CORALista coral blush


a "rio" pleasure face powder


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"Summertime, all the time!"

It's your blush for a tropical flush! This warm coral-pink shade cheers up every skintone in seconds.

  • Hint of pearl
  • Pairs perfectly with bronzer
  • Includes a soft, natural-bristle brush


8.0 g Net wt. 0.28 oz.



Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.



Sweep on the good vibes

Chill out with a staycation & still flaunt a sunny disposition. Swirl brush in the box & blow off excess. Smile & brush lightly across the apples of your cheeks, starting from the hairline and working in. Lightly dust over the high points of your face for that touch of sunshine.

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Customers love that it's

2 Apr 2017

Love this Blusher

Location: London

I love Coralista - it has a really nice blowy effect on my cheeks. It looks really natural and is really easy to apply. It lasts for a long time too!

3 Jul 2016

Perfect for summer

Location: Leicestershire

This blusher gives you just the right amount of glow for summer to pink up your cheeks! I wear this everyday, just a small amount will add a coral shimmer on your cheek bones and it smells beautiful. Highly pigmented and mixed with a fine shimmery glitter to add a summer glow. I've had this since before Christmas so it shows how long it lasts and I've still got a fair amount left. Highly recommend!

25 May 2015


Location: Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK

I always believed that the only colour to be used on your cheeks is pinks but after trying Coralista I am officially converted! The scene is beautiful but it also gives an amazing subtle sheen with the best colour pop ever. The powder is long wearing and lasts hours and hours!

29 Apr 2015

Fabulous product

Location: Woking surrey england

I have dark hair, green eyes and very fair skin, coralista works amazingly for me, brightens, colours and lifts. I wear it over cha cha tint for a fabulous natural glow. As my skin is fair I have to be careful with blusher as some can make you look like a painted chinesse doll, this works amazingly, glides on and blends fantasticly giving an even and warm natural look. Don't be put off by the darker look of the blusher it has amazing results even on fair skin. Lovely brush and mirror for ease of use. Highly recommended a permanent fixture in my beni makeup bag.

11 Mar 2015

Best Blusher Ever!

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

When I first bought this blush a couple of years ago, I was a bit hesitant because I'm very fair and it looked very bright and "in your face". But I decided to give it a shot anyway. Now I use it as my daily blush and always stock up on more. I have received SO many compliments that it really brightens my face up. Don't shy away from the brightness if you are light skinned! Sometimes my skin looks almost dull because I am so light, and this stuff fixes it. If I ever apply too much I just lightly dab with a tissue to remove the access. Fantastic!

22 Feb 2015

Brilliant blusher!

Location: Great Britain, United Kingdom

This is by far my favourite blusher, it is very pigmented and looks very natural. I think this shade would suit most skin tones :)

4 Jan 2015

Best Coral Blush

Location: Undisclosed

If there is a coral blush on the market, I have most likely tried it, but it was not until I purchased CORALista that I found the PERFECT coral blush. Everything about this product is amazing: the smell, the tint, the slight sparkle, even the packaging (like every other Benefit product)! The blush is the absolute perfect shade of coral and is extremely flattering on all skin tones. The slight sparkle really gives you a nice glow. Love this product... I would recommend this to all my friends but they already have it! MUST HAVE!

4 Jan 2015

I love this blush.

Location: Undisclosed

It smells so good, and it looks so nice. The packaging is adorable. It leaves a really nice flush of color on my face, over all, it's my favorite blush. I was not disappointed by this in any way. Bottom line, I highly recommend this.

27 Sep 2014

Really Awesome Color

Location: PA

This has a really awesome color. It's the kind of color that would work on all skin tones. I have really, really light skin. "Fair" doesn't even explain how it is. Porcelain would be a more accurate definition. However, blush just doesn't seem to show up on my skin, and this is no different. This is more of a high quality product, but as with most pressed powders it turns to loose powder with each brush stroke and gets all over the place. This is also a really good multitasker. It is strong enough to be used as a blush but subtle enough to be used anywhere and everywhere on the face. Overall this is a great product!

20 Jun 2014

Love for Summer!

Location: St. Louis, MO, USA

This is a great summer Coral color! Strong color, so a little goes a long way. I like that it includes a brush! Has a bit of a shimmer to it, but not too much. The box looks great in my bathroom also! Will repurchase, but probably not anytime soon as I anticipate that this will last a very long time!

24 Apr 2014


Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

This is just gorgeous and has a good point my name is Coralia.

24 Apr 2014

Summer in a box!

Location: MO

This blush really is beautiful, both in the package and on your skin! It goes on as a pinky-coral color with a slight golden sheen. Like a lot of the other Box of Powders from Benefit, the blush isn't overly pigmented and the color is buildable so you have a ton of control over how much color you apply. Basically, that makes this product fool proof! This powder gives you a sweet, summery, I-am-on-vacation flush and it is gorgeous! I completely recommend this blush to anyone!

18 Feb 2014

perfect color !

Location: Riyadh Saudi Arabia

I was hesitant to get this, since it is quite pricy, especially in Saudi Arabia box O' powder are 42$ !! BUT I don't have the slightest bit of regret, it gives a natural flush to the cheeks, and little bit goes a long way nothing more to be said!

8 Oct 2013

Like no other blusher

Location: UK

In the box, the colour looks scarily pigmented, but as soon as applied to the cheeks, it's looks so beautiful! I have a fairly tanned/olive skin tone, & t's own it can be a bit sheer, but it has a buildable finish, and it looks amazing! It also looks nice with cha cha tint underneath! Just adds a gorgeous glow to the cheeks - love love love it! Well worth the price! :-)

5 Oct 2013

Don't put too much on!

Location: Gloucestershire, UK

Coralista is lovely with a small amount on, but be careful if you use too much you can turn a very bright shade of peach! Tips: you very little you can always add more after :)

8 Sep 2013

Wonderful blush!!

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Wonderful shade which gives a fresh & natural look. Last a long time and usually I will have benetint underneath and add Coralista on top of it to make it pop. Just GREAT!!

25 Aug 2013


Location: Hobart TAS, Australia

I love love love love this blush! it is such a nice colour and it smells so amazing! there is nothing that i can pick wrong with this blush!

2 Jul 2013

Not Sure

Location: Alaska, USA

Its way to sheer. maybe I need a darker blush for a light to medium skin tone. ??

11 May 2013


Location: Three Rivers, MI 49093, USA

I just received this and is my first Benefit product, it is smaller than I thought but you are getting your money's worth with a mirror, brush, and product. It has a wonderful smell and a great natural flush to the cheeks! Very pleased with this!

2 May 2013

best blusher ever.

Location: London, uk

The colour is gorgeous. Its perfect for when your skins looking dull and it needs a pick me up. Definatly worth the money.

