Dilemma Solver - Lackluster Peepers

brighten eyes with makeup before and after
Brighten eyes with makeup before and after - small

Dilemma steps


Turn your lackluster peepers into brilliant, bright eyes. 

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Grab these goodies

Our tinting services give you that hint of tint to transform your brows and lashes from fair and sparse to full and fabulous.

A brilliant way to revamp your look! Tinting helps frame the eyes for extra drama. Fair-and-sparse brows and lases go to full-and-fabulous thanks to our fab aestheticians.


They're Real! mascara lengthens, curls, and volumizes eyelashes for drama beyond belief. Available in full size and mini.

Are your lashes for real? Yes! The length is beyond belief. Doe-eyed and daring, you'll see the lashes you never knew you had.


They're Real! gel eyeliner pen available in full size and mini.

Big dramatic eyes are yours! Wing it or draw a sexy cat eye. So many looks with this lash-hugging gel liner (in a pen…so crafty!)


Gimme Brow+ volumizing fiber gel easily gives you the fuller looking brows.

Thick lush arches are the best way to frame your eyes and make them pop. The brush-on fiber gel builds brows beautifully so eyes are front and center.



Get extra perks

Get your beauty sleep

Get your beauty sleep

De-puff your peepers with at least 7-8 hours of sleep. 

Bat your eyelashes

Bat your lashes

Get your wink on and perfect the art of flirtation.

Wear chic librarian eyeglasses

Chic librarian glasses

Rock a cool cat-eye frame or opt for intellectual hipster.

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