mango tinted lip & cheek stain


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Look chacha-charming!

This mango-tinted stain beautifully blushes lips & cheeks with a tropical coral hue. Our sheer stain has a natural finish that will leave you looking deliciously vibrant for hours.

  • Smooch-proof
  • Smudge-proof
  • Long-wearing


10 mL 0.33 US fl. oz.



Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.


"Every day is beachy with a coral flush."

Smile! That's the easiest way to find the apples of your cheeks and the ideal spot to apply three small strokes of chachatint. Dot on your pout and blend with clean fingertips. Apply another layer to cheeks and/or lips for a deeper hue. For the most even color, dab chachatint on your foundation brush and blend on one cheek at a time.

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Customers love that it's

11 Apr 2017

love it

Location: England

when i first purchased this product I was unsure if it would look right on me as in the bottle the bright orange looks quite intimidating. However, when the product is blended onto the skin it turns into a beautiful pinky coral colour. it lasts all day and look beautiful on the lips and the cheeks. the only downside is that it stains my fingers so instead I blend it in with a brush. it is quite expensive but it lasts for ages as you only need a small amount

30 Apr 2015


Location: Woking surrey england

I am very fair skinned with dark hair so can't wear some strong colours. I know mango/orange tone suit me but not to dark. This is surprisingly perfect, blends on perfect and natural with a healthy flush. Two coats of this and a stroke of cha cha balm and I'm done too. Have recently started adding a stroke of coralista to the cheeks too. AMAZING results

1 Apr 2015

Bottled summer

Location: Oxfordshire

I'm blonde with green eyes and fair hair and spent an unreasonable time looking for the perfect coral lip colour. They were all far too orange or far too pink, and just weren't what I was looking for. Then along came Cha-Cha Tint. It's the perfect summer coral colour for me - a really juicy, flattering mango shade. Not too yellow, either. Two coats and a slick of Cha-Cha balm and I'm done! It'll probably need topping up throughout the day, but it does tint your lips for a few hours.

6 Apr 2014

A lot less scary than you might think!

Location: England, UK

On first impressions of the packaging I was convinced cha cha tint would never suit me because I'm pale, and was best left to someone with a tan. After trying Cha Cha Tint after receiving a sample I couldn't be more wrong! The bottle colour while pretty is pretty scary and so too is the colour when on the brush, however quickly blended onto the cheek produces the loveliest of glows!! It even looks fabulous on the lips, not nearly as orange as you might expect! I encourage everyone to give Cha Cha Tint a go!!

3 Sep 2013


Location: San Jose, CA, USA

Cheek stains are great because they are longer lasting and better on dry skin than powders are. They also look more like a natural flush. This shade is really pretty, but i find its better on tanner or more olive toned skin, which I have. Poise is better for lighter skin. Poise is also more versatile and can be used on the daily with whatever makeup look you're going for. Cha cha however is better with natural nude lip and eye colors.

2 Jul 2013

Not for me

Location: Alaska, USA

I found this to stain my finger & leave streaks on my cheeks, definatly does not stay on lips. Glad I purchased a mini size trial.

28 Mar 2013


Location: Belfast, UK

I love this colour, and it looks especially good at summer time. I prefer it on my lips as sometimes it can mess up my foundation. The neon orange looks quite scary but it blends in well and looks natural but provides a small pop of colour to your face. You can add as much as you like to achieve the desired colour.

27 Mar 2013

Beautiful shade!

Location: Australia

For a coral colour, this shade is definitely on the money! Chacha tint is my favourite tint, although I wouldnt use it on a daily basis. I wish the other tints were better colours, or they had more tints than just the three!

16 Mar 2013

A new staple product

Location: Durham, NC, USA

I received a gift sample of this product at my monthly brow bar visit and I fell in love with it. Its hard to find a color that looks natural and vibrant on my mocha latte skin lol. It also looks fabulous on lips. What I love most about the product is that it doesn't transfer on to clothes or skin. So it's safe to kiss and cuddle with your boyfriend without him complaining about orange spots on his shirts. It's a new favorite. 

5 Mar 2013

amazing coralish cheeks!

Location: Madrid, Spain

I´ve recently purchased this product, and by the first time I used it, I completely feel in love with ChaCha Tint! I Think is the best one among benefit tints! It gives an amazing tangerine-coral shade to my cheeks... and long-lasting.. To complete the look apply Coralista over It, and just with this couple you´ll be gorgeous!

3 Mar 2013

Amazing tint!