30 Apr 2013


Location: New York, NY, USA

Coralista is AMAZING, I love it so much! it has great pigmentation, and it gives you perfectly flushed cheeks! Definitely worth buying!

3 Apr 2013

Natural Flush For Any Skin Tone

Location: California

Stunning! It smells good, is subtle but buildable. It gives me a gorgeous natural flush on my tan skin that no other blush has ever accomplished. Just the right amount of shimmer. Hot tip: it's GORGEOUS as an eyeshadow :) brightens up my eyes and lasts all day!

19 Mar 2013


Location: Undisclosed

Coralista's packaging is absolutely adorable. It's become my favourite of all the benefit boxed blushes, and has the best smell. I honesty get it out just to smell it! This blusher is coral toned, and looks fabulous in those summer months. It doesn't have shimmer so you don't end up looking like a disco ball, and is quite a matte blush. The colour is quite buildable as well. And it lasts a really long time as you don't have to put much on!

10 Mar 2013

super pigmented

Location: Chelsea, London, UK

This blush is great for summer time and a really pretty color and it's super pigmented. It didn't suit me at all which I was really upset about. Because its so pigmented its so hard to apply nicely. I also didn't really think this was the best looking packaging either.

18 Feb 2013

Naturally Tan and Flush

Location: San Diego, CA, USA

this blush highlights how radiant your cheeks are. It has a nice "tan-glowing feel". Most of all it look natural :)

3 Feb 2013

Perfect everyday color!

Location: Undisclosed

I'm a 'Champagne' for the Hello Flawless Powder and this blush is perfect for me. I tend to look very pale so, this blush with a perfect mix of coral/pink gives me a very pretty glow. ♥♥♥ If you can only buy one blush, this is it!

26 Jan 2013


Location: Perth WA, Australia

CORALista is a gorgeous coral pink blush with a pretty gold shimmer. It's perfect for summer months and goes perfect with all skin tones. The packaging is also adorable! I love wearing this with the matching CORALista ultra plush lip gloss. I even wear it over my fine one one cheek and lip colour to give my cheeks an extra coral flush. I would definitely recommend this product and would definitely repurchase it!

24 Jan 2013

Nice coral colouring for dull cheeks!

Location: England, UK

This is the first blusher I ever got from Benefit and now I am hooked. Its a nice shade of pink that shows up pretty nicely on fair skinned cheeks like mine however I find the colour seems to fade after a while, so using a cheek stain tint with this would be a good idea to help the blusher last longer (but don't over do it with the colour or it might look too dark/too much)! Overall a nice natural coral pink shade! The brush is aslo nice and soft unlike other brushes I have used. Thanks Benefit!

9 Dec 2012

favorite blush ever!

Location: San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA, USA

There is not one bad thing I couldsay about CORALista! It smells amazing, is light, not to bright and a little goes a long way. During the warmer months I apply sun beam high on my cheek bone then blend CORALista over the top, in colder months I use high beam. Best blush ever!

3 Dec 2012

The perfect coral

Location: gatineau, quebec

I've been wanting to try coral makeup for awhile. When I saw coralista I thought I would give it a try. It is great for my light skin it is not to dark and it brightens my cheeks.

12 Nov 2012

Love it!

Location: Warwickshire, UK

My favorite blusher... I have quite a rosy skin tone anyway but after covering and concealing this blusher enhances my natural glow perfectly.

11 Nov 2012

Best blush!

Location: England, UK

This is by far the best blush I have ever used - you do not need to use much to get a gorgeous colour on you cheeks which means that it will last a long time. Been using mine for about a month now and still haven't made much of a dent in it!

20 Oct 2012

My new favorite!

Location: California

I am long time lover and user of Posietint, however, it's always nice to stray away and try new shades/types of makeup. So, I first gave Bella Bamba a try. I liked it, but it was a little too pink on my fair skin, and the wrong shade of pink at that. After I finished it off, I decided I would next try out Coralista. It is truly my favorite blush I have ever purchased! It reminds me a lot of Georgia Peach, a box-o-powder that Benefit discontinued quite some time ago. I loved Georgia to set my foundation and give me a peachy tone, Coralista is like the Georgia of cheeks! The peachy pink is PERFECT for me! It is NOT orange like it may seem when looking at the powder itself. It works great on whiter than white me, and it works great on my much darker mother (who has FINALLY bought her own after stealing mine every morning for weeks!) Thank you Benefit, NEVER discontinue Coralista! Oh, and it smells FANTASTIC!!

25 Sep 2012

love this

Location: Dublin

i own 3 boxs of blushes 1 is sugerbomb and the is dandelion but my fav one is coralista it gives yor cheeks a warm color even on cold days. i thought it was not going to be right but i was wrong it was perfect so girls if your looking for something to make your cheeks a warm glow go for it..

8 Sep 2012

Love it!

Location: New Jersey

I got this in the Go TropiCORAL beauty kit and it's amazing! At first I was worried that it would be too harsh because I have very pale skin, but it's perfect. I also thought that it was a bit expensive, which is why I bought it in the kit, but I think that it's worth it. It takes seconds to apply, and it really warms up your entire face! plus, it smells great, and the packaging is adorable. Definitely worth the money!

4 Sep 2012

Love it

Location: Mountain View, CA, USA

I love Benefit's blushes. It's the best. Coralista is my favorite. it a beautiful color on my skin tone. It gives me a wonderful, healthy glow. I also splurged on Sugarbomb and Hervana. Love it!!

4 Sep 2012

In love

Location: Lincoln, UK

I am absolutely in love with this blusher. I have very pale skin and I use it to contour as well as for the blusher (I use a smaller contour brush and then bring it up onto my cheeks). I also find I need no highlighter as this has the perfect amount of shimmer in it. You get loads of product for your money so will last you ages! My friend also has this blusher and has olive skin and it suits her just as much. Well done Benefit, it's a lovely product!!

17 Aug 2012

I love this color!

Location: NY

I love the color and it's great for my skin tone! At first I was not sure about this color but I don't regret it!

14 Aug 2012

Perfectly Coral

Location: Undisclosed

I simply adore this blush for the colour and shimmer! Used it years back but stopped and recently bought it again and realised why I loved it in the first place. The lovely scent and pretty box helps too!

8 Aug 2012

This is a must have for all the girlies of this planet....

Location: Ireland

This is a must have for all the girlies of this planet. It is oh so flattering for the Irish fair skin one and is a great day to night product. Another hit Benefit, thanks so much

7 Aug 2012

What a flush!

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

CORALista is definitely on my top ten list! I have never purchased a blush that has such an amazing scent. It gives a tropical flush that completes my overall look. For more color, I dab a little chachatint on my cheeks before I apply CORALista. This blush also lasts longer than most blushes purchased at drugstores. I would definitely recommend this to others.

