False Eyelashes - Strip & Individual Lashes

False Eyelashes

Customise your look with Going Solo individual false eyelashes.

Going Solo Lash

Out of stock

individual false eyelashes

Daily Darling false eyelashes are light and layered for a natural, everyday look.

Daily Darling Lash

Out of stock

light, layered false eyelashes

Girly Up false eyelashes have a full, flared out style for an extra glamorous and dramatic look.

Girly Up Lash

Out of stock

full, flared false eyelashes

Real False Lashes Invisible Eyelash Glue is latex free, dries quickly, and goes on clear.

Real False Lashes Invisible Lash Glue


latex-free lash glue

Prima Donna false eyelashes are crossed and layered for a high-drama look.

Prima Donna Lash

£12.50 £6.25

crossed, layered false eyelashes

Debutante false eyelashes have a soft and separated style for a classic look.

Debutante Lash

Out of stock

soft, separated false eyelashes

Pin-Up multi-layered false eyelashes with extreme volume for a show-stopping sexy look.

Pin-Up Lash

£12.50 £6.25

multi-layered false eyelashes

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