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Makeup Accessories

Bold is Beautiful Mirror


Bold is Beautiful Rhinestone Mirror

hoola bronzing & contouring brush


seamlessly applies any powder bronzer or blush

Brow Blender dual-ended brow blending tool and spoolie is your new brow tool bestie.

Brow Blender


dual-ended brow blending tool

the makeup manual

the make-up manual book


beauty guide for brows, eyes, skin, lips and more

The grooming tweezer & brush cleans up unruly brows with the slant tweezer and brow brush.

Grooming tweezer & brush


slanted tweezers with grooming brush

The all-purpose pencil sharpener fits three pencil sizes from standard to jumbo.

All-purpose pencil sharpener


All-purpose pencil sharpener

they're real! sponge shadow blender


2 beyond easy eyeshadow applicators

Use the defining & blending tool to expertly apply all your favorite brow products with the hard angled brush and spoolie.

Defining & blending tool


dual-ended brush for expert brow definition

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