4 Aug 2012

I like it, but wouldn't repurchase

Location: Wales, UK

I really want this to live up to the hype :( I will use it up but it doesn't show up on my skin at all!! I am a champagne/honey in oxygen wow and when I am wearing this blusher my face looks flat as if I have no blush on :( I'm sorry Benefit!! Just doesn't work for me :(

28 Jun 2012

Love it, love it, love it!

Location: Cardiff

I bought this last week and will never use another blusher. I love the colour. Even though the colour looks strong in the box, it goes on beautifully. I put a little bit of sunbeam on my cheeks before applying coralista, and the result is really pretty. Will definately be buying again when i run out :)

25 Jun 2012

Super flattering shade!

Location: New Zealand

I use Coralista religiously every morning over my foundation, and it is by far the most flattering shade of blush I have ever used. My friends often borrow it when we're going out and even though we all have VERY different skin-tones, it looks amazing on everyone, from very, very fair, to very, very olive! It gives a lovely peaches and cream complexion! Thanks Benefit! Oh! and it smells yummy!

20 Jun 2012

Amazing!!!! :)

Location: Undisclosed

It's such a beautiful shade of coral and it smells so good!

19 Jun 2012

perfect color

Location: Brazil

i LOVE this blush! it has the perfect color, an AMAZING scent and it has golden sparkles. i cant get out of the house without it! i bought it more than 1 year ago and i use it everyday since. and it still looks like its new! if you think its kinda expensive, ill tell you it's worth it, because youll use it everyday and itll last forever!! :)

13 Jun 2012

Perfect blusher!

Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

I got this blush in the 'her name is glowla' make-up kit...and i'm completely hooked! It smells amazing, and gives a beautiful glow to my cheeks. I was previously a 'Dandelion ' gal, now I'm all about 'Coralista'!

9 Jun 2012


Location: NY

This blusher goes with a lot of ranges. Golds, Pinks, Corals, Peaches, the list goes on. I really like this little blusher.

8 Jun 2012

Amazing ! I like how my cheeks look when i use it : it...

Location: France

Amazing ! I like how my cheeks look when i use it : it changes everything

23 May 2012

Gorgeous colour!

Location: Cumbria, UK

Beautiful matte colour that suits most skin tones and easily buildable. This colour with bella bamba's 3d sparkle feature would be the perfect product for me as I like the gold undertones under different lights.

20 Apr 2012

This is my favorite Benefit Blush. It looks so natural on...

Location: West Covina, CA

This is my favorite Benefit Blush. It looks so natural on my skin. It doesn't appear like blush at all but instead a healthy glow that I love. The pigmentation is perfect and it's easily buildable.

19 Apr 2012

Warm and lovely

Location: Madrid, España

I think that, together with Sugarbomb, this is my favourite blush. The coral colour is lovely. I would use this with Sun Beam.

18 Apr 2012

So glowy!!

Location: West Covina, CA, USA

This is my favorite Benefit Blush. It looks so natural on my skin. It doesn't appear like blush at all but instead a healthy glow that I love. The pigmentation is perfect and it's easily buildable.

13 Apr 2012

I started using this a few years ago and I'm addicted. It...

Location: Los Angeles, CA

I started using this a few years ago and I'm addicted. It not only adds the perfect amount of color to cheeks but the citrus scent is refreshing.

10 Apr 2012

Great product

Location: United states

This is a fantastic blush, it's not too harsh or overly pink, but very natural looking. It's great for a spring-summer natural-skin look and it lasts a LONG time!!!!!

27 Mar 2012

Great Shimmer

Location: UK

I love benefit Products. I think all the blushers are fab!!! This one is my Fave. It smells lovely and works really well for day or night. I have pale skin and this never looks too dark. I would say this blusher is perfect for any skin tone.

26 Mar 2012

Pretty color

Location: Indonesia

This face powder is totally awesome! you just need to put a little on your cheek and voila you are ready to go. the coral-pinkish color is awesome!

18 Mar 2012


Location: England

This blush is amazing! I am very pale and it seems to really suit me but my friend has it who is darker skin coloured and it looks amazing on her too! The brush is so soft and perfect for application and I love the packaging! I havent seen anything like it from any other retailers. Only slight downside is the price but everything else is perfect! Thankyou Benefit.

18 Mar 2012

I love the color, it has the perfect shimmer. I wasn't...

Location: Toronto, Ontario

I love the color, it has the perfect shimmer. I wasn't sure at first but I got it and I love it :) and it smells delicious! The box is beautiful as well. Love it!

15 Mar 2012

Beautiful Colours

Location: Mancchester

i was first of all given this blusher as a gift and i loved it so i went ahead and bought it for myself, this is all one colour unlike alot of benefit blushers meaning it doesnt patch or give uneven pigmentation ,well worth the money! FYI i have a light skin tone and it looks great also my sister has a darker skin and it suits her aswell LOVE IT!

6 Mar 2012

Perfect pick-me-up

Location: WI

One little swipe of this and my cheekbones have Pop! and Fabulousness! Really, it's the perfect color for me. Especially layered over a little Dandelion. It's super-pigmented, so I expect the box will last forever. Love that it comes with a brush, too. I have so many of these powderboxes, it's great that I don't need to purchase a new blush brush for each one. Yay!

5 Mar 2012

This colour is absolutely gorgeous! AND it doesn't make...

Location: Cairns QLD 4870, Australia

This colour is absolutely gorgeous! AND it doesn't make your face look too orange either (which i found with another blush of this colour in a different brand). LOVE IT!

2 Mar 2012

Love it

Location: Spain

Por qué me encanta este colorete?? Fácil, es muy natural, da ese tono de buen aspecto a la piel, como si te hubiese dado el sol un poquito que te da un tono saludable a la piel. Me gusta que queda bien a todo tipo de piel, de tono. Yo soy muy blanquita y, siendo un tono anaranjado (yo soy de rosas) me gusta muchísimo como queda. Además, tiene un aroma cítrico agradable. Dura bastante. Lo recomiendo. ------ I love it because it gives a natural and healthy tone to my skin. Its like I got a bit brunette, in those days of spring. I thought that it was too orange for me because I'm pale but no, looks perfect so I think it's good for every skin tone(same as Georgia, please turn it back). Last long and great smell like.. orange or.. I don't know, smells like citrus. Just with a bit of it in the face change completely. Not shimmer. I recomend it.

13 Feb 2012

A great flush of colour for any cheeks

Location: Essex, UK

I go to the benfit boutiqe practically every weekend and this product never really stood out to me. So I fell completly head over heels in love with coralista when my friend applied some on my cheeks with a tad of posietint. The look is lively and colourful, yet not too O.O.T. Another feature is that it has a AMAZING, TOTALLY GORG smell. For all, the young gals out there, I'm talking between the ages of 11-15, who want to be adventurous with makeup but are scared of messing up their skin, try this for the ultimute colour and sheer girlie fun!!

