Wow Brows FAQ

Wow Brows FAQ

Wowbrows will be closing 1st November 2019

We will be pausing the app from 1st November 2019 from this point the app will no longer be useable, customers will no longer be able to collect points or redeem rewards. We will be contacting opted-in customers a number of times to let you know about the changes. We will do this via in app notifications and emails. Our store staff will also be alerting customers and advising on how to redeem outstanding rewards. We will be honouring any outstanding rewards until 1st November, this will also include customers who are close to redeeming a reward but might not be quite at the rewars stamp. See below for further information and answers to frequently asked questions



When will Wowbrows be back?

Stay tuned! We’re busy behind the beauty scenes building a new brow raising concept you’re going to fall in love with. Are you signed up to our emails? It’s the best way to keep up-to-date with us!

Why is wowbrows closing?

We want to bring you a bigger better and brand-new loyalty app! To do this we need to give wowbrows a beauty break.

What happens to my rewards? I’m only one stamp away/I’ve nearly finished my card -will I get my full-size GB+?

From 1st October customers can collect the reward for the stamp they are next going to reach, even if you’ve not reached that reward stamp yet. For example:

This customer would be entitled to a free tint with wax, because that’s the reward at stamp 2

If you are on a stamp where you have already redeemed that reward, for example you are at stamp 2 and have already redeemed this reward during your last visit, then at you current appointment you would be entitled to the reward the next stam reward.

Any customer who is at stamp 8 by 1st November 2019 and has input their address to the Wowbrows app will automatically qualify for the full-size GB+ customers must have filled in their address to recieve this

This will be sent to their address throughout November, please check you have the right address filled out. For any further questions on stamps and rewards please contact out customer services.


Can I still collect stamps during October?

Yes, but you won’t be able to redeem rewards after 1st November so please redeem any outstanding stamps as soon as possible. 

What happens to the refer-a-friend scheme?

You can continue to use refer-a-friend rewards and still refer a friend until the end of October. After this time the refer-a-friend scheme offer will end and is no longer redeemable. We advise you use any outstanding rewards before the end of October.

What happens to my personal information?

Your personal information will be stored securely in compliance with GDPR, if you have opted in to be contacted by us, we will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in-store.

If you have opted out, we will not contact you. If you’re unsure and want to opt out please contact our customer services.


Can I still download the app on Apple or Google Play?

Customers will not be able to download the app or install updates from Apple or Google Play from 25th October

What happens after 1st November, will I be able to access the app?

On the 1st November the app will no longer work, if the app is still installed on your tablet or mobile you will be able to open it, but it won’t work and will likely show a blank screen.

We advise customers to delete this app as soon as they have redeemed outstanding stamps

How can I re-book on-site/Can I still book an appointment online?

Yes you are still able to book appointments online, this will not change although customers may need to set up a new login account. The link to book online is here:

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