Location: Darlington, UK

I would never have tried chacha tint if I hadn't had it applied at a benefit counter, as I wasn't really a fan of the previously owned benetint. The colour is a bit off putting when you open the bottle, but on applying and blending, it's just lovely. One tip though, be sure to put it on one cheek first and blend very quickly, then move to the other cheek. Less is definitely more, a year on and I can still be a bit heavy handed at applying. I'm very light skinned, when I had a tan, I could wear it alone, but during the winter months I need to apply my hello flawless over the top to give it a softer look. Or on top of hello flawless oxygen and under hello flawless for even more coverage. Sugarbomb swept on top finishes the look nicely. With make up, I normally finish a product and move on to trying something new - for me this has been a repeat purchase, and will continue to be!

16 Feb 2013

Very FUN! Love the smell!

Location: San Diego, CA

A little of this goes a long way on my fair skin. It's great for perking up the lips. It is always fun using this product, but I don't use it daily....kinda depends on what I'm wearing.

22 Jan 2013

long lasting

Location: Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

Loving this chacha tint..defintly prefer this to benetint,has got more of a glow to it and lasts a long time.Makes me feel so pretty :0) benetint is still pretty perfect though ;)

21 Jan 2013

Fantastic ..and how to avoid blotches

Location: HONG KONG

My skin tone is Med-Deep. I am a Boing no 4 -and the coral is Uhmayzing on me ! I learnt the trick. After several dried up blotches on my face (this dries really quickly). Apply it with a little moisturiser or while your face is still slick from the cream. Dab on finger then smooth over cheek. Do ONE cheek at a time. This is not like the Benetint

21 Jan 2013

better than benetint

Location: Madrid, Spain

When the emplyee put benetint on my face I was very surprised because I never imagine that the final result were so good. I prefer the chachatint because the color changes in your face when you put it. The color is natural and you can have a look pretty face with a touch of chachatint!!!

19 Jan 2013

Love it

Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Love the colour of this on my cheeks, really brightens my complexion! I don't use it on my lips as it's quite dry but I love the product and would buy again, keen to try the other tints too!

8 Jan 2013

Unexpectedly in love!

Location: Paris, Texas

I was super nervous to try Chacha Tint because honestly? Coming straight out of the bottle, it looks straight up orange - not just a little orange, it's mega orange. But I am pleased to say that once it's on, it dries to a beautiful peachy-reddish color that is amazingly flattering and fun! Like its sisters Benetint and Posietint, Chacha Tint offers a burst of long lasting color that is so easy to layer and build up the color you want. While I loved this as a lip color, it is very unlikely that it's ever going near my cheeks. Beautiful as it may be, it is still very peachy-orange even when dried and it's a little too orange for my complexion. If you're of the skin tone that orange blushes work for though, you might love this as a cheek stain, but for me, it's lip stain all the way. Unlike Benetint, Chacha Tint (and Posietint) are both much thicker and take longer to dry than Benetint. Like Benetint and Posietint, this will require a gloss or balm over it if you're wearing it as a lip stain because it is a little drying without something over it. Give this a try if you're in the mood for something very zippy! I have this in a trial size right now, but I will definitely be upgrading to a full size once the trial is empty.

22 Dec 2012

Great colour

Location: Staffordshire, England

It definitley does stain your cheeks as if you don't rub it quickly enough you will be left with orange lines on your face but i applied this to my lips and it dried them out but once i had walked half a mile in the rain it had washed off. however i love the colour it gives a nice bright pinky coraly matte look.

9 Nov 2012

Simply Amazing

Location: Tucson, AZ

I have a fair complexion with dark hair, I like warm colors to give my face a natural look without appearing washed out. This is the best peachy-bronze that blends naturally with my skin tone. It doesn't settle on top of my face, it isn't heavy so I can wear it with or without a foundation and it is build-able so you won't lose it if you apply the stain and then set it with a powder on top. Stays on all day, looks natural all day, and comes off easy with my nightly cleanser. Very happy with this color and product! Rather than using my hands, I apply it with my foundation brush so it doesn't leave my fingers peachy all day.

30 Oct 2012

The Best Tint...

Location: Undisclosed

This is definitely the best of the three tints (chacha, posie, bene) and although it looks orange, it goes on the lips a really nice pinky colour. I love how natural it looks and easy to apply! Only problem is it doesn't last long and is quite dry...other than that a great product!

22 Oct 2012

I will repurchase.

Location: Undisclosed

I have just got my cha cha tint, I only got the smaller one to try out and I love it! It is great as a lip stain and this product comes in sutible sezes so you can take it anywhare! Overall I would deffonately repurchase!