3 Feb 2012

my fav blush! Sooo perfect & long-stayin'! And the color...

Location: Warsaw, Poland

my fav blush! Sooo perfect & long-stayin'! And the color is fabulous!

27 Jan 2012

I was so excited about the release of CORALista that I...

Location: Huddersfield, UNITED KINGDOM

I was so excited about the release of CORALista that I had a friend bring me some back from America as the release date for the UK was about 2 months after it was released in America! Needless to say I was not disappointed with this blush!

26 Jan 2012

Nicola McLaren

Location: Undisclosed

I got this as a gift 2 years ago and I love it! Its my favourite benefit blush, perfect for my fair skin. Gives a lovely healthy glow even on dull winter days!

23 Jan 2012

I just bought this product and totally in love with it!...

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

I just bought this product and totally in love with it! its actually my first benefit product that i bought. it goes with many skin tones and the color is so beautiful and looks so natural on my skin. you can use it anytime you want, for night out or even daytime. its just perfect! I'm glad that i bought this product, totally worth it :)

14 Jan 2012

All Time Favourite!

Location: Belfast, UK

I first got this product with the Her Name Was Glowla Christmas set last year. As soon as it was used up, I went out and bought the full sized version. This smells amazing, and I love it! It really suits my pale skin which may surprise some people, but I believe it suits all skin tones. My friend recently told me that the colour really suits me. I prefer orange based blushes to blue ones, as I think it looks more natural on me. This does not in any way look orange, and I pair it with 10 which looks great. I use 10 above and below my blusher for a sheen and on my forehead, cupid's bow and the bridge of my nose. I would really recommend this product.

10 Jan 2012

Perfect coral shade!

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

I've been wanting this for the longest time and when I finally got it, I can say that I am beyond excited. I love peachy-coral blushes, and CORALista definitely takes the top spot. It's the perfect shade of coral, just enough amount of shimmer to make me look healthy and awake. I love to layer CORALista over my other peachy blushes, just to give that extra glow. The sweet, fruity scent is lovely too, makes me smile every time I use it!

27 Dec 2011


Location: Genova, Italia

I totally love it! being very fair skinned i was worried that a pop of coral on my cheeks will not look good at all and instead is just marvelous! It's easy to apply with both the brush in the box for a more definite look and with blush or fan brushes for a more natural one. I'm so happy with Coralist!!Love it!!

10 Dec 2011

The perfect pink

Location: Boston, MA, USA

I have Coralista, Dandelion, and Bella Bamba, and Coralista is definitely my favorite. It's the perfect shade of pink to be dressed up for a night out or paired with more neutral shades for daytime. The color is more saturated than Dandelion but much more subtle than Bella Bamba. A few sweeps over your cheek bones and you're set!

30 Nov 2011

it is too subtle for me

Location: Greece

i wanted to find a replacement for loreal blush delicieux in bonne something color which was great because it had the perfect color with very little amount of product and people asked me on the street about my shoes and when they got closer about my blush but it was discontinued and now i bought this one that i have to use a lot of it to get a little color ,too little pigment,risk of having the cake effect i love the packaging and brush though

25 Nov 2011

Coralista is the perfect blush color for any skin type....

Location: Michigan

Coralista is the perfect blush color for any skin type. Whenever my friends or sisters come over this is the first product to go missing from my cosmetics bag. Every one of us has a widely different skin tone from very pale porcelain to olive toned to tanning-bed tan and each girl routinely tries to 'borrow' this from me. Hands off ladies, buy your own ;p

16 Nov 2011


Location: United Kingdom

Ok, so I'm a huge fan of benefit cosmetics and I'm always purchasing products from my local store. I absolutely adore this product, i've bought many blushers but this has to be my favorite, it looks absolutely gorgeous whether you apply it on a bare face or on top on a foundation/primer. It looks beautiful whether you apply a light coat or go for a compleatly blushed look. <3

5 Nov 2011

Colour compliments my skin tone. Not too garish. The...

Location: Canterbury Kent

Colour compliments my skin tone. Not too garish. The brush is the perfect size. Easy to carry around. My friend said I looked glowing.

29 Sep 2011

Pefect amount of colour and great texture

Location: New Zealand

This is a great product to add a bit of colour and glow. Pefect amount of color, enough to add a natural-looking vibrance without being too bold or obvious. Texture allows for smooth application that blends well. Colour is versatile enough to use through the changing seasons. Love it!

28 Sep 2011

I love CORALista! Love the colour, the smell is so good!...

Location: Lisbon

I love CORALista! Love the colour, the smell is so good! I use it as a blush and as an eye shadow and it looks great!!! My favorite one ever :)

12 Sep 2011

Love it!

Location: Undisclosed

Smells delish and looks great over PosieTint! Not to mention sparkly.

14 Aug 2011

Beautiful color and it goes great with Cha Cha Tint! I...

Location: Undisclosed

Beautiful color and it goes great with Cha Cha Tint! I love the smell of the Benefit blushes!

7 Aug 2011

Very pigmented

Location: Portland, OR

This is a really pretty color and stays on fairly well, but it's extremely pigmented so be careful to not apply too much.

31 Jul 2011


Location: San Jose CA

While this product might work for most, I broke out with such a bad case of acne on my cheeks that I had to seek treatment from a dermatologist. It has taken weeks to get my skin back to normal, and unfortunately now I have scarring. I do not recommend this product for people with sensitive skin at all. I not only am out the cost of the product (threw it away) but the expense of a doctor.

29 Jul 2011

This is the perfect summer color for the cheeks! I highly...

Location: Massachusetts

This is the perfect summer color for the cheeks! I highly recommend sweeping it across the cheeks and across the eye lids after a day on the beach to help further give you that "sexy summer" color. I wouldn't normally ever pick this color but it really is the most beautiful tone on skin. I also LOVE this brush, the bristles are amazingly strong and it cleans really easily.

18 Jul 2011

I will buy this product again

Location: Mayo, Ireland

i am not very faithful to make up brands i will buy whatever is new or looks good or that i have heard is good, but when this run's out i know i will for sure be buying this again i love it. i have black hair so i love the smokey eye with bright cheeks and pink lips look and it is perfect for it, but for day time if i want to tone down it also works with more neutral colours. The brush is also brilliant i use this product almost everyday has never damaged my skin ans i still have loads of it left. I could not praise this product enough.

