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The Benefesto

We believe in WHISTLING WHILE YOU WORK IT…and faking it ‘til you make it.We believe in FAST & FABULOUS BEAUTY solutions…and that glamour is GRABBING LIFE BY THE GIGGLES and not letting go. We believe if at first you don’t succeed, APPLY MORE LIPSTICK…that SEXY gets you everywhere…and if you can’t be good, BE GORGEOUS.


Gabbi says Laughter is the best cosmetic!

How it all began...

1976 - The Face Place is born

Let’s face it—Jean and Jane’s initial business plan was to make $33 per day to break even. Yet the ‘face place’, their tiny original makeup shop in San Francisco’s Mission District was bound for glory.

베네틴트 탄생하다

Have you heard the one about an exotic dancer walking into a bar and ordering nipple stain? Hence the first bottle of “Rose Tint” is sold to a San Franciscan dancer. Years later we call it benetint!

Benefit opens at Henri Bendel NYC

The House of Benefit is born. The face place is renamed “Benefit Cosmetics” and the first Benefit counter opens at a US department store, none other than Henri Bendel in NYC!

Benefit opens at Harrods in London

London calling! Benefit makes the leap overseas to open at Harrods in London. Jean & Jane are upstaged at the Benefit counter opening when her Royal Highness Princess Diana makes a surprise appearance.

LVMH acquires Benefit Cosmetics

Louis. Louis. It’s high fashion eyes on Benefit as Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton (LVMH), the world’s leading luxury products group headquartered in Paris, acquires the once humble little makeup shop.

Benefit sets a new Guinness World Record

Known for beauty breakthroughs that have raised a brow or two, a Guinness World Record is set for “most eyebrow waxes in eight hours by a team.” Every gal should be able to put her best brow forward.

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