30 Aug 2012

So lovely!

Location: London

I got this as part of the 'go tropi coral' set (which is also fab by the way!) and I absolutely love it. I've already bought it in full size because I just know i'm going to go through it quickly! Gorgeous colour, looks great on cheeks with blusher, and on lips on its own or with gloss over the top. Also, you can wear a little at work and then layer on a bit more for going-out.

22 Aug 2012

Great lip/cheek stain!

Location: Miami, FL, USA

I was a bit skeptical about the whole idea of lip/cheek stains since I heard they were flaky, dry, and not very lasting. Even so, I decided to give this a try. I actually have used it only on my lips - and i love it! Some days I put on one layer, and it gives my pale face a burst of color. On other days where I feel more daring, I use two or three layers to increase the color intensity. It does not dry your lips at all, and has a great color. It also lasts several hours. I'm very happy with the purchase.

13 Aug 2012

The best Coral ever!!

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

When I first saw it, I went into shock! Its so neon but then i swatched it and on blending it looked amazing. I applied it on my face and I just LOVED the coral shade that it gives to skin. The best part is that it is buildable. I can keep to bare minimum to give just a flush or I can apply more and get coral to orange cheeks. Im an orange/coral/peach lover and i use this thing everyday cos its oh-so-perfect!

29 Jul 2012

Love it

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Loved this product! Great colour & easy to apply. However it stains fingers slightly & the packaging is a little difficult to work with, mines has leaked out all over my bag. The colour lasts for hours without having to reapply. My tip is to put this on with a little moonbeam then a sweep of hoola over the apples of your cheeks :-)

24 Jul 2012


Location: Undisclosed

Actually I couldnt really decide wether i wanted the posietint, benetint or this. In the End I decided for Chachatint, because I loved how they said it had a mango color. It somehow really reminded me of tropical places. So i chose this, since I also bought the Benetint lipbalm, so it's almost the same as the benetint. It actually was pretty, but when you put on too much, it looks like you're an orange. I guess it's just a little bit too obvious for me. Plus, when i put it on my lips, i loved the color, but it didn't spread on my entire lips. One part had it on and the other didnt, even though i spread it with my finger. Then I tried to put on the parts that didn't have much of the chachatint, and then somehow it looked even more orange then before and still didn't cover the entire lip. Maybe it's my fault! And it also tastes horrible! I still gave it three stars, because if you don't put too much on, it has a beautiful cross o peach and mango like colour. Oh and it also stays on for a long time and is smudgeproof:)

18 Jul 2012


Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

This is another great product from benefit! The shade is a lovely coral-pink that can be flattering on many complexions. Whats really great is that you can build up the intensity of the coral-go from a slight flush to a full on coral lip. Pretty on the cheeks as well, only you have to blend it in thoroughly! Plus, the bottle is going to last a while. Great for gals that like their makeup done in under 15 minutes!

5 Jul 2012

perfectly flattering colour!

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

I got chacha tint as a sample with my last order, and I initially thought the tint might be a little too orange. Boy, was I wrong! The tint blends in with my natural lip colour perfectly to give me a flushed coral lip. Its perfect for the summer because it really warms up my complexion, which is a definite bonus! I am pretty pale, so many colours are either too intense for my complexion, or the exact opposite-they totally wash me out. This colour is incredibly flattering on any skin tone. My Jamaican friend tried it out and it gave her the prettiest light coral pout. An extra added bonus: this lip tint is moisturizing! It stays on for a good amount of time (not all day, but thats expecting too much in my opinion) and it can be layered for a more intense look. Its a super fast way to make myself pretty without spending half an hour doing makeup! I just put on oxygen wow and my chacha tint and I'm ready to go to the beach!

1 Jul 2012

Coral beauty, but be careful applying to cheeks

Location: Wales

Buildable colour impact, great as a lipcolour and blush, but hold back and remember to blend in immediately when using this product as a blush!

28 Jun 2012

Gorgeous colour

Location: Cardiff

As i love anything that's corally coloured, i had to get this!. I love it, itlooks much more subtle when applied, and you can build it up for a stronger coolur if you want. I mainly use it on my lips before gloss and it looks really nice.

10 Jun 2012

At first I thought this would be way too orange, but it's...

Location: Melbourne, Australia

At first I thought this would be way too orange, but it's a perfect colour for my fair skin. I've used it in both summer and winter, and it's been great all year round. It is easy to apply too. My only criticism would be that it's hard to know how much is left in the bottle, but I think I've still got heaps left after using it quite a bit.