16 Jul 2011

Gives a Beautiful Glow

Location: Lincoln, NE

I'm usually not a fan of modern coral-colored blushes because I have a more classic style and favor a more pinkish hue. For a long time I've used Benefit's "Dandelion" blush for my fair complexion, but since I received a sample of "CORALista," I decided to try it. I'm so glad I did--I absolutely LOVE it! I ordered the full size right away. It gives my fair skin an even nicer and more natural-looking glow than "Dandelion" does. In the package, it looks like it might be too orangey of a pink for fair skin, but on my face it's the perfect shade to accent my cheekbones and make my complexion look warmer. The coral-pink shade is especially nice for summer. I also love how buildable it is: I can sweep on just a little for a natural glow, or layer on more for a more daring look. These boxed powders by Benefit are top quality, smell great, and since you get a lot of product, they're totally worth the expensive price. Now that I have the full size of "CORALista," I use it all the time, and I know it will last me for years. The only thing I don't like about it is the brush it comes with. In my opinion, the brush it comes with is too wide for the precision application I like, so I use a smaller blush brush with a longer handle instead.

1 Jul 2011

I never really needed a blush since I have naturally pink...

Location: Brazil

I never really needed a blush since I have naturally pink cheeks. But as it came with "Her Name Was Glowla" i tried and now I am a total FAN!! I love the color, the way it applies to my skin and also the smell. Plus everybody tells me I look fantastic wearing it! Thanks Benefit gals! Never stop selling CORAlista!

1 Jul 2011

I bought Coralista in London about 3 years ago and it...

Location: Berlin, Germany

I bought Coralista in London about 3 years ago and it just lasts and lasts and lasts... I find it rather sad, because I also have the 10 and I am dying to try a new one, but first I want to use up Coralista ;) I use it daily and it is the perfect shade for my fair complexion. It smells wonderful and the texture is great, also it last forever and is soooo easy to remove (but even easier to apply ;)).

1 Jul 2011

CORALista is my absolut favorite blush from benefit, it...

Location: richardson, TX

CORALista is my absolut favorite blush from benefit, it goes great with my skintone and is great for everyday wear! i loove loove loove ett :D

28 Jun 2011

It's very dark for my complexion... I miss Georgia!

Location: Undisclosed

It's very dark for my complexion... I miss Georgia!

25 Jun 2011

I love this blush. At first I thought it would be a...

Location: Savannah ga

I love this blush. At first I thought it would be a little to peachy, but when you put it on, it is a nice pretty pink glow. Also it has a great smell

22 Jun 2011

Best shade of coral blush!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

I'm the type of girl who wants to wear makeup, but don't want to make it obvious that I'm wearing any. I love the natural, slightly flushed look, and this product definitely delivers! I have medium skin, and from fair to medium it works really well. The product smells great, applies well, and gives a wonderful color that isn't too showy. I love it!

17 Jun 2011

LOVE this blush! Replaced NARS "O" for me. Blush is a...

Location: Undisclosed

LOVE this blush! Replaced NARS "O" for me. Blush is a tricky one for me, too! I never want it to be "obvious". This works perfectly with my fair skin with pink undertones. It's buildable if I want more but can give a light, natural flush. I even swipe some in the upper corner area of my eyes to finish off my eye makeup. Gives it an extra pop and it's brightening! Perfection.

3 Jun 2011

I love the color it gives my cheeks. I'd go for Coralista...

Location: Undisclosed

I love the color it gives my cheeks. I'd go for Coralista if I want people to notice my very blushed cheeks.

23 May 2011

After years of being convinced that I couldn't pull off...

Location: Australia

After years of being convinced that I couldn't pull off blush that was even remotely pink, I am totally converted! This is the perfect shade of reddy-pinky-coral for my skin tone, and it goes on sheer so you can choose between a natural flush and full on blush. Plus it smells amazing. A billion times recommended.

17 May 2011

my most favorite blush ever! love it! ooo and smells...

Location: Sacramento, CA

my most favorite blush ever! love it! ooo and smells yummy! <3

2 May 2011

Perfect coral

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Who doesn't love Coral? Especially in a perfect little box! I love this color. It's my go-to blush when i need a pick me up. A little goes a long way, so don't go crazy on the first swipe. It builds easily. Also, love it over Positint to add a little more pop!

1 Apr 2011


Location: Valencia, Spain

It's wonderful. I tried it before buying it and I loved it. And now that I have it at last... Wow! Please, please, don't stop selling it!

30 Mar 2011

caribbean flush... i think yes!

Location: SLC, UT

I bought CORALista just before a Caribbean cruise because I knew for the first few days I would not have been in the sun long enough to have the ever so desirerable tropical flush that everyone lusts for. CORALista is the perfect product for the faux post Caribbean cruise flush.

25 Mar 2011

I super love how it brightens my skin. I have it evryday

Location: Singapore

I super love how it brightens my skin. I have it evryday

25 Mar 2011

This is a great summer color! Looks great over Posietint.

Location: Memphis, TN

This is a great summer color! Looks great over Posietint.

24 Mar 2011

Natural Flush

Location: Undisclosed

Love the flush it gives my cheeks! Worth the money because it lasts long!

24 Mar 2011

This product is great, gives me a real summery glow.

Location: London, UK

This product is great, gives me a real summery glow.

20 Mar 2011

Caribbean Sunny Bunny

Location: Chicago,Il

This would be great in the summer, or if you live in Florida. Unless you are the girl that can pull off any kind of makeup, don't wear in the winter, unless at the tropics. This gives a tan, pinky, gold hinted glow to your face. This makes an girl look effortlessly radiant. Perfect for cruises, dates, vacation, etc.

18 Mar 2011

I bought a check blusher from you many years ago, in a...

Location: Wales, UK

I bought a check blusher from you many years ago, in a light pink shade with a gold shimmer, it was called take a picture (or something like that) i think. You discontinued it before i ran out and didnt realise it. I've been looking for a similar blusher ever since and havent been able to find one. So i was extremely over the moon when this came out as it is very similar to what i had before and what i have been looking for. So thank you x

17 Mar 2011

This is the perfect blush! It smells good, applies easily...

Location: Spokane, WA

This is the perfect blush! It smells good, applies easily, stays on for a long time, and looks good on almost every skin tone out there.

16 Mar 2011

The shade is pretty but with my olive skin tone, it is...

Location: San Francisco, CA

The shade is pretty but with my olive skin tone, it is too sheer. I like to use it over my normal blush to add a little more warmth.

15 Mar 2011

Not only is this colour on-trend for the season but it...

Location: Undisclosed

Not only is this colour on-trend for the season but it smells DELICIOUS! I love the box (sucker for benefit packaging!) and it adds a really nice shimmer of colour to my cheeks.

9 Mar 2011

Is One Sexy Flush

Location: Kuala Lumpur, MAL

Unsure of which box 'o' powder to choose? Don't be reluctant all! In Malaysia we are multicolored, and all my friends from tan to fair, loving it because this gives us healthy sexy flush.

3 Mar 2011

The absolute most beautiful blush ever! I love how you...

