Dilemma Solver

A Benebabe’s guide to fab fake-its
three girls with beauty dilemmas. Case of the beauty blues? Dont fret! see dilemmas

Get the solution to your beauty dilemma below!

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Get the solution to your beauty dilemma below!

Up all night eyes

Ease exhausted eyes & dark circles with a wake-up call.

Life's a beach

Strip down to easy-summer-breezy beauty that beats the scorching sun and complexion-melting heat.  

Vanishing act

Be pretty & primed with budge-free beauty.

생기 잃은 두 눈

Here’s to accentuating eyes so they bat with extra charm.

Mission mattify

Look fresh-faced by smoothing pores & snubbing excess oils.

Routine revamp

Liven up with products that add oomph to your bored beauty routine.

Crazy Pretty Busy

Primp in time with a fuss-free, polished look for too-busy babes in five minutes flat.  

Case of the Blahs

Get a full-face perk-me-up that’ll have dull skin lookin’ flawless.

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