9 Jun 2012

A beautiful color for both lips and cheeks

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

I think I'm with everyone else when I say when I first saw the color come out of the bottle I was a bit shocked. But after trying it at the Macy's counter, I just had to have it. First I tried it on my lips in the search for a coral pout. It soaks in beautifully and it feels moisturizing as it soaks in. I've learned to do a good lip scrub before putting on a lip stain and it works wonders for a lovely matte color. I love my lips and my boyfriend loves kissing me without any goop on him. It's also a lovely cheek color, but honestly I prefer it on my lips!

5 Jun 2012

Was doubtful but so glad I tried this!

Location: NJ

I saw this last year on HSN as part of a Today's Special Value. I would never have gotten it but all the models using it looked so pretty! Still, I knew with my paler then pale ruddy skin that Cha Cha wouldn't look pretty on me. In fact, I just used it for the first time a week ago! I forgot I had it! I've only used it on my lips so far & love it. I don't follow the directions. I swipe the brush all over my lips. Instead of just a tint I get a full on mango color. It looks like I put on a full coverage lip stick. One day I'll use as directed for just a tint look but for now I can't help it. I just bought this years Today's Special Value to get the Benetint. I don't like that as much because even though I put more on than I did with Cha Cha it's still just a rose tint. I can't get that full color I can with Cha Cha.

3 Jun 2012

Perfect coral for summer and spring!

Location: Undisclosed

The packaging of Chacha tint is just like that of a nail polish bottle . I purchased it about a month ago and i adored this product , it provides the cheeks with a really natural and cute coral hint . This product looks amazin on lips aswell . I like to apply a clear lipgloss on top of the chacha tint which looks amazing !

1 Jun 2012

The most beautiful blush I have ever used!! everyone I...

Location: Undisclosed

The most beautiful blush I have ever used!! everyone I see it on looks amazing!!! I will still be purchasing this when I'm 105 years old!! ^_^

26 May 2012

High Expectations Reached

Location: Undisclosed

Today, I had gone to Ulta in my local city to fulfill my benefit cravings. A Girl Meets Pearl and High Beam fan, I had high expectations which were fulfilled. The Product: Is a great value size. Honestly. Imagine how much you will use this- it opens like a nail polish bottle, with an applicator and soft brush. The outside is metallic, and on the back are application instructions and the purpose of the product which are phenomenal. It's a good size and it will last you a long time. It's a coral/mango color that has subtle notes of pink that compliments anyone with any skin tone. It's like the classic red lipstick- it just works. It blends well, and as I tried it, I saw how versatile and multitasking it is. It's a cheek stain and lip stain. Covergirl can't pull that off. Revlon can't pull that off. It compliments the lips and hours after I came home it was still on. It brought out the color in my eyes. So, I am glad to say that I will definitely purchase this. It's twenty nine dollars, which is a great price for benefit, and I do recommend this to other beauty buyers. It's going into my makeup arsenal for SURE.

26 May 2012


Location: London

This is actually really lovely. It goes on a lot more pink than it looks in the bottle, though it's still definitely a coral colour. As with the other tints though, it's a little hard to judge how much/where to put on your cheeks, but it's sheer so you can build it up.

16 May 2012

Not sure yet how I feel...

Location: Ohio, USA

I like the shade and I have fair skin but you have to work with this stuff REALLY quickly or else it dries and you can tell where you swatched it. I'm not sure if I'm using it wrong or something but I'm not overly impressed. I received a sample of this product and I'm really glad that I did because until I've had a chance to work more with it and truly determine if I like it or not, I wouldn't want to spend that much money on it - I think I would have been disappointed spending so much and not being able to give it 5 stars... I'm hoping my opinion changes I really want to like it!

27 Apr 2012

This is my go to mutlipurpose product for summer. I bring...

Location: burlington, ON

This is my go to mutlipurpose product for summer. I bring it on weekend trip to use on my cheeks and lips, I just add some gloss on top. Def a re purchase product:)

23 Apr 2012

Thumbs up for this one!

Location: Madrid, España

Every new Benefit product raises my expectations quite high, and this applies to this one as well. The mango colour is perfect, both on lips and also on cheeks. Seasons don't matter at all, at least for me, I use it in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Sometimes I apply a little on my cheeks with some Coralista on top, but I use it for other combinations: mixing a little of Cha Cha Tint with a little of Sun Beam for my cheeks (with or without Coralista on top), applying it on my lips (both by its own and with some Ultra Shine in Spiked Punch and I've even taken to mixing it with Posie Tint for an original shade to apply on my lips. Very well done, Benefit!