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

The absolute most beautiful blush ever! I love how you can layer it to achieve a sheer to dramatic look, I LOVE the fragrance, and I think the brush is awesome. I have medium skin, black hair, and dark eyes, and it works perfectly! I've tried it on all sorts of skin tones, and it has looked AMAZING on everyone!

20 Feb 2011

Awesome Pretty

Location: WA

I love the shimmer. I wish more of their blushes had shimmer like this. It smells so good and I am sensitive to smells. It's a sweet flowery smell. Great color - I have fair skin with cool undertones.

21 Jan 2011

Absolutely superstar gorgeous!!! if you are looking for a...

Location: Brawley, Ca

Absolutely superstar gorgeous!!! if you are looking for a powder to make your look glow, this is the perfect powder! I use this all over my face for a flawless glowing finishing touch... =D i luv evrything about Benefit

13 Jan 2011

gorgeous blush

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I started using coralista a year ago. I got it as a gift and loved it right away. I had never seen a beautiful colour like it before and love the sparkle to it. I can see it being great for any skin tone. I use it everyday and it has lasted me forever!!

31 Dec 2010


Location: South Carolina

Its Like my cheeks are on fire :) Such a lovely inner glow, refreshingly illuminating for a perfect night out or just at home. Must Have !

17 Dec 2010

Best color EVER.

Location: Portugal

I know that you all already know that this blush has a beautiful color and that it is very pigmented and that it will last forever on your face but thats just really what it is..

3 Dec 2010

The prettiest blush ever

Location: Austin, TX

I love wearing blush and have tried so many, but I can not stop using's the prefect shade for my light skin. I can't get over how natural it looks and it last all day.

30 Nov 2010

Amazing - & great on all skin colors!

Location: Kansas

I used this from a friend while going through her makeup. I did not know about benefit unless I found it. It caught my eye because it was all cute and colorful. I usually never use blush, because it usually breaks me out. But, I tired this, and it was perfect! My friend is from Puerto Rico and has a semi-tan skin color, and it looks wonderful on her. I am bi-racial (slightly darker skin) and it looked amazing on me! Not to mention it smells lovely.

27 Nov 2010

My cheeks love it!!

Location: Dublin

Cannot recommend this enough. I never used to wear blusher as I thought it over-emphasised my already rosy cheeks. But this somehow manages to be the perfect shade for my complexion, and those of my friends as I've often pointed them in the direction of Coralista when they ask about my make-up. Very easy to apply and rarely needs to be corrected!! LOVE it!!

26 Nov 2010

make me look cute

Location: Lawrenceville, NJ

This one is very easy to use. You don't need to worry about the quantity to use. It will let you face looks healthy and cute.

25 Nov 2010

perfect for us dark skinned beauties!

Location: schofield barracks, hawaii

I absolutly love this! I'm a dark skinned woman and I can't or dnt need bronzers so this is the Perfect shade for us and even fair skin its so soft and I just love it.... There's just one word AMAZING!

25 Nov 2010

PINK CHEEKS without looking fake!


First off, this blush has such a great scent to it! :) I apply with a kubuki brush and I have medium skin and it gives me a great hue of pink on my cheeks. It's very light and I saw when I was out in the sun, it gives you a soft glimmer.

23 Nov 2010

I loooove this shade!

Location: Seattle

This is the best shade of blush for my fair skin! It brightens up my face and makes me look more alive, but it's not too pink and fake looking!

22 Nov 2010

Perfect blush

Location: Ontario, CA

This blush is the best I have purchased. It is a regular and has a great smelling scent. Ive had it for over six months and have barely made a dent in it. Well worth the price.

21 Nov 2010

Gorgeous layered over Benetint

Location: New York

I am Indian and this looks amazing layered over Benetint

20 Nov 2010

Great color

Location: Undisclosed

I bought Coralista, but was a bit nervous about the color. I have very pale skin and brown hair and didn't want to look like a clown. I was very surprised that I was able to make this product work for me. It gave me a very natural looking flush. It warms up my complexion and I look like healthy and pretty when I wear it. I love the smell, also. I would definitely buy this product again.

20 Nov 2010

Amazing colour

Location: Dublin, Ireland

I was excited about trying the coralista box of powder after it had been recommended to me by several people. This powder has a gorgeous warm,, dewy sort of look to it,, it smells divine and has a tropical flowery scent to go with it. The actual product is packaged in a really cute fashion. It has this sort of shiny hue to the box and it comes with a little brush that fits right inside! The first time I tried the product I was really impressed because you could get a really light sort of coverage the first time you sweeped it on and then build the colour up from there,, I love the way you can customise how much product goes where and it just seems to slide on. The colour is lovely too, it's a really matt pink which is really pretty and very silky to touch,, it feels wonderful on my skin. You get a lot of product too which is great because I hate when things run out especially when you need them. It is well worth the price as I have been using it for a while now and the colour is nowhere near finished. I was also delighted that it didn't irritate my acne prone skin which was also nice. I think that coralista is a make up bag staple for every girl.

19 Nov 2010

Love it

Location: denver, co

This is the only blush i have bought 3 of and i plan to keep buying it! Gives me a nice flushed healthy color. I wont walk out of the house without it. And it really does smell amazing!

19 Nov 2010


Location: Colorado Springs, CO

I became a Blush Fanatic when I hit my late '40's. And I am devoted to the sheerness and versatility of PosieTint and Benetint. But then I tried CORALista at the makeup counter, and was in love at the first brushing on my cheeks! The color is so complimentary-- I wore it on my tanned summer skin, and I'm still wearing it into the winter. The smell is so divine, also.

18 Nov 2010

This blush is great

Location: Columbus, OH

I love wearing coral makeup and this blush takes the cake! This could be worn very lightly or built up for a strong coral cheek!

18 Nov 2010

This color is perfect for days you need perk-me-up

Location: Hong Kong

You can't go wrong with Coralista, coral looks good on most people and gives them such a gorgeous everyday flush on the cheeks!

17 Nov 2010

CORALista is the ideal "no-brainer" blush

Location: Yonkers, NY

it's a peachy, pinky, coral, some-kind-of-amazing blush with the most unique frosty sheen i've ever encountered in a powdered product. the formula is so silky & the smell is amazing, too! benefit coralista complements any & every look. it's flowery sunshine in a box =)

17 Nov 2010

I love it!

Location: Madrid, Spain

I love how it warms and lightens my face at the same time. It is definitely the perfect item to finish my make-up, I look so gorgeous with it!

17 Nov 2010

Beautiful Scent

Location: Chicago IL

I love the way this stuff smells. The coverage is very sheer, so the blush effect is subtle, but you can always just layer for more impact. Because of how subtle it is, it seems like it would look good on anybody. The scent alone makes me feel prettier.

