Brows experience - videos

Brows magic tricks...and tips!

Fake it!
Buh-bye thin & skimpies! hello, fabulous brows!
Curves ahead
Turn shapeless brows into arches of triumph.
Presto perfecto! Make patchy brows a thing of the past.

Product how tos

Gimme brow
Make brows magically appear in a single swipe of a wand! This tinted eyebrow gel contains tiny microfibres that adhere to skin & hairs for natural-looking fullness.
Brow zings
Get groomed quick with our famous pocket-sized eyebrow kit. Talk about an instant beauty solution…it’s all you need to tame & shape!
Goof proof
No goofing around…great brows have never been easier, girlfriend. This filling & shaping brow pencil features a custom, non-sharpen & blending spoolie-brush.
Girl, go get ‘em…bigger, bolder brows! Brush on this all-in-one eyebrow cream-gel to sculpt the brows of your dreams.
Precisely, my brow
Fake a full brow! This ultra-fine eyebrow pencil draws incredibly natural-looking, hair-like strokes so you can define so fine!
High brow pencil
Raise a brow! Highlight your brow bone to accentuate & define that arch. Instantly brightens & boosts for younger-looking eyes.
The Bold & Angular Brow
Oh my glam! In the mood to flaunt dramatic, Hollywood-ready arches? Treat yourself to a Bold & Angular Brow Styling, and make your brows the talk of the town.
The Natural Brow
Want polished brows but not too-too polished? Yeah, we get it! Flaunt what ya got with this soft, well-groomed look.
The Straight Brow
Let’s get it Straight…arches aren’t for everyone! Our signature brow wax & brow collection for this linear shape will have you looking fresh-faced and youthful!
The Feathered Brow
Ready to try a new brow look? Fly with Feathered! This chic style emphasizes textures and adds a bohemian boost. You’ll be light as a feather, girlfriend.
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