21 Apr 2012

Looks juicy and summery

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

This product is fab! I love it, it gives you this summery look, it's beautiful! When you're wearing it it looks like you kissed a mango, soooo pretty! But don't wear too much, otherwise you'll look like a mango.

11 Apr 2012


Location: UK

This is definitely one of my favourite benefit products. Like posietint this has a very creamy texture and blends beautifully into the skin as long as you work quickly. I find this applies best on top of moisturised skin or it can become patchy and settle in blotches onto dry skin. I'm very fairly skinned so was worried about the orangey tint to this product looking unnatural, but applied sparingly gives a wonderfully natural warm glow. It's also very buildable for those who prefer a brighter, bolder look but be careful not to apply too much as it is rather bright. Would definitely recommend this product!

25 Mar 2012

i love this

Location: Indonesia

This is probably the only tint that works on me. i have tried posie and benetint and only chacha that works for me. but be careful, it dries up so fast. pls use it one side of your face at a time. dun put too much or you will end up in an orange face.

18 Mar 2012

It looked a little orange at first but I kind of liked...

Location: Toronto, Ontario

It looked a little orange at first but I kind of liked the color. and I was very curious about those lip and cheek stains so I bought it. i mostly use it on my lips. The color is beautiful. I am more of a pale lipstick girl but I use this one with coralista on my cheeks and it gives me a different look.

2 Mar 2012

if you want peachy/coral lips this is perfect! I only...

Location: Chicago

if you want peachy/coral lips this is perfect! I only have a sample size of this but Im definitely buying this on my next trip to the Benefit Boutique

10 Feb 2012

chachatint to lips and cheeks is an advantage that can be...

Location: South Korea

chachatint to lips and cheeks is an advantage that can be used. second purchase, I do not think at all a waste. Also surprising lasting.

8 Feb 2012

bright and pretty

Location: NY

when i first saw the product on the applicator i got very nervous as it looked kinda orange and i wasn't sure how it would look on. once i applied and blended it to my lips and cheeks it transformed into such a pretty coral color that works well with my fair skin tone and blonde hair. paired with bronzer it looks like i just went to the tropics. love it.

31 Jan 2012

Lasts & Lasts!

Location: Western Australia, Australia

The thing that I love the most about this product is not just the colour when I've applied it to my cheeks, but the fact that the colour lasts all day long! I love applying it to the apple of my cheeks & blending sugar bomb blush over the top! Gives an extra bam to my cheek colour! Fantastic chachatint :)

26 Jan 2012

this cha cha tint is my first benefit....l love it,...

Location: Indonesia

this cha cha tint is my first benefit....l love it, perfect for my brown skin. really lighten up my skin... look so fresh and radiant. I recommend it for you that have brown skin like me. Now, will try more benefit product :).

6 Jan 2012

my holy grail cheek stain

Location: canada

I used to reach for my benetint cheek stain everyday because it was fast easy and it gave me that glow... but when this coral magic cheek stain came out I had to try it! I have an NC30 skin tone and this is perfect! I love it on my lips too! ALSO I dont have to use a lot of the product and I get a TON of compliments! this shows up better than my posey tint and I dont have to reapply it as much as I used to with the benetint. ONE application lasts me 12 hours!!! if you have to try one product from benefit, I recommend this one =)

5 Jan 2012

I bought this for use in summer. It looks good with a bit...

Location: Hunter Valley, New South Wales,...

I bought this for use in summer. It looks good with a bit of tan. I have fair to light skin so I don't think I would wear this as often during the remainder of the year. I think I personally prefer the original Benetint. I find it is a thicker consistency in comparison to Benetint also so a little harder to blend. I make sure I only apply to one cheek at a time and quickly set about blending it or else it appears quite streaky.

30 Dec 2011

This is the best cheek stain I have ever used. I'm hooked!

Location: Undisclosed

This is the best cheek stain I have ever used. I'm hooked!

6 Dec 2011

Amazing simple & gorgous!!

Location: San Diego, CA

One of the Benefit ladies at the Macy's Benefit counter put this on my cheeks and OH MY GOODNESS-I looked like a doll. My skin is naturally tan, (my Hello Flawless shade in WINTER is "I'm haute for sure" amber), and honestly ChaChaTint had the most gorgous orange-rosy-pink shade that made me into a princess!! :) Definately reccomend anyone trying it. The tint lasted all day, so it is a serious make-up investment. Will last you when wearing it-and will last you using the bottle. :)

5 Dec 2011

Awesome, but...