17 Nov 2010

Perfect for Medium skin

Location: Austin, TX

I love how this blush just adds the perfect most natural hint of color to my cheeks.

17 Nov 2010

Best color I have ever had on my cheeks!

Location: New Jersey

I am a pretty pale person so I didn't feel the dandelion color would work for me so I picked up Coralista. Not only did the packaging draw me in the highly pigmented color did. It looks great on my almost milky white skin. It just kind of gives me a glow and I love that glowy look. I will use this until Benefit discontinues it which I hope will be never! This is a gem!

16 Nov 2010

A must have in my morning routine!

Location: Melbourne, Australia

This blush has overtaken Benetint and Positetint as my current blush of choice! It looks absolutely gorgeous on my medium skin, and the coral pink shade is perfect for the Spring weather at the moment (in Australia, anyway! :-) It looks so natural, and I have received unsolicited compliments several times since I began wearing this in the last few weeks. The light, rosy fragrance is also to die for - embarrassingly, I have opened the box simply to enjoy the fragrance! I will never be without this from now on.

16 Nov 2010

My favorite blush!

Location: Atlanta, GA

A perfect color blend of flirty and functional! Blends easily & gives a beautiful glowing finish. Never leave home without it!

16 Nov 2010

My favorite blush!

Location: Atlanta, GA

A perfect color blend of flirty and functional! Blends easily & gives a beautiful glowing finish. Never leave home without it!

16 Nov 2010

perfect blush!

Location: Chicago, IL

CORALista is fabulous! I use it as blush, usually with a little High Beam, and it stays put all day long! Perfect sun-kissed skin all day without looking too bronzed. Great for redheads/fair skin tones!

16 Nov 2010

Beach-worthy glow

Location: Los Angeles, CA

This blush is possibly one of the best, I am never disappointed by Benefit. This blush gives you a summer-glow, has a luminous sheen, and is long-wearing. It looks appropriate on anyone of any age, and whether it's day or night. Love it.

16 Nov 2010

pretty glow!

Location: Undisclosed

one of my all-time FAVORITE blushes!! the right amount of shimmer, and the peachy pink color is so flattering! i get compliments everytime i wear it :) included brush is little bit softer than the other box-o-powders too!!

16 Nov 2010

Tropical Coral

Location: Forest Hills, NY

I was a little shocked. I wasn't so impressed with the color in the box, and that's why my first thought was not to even try it. I ended up trying, and it wow, it's a really nice color, not too light and not too dark. Perfect, and sets my skin off perfectly. Just the right amount of color.

16 Nov 2010

Tropical Coral

Location: Forest Hills, NY

I was a little shocked. I wasn't so impressed with the color in the box, and that's why my first thought was not to even try it. I ended up trying, and it wow, it's a really nice color, not too light and not too dark. Perfect, and sets my skin off perfectly. Just the right amount of color.

16 Nov 2010


Location: Undisclosed

at first when i saw this product, i thought it would be too dark for me. but as soon as i tried it on, it looked astonishing! it made my cheeks a perfect rosy red that any girl wants. also, it smells amazingg!!! its like sort of tropical scented. I love it!

16 Nov 2010

Cant live without it!

Location: Anchorage, AK

I love this blush so much I wear it every day! You can wear it quickly with some of the bronzer for a quick, fresh look or dress it up, tone it down a bit and accent your eyes more for a dreamy night look. It's perfect!

16 Nov 2010


Location: new york. new york

I LOVE THIS BLUSH!!!! it is the perfect coral color! it looks good on any skin tone! from the lightest to the darkest, it just compliments everyone! It has a bit of shimmer that gives you a radiant and dewy finish, it's not powdery or chalky, it's just great! I use it in the summer and winter because i love it so much! side point it smells delicious!! I can't get over it! it smells like a dozen roses inside that box!!

16 Nov 2010

Instant Love!

Location: Pittsburgh,PA

Love, love, LOVE CORALista!! It has the perfect coral color with a beautiful shimmer that will look great on any complextion. It looks natural, yet gives you a fabulous glow, AND not to mention it smells amazing!! Plus the packaging is super cute too!

16 Nov 2010

Beautiful Blush Ever!!!

Location: San Diego

I recently purchased the CoraLista blush and I immediately fell in love with it. With the many blushes I have, this is by far the beautiful blush ever. It glides on my skin without having to pack on much blush. It gives me a nice glow and sheen to my cheeks. And the fresh floral scent is a plus! I love it. Now, I have to purchase more of the Benefit's blush and other cosmetics. Thanks Benefit!!!!

16 Nov 2010


Location: Charlotte, NC

Coralista is a gorgeous blush. I have fair skin with pink undertones and it gives me the perfect peachy pink blush color. It is my go to blush.

16 Nov 2010

Perfect for anyone!

Location: Sacramento

I absolutely love the color in Coralista! It is the perfect color for anyone's cheeks and has just the right amount of shimmer. It is perfect day or night and goes with anything. I've never found a better blush!

16 Nov 2010

Pretty color!

Location: Undisclosed

This blush is a perfect shade to compliment my light-medium skin tone! It's little package makes it easy to store in my handbag, and the blush has a nice, fresh scent to it!

16 Nov 2010


Location: United Kingdom

This products some benefit has to be one of my favourites, I have one that is in her name is glowla set and I also have one from some beauty to love set. I love this blusher, it really flushs up your cheeks and leave them with a nice texture! 5/5

16 Nov 2010

Gorgeous color, with a glow

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

I love Coralista! It has a beautiful, natural color. You can use a little for a little flush, or more at night, when you want to be more dramatic. Coralista gives you a youthful glow w/ some built-in illuminators, and it has a pretty, soft scent. Almost need to buy a new one now!

16 Nov 2010

Perfect "Just Pinched" Color

Location: Folsom, CA

Day to night, this is the perfect color for your "just pinched" cheeks. I can wear this to work, then touch up for a hot evening look. It goes on smooth and lasts all day. It's my secret to my naughty girl-next-door look, paired with a smokey eye you'll be drop dead gorgeous too. This product is a staple in my makeup bag, and will be for years to come. Well done Benefit!

15 Nov 2010

This product is so-so.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Packaging is cute. >>> i like. Smell is good. >>> i like. Glitter is unlikely long time. >>> so so Bristle is so strong, very very strong. >>> i don't like so much.

15 Nov 2010

My everyday blush

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

This is my everyday blush. I don't leave the house without it. It's the perfect pink shade and looks very natural, just like when you blush : )

15 Nov 2010

My fave Benefit blush.

Location: Phoenix AZ

This is a lovely coral shade. Not too dark or bright for fair skin.

15 Nov 2010

Perfect everyday blush!

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

I was searching for the perfect everyday blush, and this blush does it all! It goes on light, but you can put enough on for an everyday flush, or a lot on for a dramatic look. I use my coralista religiously!

