgloss on the Feelin' Dandy kit and I really like the colour and especially the smell - it's so sweet and candy and flowery exactly as Dandelion powder.....it's not sticky at all, but unfortunately it really doesn't last on my lips, after a few minutes it's already gone....;(

22 Aug 2012

Love! Love! Love!

Location: Australia
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Love that it's: “not sticky, soft”

This lipgloss is so lovely! It may not have much colour, but what impressed me was the texture and how it made my lips feel super soft and luscious. I like to team the Dandelion gloss with Posietint on my lips to give a bit of 'oomf' to my pout.

8 Jul 2012

Just got all of the ultra plush lip glosses! The colors...

Location: Undisclosed

Just got all of the ultra plush lip glosses! The colors will flatter everyone (just like their *cheeky* counterparts), the scent is slightly fruity, and the texture is AMAZING! Feels more like a treatment than a gloss and lasts for hours. Thanks, Benefit-- you made my lip gloss dreams come true!

6 Jul 2012

Just Lovely!

Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Olive
Love that it's: “silky, gorgeous, pearly, pink, non-sticky, Smooth”

This is the second ultra plush lipgloss that I've purchased. The other color I own is Sugarbomb. Even though Sugarbomb is my go-to, absolute favorite color out of the collection, this Dandelion color comes very close! As soon as I swatched it on my hand at the store, I fell in love. The color payoff for me (I'm pretty tan and have a lot of color on my lips already) wasn't all that significant, the pearly pink is just so beautiful. Again for me, it's very sheer, but still so incredibly pretty. It's not sticky at all, very silky (I love puckering my lips multiple times just to feel the silkiness!), kissable and smells like bubblegum! Not all that long-lasting, but worth it for all the other reasons! Pearly, pink, glossy...what more can a girly girl ask for?

2 Jul 2012

Love it!!

Location: Undisclosed
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light

I bought this product when it first came out, it is fabulous! I wear it everyday. It looks great over my poisetint. I really like this shade and highly recommend this gloss!

25 Jun 2012

Smoothest Gloss EVER!

Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “not sticky”

The Dandelion Ultra Plush gloss is by far the smoothest, unsticky gloss I have ever tried! The color is hands-down perfect for every day where and goes great over any lipstick for added shine and softness. I am obsessed, one of my favorite Benefit products!

21 Jun 2012

I love this Product

Location: Undisclosed
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Light
Love that it's: “non-sticky, nice smelling, a pretty pink”

First off I love the color of Dandelion. It is a very pretty soft pink with a slight shimmer to it. It comes in a squeeze tube and is .5 oz. As far as the taste and smell go it reminds me of fruit punch of all things. I have talked before about how I hate lip products and face products with bad tastes and smells. Why in the world would I want to put something on my face or lips that smells bad? The formula is extremely pigmented especially for a lipgloss. They are also non-sticky so for you people who hate sticky lipglosses check this out. When it comes to staying power, it will come off pretty quickly but that is to be expected with a lipgloss. I would recommend wearing this under a bright pink lipstick to give the color a bit extra glow. I am very impressed with this Lipgloss. You can read my full review here: http://sparklegirlslife.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/review-on-benefits-ultra-plush-lip-gloss/

15 Jun 2012

silky smooth lip gloss

Location: San Francisco, CA
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Light

A wonderful pearly pink lip gloss that's perfect for everyday wear. Love that it's moisturizing, glossy, but not sticky. And the bonus, it smells fantastic!

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