Location: California

I had a benefit makeover at my local Macy's and the makeover included chachatint. The Benegal that worked on me put it in really, really heavily: I felt like a clown with red cheeks and lips. But, Benefit addict that I am, I bought it anyway, thinking that hopefully I could use it with a lighter hand. I was right. Wow! Absolutely love it on my lips, I put a little smear on and blend. It makes my lips look like I just kissed someone, not too red but just flushed. Cons: it doesn't last as long as I would like it to on my lips, and you have to act FAST in your cheeks. Really. You do not, I discovered, have time to screw back on the cap. Put one dab on and blend immediately, because you WILL end up with a little orange stripe on your cheek. And no, concealer does not cover it. All in all a great product, not for beginners in makeup.

25 Nov 2011

Beautiful for summer

Location: Adelaide

Cha Cha tint looks beautiful when blended into the cheeks, a lot more natural looking than I expected. I think its more coral pink colour than mango. The consistency is much thicker than benetint and different to apply, I use two dots and rub it in really fast. My only complaint is that its really easy to make a mistake and apply too much, or not rub it in fast enough. The tint lasts all day (usually awesome), but makes it hard to fix if I make a mistake. Once its on right, its perfect.

3 Nov 2011

looks great on naturally colored lips too

Location: Tustin, CA, USA

My lips are naturally colored so it's always hard to find a stain or a lip color that looks good. Chchatint looks AMAZING on my skin and on my lips. It creates this gorgeous coral/pink tint and it looks great on the cheeks too! I love it!

24 Oct 2011

Fantastic Look

Location: Richmond, VA, USA

I'm 14 and for school, I want a wearable look that looks natural and pretty. My skin tone is fairly towards the gold/tan range because of a good amount of Cherokee blood so more pink or red colors make me look unnaturally colored and/or like a clown. This color is perfect for both my lips and cheeks for school or going out at night. It gives me a sun-kissed look and picks up the auburn highlights in my hair. I would definitely recommend this to anyone whose skin has more gold undertones than pink.

21 Oct 2011


Location: Mississippi, USA

ChaCha tint is amazing and perfect in every way! The color is gorgeous.

23 Sep 2011

Lovely Cheeks

Location: Brooklyn, NY

I have a medium skin tone and absolutely love this tint. It is truly gorgeous. I do find it hard to apply evenly as the other tints so I first dab the brush on my middle finger and then blend it on my cheek.

21 Sep 2011

It does not blend well!

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

This is a mediocre product at best. It does not blend well, so if you are looking for the clown look, buy this product. Although, in my experience, I would not recommend this to anyone given I don't feel it is in line with the lusciousness of the Benefit products. I used to use "Rush Hour", a brilliant smooth and subtle (if applied for this affect) blusher, but like all my favourite Benefit products it was discontinued so I was sold on the "chachatint". The chachatint does not easily or evenly blend. I used it quite sparsely and after a few attempts with applying it on my cheekbones, using my finger or a brush, found that I still looked like I had a streak of orange across my face. Instructions advise spreading it "quickly" but even with everything at the ready it never seems to be quick enough as it seems to be 'set' by the time I get to it. This also stains my application finger (and the nail on this finger). It takes most of the day before I manage to wash it clean. Final words are that Dr Feelgood and Playsticks leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshing; they are light and calming. The chachatint left me with a hot, slightly burning sensation on my face, as if I was using a very strong toner.

15 Sep 2011

Best tint for natural look on fair skin!

Location: NJ

I've always liked the original Benetint, but sometimes it's just a little too red for my fair skin and ends up looking too much like lipstick. Posietint is a bit too bubblegum pinky for me. But Cha Cha Tint is the most perfect peachy color for my very fair and freckly skin and already rosy cheeks! It looks youthful, but not so much that's inappropriate for my 31 years. I'm really hoping it will stick around and also start to become available in mini containers and in a gloss wand like benetint is!

27 Aug 2011

I love this color it looks great with my skin tone! After...

Location: Grants Pass, Oregon

I love this color it looks great with my skin tone! After 2 coats on my lips I apply the ultra shine gold lip gloss 24kt. It looks perfect every time!

14 Aug 2011

very disappointing

Location: chicago

i was quite excited because i thought it would look fantastic on my dark skin tone. it actually left an orange mark :( i was so disappointed and would NOT recommend it to anybody.

14 Aug 2011

In my opinion this is the prettiest Benefit tint. It is...

