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Amazing eyebrows are the easiest, most important thing you can do to make yourself look and feel more gorgeous. They instantly show off your eyes, reveal your beauty and polish your overall look.

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What a difference a brow makes

See how Benefit Beauty Services transform these 7 brow dilemmas into beautiful brows.


Dilemma: Shapeless Brows

Bring out-of-shape brows back to full-figured beauties.

Instant Beauty Services & Solutions:

Brow Tint, Wax & Tweeze

This triple glammy will get your brows ready for the runway. We’ll tint to add depth, wax to create dimension, and tweeze for an overall polished look.

Brow Zings

Create arch envy with our pro shaping and shading toolkit.

brow zings

brow shaping kit

Our brow kit comes with all the tools you need for clean, smooth, perfect brows.


Brow Mapping

1-2-3 Gorgeous

Our 3-step custom brow mapping technique is the key to brow success. It’s designed by the brow experts at Benefit to give you the right brow shape for your face. We take each of your key features into account—eye by eye—to determine your perfect brows.

watch us in action
  1. step 1
    Line it. Align the tool at 3 key spots.
  2. step 2
    Mark it. Designate the start, the arch and the end.
  3. step 3
    Shape it. Outline the ideal brow shape.
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Get the brows that wow

Map it, trim it, wax it, tweeze it. Benefit’s signature brow service will get you groomed for greatness in no time flat. Our experts are highly trained in the in the art of Brow Mapping, an exclusive technique to finding the perfect brow on any face…taking your key features into account, of course. It’s fast, fabulous and instantly flattering.

  • Brow wax $20-$23
  • Brow trim $5-$6
  • Brow tweeze $12-$26

Brows, Bubbly & Beauty…Oh My!

Contact us today to host your own "Beauty Bash," an after-hours private party at your local Benefit Cosmetics Boutique.

Beauty Bashes Include:

  • Bubbly
  • Small Bites
  • Make-uppers
  • Brow shaping, Lash or Brow Tint
  • One-on-One Pampering

All Beauty Bashes are customizable in theme, size and time. Private parties start at $50 per person, redeemable in product. Contact your local boutique to book.

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Instant Beauty Solutions

Want to add even more oomph to your arches? Our brow-enhancing beauty solutions have you covered!

brow zings

brow shaping kit

Our brow kit comes with all the tools you need for clean, smooth, perfect brows.

gimme brow

brow-volumizing fiber gel

Bring on the brows! This innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin & hair…creating brows where before there were none. It builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush for blending & precision tip for shaping. Available in two shades.

high brow

a brow lifting pencil

This soft brow highlighting pencil is your instant brow lift! Perfect for all skintones, the linen-pink highlight hue adds a lifted look to the entire eye area. It's never been easier to raise a brow…or two!

instant brow pencil

pencil for natural looking brows

This is your perfect brow pencil for soft, subtle, long-wearing definition in an instant. It glides on easily and leaves a natural powder-like finish. Where you go, your brow pencil should follow! The spoolie tip makes blending a breeze. Comes in three shades to complement every brow color.

Tweezerman for Benefit Slant Tweezer

the ultimate brow shaping tool

Keep those strays away! Use this essential tweezer for day-to-day maintenance & say bye-bye to wandering brows. The perfectly aligned, hand-filed stainless steel tips are slanted to grab every hair, every time with the smoothest precision.

speed brow

quick-set brow gel

Tint, tame and set brows in record time! This brush-on gel dries to a natural-looking finish for instantly beautiful brows. One natural shade dresses up all brows.

high brow glow

a luminous brow lifting pencil

Get WOW brows with this soft highlighting pencil, now in a glowing champagne-pink shade. A single stroke under your arches instantly lifts & illuminates!