bikini wax

be hair-free and carefree


Grin and bare it!

The Benefit experts are not only skilled, but speedy when it comes to waxing areas below the brows. Forget about razor burn and messy at-home kits, a tidy Benefit bikini wax will keep you lookin' and feelin' smooth!

  • bikini wax: £16.00
  • Brazilian wax: from £23.50
  • Hollywood wax: from £31.50
  • bikini hot wax: £22.50
  • Brazilian hot wax: from £31.50
  • Hollywood hot wax from £38.50

*prices may vary slightly depending on location

Please read our pre service guidance PDF here



Spruce up the lady landscaping

You can't decide how your garden grows but you can trim the hedges as you please. From bikinis to Brazilians, Benefit Brow & Body Experts provide a range of grooming services in the privacy of our Pretty Rooms found at any Boutique.

We're always ready to wax and please, with or without an appointment. Set a date and avoid a possible wait by calling your local Boutique or downloading the WowBrows app.

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