Location: Undisclosed

In my opinion this is the prettiest Benefit tint. It is pretty on your cheeks or lips. On your lips you can apply by itself for a more natural look, or with lipgloss. I don't apply it directly on my cheeks because if you're not quick, you will be left with a coral dot. I apply on my fingertip and blend it. The color is amazing, and this bottle will last you forever!!

12 Aug 2011

The product is amazing! It is sheer enough to apply as a...

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

The product is amazing! It is sheer enough to apply as a blush but pigmented enough to be good on the lips. Still, you've got to be really quick to blend it or you WILL have a BRIGHT DOT on your cheek. Really. Run, Forest, RUN! - To make things easier, I like it to dot it on my finger instead of my cheeks and then blend it with my finger spreading the product on the cheeks. This way I don't get coral dots at all :) Still, color is lovely, bright and full of warmth!

9 Aug 2011


Location: VA

This is my favorite lip and cheek stain of any brand on the market. I have tried several tints and this one is so pretty and natural-looking. I have light, cool-toned skin and this just makes me look like I was on vacation. So natural and it looks awesome with Coralista.

8 Aug 2011

AAA MAZ INGGGG :) i love coral and this a perfect , lasts...

Location: Birmingham Uk

AAA MAZ INGGGG :) i love coral and this a perfect , lasts all day idiot proof to apply, lovely colour , if you apply to the lips , let it dry and re apply. my fingers always go orange so i started to use cotton buds. i love this , need a mini version please!

5 Aug 2011

The best blush around!

Location: Cochrane, Alberta

This tint is sooooo beautiful! i have a medium skin tone that is very sensitive and this product made my cheeks luminous and full of fun colour.It last for the whole day (unlike powder blush). i must always have this in my makeup bag! FOREVER!!

4 Aug 2011

I perfect replacement for Georgia!

Location: Undisclosed

I have been looking for a corally peachy blush for what feels like forever.. I used the Georgia box for a long time. And then it was gone. I was nervous because the color looks so intense. But this is amazing! I am in LOVE!!

31 Jul 2011

It didn't impress me much. Maybe if I had different skin...

Location: Undisclosed

It didn't impress me much. Maybe if I had different skin tone it would be brightening, but it just seemed too orange on me.

29 Jul 2011

Fantastic! gives a kissed with sun complexion! love it!

Location: uk

Fantastic! gives a kissed with sun complexion! love it!

23 Jul 2011

Thank You BeneFit!

Location: Orange County, CA

If I could meet the creator of Cha Cha Tint, I would give her the biggest hug ever. I've been wearing makeup since 1980, and I've used a lot of products in my time. However, I'm not kidding when I say that Cha Cha Tint is something I've been waiting for all these years. I have medium/olive skin with golden-tan undertones and corals are the colors most flattering to my skin, by far. I've been a devoted fan of BeneTint for at least 10 years but I always wished for a BeneFit lip & cheek stain with coral-orange tones. I really liked the texture of Posie Tint, but the color isn't very good for me. Cha Cha has the creamy consistency of Posie Tint, with the tenacity of BeneTint. Three streaks of Cha Cha is perfect for a flush that lasts even through swimming. Cha Cha is absolutely gorgeous on lips, too; on its own for daytime, and topped with Slow Zone lipstick for a sexy summer night look. A couple of years ago, I filled out a survey for BeneFit and asked that the company introduce more colors for "warm" skin...and I guess I wasn't the only one who requested this! Cha Cha Tint and the beautiful Slow Zone lipstick are just what I wished for, and they've become my favorites of all other lip & cheek color.

19 Jul 2011

Cha Ching!

Location: San Francisco, CA

Wonderful wonderful! Benefit gets a hit record with this one! The color blends well with or without foundation. It freshens up your face and is long lasting! Put this on your lips and then go over it with Benefit's lip balm. Put it on your cheeks and pair it up with Highbeam or Coralista. I am looking forward to a mini version of this so I can keep it in my pocket at all times!

16 Jul 2011

that's good

Location: Venice, Italy

Saying the truth. This product is great... but three strokes on my cheek are too much. My skin is a quite light color and, until the 1st of August, I won't go to sunbath. So only two strokes on the apples of cheeks work well and a little odd...but not more then two. But can I use a product only for two couple of months when my skin is lightly tanned? Uhm...I don't know if I will rebuy it. The color is adorable, sweet coral - peach jam...and I cannot see the time to see the effect on tanned skin! It recalls me a song...."..Watch the sun rise On a tropic isle [..] you belong to meee"! Yes! This is "Cha cha tint!"! A tropical isle! A taste of summer even if you're not on vacation! I suggest you to try it. The effect is different for each skin tones.

