they’re real! crystal mascara

Out of stock

special limited edition mascara

big lash blowout


lengthening mascara duo

Lengthen,  curl,  volumize eyelashes for drama beyond belief
Award Winner

they're real! lengthening mascara


beyond mascara

A curling mascara that will make you say 'buh-bye' to your eyelash curler
Top Rated

roller lash


super-curling & lifting mascara

they're real! tinted primer


mink-brown tinted eyelash primer

BADgal lash


volumising mascara

BADgal waterproof


waterproof mascara

bestselling eye kit featuring they're real! mascaras and eyeliners

most-wanted mascara line-up

£29.50 £20.00

bestselling mini mascaras & eyeliner kit

REAL tempting threesome

Out of stock

limited edition set of they're real! liner, mascara & remover

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