boo boo zap! acne spot treatment

boo boo zap!

medicated acne treatment


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Complexion champ!

Say "bye bye" to boo boos with this fast-acting acne treatment. It dries out blemishes and reduces the appearance of acne-related redness & swelling. This clarifying wonder is gentle enough to be used multiple times a day, but powerful enough to prevent new blemishes from forming.

  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Invisible wear
  • Contains Salycylic Acid 0.5%


7.4 mL, 0.25 fl oz.


Calm your stressed skin

Whether it's prom night, your first day at work or an awkward run-in with your ex...blemishes sure do have a way with timing. Don't let boo boos be a bummer. Zap at first sight and say buh-bye! Dab directly onto problem zones with a clean fingertip. Wait to dry?then reapply throughout the day. boo boo zap! is completely clear, so you can apply it under AND over your makeup!

Reviews & Questions

11 Sep 2016


Location: Leeds

This product is really brilliant because it makes your skin feel fresh, not heavy like a lot of spot treatments. It lasts ages, too!

7 Mar 2015

Amazing but...

Location: Undisclosed

This product is amazing it works really really well however the packaging is not very good. After one week a crack formed in the lid and after two weeks it fell and shattered. If you purchase this product make sure not to drop it as it is a waste of money of you buy it and then break it. Despite the packaging the product worked very well however it could have worked a little faster. I did not get to use a lot of it as i only had it for around two weeks but in those two weeks it worked quite well.

19 Feb 2013


Location: UK
Eyes: Gray
Skin tone: Fair

I'm a 20 year old girl and for the last 6 months I've suffered with a really bad case of acne on one part of my neck (yet the rest of my skin has been perfectly clear!)! Ive cleansed, toned, exfoliated and tried just about everything, and nothing has worked! I bought this product less than a week ago and it is already gone! I love this product, I've applied it once a day for 5 day and my impossible patch of acne has completely cleared! If your thinking about buying it, just do it! This is not a lot to pay for perfect skin!

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Thanks gorgeous!