14 Jul 2011

LOVE the gorgeous color! Benefit's tints are all...

Location: Memphis, TN

LOVE the gorgeous color! Benefit's tints are all beautiful. I wasn't sure this would look good on my fair skin but it does. This has been my "go to" color for Summer.

25 Jun 2011

Great for the lips with Life On The A List on top!

Location: Monterey CA

Great for the lips with Life On The A List on top!

25 Jun 2011


Location: Undisclosed

this product makes me feel and look like i am on holiday EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!x

25 Jun 2011

Love the new shade - just be careful to rub it in fast.

Location: McHenry, Ill

Love the new shade - just be careful to rub it in fast.

24 Jun 2011

This tint is a great summer color! The instructions are...

Location: cleveland,OH

This tint is a great summer color! The instructions are right when saying use 3 strokes to apply, however, I would use thin strokes.

23 Jun 2011

I love this color! I'm a fair-skinned redhead and this is...

Location: Plano, TX

I love this color! I'm a fair-skinned redhead and this is perfect for me. It took a few times to figure out how much to use, and I realized that I don't need much. And that means that the bottle will last a while! I use it on my cheeks and lips -- terrific.

21 Jun 2011

beautiful color!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

So I was a little nervous to try chachatint since it looks neon orange, but I am obsessed! It turns into this beautiful pinkish coral color. New favorite!

17 Jun 2011

gives me that gorgeous cheeky 'coraly' orange flush. Was...

Location: Bangor, North Wales

gives me that gorgeous cheeky 'coraly' orange flush. Was a bit scared at first when i was getting trained with it.. but i've been taught great techniques how to put it on myself and others by mixing it with high beam and that gal. cant wait for it to be on sale next weekend! going to have a chacha party in Debenhams! will be awesome!

10 Jun 2011


Location: Los Angeles , CA

I was clearly excited when I heard Benefit was coming out with a new tint because I have been a fan of Benetint and Poisetint for years. When I first opened my bottle of ChaCha Tint I was quite shocked. It is literally neon orange...and I am not a fan of the color orange....especially on my face. BUT when I blended it into my skin it was the most gorgeous unique color. The best way to describe ChaCha tint in my opinion is the pink/orange/coral color you see in a beautiful summer sunset. I don't know where else you could get a color like that from a bottle or any other beauty product for that matter but this stuff is incredible and will surely be a beauty staple for me. Sorry Benetint and Posietint but I've got a new favorite.

10 Jun 2011

I think it is the perfect color for summer. I love...

Location: MI

I think it is the perfect color for summer. I love benefit for having many ways to use each product. Makes the price so much more worth it.

4 Jun 2011

The colour is the best, and it lasts alll day !!!!!!!!

Location: Madrid, Spain

The colour is the best, and it lasts alll day !!!!!!!!

1 Jun 2011

Gorgeous! If you have Posietint and are used to blending...

Location: Australia

Gorgeous! If you have Posietint and are used to blending with it, this is the next logical progression! Its like the liquid lovechild of Coralista and Georgia all in one! Absolutely fabulous packaging. Easy does it with this baby, though. Same with posietint. Nothing will really show up, but wait 5-10 minutes and its full awesomeness will rub in. If you keep applying - beware - you risk a cha cha overdose! :P As Benefit suggest, this looks amazing with high beam on the cheekbones. Personally, i tried it with Girl Meets Pearl and the effect wasnt as dazzling as with high beam. Would certainly recommend and will definitely repurchase. :)

1 Jun 2011

Not so good

Location: Bordeaux, FRANCE

I don't really like the colour of Chacha, it doesn't look very natural in fact. I often use Benetint and Positint ( both great ), so I am quite disappointed by Chachatint. Maybe it is beautiful on dark complexions bu my skin is rather light and it doesn't suit to me.

1 Jun 2011

Natural look for all skin tones!!

Location: San Diego, CA

This stuff is AMAZING! It looks completely natural and the best part is that it tools great on all skin tones. I'm African American so I can't necessarily wear "blush" so I've been on a quest for a good bronzer, but they were all too shimmery and didn't look natural. but then I found the chacha tint and it looked super natural...basically, it was perfect! clearly it works on Caucasian (in all pics and ads) but the fact that it works for me means that it will work for all skin shades in between.

1 Jun 2011


Location: New York

Introduced in S Korea way before and waited to long to get this item. Personally prefer to use as blush then tint but this is pretty coral orange color!

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