29 Oct 2010

pretty pink coral

Location: medford, NJ

i love this powder... it's perfect for my asian medium olive complexion and it has a hint of shimmer and i love it... it's not the TOO much shimmer slapped all over my cheeks kind of shimmer!!! juuuust RIGHT!

23 Oct 2010


Location: south carolina

Ive tried all the benefit boxed powders and this is my all time favorite must have one! I would be lost without it! Its the perfect coral blush- just right for my fair skin. I love the smell too- its addictive.

12 Oct 2010

Almost perfect!

Location: Vancouver, BC

Hands down, best blush powder I have used. I love how the shade and the teeny sparkles look radiant on my pale skin. Before putting this powder on, I look completely sleepy; it really wakes up the appearance of your face. A couple of friends have liked it on me and got into Benefits products through this. The only thing I don't love about it is that it rubs off quite easily and I accidentally get it on my hands, clothes, and especially on my cell phone screen.

11 Oct 2010

Artificial shimmer

Location: Orange County, CA

Coralista is a beautiful color, and I love the packaging. Unfortunately, this blush makes my pores look like they've doubled in size, and the shimmer in this product leaves a weird silvery sheen on the apples of my cheeks. My skin is too uneven and oily for it. If your skin texture isn't a problem, this is a gorgeous blush for olive/tan skin.

19 Sep 2010

The color is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I love the way it...

Location: Undisclosed

The color is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I love the way it applies and the natural finish it gives. YAY!!!!

4 Sep 2010

The absolute perfect blush to compliment a summer tan!...

Location: Hawaii

The absolute perfect blush to compliment a summer tan! Lucky for me, in Hawaii, I've got one year round! This is also such a great value too. My favourite!

24 Aug 2010

My most favourite of all box o powders! Leaves my skin...

Location: South London, UK

My most favourite of all box o powders! Leaves my skin with a natural looking glow that lasts for hours! Absolutely love it!

20 Aug 2010

This is excellent for a bit of color year round. I am...

Location: Undisclosed

This is excellent for a bit of color year round. I am very fair, but the color is not overwhelming and looks natural. Also, it smells great.

19 Aug 2010

It's a pretty perky coral color for your cheeks. It has a...

Location: Honolulu, HI

It's a pretty perky coral color for your cheeks. It has a nice shimmer to it, but it doesn't leave you looking like a disco ball. I like how goof-proof the boxed powders are, too.

11 Aug 2010

I think this blush gives the perfect glow for your face,...

Location: Houston, TX USA

I think this blush gives the perfect glow for your face, it's very natural looking with a very subtle sheeness. The fragrance is light and refreshing and it also hasn't irritated my skin. I can't get over how cute the box is either. The included brush is actually really great and typically I don't like brushes that come with blush. This is a MUST have! I've also posted reviews on sephora and makeup alley's website to tell everyone how perfect this is!

29 Jul 2010

Not only does this have an amazing scent, but the color...

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Not only does this have an amazing scent, but the color of this product goes with many skin tones. I had it on, my friend asked me about it, tried it, and she went right away to buy her own! Its the perfect shade of coral.

27 Jul 2010

This is my favorite blush ever from Benefit! Rosy-coral...

Location: Montreal

This is my favorite blush ever from Benefit! Rosy-coral cheeks,healthy glow! It stays for long,I was so pleased when they launched it. I will rebuy anytime!

16 Jul 2010

this is by far my favorite natural looking everyday box o...

Location: Lexington, KY

this is by far my favorite natural looking everyday box o' powder! I have many of them, and this is by far the best color vibrancy, the best smell, it looks good in all seasons (you don't look overdone in pale winter and it still shows on a tan, unlike other blushes) and it's easy to layer or mix! will always use it forever and for always :)

12 Jul 2010

Gives a beautiful coral, pink and gold glow to cheeks!...

Location: UK

Gives a beautiful coral, pink and gold glow to cheeks!

11 Jul 2010

J'adore Coralista!! This is great for a POP of color if...

Location: Undisclosed

J'adore Coralista!! This is great for a POP of color if you have fair skin. I always use the Fantail brush to apply sparingly. Plus, it combines well with Dandelion, Georgia, and Dallas. This is one of the best pick-me-ups ever :)

9 Jul 2010

perfect match with a coral lipstain!!!! wonderful box o...

Location: Undisclosed

perfect match with a coral lipstain!!!! wonderful box o powder!

9 Jul 2010

It gives a nice coral flush, and it smells freaking...

Location: Greensboro, NC

It gives a nice coral flush, and it smells freaking delicious!

7 Jul 2010

I can feel like a 'Rio' temptress anytime now (:...

Location: Quebec

I can feel like a 'Rio' temptress anytime now (: Absolutely addicted !! <3

7 Jul 2010

Absolutely and positively the best blusher out there. it...

Location: Bristol

Absolutely and positively the best blusher out there. it is the perfect shade for most skin tones. It suits me perfectly. i wear it every day, and if i ever want to have a change of tone i just add a second pop of colour to my cheeks.

2 Jul 2010

By far THE BEST powder on the market, and a soon to be...

Location: Melbourne

By far THE BEST powder on the market, and a soon to be classic and staple of Benefit fans. Gives a gorgeous, healthy flush and just enough pigmentation to control, especially with the slant powder brush. Sparkles kind of end up all over me by the end of the day, but thats coz i forget im wearing it! hahah. Great for summer glow or to put the life back into you during winter. AMAZING!

2 Jul 2010

CORALista is my favorite blush! It is the perfect color...

Location: Denton, TX

CORALista is my favorite blush! It is the perfect color for my fair skin and you don't have to use very much to get vibrant color! LOVE IT!

1 Jul 2010

This is perfect for anyone who wants that au' natural...

Location: Tucson, AZ

This is perfect for anyone who wants that au' natural glow! I use this everyday and people think it's the preggers secret is: CORALista for preganistas and beyond!

1 Jul 2010

Coralista inspires the pin-up girl in all of us - it's...

Location: Pewaukee, WI

Coralista inspires the pin-up girl in all of us - it's perfect for every day and night wear.... I never leave home without it!

3 May 2010

This is a GREAT blush, even for an already naturally rosy...

Location: Canada

This is a GREAT blush, even for an already naturally rosy girl like me! Believe me, I thought that the LAST thing I needed was blush, but this product changed my opinion entirely! It really gives a beautiful, natural, warmth that makes you look fresh and awake. Absolutely lovely, especially over Dallas or Hoola bronzers. Any downsides? I think the packaging is cute, but not overly functional. The brush is also ok for touch-ups but a big fluffy powder brush is definitely recommended! Would I buy it again? Absolutely! Over and over and over again.... please never stop making this product!

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